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Title: PTRD animation
Post by: |7th|Nighthawk on 26-05-2018, 09:05:58
Hello everyone,

very minor complaint about the PTRD animation: The gun is apparently an auto ejecting design to fasten the reload:

At 10:11 roughly.

I know that there are not a lot of animators around to fix that but it could be cool for a later stage as it could make the gun fire faster.

On a sidenote: Congrats on the release of 2.53, I'm trying it out right now :)
Title: Re: PTRD animation
Post by: jan_kurator on 26-05-2018, 10:05:07
Hey, |7th|Nighthawk! We've seen the video too, and Devs are already looking into that. Unfortunately, implementing this type of animations will be tricky due to primitive BF2 engine and its limitations.
Title: Re: PTRD animation
Post by: |7th|Nighthawk on 26-05-2018, 11:05:37
Yeah, I take it that it's a related the problem that you cannot do dry and non dry reloads because this would only work if the gun was "dry" for a reload or else you would have to do change the model when it's not fired or something?
Also that "hold fire button" function for bolt actions to observe your shot would probably mess with it as well.
Difficult indeed. Anyway, it's only a minor problem and unless there's an elegant solution, it's not worth the hassle.