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Title: Pacific's maps (CMP)
Post by: Teutch on 24-01-2019, 22:01:59
Hello everyone
I discovered not so long ago in video the fantastic maps of fh2 in the pacific with carriers,
huge fighting ships, ...  :o
(CMP and WAW maps)
And I would really like to test them but I have searched for a very long time and they are impossible to find (dead links or installer that does not work, ...)
And I thought that maybe one of you will know a valid link or could send them to me by email ...
Because these maps are really well done and the pacific war is a period that fascinates me.
Thank you in advance .

(sorry for my english I am french  ;D ...)
Title: Re: Pacific's maps (CMP)
Post by: jan_kurator on 24-01-2019, 23:01:16
There are no Pacific Front maps available for the public at the moment, they are tournament only. There is a community mappack planned for a public release in future though, as soon as those maps will be added to the server rotation, we will announced it and provide download links so everyone will be able to download and play those. Note, these maps will be for multiplayer only and AFAIK no bot support is planned.
Title: Re: Pacific's maps (CMP)
Post by: Teutch on 25-01-2019, 10:01:08
ok thank you very much FH-betatester for your quick response
I really look forward to playing on these maps !
Title: Re: Pacific's maps (CMP)
Post by: kummitus on 26-01-2019, 23:01:36

You can join the campaign over at

We will play Peleliu next week on Friday at 19GMT