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Title: Pokémon GO
Post by: Kelmola on 16-08-2016, 00:08:04
So, why aren't you on Level 20+ yet? :P

It's obviously an "early access pre-alpha" despite reputedly having been in a public beta already, but the 0.3.x version number seems to be accurate. Practically none of the features advertised in the announcement trailer exist (PvP battles on the go, genuine team vs. team battles, "raids" and/or events, and most importantly, trading pokémons) and even a supposedly working pokémon tracking system is still in "beta testing for selected users", which would still be a much more vague system than the trailer suggests. Oh well, the launch trailer did away with all this, but it still has the bluetooth alert gizmo, and suggests that the odometer would work if the screen is turned on and/or lock screen is used (hint: it won't, the game loses the GPS signal due to how Android is made). And the launch trailer encourages cheating (not to mention potentially suicidal behaviour) because people are playing the game while riding a bicycle.

Despite the real game missing from this, it has actually managed to become a breakthrough in "gamifying" physical exercise, which I think is a good justification all by itself. Across the first world and increasingly in developing countries, sedentary lifestyle with too little of physical activity is contributing to various health problems, so anything that gets people (like me) moving is a good thing basically. Last night what was supposed to be a quick "incense run" of 30 mins (because Incense spawns a new 'mon every 200 metres moved) accidentally stretched out to 2 hours of interval training.

Also, it's funny how nowadays more and more people are clearly playing it whenever they are walking. Parks and squares are filling up with people who talk and get acquainted with each other, and of course NIMBY's are at it and are raving how public spaces should be empty and silent at all times. Oh well, at least now also in beergardens and on terraces people have a common ice-breaker to open the discussion.

Though, Niantic really should build a game in there somewhere to keep the users interested. And of course, WINTER IS COMING and since the game eats battery like no tomorrow, cold air is not going to increase playing time, not to mention that throwing pokéballs with gloves on will be impossible. Interesting to see whether the game survives until spring thaws outside the regions where snowfall is a national emergency that fortunately lasts only a day or two.

PS. Can't even blame the nostalgy, I was too old for Pokémon when it became all the rage so all this is new to me except for the "wild x appeared" and "x uses y, it is super effective!" memes.
Title: Re: Pokémon GO
Post by: Kelmola on 20-08-2016, 11:08:13
...and Niantic dropped the speed limit to 10,5 km/h from 18 km/h, effectively forcing people to walk and not run when hatching. DROPPED
Title: Re: Pokémon GO
Post by: Zoologic on 22-08-2016, 16:08:55
Never played the card game, nor the video games (except the one in game boy, ruby if I recalled correctly).

But this new Pokemon interation really hooked me. In a matter of 2 weeks, I got my own 1.000+ Gyarados already by hoarding 120 something Magikarps alone.
Title: Re: Pokémon GO
Post by: Hjaldrgud on 22-08-2016, 17:08:16
Do you live on a boat, m8?
Title: Re: Pokémon GO
Post by: Oberst on 22-08-2016, 23:08:58
In my rural area there are just two pokestops. In the neighboring village there is even none. And no pokemons...

I walk my dog alot, i could easily hatch hundreds of eggs and catchs pokemons in forrest and fields, but nothing...
Title: Re: Pokémon GO
Post by: Kelmola on 24-08-2016, 00:08:38
If one lives close by a shore, Magikarps are aplenty (and since every Magikarp nest also has a chance of spawning a Dratini every now and then, well, do the math). Haven't bothered yet to make a dedicate "fishing trip" (WINTER IS COMING so maybe I should while I still can), but for example around the local ferry terminal there's about 10 (or more) water-type spawns within about 100m of each other (noticed this while visiting the electronics store across the street from the terminal), many of which yield Karps.

But yeah, rural areas are screwed doubly. Not only do they not have any pokéstops, but pokémon spawn frequency is based on the amount of mobile users nearby: more exactly, based on the big data statistics Niantic pulled in 2012-3 when they were still part of Google and were planning their previous game Ingress, from which the stops/gyms are recycled (yes, they are user-added but originally to Ingress, Niantic is not accepting any new submissions for the time being because they are hard pressed to even respond to customer service requests). However, since everything is based on 3-4 years old data, anyone living in a district newer than that will find the amount of monsters quite lacking...

However, there's a nifty trick rural users can use. First, check that "Sightings" is empty and there are no 'mons or even spawns nearby (previously, these were the "someone's digging the grass" animations, nowadays one can use Ingress for the same, as exotic matter (XM) concentrations function as Pokémon spawn points). Then, pop Incense, or if a stop is nearby (and there are no Sightings or XM nearby), place a lure in there (or both). According to teh intarwebz, you should be rewarded by an influx of rare 'mons.

Just made it to level 22 btw. And fortunately Niantic folded and reverted the speed limit to 21 kph / 350m/min, so maybe I'll keep on being addicted.
Title: Re: Pokémon GO
Post by: Zoologic on 27-08-2016, 14:08:57
Things that is plenty in Indonesia:
Normal area: Pidgey, Ratata, Spearow, sometimes Zubats
Near water (river, canal, shore, lake): Magikarp, Psyduck, Slowpoke, sometimes Dratini
Open grassland: Eggxecute, Weedle, Caterpie, sometimes Pinsir

People has been dominating gyms with Gyarados, Dragonite, Slowbro, or Eggxecutor, sometimes you'll see Poliwrath or souped-up Pinsirs.

My office is between a canal and a reservoir, so that explains why there are so many Magikarp, Slowpoke, and Psyduck. Niantic also marked the old shopping centre that was demolished years ago. Weird.
Title: Re: Pokémon GO
Post by: Sgt.KAR98 on 10-09-2016, 05:09:27
Still havent tried that game,so I'm still figuring out how it works. At first,I thought it was only about capturing Pokemons,but as people started talking about gyms,I guess you can battle as well. Would it be a sort of Pokémon Yellow in "real life"?
Title: Re: Pokémon GO
Post by: Kelmola on 12-07-2018, 00:07:33
Thread necro because level 40. And there's still not much of a game in there.

Oh well, maybe my addiction will finally start to wane a bit now since apart from a couple of nigh-impossible to achieve medals there's only the trickling of new legendaries and regionals anymore.
Title: Re: Pokémon GO
Post by: Redbadd on 13-07-2018, 13:07:02
Interesting tutorial here.
Title: Re: Pokémon GO
Post by: VonMudra on 13-07-2018, 15:07:29
Thread necro because level 40. And there's still not much of a game in there.

Oh well, maybe my addiction will finally start to wane a bit now since apart from a couple of nigh-impossible to achieve medals there's only the trickling of new legendaries and regionals anymore.

I get the feeling the game will pick up a bit once the Switch's new side-Pokemon game is released later this year, as it is built to tie in to Pokemon Go.