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Title: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 28-02-2012, 20:02:23

[size=18]New Mig-21 texture[/size]

A new Mig-21 texture for next update.


Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 29-02-2012, 17:02:36
Eve of Destruction 3rd Charlie don`t surf Event in 2012!
Celebrate Event for the EoD 2.40 Mod release, all clans and player's welcome!

BF Server: "[hslan] EoD Classic 2.40 ":
Server IP:

Download EoD 2.4 Full 3 Parts:



19.00 GTM+1
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 02-04-2012, 14:04:28

Hi "Warumdarum" Pub Friends,

Found at the 06.04.2012 of Charlie don't surf event on the EoD Server place.
We are looking forward to numerous shows.


BF Server: "[hslan] EoD Classic 2.40 ":
Server IP:

Download EoD 2.4 Full 3 Parts: (



    19.00 GTM+1

EoD 2.50 preview - exploding barrels

The HSLAN team around Lotte has again a fantastic new BF 1942 mod animation on the away installed!
Destructible oil drums turn!
The video enjoys.;)

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 15-04-2012, 01:04:46

[size=16]FHSW 0.5 News: Three brothers Pershing[/size]


Almost immediately after the M4 Sherman was standardized, the US Ordnance Department started work on a successor. Three series of medium tanks were developed, the T20, T22, and T23 where the main difference laid in the chosen transmission.

The E3 variant with torsion bar suspension and 76 mm gun was developed to fight the poor weight distribution and excessive ground pressure the original T23 model had. A prototype was completed but further developement was cancelled.

The T23E3 is already placed on the map Operation Nordwind but it has been recoded and retextured for the release of FHSW 0.5.

( (


The T26E2 (also known as M45) was a variant of the M26 Pershing and designed as medium close support tank fitted with a 105 mm howitzer. The hull front was protected by 100 mm-thick steel armor, and the turret shield even by 200 mm-thick steel armor! The massive armor was necessary to compensate for the installation of the 105 mm howitzer M4, which was heavier and shorter than the M3 90 mm gun of the M26.

With the heavy armor and powerful howitzer you’ll be able to break even through strong enemy defences! You also have the chance to load HEAT shells for tank combat. Here you can take advantage of the armor and drive directly towards your enemy to get an accurate shot off with the low velocity howitzer.

( (


The Heavy Tank T29 was an American heavy tank project started in March 1944 to counter the new German tanks since the M26 Pershing wasn’t really a match for the new Tiger II. When the prototype was finished it weighed about 70 tons and was highly comparable to the German Tiger II in terms of both firepower and protection.

In 1945, with the war in Europe already over a small order proposed on the basis that their large guns and heavy armor would be useful for attacking Japanese bunkers. Army Ground Forces command, however, objected to the deployment of such heavy vehicles and the war ended before the issue was resolved.
The mantlet armor (up to 279 mm!) is so thick that the current limit of 250 mm in FHSW had to be increased, the new limit is now at 800 mm. Since the hull is "only" about 100 mm thick a good tactic is to use the environment to your advantage and cover these more vulnerable parts so that only the heavily armored turret is visible.

The T29 is armed with a very powerful 105 mm L/65 tank gun, coaxial twin M2 Brownings, one flexible M2 for AA purposes and a M1919A4 Browning in the bow.

( ( ( (




EoD 2.50 preview - exploding barrels

Das HSLAN Team rund um Lotte hat wieder eine tolle neue BF 1942 Mod Animation auf den weg gebracht!
Zerstörbare Ölfässer!
Genießt das Video.;-)

[flash width=250 height=250][/flash]

Eve of Destruction - Hidden Lake Valley Action
[flash width=250 height=250][/flash]

Eve of Destruction - Hidden Lake Valley - Cartoon

[flash width=250 height=250][/flash]





[size=18]Forgotten Hope Revisited 0.12 New Mod Release Download Able[/size]

FHR is mod based on Forgotten Hope 0.7. It brings new weapons, gameplay enhancement, graphics and sound improvement.
The first release version includes (incomplete list):


- BA-64
- BF 109 F-4
- SU-122

Hand weapons:
- Arisaka, K 98, M1 Garand, Mosin Nagant, No 4 bayonets
- Molotov cocktail
- M18 smoke grenade

- Startup and regular exhaust for all tank engines
- New plane damage trails
- Added fire and smoke to vehicle wrecks
- New effects for tank treads (dust, snow, etc.)
- New flashes for hand weapons; added smoke after shot, etc.

- Added auto reload for all rifles and SMG
- Added auto throttle for all planes

... and much more.

Also there are two fixes, which will allow you to play Battlefield 1942 in true widescreen mode and to play FH without any compatibility mode!

Pictures and Gallery for a Large Preview:

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

FH Revisited v0.1 Mod Download
FHR v.0.1 (

FH Revisited v0.12 Patch Download:
FHR v.0.12 patch FHR v.0.12 patch (




Not very exciting.. but important..

I have uploaded a complete package of interstate with all available maps in download section.

At present it is not an installer. You just extract the zip file to your mods directory and you are done.

The file contains full 1.81 interstate (no need to patch it) and all the maps.

Testing needed is to get an idea of the speed of my host and also to load and play every map to check that they are not corrupt.

What would also be useful is for people to use the list below and make a note in this thread of any MAJOR bugs within the maps.

This time round I'm not looking to make any little changes to maps to tidy them.. just BIG showstoppers.

It will take time but will be great to finally get a full download available for people. I will post it in a seperate message box on the front page of the site.

The mod itself actually contains 12 maps including: (which are all included when downloading the mod)

*Deathrace (medium challenge style track/course)
*Deathrace 2 (medium challenge style track/course)
*Lakeside (easy challenge style track/course)
*Tsunami (medium challenge style track/course)
*Aurora Valley (battle style/conquest)
*Aurora Citylight (battle style/conquest)
* Canyonrun (battle style/conquest)
* Countryside (battle style/conquest)
* Highway (battle style/conquest)
*Streets (battle style/conquest)
*Streets Race (simple race)
*Survivor Arena (battle map with one life only)

A side from these maps there have been dozens upon dozens of custom maps made for this mod over the last 8 years. They're far to many to list here, but I'll do it anyways.
Once all the maps that need some touch up/fixing (shadows, view distance, wrench fix, proper flag for kingpin, etc), then roll out the red carpet.

The big rest of the good Maps:

For any and all accurate info on this mod, please feel free to check out the site @:


Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 22-04-2012, 13:04:07

Welcome to the latest Battlegroup42 news.
First of all, we want to thank you for the positive resonance to version 1.8 Beta. Our special thanks go out to our testers, who already helped us tracking down and fixing several bugs.
Although the current build is running quite stable already, we're asking you to please continue posting bugs and problems in the forum. Since the next release of Battlegroup42 will be the last for the Battlefield 1942 engine, we want to release the best version ever.

( ( ( (

We've mentioned the forum already. As most of you know, we had severe problems while updating the website and forum software, resulting in a database crash. We were forced to set up a completely new database, website and forum. But this also gave us some advantages, since we were able to integrate new/re-worked content. There's a Teamspeak 3 server available now, and a gallery has been created showing objects inside the mod. The "vehicle handbook", with lots of background info on the vehicles used in Battlegroup42, is currently being rebuild, although only in German at this time. There'll be further additions in the future.

