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Title: Help for own map(0.7) creation
Post by: Auronfan02 on 12-11-2012, 22:11:24
Hello guys :) yes you read right ...need help for create an own 0.7 map. Me and a few friends still play the old FH mod and soon we gonna have a Lan. Well i make it quick. I already created some maps for the bf1942 a few years ago and now i wanna do the same. But now for forgotten hope. Can you please explain me what i have to do in the map editor to use wheels and so on from FH ? What i need to know as well is if the bottool works for fh0.7 costum maps as well?

I hope someone could give me answers :) If it works i'll put some screens when i'm finished . Even if u dont care ;)
Fh0.7 is still alive !!:)

Regards and thanks

Title: Re: Help for own map(0.7) creation
Post by: TASSER on 14-11-2012, 00:11:59
Nice! Glad to see FH1 is getting some love! I can't help you with your questions, but best of luck!
Title: Re: Help for own map(0.7) creation
Post by: Auronfan02 on 14-11-2012, 09:11:54
**push** and yeah buddy FH1 is worth to get a lot of love...I still wish EA hire the FH Team to Create a ne Battlefield about WWII with ne engine. To be hornest FH and EOD für BF42 are the best! 10 times better then the original 42. And those guys put love in this. Not just for all the money. Its pure passion.

So PLEASE anyone with an idea !? I still have 5 weeks but I wanna do a nice Map ! Like i did years ago for bf42.

Title: Re: Help for own map(0.7) creation
Post by: RommelBr on 15-11-2012, 03:11:11
 If you want to create FH 0.7 maps, you will have to use Editor42, because battlecraft42 can`t list all FH statics, Editor42 can show all static and more, since you extract the static to the right folder  (and the last BC42 statics list isn't updated since FH 0.5), also Editor42 create more beautiful surfaces.Another positive point about Editor42 is that it has no static limit.

The cons: Editor42 seems to be a little more laggy (Depends on your PC)
              It can be tricky to mess in the first few times
              The object placement tool is better (Easy to use) in Battlecraft42, compared to the one in Ed42

Dowload: Editor42 - (

I think theres a tutorial inside the .zip explaining how to install and config, if not within use this site - ( there's  - another tutos inside too

This is the only way i know to create maps to FH1 nowadays.

   Good Luck Andrew!  ;D

EDIT- I forgot to say that you have to extract their respective .Rfa files of FH
(inside - Battlefield1942\Mods\FH\archives) to the respective folders on Editor42 folder.

Therefore will be like this:

Extract all .Rfa that begin with the name to the folder standardmesh standardmesh (Editor42 \ standardMesh)

Extract all .Rfa starting with the object name to the folder object (Editor42 \ objects)

Extract all .Rfa beginning with the texture name to texture folder (Editor42 \ texture)

Sorry if stayed very tricky
Title: Re: Help for own map(0.7) creation
Post by: panzerkampf99 on 02-10-2016, 20:10:19
Hello, I know this is a bit old, but I still need a bit of help or just some guidance.
Is Editor42 the tool to add new tanks and etc? My pc is a small obsolete machine, it runs FH with lag on the lowest settings, but I want to have a mix of epic tank fighting.
I want to add IS-2's vs Pz.Kpfw Vl's Ausf B.'s and some other powerful tanks on both sides, but even the way of putting all the files is hard.. The READme parts here in the comments and in the downloaded files are really hard to understand.
Can anyone help?
All I really want is a normal map with lots of tanks on both sides.