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Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SP/COOP issues on 2.56 update
« on: 22-05-2020, 11:05:50 »

Got this message, but don´t know which map! Server crashes!

Bug Reporting / Server crash
« on: 21-05-2020, 08:05:51 »
Our COOP server often crashes. Got this log:

[46.2062403] gameplayPlugin::warn: exception loading standard plugin aiFixups:
  Could not find control point 'Alamo'.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "python/game/", line 251, in load_standard
  File "python/game/plugins/", line 230, in __init__
  File "python/game/plugins/", line 69, in _enumerate_sas
  File "python/game/plugins/", line 64, in find_cp
Exception: Could not find control point 'Alamo'.

[46.2062403] gameplayPlugin::warn: exception creating plugin spawnerCondition {'spawner': 'CP_64_Ramelle_US_Reinforcements_shermanCP_64_Ramelle_Alamo,CP_64_Ramelle_Bridge_US_Mortar', 'they_own': 'CP_64_Ramelle_Alamo', 'team': 2}:
  ObjectSpawner 'CP_64_Ramelle_US_Reinforcements_shermanCP_64_Ramelle_Alamo' is not defined or has not been loaded for this map.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "python/game/", line 316, in bf2_init
  File "python/game/plugins/", line 44, in __init__
  File "python/game/", line 405, in getObjectSpawnerTeamTemplates
  File "python/game/", line 670, in verifyTemplateExistence
Exception: ObjectSpawner 'CP_64_Ramelle_US_Reinforcements_shermanCP_64_Ramelle_Alamo' is not defined or has not been loaded for this map.

[46.2062403] gameplayPlugin::warn: exception in plugin.bf2_init <game.plugins.teamSPs.disableSPs object at 0x13878090>:
  Couldn't find 'CP_64_Ramelle_CP_64_Ramelle_CrossRoads' control point.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "python/game/", line 325, in bf2_init
  File "python/game/plugins/", line 1028, in bf2_init
  File "python/game/plugins/", line 696, in add_sp_disabler
  File "python/game/", line 127, in __init__
Exception: Couldn't find 'CP_64_Ramelle_CP_64_Ramelle_CrossRoads' control point.

As the author of this mappack, let me give a quick statement to avoid any confusion.

It is unfortunate (but was to be expected) that many aspects of this are now broken with the (excellent) recent patch to FH2.

This was created several years ago and I hope it was some fun to the people that enjoyed FH2 in singleplayer. Unfortunatly, due to my private life taking different directions, I can currently and in the forseeable future not work on any patch or update, or conversions for new maps. If anyone else wants to - please go ahead.

Thanks Darman for all your hard work, we enjoyed your SP/COOP-Maps so much. Very sad that they don´t work with the new version. Maybe someone will continue your awesome work. All the best for your future!

Are the mappacks in the first post campatible with Version 2.53?

Where can i find DJ Barneys HABAI mod?

Tactics & Tutorials / Mortar Manual
« on: 16-06-2018, 11:06:50 »
Is there a good Video or Manual how to use the mortar with spotting and Shooting?

Plattfuss, I recommend you to specifically point map layers in map lists:
mapList.append eppeldorf gpm_coop 64
Otherwise the engine chooses the 32 layer,  if it's available, as the default one for coop. And this also confuses map scripts.

Sorry, same behaviour of the Server. That was not the solution!


I start the server with the serverlauncher, so the launcher creates the configs without the COOP-size!

So i have to add that manually to the config or is it possible to change this with the launcher?

EDIT: OK. i´ve added the "64" to maplist. I hope its running well now. I will report!

You are right!

I´ve Setup a new Server with the original bf2-serverfiles, the fh2-serverfiles and all your maps and other stuff.

I start the server with the fh2-serverlauncher. Its starting without any problems.

But after some played maps every player gets a CTD when joining. This depends not on a special map.

Maybe someone has a solution for this behaviour of our Server (Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit).

We are running COOP 64 with 32 bots!