But we were not only busy hunting down bugs, but were also working on several new models. We'll present you two of them today:

Somua S-35

The first one is the Somua S-35, a medium tank of the French Army whose production started in 1936. Armed with a 47mm cannon and one coaxial machine gun, well armored and mobile, it proved to be a serious threat to the German troops during the Battle of France. But its qualities couldn't be played out in full capacity, since the French didn't concentrate their tanks on central spots like the Germans did. Some S-35s were used by the French in Africa too and the Wehrmacht used captured S-35s in occupied areas and Russia.

( (

The unfinished model was once done for BGF by Cavesloth, and laid dormant on our FTP server until our member RuppDee took it into custody. He reworked the model, added several details and created several textures for it. It was brought ingame by our coder Sarge31FR.

A34 Comet I

From the Blitzkrieg of 1940 we're now advancing into the year 1944. In this year our second model arrived at the front: The A34 Comet. This British medium battle tank was developed as the successor of the Cromwell. It was better armored and armed than its predecessor, equipped with a 77mm cannon.
This cannon was a variant of the highly effective British 17pdr anti tank gun which was also used in the Sherman Firefly and the tank hunter Achilles. Since the Comet's series production started rather late, at the end of 1944 only a few units were equipped with the Comet. But the Comet's combat performance was excellent and it served with the British forces up into the 1950s.

( (

This model also has a long story. It was created by Koricus, but got lost during a HD crash. Fortunately, Koricus recently found an old USB stick which contained some of his data (including other models, which we will show you in later news), so that we were able to provide the British with this nice tank.
Again, Sarge31FR was responsible for getting the model ingame.

In closing this news, we want to answer the mostly asked question at the moment, which is when the final version of BG42 will be released. The usual answer is "when it's done", but we can at least narrow it down to "in several months". There's still a lot to do, a lot of things to be finished. But the result will be worth the wait.

Submitted by Sarge31FR on Friday, April 20 2012

Source/Download/and more:


Free Mod download for join the events:
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Thorondor123 on 22-04-2012, 14:04:49
Someone tell this bot about the new forum section.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 30-04-2012, 16:04:43

Event: Charlie don't Surf you are invite!
Ihr seid von HSLAN herzlich eingeladen beim 5. Charlie don't Surf Event 2012 an "Der Hölle von Vietnam" teilzunehmen.

Hi Community!
You are invite to connect to the 5th "Charlie don't Surf" Event 2012 and play together in "The Hell of Vietnam"!


Start:.....................FR 04.05.2012
Time:.....................8pm (CET)
Server Name:........[HSLAN Server] EoD Mod 2.4
Server IP for play:.

If do you havent this mod on your hardesk, you can download this mod for free! Please got it:

Falls du die Mod noch nicht hast, dann Lade sie dir bitte kostenlos runter unter:

EVE OF DESTRUCTION 2.40 Vietnam Krieg Mod! Full Client Installer (Part 1 - 3)! (06.02.2012)

EoD 2.4 - Part 1 (1442 MB)

EoD 2.4 - Part 2 (1413 MB)

EoD 2.4 - Part 3 (1341 MB)

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 07-05-2012, 23:05:13
-=PFC=- 1-4 Mappack EXE Installer for each SAT and TUE

Part 1of2<. (1.45GB)

Part 2of2: (1.75GB)

Mappack 6 for each SUN:
Password:   nobmojic

Movie about the included maps, which not release at this time.

Hi, All FH-fans !


Here comes the, The Force of The iron Fist Part 2.


SUNDAY 13/5 19.00 GMT+1






Ein Video zum FH Mappack 4 Inhalt ist erschienen:


Es ist heute der "Tag der Befreiung", an dem das Ende des zweiten Weltkriegs gefeiert wird. Das Datum Mai 5, erinnert die Niederlande, an den Tag als die deutsche Wehrmacht am 5. Mai 1945 kapituliert haben.


BATTLEGROUP 42 1.8beta (5 parts, one after the next install! (27.01.2012)

Battlegroup42 - v1.8 Hotfix after then the game works perfect! (63 MB) (29.01.2012)

Server Name:
[MOB] Server BG42 1.8beta

Server IP:

FPS klub - BattleGroup42 - Battle of Ortona (the movie)

Battlegroup42 1.8: Panzer VIII ,,Maus

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: LHeureux on 08-05-2012, 02:05:37
how many people usually join those events?
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 08-05-2012, 17:05:49
"Forgotten Hope" have 25 Player between "full Server" at the evening Events.
FHSW what i am not post in this Thread, have on the weekly Events 20+ and sometimes on the evenings daily.

On Battlegroup 42 1.8beta are the most players at the Sunday and Wednesday Events 8 pm (CET) +1 GMT.
And at the [JiF] Monday Extended Server, but that Server runs the old "Battlegroup 42 1.7".

I will hope to give you a good feedback for your question??
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 08-05-2012, 17:05:14
Thank you to move this Topic, if do you like i post my next community informations in this Section here???
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Thorondor123 on 08-05-2012, 17:05:07
That would be grand, old chap!
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 14-05-2012, 14:05:24

Forgotten Hope hat eine große Geschichte in der Battlefield Historie.
Seit vielen Jahren organisieren wir für Battlefield 1942 Mods, wie z.B: Forgotten Hope, 1918 und Eve of Destruction.
Heute öffnet sich die 14. Forgotten Honor Kampagne mit dem Namen "breaking the wall" für die Forgotten Hope 1 Mod.
Möchten Sie mehr wissen? Dann lesen Sie weiter.

Die neue Kampagne von Forgotten Hope 1 bringt Sie zu den Schlachten der Normandie, wo Sie über 15 Schlachten kämpfen werden.
Wählen Sie zwischen der berühmten Panzer-Lehr-Division oder kämpfen Sie gemeinsam mit den Alliierten in der 3rd Infantry Division.

Jeden Samstag Abend, ab 1900GMT,  setzen Sie zusammen mit Ihrer Division 1 Team-Play von 15 großen Schlachten einen  Maßstab, jeder findet auf eigene benutzerdefinierte hohe Qualität gemachte Karten, die ausgibig von der Community getestet wurden. Und genau wie in allen anderen Kampagnen von Forgotten Honor gibt es viele Möglichkeiten, Ihre Karriere mit Ränge, Medaillen und natürlich Ihre Teamkollegen  weiterzuentwickeln.

"Als wir uns den Stränden nährten, all das an was ich mich erinnern konnte war eine bestimmte Zeile in der Rede General Eisenhower, bevor wir England verließen:
"Die freien Männer der Welt  maschieren zum Sieg!"
Ich fühlte mich beruhigt, als wir in die L.C.I. verlegten, obwohl ich nicht denken konnte wegen Hunderter von Explosionen um mich herum.
Ich kann die Schrecken nicht beschreiben, die ich sah, als wir anhielten.
Die Luke öffnet und plötzlich sterben die ersten 7 Mann um mich herum.
Ich lief nach vorne, und als ich mich dem Strand näherte,  sah ich ein paar Meter entfernt meine eigenen Freunde deren Arme und Köpfe aus geschossen wurden, ich sehe nur Kugeln fliegen...
Wußte auch nicht mehr, wo zum Teufel wir sind, wo ist meine Kompanie?
All das an was ich mich erinnern kann ist, dass der Krieg begonnen hat...

Spielen Sie ein einzigartiges Erlebnis für Forgotten Hope 0.7
"Breaking the wall" hat gerade erst begonnen.


Spielen Sie 15 einzigartige Schlachten in der Normandie mit hilfe der Forgotten Hope Mod.

Zum ersten Mal werden zwei Invasion Karten bei einer Forgotten Honor FH1 Kampagne gespielt,   Scrimm Dunkerque als sich die Alliierten in Richtung Utah Beach freikämpften und ihr comeback im Krieg feierten.

Teamplay orientierte Strategie und Zusammenarbeit mit Beförderungen und Prämien für Ihre Leistungen

Groß angelegte Kämpfe jeden Samstag ab 19:00 GMT

Es wurden neue Karten von erfahrenen Mappern produziert.
Und es wurde von der Community ausgiebig getestet um die Spielbarkeit zu gewährleisten.

Knüpfe neue Freundschaften mit Spielern und Clans aus aller Welt!

Die Forgotten Hope 1 Tunier Mod ist kostenlos und jeder ist herzlich willkommen mitzumachen!!!

*FH Kampagne Registrierung KLICK* (

Hast du Fragen? Brauchst du Hilfe? Dann Genier dich bitte nicht und schreib mir eine PM?!
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Easy Eight on 14-05-2012, 15:05:12
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Fuchs on 14-05-2012, 16:05:07
Jawohl! So fort!
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 17-05-2012, 19:05:32

( (

( (

Yahagi was the second of the four vessels completed in the Agano-class of light cruisers, and like other vessels of her class, she was intended for use as the flagship of a destroyer flotilla. Larger than previous light cruisers, the Agano-class vessels were fast, but with little protection, and were under-gunned for their size:

6 x 15 cm/50 Type 41 guns (3x2)
( (

4 x 80 mm/65 Type 98 guns (2x2)

varying amount of 25 mm/60 Type 96 AA guns

8 x 610 mm torpedo tubes (4x2)
( (

The Yahagi underwent several upgrades where mainly the 25 mm anti-aircraft weaponry was increased. In FHSW 0.5 will be three versions of the Yahagi available: 1943, 1944 and 1945. The latter has an impressive amount of 25 mm guns as shown in the following pics.

( (

The Yahagi took part in many battles and was lucky because she often fought her way through them without any damage.

On 6 April 1945 though the Yahagi was ordered to accompany Yamato from Tokushima for its final suicide mission against the American fleet. In this battle she was sunk by several torpedos and bombs and took 445 crewmen with her.


( (

The Ōyodo design was approved in 1939 as an enlarged and improved version of the Agano-class. It was designed to be the flagship for attack groups of submarines. Initially, plans were made for eight vessels in the class. However, only two ships were actually authorised, of which only one, Ōyodo, was laid down.

Although the same general hull design as for the Agano was adopted, the armour protection was reduced and the armament differed both in layout and weaponry:

6 × 155 mm/60 3rd Year Type guns (2x3)
( (

8 × 100 mm/65 Type 98 AA guns (4x2)
( (

18 × 25 mm/60 Type 96 AA guns
( (

The Ōyodo-class ships were intended to be scouting cruisers and hence the entire deck of the ship aft of the superstructure was devoted to aircraft facilities including a heavy-duty 45 m catapult.
( (

In 1944 this catapult was exchanged for the shorter (18 m) standard type and the hangar converted to accommodate Fleet Headquarters staff. During this refit several 25 mm AA guns were added. This variant is also included in FHSW 0.5!
( ( (

Source: FHSW dev blog ( Community (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: THeTA0123 on 17-05-2012, 19:05:17
80mm aa guns? never heard of that calibre, where they effective?
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 17-05-2012, 19:05:05

Wow !
This map is looking awesome.
Jackson has finished the work on map 'Frontier' and the result is really nice.

Frontier will be released with v2.50.
When it's done


The making of a map
A new map is under construction and this time the community will have an important role.
Feel free to post any idea to our forums in this thread: community map. (


Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 17-05-2012, 19:05:31
( (


Picture Gallery:

Release of new version Battlefield 1941 mod 0.1 for the game Battlefield 1942!
This version of the mod includes all maps from addons The Road To Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII.

For installation and work this mod you will need:
- Battlefield 1942 v1.61 (BF1942)
- The Road To Rome (XPack1)
- Secret Weapons of WWII (XPack2)
The Road To Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII are included in the Anthology Battlefield 1942, you can also download them separately.

Battlefield 1941 v0.1 Download:

road to Rome & Secret Weapons:

New winter maps with battles in 1946 are completely fictional, all matches with reality - random.

Before you install the mod be sure to remove folders: "bf1941", "bf1941RTR", "bf1941UW" (if any) - they are in the game folder (...\Battlefield 1942\Mods).
After that, unzip the mod into the folder "...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\" (eg C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\ - but the path to the game folder may vary)

Play this mod you can with bots (on ALL maps!) and on our server on the Internet: (BF1941 0.1 @ Netorn)

Source and Map Log:
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 17-05-2012, 19:05:37

Battlegroup42 Kurzfilm: Die Schlacht um Ortona

Das Battlegroup42 Team grüßt die Community und meldet sich mit einer besonderen News. Diesmal geht es nicht um Neuigkeiten in der Mod selbst: Die Jungs vom ungarischen FPS-Klub, seit Jahren treue Battlegroup42-Fans, haben ein durchaus episch zu nennendes Video gedreht, in dem sie die Schlacht um Ortona auf der entsprechenden BG-Map nachspielen. Wir wollen euch das auf keinen Fall vorenthalten. Viel Spaß beim Zuschauen. Übrigens: Gerne posten wir auch eure BG42-Videos, wenn sie gut gemacht sind!

[flash width=250 height=250];hl=de_DE[/flash]

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 17-05-2012, 19:05:11
80mm aa guns? never heard of that calibre, where they effective?

i cannot tell you about, because i cannot play the beta of this mod.
The release is not also far the FHSW JPN devs tell in the Twitter.
We can become a great WW2 Theatre after release, wait off.;)
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Easy Eight on 17-05-2012, 23:05:52
lol buschhans, I see you've found yet another forum where you can dump your copy/paste news. :P

btw. this particular news was posted about two months ago on this forum, just saying.

80mm aa guns? never heard of that calibre, where they effective?
I think the real caliber was 76.2 mm but the offical designation was 80 mm for a reason I don't know. Seems like they were only used on the Agano class. Considered to be a satisfactory weapon with no serious problems. However, it did have a short barrel life.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 18-05-2012, 22:05:42
lol buschhans, I see you've found yet another forum where you can dump your copy/paste news. :P

btw. this particular news was posted about two months ago on this forum, just saying.

80mm aa guns? never heard of that calibre, where they effective?
I think the real caliber was 76.2 mm but the offical designation was 80 mm for a reason I don't know. Seems like they were only used on the Agano class. Considered to be a satisfactory weapon with no serious problems. However, it did have a short barrel life.

Nur weil du es nicht spielst brauchst du meinen post nicht durch den reck zu ziehen?
Da sind noch aktive Modder die sich bemühen etwas kostenlos auf die Beine zu stellen.
Mache mir sehr gern für diese klugen Köpfe die mühe ihre News weiterzutragen.
Das hat nichts mit Copy und Pst zu tun, viel mehr mit andere mit zu begeistern.
Du hast recht die News gabs schon vor ein paar Wochen auf der JPN FHSW webseite!
Aber es hat keiner die Bilder klein gemacht und die News zu gestückelt das man sie verteilen kann.
Übrigens, die neue FHSW erntet viel Zuspruch, die Leute interessieren sich dafür, also tu ich das richtige!
Denn ich tu es nicht für mich, sondern für uns! Und für die Menschen die sich die Arbeit für uns machen!
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 28-06-2012, 02:06:16
BF 1918 3.1 Sunday Night Games

Ihr seid recht herzlich eingeladen beim SNG community battle  am Sonntag ab 20 Uhr - open end auf dem {CC} Multi Mod Server dabei zu sein!!

