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Title: Best new map and balancing changes
Post by: Ts4EVER on 05-07-2018, 20:07:10
Now that the patch has been out for a month or so, which maps do you like best and why? Also, we are working towards a balance patch, especially for the new content. What balance changes are necessary in your opinion?
Title: Re: Best new map and balancing changes
Post by: Matthew_Baker on 05-07-2018, 22:07:02
I voted Studienka because it's the most balanced. Simple conquest is always a solid game-mode. I also love tanking on the map. The low view distance and river choke points gives tanking a unique feel.

Lenino is amazing looking. But I do think it's a bit Polish biased. Less tanks for Poland and maybe bombs on FW could help.

Ogledow is a bit Russian biased as well. Maybe just tweaking asset spawns in the 2nd sector could help the Germans push up to it.

Ihantala plays awesome. The adaptive push helps the more tactically minded players imo, and combined arms is awesome. It's also a bit Russian biased tho. Maybe bombs for FW or tweaks to Russian tank spawns could help.
Title: Re: Best new map and balancing changes
Post by: blander on 06-07-2018, 06:07:11
All 4 maps are great and Studienka is my favourite. The atmosphere it has looks more dramatic to me. It´s dark and foggy. The rest of the maps have nice fields covered with flowers or forests. Studienka gives me a more raw feel. Besides, flag placements are great and simple conquest mode just adds for more strategy involved and that keeps me more excited than just pushing forward like on the other maps. It´s not that I don´t like push maps, but I´d rather have most maps as conquest maps. The initial vehicle convoy you see at the start of Studienka is simply epic.

Lenino could have a slight tank balance tweak. The germans usually get pushed back to their mainbase and after that fail to get out.

I would give some more tickets to the germans on Ogledow. I think that if they´d had like 5 more minutes to cap the last flag it would make a fine balance.

The only change I´d make to Ihantala is to tweak the airplane balance. Bombers are very ineffective right now because the view distance is low and there are lots of trees, rocks and tank wrecks. It´s hard to find targets. Add the fact that there are 2 enemy fighters flying around. Chances are you won´t be able to bomb almost anything. If bombers are out of the scene, what do you want fighters chasing eachother for? I´d say planes serve no purpose to either team on Ihantala.

Possible ways to give bombers (and thus airplanes as a whole) a respectable role on Ihantala:

1 figther and 1 bomber per side
2 fighters and 2 bombers per side
1 fighter and 2 bombers per side
Title: Re: Best new map and balancing changes
Post by: nysä on 06-07-2018, 06:07:45
Lenino, due to its overall variety and uniqueness.
Title: Re: Best new map and balancing changes
Post by: Guarnere on 06-07-2018, 19:07:43
Hi all,
My favourite map is Lenino because of the new vehicles and the new poles faction, altough the other maps have an amazing landscapes.
For the little i played the new maps i think:
- Lenino and Studienka are balanced.
- Ihantala need more tickets for the finns.
- Ogledow neeed more tickets for the germans because of the stronger second sector of flags.
Title: Re: Best new map and balancing changes
Post by: Slayer on 06-07-2018, 22:07:51
Agree with Guarnere. I think Lenino balance is fine, Germans are learning to win the map these days.

Studienka is balanced, but it is the most "unfinished" map of the bunch, the environment in the other maps feels more lively (or deadly ;)). Studienka is a bit too clean for my taste, a tad too arena-like.

I have yet to see Finns win Ihantala or Germans win Ogledow, although I heard they won it twice now and Finns won once?
Title: Re: Best new map and balancing changes
Post by: Outlawz7 on 07-07-2018, 06:07:43
I've been playing a bit since new release and thought I'd drop by.

I think Studienka should have the no-go areas within the map marked somehow, maybe like Hurtgen Forest? It felt weird running out of bounds in certain spots.

I've only seen Germans win Ogledow once when it was a 20v20 round and I think Russians weren't good players since they kept attacking first sector after losing it and the only challenge was the last flag.

For Ihantala the winning Russian strategy seems to be to go for eastern flags, you get the Bridge-Lake-Highway-Crossroad cluster and it's the 4/7 needed to sway ticket bleed, the flags are closer together than the other 3 and thus easier to take and reinforce.
Title: Re: Best new map and balancing changes
Post by: Marder on 07-07-2018, 16:07:47
My favourite map so far is Studienka.
I can't give my opinion about the balance in the new maps (not enough time played)
However, I can give my opinion about unbalancing stuff/points in the old maps, and since TS4ever said the next patch could be for other maps too (if I am not mistaken), my suggestions for 64p maps are:

-Supercharge: Increase the flag capture at Sidi Abd el Rahman. Too many effort to take it,
and half of the map is not playable because of this (the brits rarely reach the 2 final flags).

-Alam Halfa: Bring back the Valentine tank please. Originally there were 1 in the final british flags, but if possible add 1 more in the first 2 flags. Besides, Valentines were common in N. Africa as you sure know (it wouldn't affect the balance IMHO: Stukas, LeFH 18, Pz. IV F2 can easily kill them).

-Siege of Tobruk: Reduce the points (from 900 now to ¿700 or so?), because is a matter of time that germans win the map 90% of the times. Also, ¿more cover to the 25 pdr maybe?

-Mareth: Add 1 Semovente 75/18 (and replace a Marder III). Not because of the balance, but because the 75/18 is awesome ;D.

-Lebisey: Seriously, this map needs more points. The map ends after 15 minutes, I don't know how many points it has (400?), it's clearly insufficient.

-Omaha Beach: In 2.52 it had a lot of points. It made sense because it was hard for the yanks to conquer the beach, now in 2.53 it makes no sense anymore. The players know how to play it.

-Op. Cobra: The spawnable Panzerfaust has balanced the map for the germans a bit, which it was neccesary. But if possible, add at 1 more AA system for the germans (static or mobile).

-St. Lo: Increase the points a bit (no more than 200), so the yanks have more time in taking the Hill.

-Villers: Currently 900 points, which makes it one of the most long maps in FH2. 700 points or a bit less would be perfect.

-Pegasus: Too many points too. Easy win for the germans most of the rounds.

-Hurtgen: Ditto but for the yanks, and also I would reduce the cap. areas (the south flag is very easy to capture for example).

-Bastogne: It needs a bit more points. Too hard for an average USA team defending 3 flags at a time.

-St. Vith: Maybe it goes against the historical accuracy but, can the yanks have artillery and a couple mortars?. The germans win most of the times.

-Sammatus: Is possible that the soviet mortar is bugged?

-Seelow 32p: Adding a 82 mm soviet mortar.

All of these unbalancing issues is what I feel they need to be changed, in my experience playing online.
Title: Re: Best new map and balancing changes
Post by: Ts4EVER on 10-07-2018, 15:07:48
Uncrossable river section on Studienka will be marked next patch: