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Title: Best Conquest Map
Post by: Matthew_Baker on 31-12-2017, 06:12:34
The title says it. I want to know what conquest map has the best gameplay in your opinion. What map seems both fun and balanced. It'd be good if you could also say why. I gave 3 votes per person 'cause I just want to see what most people think.

For me;
1) Totalize

To me it's the epitome of good BF gameplay. You can go inf, tank or plane almost whenever you want. Infantry gameplay is fun because you can still run between flags without running for too long and there's not really any circle capping. You can also hide and get fun tank kills with a bit of skill and patience.

Tank gameplay is fun because it's not too close quarters and you can be patient without being in constant fear of infantry AT. There's a good amount of paths to flank other tanks that might be covering one route or another, and if you can't flank the arty or planes can help move them away.

I don't play with planes much but the view distance is the best BF2 can do to give you good dogfighting. The planes can also play a major role in helping the team.

Whenever this map comes up I know I can find a way to have a good time on it and the winner is determined by the best team, not the map.

2) Meuse River

Great infantry gameplay makes this map one of the best. The town/ valley really offers the best inf gameplay imo. The wooded areas on the hills make for great tank hunting and sniping.

Tanking is fun but can be daunting. There's a real chance to death by inf AT so you can't stay in one place for too long.

Late war weapons make it extra fun.

The planes on this map almost don't exist :P

3) Eppledorf

Just good ol fashined conquest gameplay, this is a close number 2 for me. Just a good layout and good tanking map. Some flags are a bit far apart so you may end up only seeing 50% of the map per round, but it's not hard to venture out to other areas as infantry.

I'm curious to see what you guys think makes a good conquest map.
Title: Re: Best Conquest Map
Post by: MajorMajor on 31-12-2017, 10:12:21
 In order of appearance in the poll:

1) Sidi Rezegh

Definately the most intense of the non-push FH2 maps. Whenever I have taken breaks from FH2, and then come back, this is the map that remembers me why I love this mod. The armour imbalance between defenders and attackers creates some really intense and desperate fights for the airfield and the surrounding trenches. Tanks clashing with anti-tank guns, infantry trying to leapfrog from crater to crater, machine guns sweeping the ground, the threat of artillery always looming - it's definately not the most infantry friendly map, and I like it for that.

2) Vossenack

This is one of the few maps where I tank regularly. It has a good compromise between tank-friendly plains and the close-quarter forests and towns. You can flank around the edge of the map if you feel like it, or meet the enemy at the center of the map, or support infantry in their pushes in the town-flags. As infantry, playing in Vossenack itself is really fun. The flags feel well connected, meaning that fighting between flags is also fun and relying on transport rushes isn't the best option.

3) Arad

A new classic. The eastern-european atmosphere is top notch, and the variety of terrain means that all flags feel unique. It provides space for close to medium range fighting, in the towns and the center forest, but also long-range fighting around the northern field. Tanking is fun and you have a nice selection of vehicles to choose from.

Honourable mention goes to Siege of Giarabub. You're storming an ottoman fort, as australian soldiers, against italians. How cool is that? The only problem is that the map is a bit dated desing-wise; I guess if it were to be made nowadays it wouldn't be so maze-like.
Title: Re: Best Conquest Map
Post by: Ivancic1941 on 31-12-2017, 12:12:14
All three pretty close

1) Sidi Rezegh

Best action all around. If there atleast a bit of teamwork that artilery flag could be used as good flanking route.
I also like it because it takes longer time that usual FH2 maps, reminding on PR, but I think every FH2 map should be like Sidi. Looking like real desert, natural and dry. Battles around airfield are best in game,arty hitting heavily and commander having purpose!!
Also, every MajorMajor word is approved too. ;D

2) Dukla Pass

Map has most natural feeling than any other map with excellent  tank combat. Simple,clear,interesting, Ts4ever really make it top  :) - without 2.52 Luttich changes ;D

3) Eppeldorf

Great map, simple, fun, interesting, long range+close range inf fighting,tanks supporting inf always.. Bingo
Title: Re: Best Conquest Map
Post by: Slayer on 31-12-2017, 20:12:46
1) Sidi Rezegh

I really love this map because of how the gameplay is reflecting the historical battle: an allied attack on the airfield and the axis counterattack to retake it. It's a rare feat, but when it plays out like that the euphoria has no bounds :) The asymmetrical balance is cool, like already entioned: the shifting tanks majority, the importance of artillery in this match, it makes the map all the more interesting to me and to top it of, the coolest static in FH2 is on this map: 19. Regimentsgefechtsstand.

2) Eppeldorf

Has both good inf and good tank flags, the hill is my favourite flag to defend and/or (counter)attack. Play between hill and town is very good, although the spawns in the church are a bit sucky.

3) Operation Luttich

I chose this one because it's such a hard battle usually for the Americans. By the time the Germans stop the bleed, they have an advatange most of the time. So as US you have to keep the pressure on them for almost the entire round or you don't win. My favourite part to fight in is Mortain East, alternating with West.
Title: Re: Best Conquest Map
Post by: Nerdsturm on 01-01-2018, 00:01:56
1) Operation Totalize
Just a very good combined arms map, with enough options to prevent bottlenecks but not so many that player density gets too diluted.

2) Sidi Rezegh
This is an odd map, with the strange bleed system and abrupt shift in armor distribution, but it makes for very varied gameplay with a great mix of infantry and armored combat.

3) El Alamein
I not surprised that this map hasn't got much love from other people, but I actually quite like it. The terrain is great for long range tank fights mixed with close range ambushes/flanks. Infantry has less to do than on maps like Sidi Rezegh, but is still necessary for defending and taking flags.

I really like the new eastern front conquest maps, but both Arad and Dukla Pass suffer from the same problem, where at the moment a significant number of the games end up with the Germans completely pinned in their main base with no hope of being able to get out past one nearby flag. While it's not that common in either case, it is such a bore when it happens I can't vote for either of those maps at the moment.