SNG is back!
Your are invite to our community battle on the {CC} Multi Mod Server! At sunday 8pm CET - open end!


Server Name: {CC} Bouteillefield Guadalkanet

Server IP:

BF 1918 3.1 Mod Download:

This is more like a new feature. For some time, it was asked if it was possible to remove the 64 maximum players limit in Battlefield 1942. Some years ago, someone had a found a way to remove that limit in Battlefield 2, which led to a 128 player server for Project Reality mod. Fortunately, I could find where in the server code is that limit with the help of a friend ....

"Tuia" also developed the two  FIX patches to prevent the exploits (game.createLocalPlayer and game.setTeam) which crashed BF 1942 Servers worldwide!



Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 13-07-2012, 00:07:35

It's time for another news update on the final release of Battlegroup42 ! We're quite surprised that we're still able to find new content for our already extensive mod. In the past few weeks we were able to integrate three new, rather unique planes, which we'll show you in this news.

( ( (

The first plane strenghtens our Australian forces: The CA-12 "Boomerang" was a single-seated fighter and close support aircraft which had been developed in a record-breaking time by its developer CAC (Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation) in 1941/42. Back then, Australia was threatened by a Japanese invasion and air raids, and therefore in desperate need of fighter planes. With the situation given it had been very difficult to obtain planes from the USA or the UK, so CAC came into its own and started designing a new fighter. The Boomerang handled well, and was very well-armed with two 20mm Hispano or CAC cannons, four 0.303 in Browning machine guns and could be fitted with bombs. But the Boomerang's low top speed and poor high altitude performance made it rather useless for its intended role as interceptor. It eventually found its niche as a close support aircraft for the troops on the ground. In this role it was successfully used in New Guinea, the Solomon Island Campaign and the Borneo Campaign. Our model was created and textured by RuppDee.

( ( ( (

Our next plane comes from Klallo, an artist not belonging to the BG42 team: The Grumman J2F "Duck", a four-seated amphibious biplane, which was used by the US forces for mapping, scouting/observation, anti-submarine patrol, photographic surveys and reconnaissance, and target tug duties.
In Battlegroup42 this nice model replaces the "Wildcatfish" on the warship catapults, since it was only an interim solution in BG42 and only existed as a prototype in reality. Our "Duck" is a F-2 version, armed with a forward firing .30 cal Browning machine gun, a dual .30 cal Browning in the rear cockpit and small bombs. The catapult version has no bombs, but instead the ability to spot targets for the ships artillery. Our modeler RuppDee also creates a new, more realistic cockpit for the "Duck".

( ( ( (

The final plane in this news was also produced by an exterior developer: The Blohm & Voss BV138, being the first big flying boat in BG42, was modeled and textured by FangioDesign. On our maps it is used either as a static model or as naval reconnaissance aircraft. The original plane served extensivly with several coastal air wings of the German Luftwaffe, mostly used for long-range naval reconnaissance, anti-shipping, anti-submarine and minesweeping duties. Our BV138 is a version C-1, equipped with a defensive armament of two 20mm MG151 cannons, one 7,92mm MG15 and six SC50 bombs.

( ( ( (

We have also updated our mod-contents list which will be linked on our website shortly. For those of you who want to take an early glimpse at it please follow this link:
BATTLEGROUP 42 Content check list! (

That's it for today. There'll surely be more news ahead, so stay tuned and most of all faithful :-)



EoD v2.50 preview - Operation Enogerra

Operation Enogerra was an operation of the Australian Forces near Saigon.
In this map we have the first large tunnel system in Battlefield 1942. The tunnel was made by ike some months ago.
Very awesome: the bots go into the tunnels so be prepared soldiers!

Here's a video trailer of the new map and you can see a small part (~15%) of the tunnels in this map.

[flash width=250 height=250];hl=de_DE[/flash]

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 19-07-2012, 14:07:36
BF1942: FHC - Project Next presetation about the Zeppelin

So here are the new Zeppelin.
Build a new engine because there was a fault.

- Radar ready
- Wheel ready but without texture
- Waterbomb opening ready
- Collision mesh ready for all.

I think i must found some better textures.
Next work is the inside if we need.

( ( ( ( ( (

History of this Zeppelin model:

This K47 camera Blimb was the Zeppelin U.S. Navy, which was brought down by a German submarine in the Strait of Florida.

It was built to the enlightenment & submarine hunting & designed, and known to have been the few airship of United States, which was shot down (precisely from a submarine.


Did you have ideas to create this model better with 3dsmax?
What do you thin k about this work?

Hue Imperial Palace

Und noch eine Map von EoD 2.5



Für noch mehr Bilder und Video's


(Source: &
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Hier habt hier die kommenden und wöchentlichen Battlefield 1942 Mod Events im Überblick:

Hier macht ihr Battlefield 1942 Windows 7/Vista fit:

Hier findet ihr die Neue News über die neue Forgotten Hope Mod FH-ranking signatur.
Sieht so modern aus wie bei Battlefield 3:
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No comments *lol*
More news from the 'vacation-2012-works' coming soon...;hl=de_DE

Just a small message about the progress of upcoming v2.50.

We'll have 3 new teams:
- The Navy Seals
- Civil Vietcong
- and the Superheroes

The Superheroes-team will include Rambo, Chuck Norris, Charlie Sheen aka Topper Harley and Mr. Bean aka Mr. Bombastic.
Of course this team will be in some selected fun-maps only

Next there are 18 new handweapons:
- Colt Silenced
- Flarepistol
- Ithaca M-37
- M72 A3 Law (another M72 variant)
- M21 Silenced
- Mosin without scope
- MP-18 (stolen from Japanese)
- Nagant 1893
- Smith & Wesson Model 12
- Vietcong Bambooknife
- Vietcong Bamboostick
- Vietcong Bayonett
- Vietcong Grenadelauncher
- Vietcong Harvestknife
- Vietcong Juicegrenade
- Vietcong Machete
- Vietcong Pistol
- Vietcong Satchel

Also 25 new static objects will come with v2.50.
- new buildings
- new vegetation
- new detail objects

The devs have not been lazy and we also get 7 new and 2 revised maps.
Some of them have been presented already.

About 40 maps will have some bugfixes and new/improved AI.

Altogether it will be a very nice release and we think to get it complete September 2012.
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Die Installation erfordert
WinRaR (

Auf jedem Computer unter Windows 98 oder höher sollte .NET Framework 2.0 installiert sein.

1. Laden Sie das Programm
here (

2. Extrahieren Sie den Inhalt der .rar Datei überall wo Sie den updater installiert haben wollen.

Um das Programm zu starten, starten Sie die Custom-Karten Updater.exe und extrahieren mit dem Custom-Maps updater in den Ordner.


Wenn Sie das Programm starten, sollte es zuerst wie folgt (je nach Betriebssystem) aussehen.
Starten Sie, indem Sie auf die Schaltfläche "Ordner Battlefield 1942" auswählen.

Suchen Sie im Fenster, das angezeigt wird einfach Ihr Battlefield 1942-Ordner
(in meinem Fall, C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\) wählen Sie den Pfad aus, und klicken Sie auf OK.
Es wird dann in den Bereich installiert den sie ausgewählt haben. Sie müssen den Pfad nicht erneut eingeben, wenn Sie in Zukunft die Maps "aktualisieren" möchten.

Nun, da das Programm weiß, wo Ihr Battlefield 1942-Ordner ist, drücken Sie die Schaltfläche "Check for Updates"
und das Programm wird versuchen, die benutzerdefinierte-Karten Dateien zu erkennen die Sie haben und die, die noch fehlen.

Jetzt zeigt ihnen das Programm, dass eine neue aktuelle Map zum Download bereit steht, die ihnen noch fehlt.
Dann drücken sie auf update, wie unten im Bild beschrieben.

Wenn die Schaltfläche "Aktualisieren" anklickbar ist, bedeutet dies, dass Sie aktualisieren können. Klicken Sie darauf und Sie werden sehen, dass die Bar zu aktualisieren beginnt.
Wenn das update fertig ist, erhalten Sie eine Meldung, dass die Aktualisierung abgeschlossen wurde.

Sie können auch die "Map Index Anzeige Liste" überprüfen (siehe im unteren Bild), wenn Sie eine vollständige Liste aller vorhandenen Karten ansehen möchten,
die installiert und vollständig aktualisiert wurden.

Wenn es Updates für das Programm gibt, wird es Ihnen beim Programm Start mitgeteilt.
Sie aktualisieren es  dann Manuell von Hand.
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Post by: Jimi Hendrix on 15-08-2012, 08:08:55

Just a small message about the progress of upcoming v2.50.

We'll have 3 new teams:
- The Navy Seals
- Civil Vietcong
- and the Superheroes

The Superheroes-team will include Rambo, Chuck Norris, Charlie Sheen aka Topper Harley and Mr. Bean aka Mr. Bombastic.

 What about:
- John Wayne
- Arnold "Maj. Dutch Schaefer" Schwarzenegger
- Sgt. Barnes
- Marlon "Col. Kurtz " Brando
- Forrest Gump
- Pvt. Leonard 'Gomer Pyle' Lawrence
- Clint "Gsgt. Gunny Highway" Eastwood 

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HENDRIX Klingt gut oder?
Mache gerade die Release News dazu.
Habe darüber hinaus noch über Battlegroup 42 zu berichten.
Und zu guter letzt möchte ich noch zu dem 10 Jährige bestehen von BF 1942 auf das Anniversary Event aufmerksam machen, wozu alle eingeladen sind!
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( 25.08.2012

Eve of Destruction v2.50 release!

We are glad to present v2.50 for Battlefield 1942 today.

Downloads here. (

It's a new FULL version but players who got v2.40 can update to v2.50 with just one file: part 3/3 of the installer!


There are lots of new weapons, maps, 3 new teams, new sounds and effects and many other new stuff in the build.
Please read the news below for more information.

New weapons for stealth operations

There are some new statics in the game made by Apache Thunder who left the mod scene and we want to say thank you for this and all good wishes for the future!

Civil Vietcong platoon

Harvest knife to crop some rice

Homepage Updates
EoD for BF1942 Armies and Missions sections have been updated.
You can see the new maps, teams and some of the new weapons.

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It's time again for a news update on Battlegroup42.
As you know, we're working hard on finishing version 1.8 - since it will be our last release based on Battlefield 1942, we want to make sure to make it as good and bug-free as possible. Even in the final stages of development we're still able to exchange old vehicles with new ones of much better quality or add even add completely new content to close existing gaps. Today, we want to tell you about this.

( ( (

Let's start with the American tank destroyer M10 Wolverine. The model used in BG42 was the original vanilla model, which simply didn't meet our quality requirements, was replaced by a far better detailed and textured model from Koricus' workshop. The M10 was based on the chassis of the M4 Sherman tank and armed with a 76mm cannon in an open-top turret. It first saw combat in Tunisia in the year 1943, and it played a major role during the battles on Sicily, Italy and later in France. The M10 was not only used by the US Army, but also by British and Polish troops, the Free French and Russia. Over time, the 76mm cannon proved to be insufficient at longe range against the new German tanks, especially the Panther.Therefor, the British upgraded their M10s with the highly effective and powerful 17pdr cannon and re-named this version to "Achilles". The Americans upgraded the M10 with a 90mm cannon in a new turret late in 1944, and called that new tank destroyer the M36 Jackson. In Battlegroup42 the tank destroyer can be found on a lot of maps, so we're especially happy about this quality improvement.

( ( (

Much the same applies to the American CCKW GMC 6x6 2½ ton truck, which was often simply called "Jimmy" by the soldiers. It was one of the work horses of the US Army, and was also used in large numbers by allied forces. We've replaced our several years old model with a new, beautifully textured and detailed model from Koricus. In Battlegroup42 the Jimmy not only serves as a troop transport, but also has a repairing function for allied vehicles and ammo re-supplying capability.

( (

Now we're switching from land to sea, since we're about to present you a special novelty: Our naval expert Cabrio delighted us with a British escort carrier of the Attacker class. Starting in 1943, these ships played a major role in the convoy battles in the North Atlantic. From its flight deck fighters, recon aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft started their missions against German submarines, torpedo bombers and long range recon aircraft, thereby significantly increasing the convoy's freighter protection. Starting in late 1944, some of the eight ships produced of the Attacker class, were used as strike carriers against the Japanese during landing operations in the Pacific. In Battlegroup42 there are two variants, which differ in their aircraft complement according to their intended role: An "escort" version with fighters and anti-submarine aircraft, and a "strike" version with fighters and bombers.

( ( (

Closing this news there's also an update about "BG3", which is the working title of our BG42 conversion using the Unreal Development Kit. It is supposed to be a no-cost game, made by gamers for gamers, independent from the moods and profit interests of publishers. Since the development team is very small at the moment, work goes on only slowly. But nonetheless our project leader BG3Haribo was able to construct a framework, so that the basics for the game, though not in every detail, are set up. What we need now is content, most of all statics. Our current team is simply too small to create all the necessary buildings etc. within an acceptable time frame, so we're urgently looking for talented modelers who want to join the team or contribute content. We're also on the look-out for new developers working in all of the other departments like texturing, animations, sounds etc. So if you have UDK knowledge you want to contribute to the project, be it as team member or contributor, you're heartly welcome. Please contact BG3Haribo in our forum (

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Battlefield 1942 ANNIVERSARY EVENT, 22.09.2012 - 23-09.2012;hl=de_DE

Samstag 22.September 2012 ab 19:00
Sonntag 23.September 2012 ab 12:00

Die Mutter aller Battlefield Teile wird dieses Jahr, genau am 19.September stolze 10 Jahre alt. Grund genug um ein Wochenende lang den mod betrieb auf unserm server einzustellen und der alten zeite, bei einigen runden Battlefield 1942 zu gedenken. Jeder der lust und laune hat ist herzlich eingeladen vorbei zu schaun. Gespielt werden alle Karten der Aktuellen Version 1.61b sowie Sonntags zusätzlich die Karten der beiden Add-ons The Road to Rome und Secret Weapons of WWII. Jede Karte läuft 2mal in folge jeweils 30 Minuten um jedem die Chance zu geben auf beiden seiten um den Sieg zu kämpfen. Selbst verständlich ist jeder herzlich eingeladen auf unsern Teamspek 3 Server zu kommen auf dem es diverse Kanäle geben wird die die beiden Teams trennen. Wir hoffen auf rege anteilname und darauf das es sich schnell herumspricht und wir ein tolles Event auf die Beine stellen können.


Server Daten:

Name: [FHSW] (Wird wärend der Events umbenannt)
Ip: 14567
Spieler: max. 64 (128)

Karten für Samstag:

Battle of Britain
Befreiung von Caen
Der Bocage
El Alamein
Invasion der Philippinen
Iwo Jima
Market Garden
Omaha Beach
Operation Aberdeen
Schlacht in den Ardennen

Karten für Sonntag:

Die Schlacht um Anzio
Die Schlacht um Salerno
Monte Santa Croce
Operation Baytown
Operation Husky
Angriff auf Agheila
Das Adlernest
Die Gotenlinie
Flugplatz Kbely

Danke an dieser stelle für die Facebook seite "Battlefield (deutsch)" mit über 400.000 mitgliedern!

( (

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Does anyone even play EoD anymore??
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Post by: LuckyOne on 29-08-2012, 13:08:34
Does anyone even play EoD anymore??

hslan guys, usually on the first Friday in the month (traditional "Charlie don't surf event"). I used to play with them before, but I haven't yet got to downloading the new patch.
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Post by: JackONeill on 29-08-2012, 16:08:04
EoD also has very good botsupport.
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Post by: buschhans on 25-09-2012, 01:09:50

The Battlegroup42 presents you another news about the final release of Battlegroup42 - yet again we have managed to extend our air force with a few important models which we were previously lacking. Furthermore, we can provide some info on the status of our successor project based on the Unreal engine, which just recently saw a first pre-alpha test during which performance issues were successfully resolved.

( ( (

But let's start with Battlegroup42 1.8: Three new plane models have been finished which will expand our Bf1942 mod.

The first one is the Reggiane Re.2000 - an Italian fighter plane which was mostly used during the early phase of World War II, mainly in the Mediterranean and the Balkans. Although the Italian air force was rather unsatisfied with the machine's performance and soon switched to more powerful successors like the Re.2002 and 2005, the Re2000 found a thankful customer in Hungary: Here the fighter was build under license as the MÁVAG Héja and used by the Hungarian air force on the Eastern Front. Our model as well as an Hungarian and Italian texture were made by Master-T. RuppDee added a nicely detailed cockpit to it.

Reggiane Re.2000 / MÁVAG Héja
( ( (

Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch"

Our next new addition is a world famous plane from Germany - not because of its fighting strength, but because of its incomparable flight characteristics. We're talking about the Fieseler Fi156 "Storch". Hardly any other plane was able to fly as slow and start/land on such short runways as this fragile looking high wing aircraft. The Wehrmacht used this plane, which was armed only with a single machine gun for self defence, mostly for liaison and reconnaissance tasks as well as artillery observer - a task which the Storch will also perform in BG42: Using the right mouse button you can mark targets for the artillery. This model was made by FangioDesign and improved with an excellent cockpit done by RuppDee. There where also alternative winter- and desert textures made by SargeSurfat.

( ( (

Supermarine "Spitfire"

Number three of our today's news is an old acquaintance, namely the Supermarine Spitfire. Up until now, the model of the famous British fighter plane in BG42 was from the original game, with slight modifications for different versions in armament and propellers. Thanks to modeller clivewil we now have a whole slew of very detailed Spitfire variants which replace the old ones. There are differently armed fighter variants from different phases of the war as well as a fighter bomber armed with rockets. He also delivered a texture for the Australian air force.

( ( (

Status report - Battlegroup UDK project

As promised, we now give you a small status report about our stand-alone project based on the Unreal engine. It now has an official name: Battlegroup: Road to Dunkirk. This was chosen because our starting scenario will be the battles in Belgium and France during 1940, with the Germans fighting against the British Expeditionary Force (BEF). In the past few months, the team led by Peter, aka "BG3Haribo", managed to create a playable, but very rudimentary pre-Alpha build, which we recently tested with a number of players. A video of that test will be released shortly. With this we want to show you that we're well on track and looking out for people who want to support us, be it as developer or beta tester. Furthermore we're looking for people running Windows servers who'd like to host our test version. Those of you who are interested please contact us via our forum on

Source: &
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Patchday soldiers!

As promised some terrible bugs in v2.50 have been fixed with this small patch.

Download client patch (5MB)
Download server patch (92MB)

To update from v2.40 you need v2.50 part 3 and the HOTFIX v2.51 patch !
To update from v2.50 you just need the HOTFIX v2.51 patch


The good old map River Village was updated and revised.

And here are the updates in v2.51:
Ingame stats - weapon kit icons fixed
M-551 - cannon bug fixed
PBR MG - sounds volume decreased
M14 Singleshot - 1st person animations fixed
Nagant 1893 - position and textures fixed
S&W Model 12 - position fixed
Imperial Palace - collisons fixed

River Village - revised
Eclipse - lightnings added
Frontier - 2 soldier spawns fixed
Heart of darkness - added a self-driving train
Snipers - weapon icons fixed
Men of Valor - heightmap fixed to prevent bots from falling under the temple
Commo Victor Charly - airplane ammo added

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Post by: titsmcgee852 on 25-09-2012, 04:09:32
Status report - Battlegroup UDK project

As promised, we now give you a small status report about our stand-alone project based on the Unreal engine. It now has an official name: Battlegroup: Road to Dunkirk. This was chosen because our starting scenario will be the battles in Belgium and France during 1940, with the Germans fighting against the British Expeditionary Force (BEF). In the past few months, the team led by Peter, aka "BG3Haribo", managed to create a playable, but very rudimentary pre-Alpha build, which we recently tested with a number of players. A video of that test will be released shortly. With this we want to show you that we're well on track and looking out for people who want to support us, be it as developer or beta tester. Furthermore we're looking for people running Windows servers who'd like to host our test version. Those of you who are interested please contact us via our forum on
This is exciting! I thought this BG3 thing would never lift off the ground, really keen to see how it will turn out, especially considering Dunkirk is something I've never even seen in a game before. Let's hope they don't make it too 'arcade'.
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Das Battlegroup-Team meldet sich mit einer weiteren News über das Final Release von Battlegroup42 zurück - wieder ist es uns gelungen, unsere Luftwaffe mit wichtigen und schönen neuen Modellen aufzustocken. Nebenbei gilt es auch, über Fortschritte bei unserem Nachfolgeprojekt auf Basis der Unreal-Engine zu berichten, das kürzlich einen ersten echten pre-Alpha Test, bei dem es vor allem um Performance-Fragen ging, erfolgreich absolviert hat.

( ( (

Aber zunächst zu Battlegroup42 1.8: Drei neue Flugzeugmodelle wollen wir euch heute präsentieren, die unsere BF1942-Mod bereichern. Da wäre zunächst die Reggiane Re2000 zu nennen - ein italienisches Jagdflugzeug, das vor allem in der frühen Phase des zweiten Weltkrieges im Mittelmeerraum und auf dem Balkan eingesetzt wurde. Während die Italienische Luftwaffe aber wenig zufrieden mit der Maschine war und schon bald auf leistungsstärkere Nachfolgemodelle wie die Re2002 und Re2005 umrüstete, fand die Re2000 in Ungarn einen dankbaren Abnehmer: Hier wurde der Jagdflieger als MÁVAG Héja in Lizenz gebaut und von der Ungarischen Luftwaffe über der Ostfront geflogen. Unser Modell samt Skins für je eine italienische und eine ungarische Maschine stammt von Master-T, ein schön detailliertes Cockpit hat RuppDee beigesteuert.