sv.serverName "[PzDF] FH 2.8 + COOP-Mappack"
sv.password ""
sv.internet 1
sv.serverIP ""
sv.serverPort 16567
sv.welcomeMessage "Welcome to the FH2-Server of Panzerdivision Frundsberg - |"
sv.punkBuster 0
sv.allowFreeCam 0
sv.allowExternalViews 1
sv.allowNoseCam 1
sv.hitIndicator 1
sv.maxPlayers 32
sv.numPlayersNeededToStart 0
sv.notEnoughPlayersRestartDelay 15
sv.startDelay 10
sv.endDelay 10
sv.spawnTime 15
sv.manDownTime 10
sv.endOfRoundDelay 15
sv.ticketRatio 1000
sv.roundsPerMap 1
sv.timeLimit 2700
sv.scoreLimit 0
sv.soldierFriendlyFire 100
sv.vehicleFriendlyFire 100
sv.soldierSplashFriendlyFire 100
sv.vehicleSplashFriendlyFire 100
sv.tkPunishEnabled 1
sv.tkNumPunishToKick 5
sv.tkPunishByDefault 0
sv.votingEnabled 1
sv.voteTime 90
sv.minPlayersForVoting 1
sv.teamVoteOnly 0
sv.gameSpyPort 29900
sv.allowNATNegotiation 0
sv.autoRecord 0
sv.demoIndexURL ""
sv.demoDownloadURL "http://"
sv.autoDemoHook "adminutils/demo/rotate_demo.exe"
sv.demoQuality 1
sv.adminScript "modmanager"
sv.timeBeforeRestartMap 30
sv.autoBalanceTeam 0
sv.teamRatioPercent 100
sv.coopBotRatio 30
sv.coopBotCount 32
sv.coopBotDifficulty 70
sv.voipEnabled 1
sv.voipQuality 3
sv.voipServerRemote 0
sv.voipServerPort 55125
sv.voipBFClientPort 55123
sv.voipBFServerPort 55124
sv.useGlobalRank 1
sv.useGlobalUnlocks 0
sv.noVehicles 0
sv.sponsorText ""
sv.radioSpamInterval 6
sv.radioMaxSpamFlagCount 6
sv.radioBlockedDurationTime 30
sv.numReservedSlots 0
sv.friendlyFireWithMines 0


MapList.append valkenswaard gpm_coop
MapList.append siege_of_tobruk_night_v3 gpm_coop
MapList.append orscholtz gpm_coop
MapList.append op_nordwind gpm_coop
MapList.append malmedy gpm_coop
MapList.append juin_44 gpm_coop
MapList.append carentan gpm_coop
MapList.append argentan gpm_coop
MapList.append sidi_muftah gpm_coop
MapList.append operation_aberdeen gpm_coop
MapList.append mersa_macoop gpm_coop
MapList.append fort_capuzzo gpm_coop
MapList.append beda_fomm gpm_coop
MapList.append longues_sur_mer gpm_coop
MapList.append advance_on_foy gpm_coop
MapList.append bastogne gpm_coop
MapList.append vossenack gpm_coop
MapList.append villers_bocage gpm_coop
MapList.append st_vith gpm_coop
MapList.append st_lo_breakthrough gpm_coop
MapList.append purple_heart_lane gpm_coop
MapList.append ramelle gpm_coop
MapList.append port_en_bessin gpm_coop
MapList.append pointe_du_hoc gpm_coop
MapList.append operation_totalize gpm_coop
MapList.append operation_luttich gpm_coop
MapList.append operation_cobra gpm_coop
MapList.append omaha_beach gpm_coop
MapList.append lebisey gpm_coop
MapList.append hurtgen_forest gpm_coop
MapList.append gold_beach gpm_coop
MapList.append falaise_pocket gpm_coop
MapList.append eppeldorf gpm_coop
MapList.append el_alamein gpm_coop
MapList.append battle_of_brest gpm_coop
MapList.append bastogne gpm_coop
MapList.append anctoville_1944 gpm_coop

Haven't been playing or modding FH2 for a while now.

Plattfuss, could you give me some more intel on the CTDs?

which mode are you playing? 16, 32, 64?

Is it crashing on loadup? Yes? then is it crashing on 0%-25%, 25%-62% or 62%-100%?

Is it crashing on joining?

Is it crashing while playing at random times?

I must remind you again, there are a lot of things that I have no influence on due to my lack of knowledge.
In Foy for example (and on my other Winter Maps) the US NCO kit with the Carbine is causing a CTD when chosen by a player. I have no idea why and no idea how to fix it.

Both Bloody Gulch and Longues Sur Mer have barely been tested more than once by me due to the lack of time and team. Considering nobody yet complained about those being crashy, I supposed they were stable. I'll look into that again once I recieved further information as described above.

Mode: COOP 64

CTD after loading the map, when you want to join!

advance_on_foy, bloody_gulch and Longues_sur_Mer causing CTDs on our Server!

The maps are running on our COOP-Server! Until now without any problems. Thx for the good work!  ;D

Plattfuss, could you be more specific: what PaK and what map?

Alam Halfa - LeFH 18

Our Server is running in COOP-Mode and crashes when you repaired a pak and want to use it.

Modmanager log:

[2014-04-23 17:05:59] Warn: Client 0 from name=' [PzDF]Plattfuss' tried to invoke 'selectkit' without auth
Timer object destroyed (rc 0)

So far, I only managed to CTD on Sidi Bou Zid.

Happened right after I put down my binocular. Dunno what triggers it though, might try it again in the future.

I´ve tried this several times, but no Crash!

But if you want to repair the PAK our COOP-Server crashes!

It would be nice if we have SP/COOP on Omaha Beach!

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