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Title: Help w/dedicated FH2 Server for private home LAN play
Post by: oldgamer69 on 26-06-2019, 16:06:19
Hi, I'm new to FH2 but would like to setup a LAN game in my home.  Using three PCs, my intention is to run a dedicated server on one then use that same PC to run a client version of FH2 while the other two PCs act as clients and join.  All PCs are windows 10.   This would be strictly a private LAN playing MP with bots.

I downloaded the full client version over at playfh2 and got it to work on windows 10.

I tried getting the server from here:

I'm no programmer, but I'm pretty sure that file is for a Linus OS.  I get lots of missing dll erros and the readme instructs me to use chmod, which isn't a windows command.

Can anyone point me to FH2 dedicated server download that will work with Windows 10 or otherwise tell me where I've gone wrong?   I found few downloads on file planet, but they didn't seem complete and might not have been the newer version which I think is 2.54??   

I don't necessarily want or need to run a home server that matches what you guys use on the weekend.  I'd really just like to get something up an running on LAN.   Right now it would be great just to know what's possible and what's involved in making it happen.  If I can't run a server without Linux, then I'm dropping the whole thing right now.

THanks if you can help!
Title: Re: Help w/dedicated FH2 Server for private home LAN play
Post by: Michael Z Freeman on 30-06-2019, 22:06:31
You need to install the latest Windows BF2 dedicated server. The FH server files download includes all the files you put on the server side mod folder as well as FH versions of the dedicated server executables. Linux version is in the bin directory.
Title: Re: Help w/dedicated FH2 Server for private home LAN play
Post by: oldgamer69 on 01-07-2019, 19:07:46
As far as I can tell, the server version available here on this website is only for Linux.   I've moved on, but you might want to check this out yourself.   I did not download and install the two part client version available here on this website, but if I had, I think it might have also included the windows server version. 

What I did do was install from  I thought this was just the client, but it also included the server which could be found in the root directory after installation.

The problem for me with this server is that it crashed whenever I tried to start a coop game.  I checked with FH2 Discord and was able to get a dll to put into the root directory to fix it.    File name was AIDLL_w32ded.dll.  I think the devs planned have this fixed next time they release a version.