Reggiane Re.2000 / MÁVAG Héja
( ( (

Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch"

Der nächste Neuzugang ist ein weltberühmtes Flugzeug aus Deutschland - weltberühmt nicht wegen seiner Kampfstärke, sondern wegen seiner unvergleichlichen Flugeigenschaften. Die Rede ist vom Fieseler Fi156 "Storch". Kaum ein Flugzeug konnte langsamer fliegen und auf so kurzen Rollbahnen landen und starten wie dieser fragil wirkende Hochdecker. Die Wehrmacht setzte den bis auf ein MG zur Selbstverteidigung unbewaffneten Flieger vor allem als Verbindungs- und Aufklärungsflugzeug sowie als Artilleriebeobachter ein - eine Aufgabe, die der Storch auch in BG42 wahrnimmt: Über die rechte Maustaste lassen sich Ziele für die eigene Artillerie markieren. Dieses Modell wurde von FangioDesign erstellt und mit alternativen Winter- und Wüstenskins von SargeSurfat ergänzt. Auch hier lieferte RuppDee wieder eines seiner hervorragenden Cockpits dazu.

( ( (

Supermarine "Spitfire"

Nummer drei unserer heutigen Modellvorstellung ist eine alte Bekannte, nämlich die Supermarine Spitfire. Das Modell dieses berühmten britischen Jagdflugzeugs in BG42 stammte bislang aus dem Originalspiel, mit leichten Modifikationen für einzelne Varianten in Bewaffnung und Propellerbestückung. Jetzt verfügen wir dank des Modellers clivewil über eine ganze Palette sehr schön detaillierter Spitfire-Varianten, die das alte Modell ersetzen. Dazu gehören verschieden bewaffnete Jägerversionen aus den unterschiedlichen Kriegsphasen ebenso wie eine Jagdbomberversion mit Raketen. Clivewil lieferte außerdem einen Skin für die australische Luftwaffe dazu.

( ( (

Status Bericht - Battlegroup UDK Projekt

Wie versprochen wollen wir nun noch einen kleinen Statusbericht zu unserem neuen Standalone-Projekt auf Basis der Unreal-Engine geben. Das Kind hat inzwischen einen offiziellen Namen: Battlegroup: Road to Dunkirk. Er wurde gewählt, weil unser Startszenario die Kämpfe in Belgien und Frankreich während des Jahres 1940 zum Thema haben wird, wobei als Gegner der Deutschen zunächst das britische Expeditionskorps auftritt. In den letzten Monaten hat das Team unter der Leitung von Peter aka "BG3Haribo" es fertig gebracht, einen spielbaren, aber noch sehr rudimentären pre-Alpha build zu entwickeln, den wir neulich mit einer Reihe von Spielern erfolgreich getestet haben. Ein Video davon wird in Kürze veröffentlicht. Wir wollen damit zeigen, dass wir auf einem guten Weg sind, und um Leute werben, die uns unterstützen wollen - als Entwickler ebenso wie als Betatester. Außerdem suchen wir Betreiber von Windows-Servern, die unsere Testversionen hosten wollen. Interessenten melden sich bitte im Forum auf Battlegroup (

Source: &
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Post by: buschhans on 27-09-2012, 05:09:55

Gestern wurde für die neueste Version von Eve of Destruction für Battlefield 1942 ein Hotfix veröffentlicht, der bisher gefundene Fehler in der Version 2.50 behebt.

Eve of Destruction Classic Client Hotfix v2.51 (5 MB) (

Eve of Destruction Classic Server Hotfix v2.51 (92 MB) (

Die Änderungen

Der in der Client-Version gerade mal 5 MB große Hotfix führt folgende Änderungen in die Mod ein:

Allgemeine Änderungen:

    * Bei den Ingamestats wurden die Waffenicons gefixt
    * Fehler mit der Kanone des M-551 behoben
    * Die Lautstärke des MGS des PBR wurde verringert
    * First-Person-Animation der M14 beim Einzelschuss gefixt
    * Position und Texturen des Nagant 1893 gefixt
    * Position des S&W Model 12 gefixt
    * Kollisionsabfrage beim imperialen Palast gefixt

Änderungen bei den Maps:

    * River Village: überarbeitet
    * Eclipse: Beleuchtung hinzugefügt
    * Frontier: zwei Soldierspawns gefixt
    * Heart of Darkness: Selbstfahrenden Zug hinzugefügt
    * Snipers: Waffenicons gefixt
    * Men of Valor: Heightmap gefixt, um zu verhindern, dass Bots unter den Tempel fallen
    * Commo Victor Charly: Munition für Flugzeuge hinzugefügt

Quelle: Kurz gemeldet: Hotfix v2.51 fr EoD Classic » (
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Post by: buschhans on 27-09-2012, 05:09:55
Einige Spieler schlugen vor, jedem Stammspielern auf hslan eine eigene Map zu widmen, so wie mit Mono Lake (mono) geschehen :D
Nun, die Idee ist nicht schlecht, allerdings würde das mit der Zeit etwas viel und vom Thema ablenken.
Jedoch wäre es vorstellbar, eine Community Map zu bauen, in der es viele kleine Eastereggs gibt, also Plätze, die einzelnen Spielern gewidmet sind.
Das kann z.B. einfach ein Foto desjenigen sein, oder eingebaute Gimmicks.
Jemand (Braveheart) hat z.B. vorgeschlagen, seine eigene private verchromte Cobra mit Pik-Ass und Zündschlüssel gegen die Bots haben zu wollen.
Das ließe sich durchaus reralisieren.

Fangen wir einfach mal damit an, auf Eure Vorschläge und Fotos bin ich gespannt :D
Vorerst hat die Map keinen Namen, das kommt zum Schluß.

Mails an:
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Post by: buschhans on 27-09-2012, 05:09:00
BF 1942 Fun Mod: GRIT MOD Racing

Racing mod with a checkpoint system and 'reward' system. (Successive cars will unlock the next car when you complete the track without exploding)

Features 8 Vehicles

and a mostly naked chick on a Yacht. (Similarities to Kate Middleton are purely coincidental)

download it here :


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Post by: buschhans on 09-12-2012, 15:12:13

( ( (
Schaut mal bei FinnWars 1.82 auf dem Mediatraffic Server vorbei, anlässlich deren 6.12 Indipedance Day ist dort wieder viel betrieb 29 Leute mit mir drauf, bin jetzt dort!
klappt unter Win 7 64bit ohne Probleme:

( (

Full Download:



Sieben neue Maps, neue Panzer, neue Schiffe und jede Menge Bugfixes – kurz zusammengefasst sind das die Inhalte der neuen Version von Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons (FHSW), die am Freitag veröffentlicht wurde. Anders als bisher steht das Release mit der Versionsnummer 0.51 dieses Mal ohne Passwort zur Verfügung, dazu gibt es für Client und Server neben Direct Download auch jeweils einen Torrent. Die bisher verfügbare Sammlung von Links findet ihr wie immer in unserer Datenbank.

Download FHSW 0.51 Client Part 1 (1,9GB) (
Download FHSW 0.51 Client Part 2 (1,2GB) (
Download FHSW 0.51 Server Full (260MB) (

NA75, KV-3 und Tiger P2

Neu in Version 0.51 sind drei Panzer für Achse und Alliierte, die in einem Blogbeitrag von Anfang Oktober beschrieben werden. Der Fuhrpark der Briten wird mit einem Churchill NA75 aufgerüstet, der auf dem Churchill und dem M4A1 aus der Hauptmod basiert. Ebenfalls ein solcher Umbau ist der russische Kampfpanzer KV-3, der auf dem KV-2 basiert. Der dritte und letzte im Bunde ist der Tiger P2, den ningen aus Königstiger und Elefant zusammengeschraubt hat. Alle Panzer wurden mit verschiedenen Texturen versehen und finden sich bereits im Spiel.

