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Title: Copying over kits
Post by: mft004 on 31-01-2019, 09:01:46
Hello there; I'm still plodding on with my mini-mod and have another question for the wizards out there.

For the Africa-front Germans, they're all using different kit items; some wear steel helmets, others field caps, others the 'pith' helmets. I'm trying to make all the soldiers wear the same steel helmets. My skills with dds / mesh editing are terrible, but I'm ok with copying over lines in tweak files  :)
So would anyone know which lines in which tweak files I should be editing so that all the soldier classes are re-directed to using the same kit display? I'm guessing it's somewhere inside, but not sure beyond this point.

Any help is much appreciated as ever
Title: Re: Copying over kits
Post by: Stubbfan on 31-01-2019, 18:01:48
From the top of my head you have to change the class of a kit for it to change kit parts. This is done in the actual kit .inc file. So that would be /kits/GA/ (for example)

Edit line: ObjectTemplate.geometry.kit c_kit_at
Into something like: ObjectTemplate.geometry.kit c_kit_rifleassault
(at least if i remember this correctly :))

More details can be found in objects/kits/geoms.con
Title: Re: Copying over kits
Post by: mft004 on 04-02-2019, 19:02:37
Sorry for the late reply Stubbfan. That worked perfectly, many thanks!