US-Flotte massiv ausgebaut

Dasselbe gilt für eine Ladung neuer Schiffe, die Yuuya erstellt hat. Darunter fallen ein Zerstörer der Wickes-Klasse, ein Zerstörer der Bagley-Klasse sowie ein Zerstörer der John C.Butler-Klasse. Diese drei neuen Schiffe sowie zahlreiche weitere, stellenweise stark modifizierte Schiffe, finden sich nach Recherche von Community-Mitglied
EndlessNameless auf der Karte „Monster des Stahles“ zum Ausprobieren. Darunter aus die USS Alabama (verbesserte South Dakota mit veränderter Flak und weitreichendem Radar) und die Juneau-Klasse (verbesserte Atlanta-Klasse).

Changelog nur als Online-Übersetzung

Die Meldungen zu den neuen Fahrzeugen sowie dem Release selbst stehen nur auf Japanisch zur Verfügung, weshalb wir für eine Übersetzung auf die entsprechenden Links am Ende der News verweisen. Für inhaltliche Rückfragen steht jedoch auch das zugehörige Thema in unserem Forum zur Verfügung, das von vielen aktiven FHSW-Spielern gelesen wird. Für interessierte Spieler stehen zudem zwei europäische Server für das Originalspiel und Origin zur Verfügung. Aus dem Changelog entnommen haben wir abschließend noch die Liste der neuen Maps.


( (


( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (




Comrade-in-arms for the first time in nine years


FHSW worthy of the name appeared in the super-heavy tank, the vehicle of a strong impact is the long-awaited!
I have finished in the vehicle towards the senior players are nostalgic somewhere, tastes.

Self-propelled antitank gun / T95 Super Heavy Tank T28
T28 SuperHeavyTank/T95 GunMotorCarriage


In January 1943, the Allies landed to start planning to continental Europe.
I had been thinking in it, and get an impediment to their ability to perform this operation "and Atlantic Wall",
How strong defensive position to listen on mainland Germany and "Siegfried Line" Do you want to break through has been a challenge.
Based on the concept of two defense far more than the firepower that can destroy a tank the U.S. military ever heavy tank in September 1943, will have been deployed in the defense line, the development of a heavy tank new begin.

Is chosen mounted cannon caliber 105mm tank gun 65 T5E1, this gun after it has been adopted in 1928,
It is a refinement as an anti-aircraft gun 105mm tank gun caliber 60 M1 that was produced only from 1938 several dozen gates.
Because you have to prioritize the testing of other new tanks thick armor on the front of the class and body 200mm, two of the three production prototype vehicles were determined,
The prototype vehicle was ordered actually become March 1944.
This vehicle was named T28 super heavy tank, the production of both five prototype vehicles will be ordered for Pacific Car & Foundry Company.
An engine mounted hybrid institutions had been expected from the test results in the T23 tanks equipped with the engine, it will be changed to a mechanical transmission.
Final weight would be about 86t for the class was changed to 300mm, front armor was designed to support the body in four caterpillars.
Also, instead of a gun turret mounted pivotally to the lower position the vehicle, directly gun is mounted at the top of my body.
Near, the name will be changed from T28 to T95 GMC by notice from the weapons station in February 1945 assault guns and self-propelled artillery and tanks rather than look for this.

France succeeded in landing As of June 1944, the threat level is lower than the Allies were also assumes "Atlantic Wall", the need for a T95 but goes further diluted.
Order prototype vehicle would be reduced to two by both the Japanese surrender in August 1945 had been planned for introduction to the Pacific Ocean Front.
Car 2 was able to start the vehicle proving ground test prototype and prototype car is January 1, 1946, will be subject to several studies there.
As self-propelled artillery boasts exceptional thermal performance and protection, T95 from the judgment in performance is said to be equivalent to the heavy tank, however,
The names would have been returned to the super-heavy tank T28 from T95 GMC again in June 1946.
T28 is the prototype of the vehicle was made to rename twice this way, both the one and scrap has become damaged by fire engine during the test run that occurred in 1947.
T28 The development plan is terminated in October 1947 without losing the competition and the development of heavy tank and heavy tank T30 T29, then the mass production.
One of the two prototype vehicles had left, the exhibition has become a vehicle of Patton Tank Museum is now.

It is T28/T95 with two names from history such complex, I want to use mainly the name of the T95 Gun Motor Carridge that was used temporarily after the war in order to avoid confusion with the T-28 medium tank Soviet In FHSW I think.

 ( ( (

FHSW T95GMC in the type of combat situation mounted type of transport state after removing the outer crawler, the crawler
Furthermore, there is also a type that can be randomly firing APCR powerful, there are a total of four types of variation.

Like the heavy tank T29, 105mm caliber tank gun armed 65 T5E1 is attached to the front of the vehicle body fixed fighting compartment.
If you have loaded a random APCR that are available only to T95GMC, you will be able to crushing every obstacle in the firepower of a different dimension.
Is also possible to switch between bullet and bullet HE AP, but one less hand loading and loading time compared to the heavy tank T29,
For a wide working space, time virtually unchanged, it is about a slightly slower T95GMC.
In addition, the cupola on the top of the body 12.7mm M2 heavy machine gun is mounted on a single gateway, you can be used to alert approaching enemy infantry and enemy aircraft.
Compared to the heavy tank T29, although there is a somewhat precarious armed, except that pose a threat to true T95GMC is in its armor.

 ( ( (

T95GMC near the front of the armor is 300mm, which boasts a performance that fully prevent the mouse and also the Jagd Tiger 12.8cm gun is equipped.
However, the side we will not be only about 50mm around 150mm, with no crawler, you have to protect your weaknesses and make the most of the terrain with poor mobility with the crawler.
40mm is not only the top surface armor, this decision is a 80mm tilt even up to a bomb and rocket aircraft is equipped,
The alert will not be able to even further large-caliber gun.

As described above, for supporting the weight in nearly 90t, mobility is in the lowest level of performance in all forward, backward and turning.
About 0.24 times of Jagdhof Panter, forward speed is almost the same as infantry running speed, turning speed is about 1.4 times the KV-3 if with crawler
Has become almost equal about 0.16 times of Jagd Panther and KV-3 without a crawler.

( (

T95GMC, how I would have been. I think there are advantages and disadvantages compared with the heavy tank T29, strong personality, to be a tank to choose a rider.
I become the prey of the enemy aircraft decay, or overload and destroy the strong fortress of the enemy.
Well as to manipulate the giant tanker, it will be determined by the cooperative spirit of the entire camp.

In addition, a dedicated mini-map icon has been added to the Heavy Tank Destroyer.


This icon is

America: T95GMC
Germany-based General SU-152, ISU:: Soviet Jagd Panther, Jagd Tiger, Ferdinand / Elephant Hungary: Tank Destroyer status

I'm scheduled to be implemented.




Es wird mal wieder Zeit für ein News-Update aus dem Hause Battlegroup - die Arbeit an der finalen Version 1.8 schreitet mit Volldampf voran, und wieder können wir sozusagen in letzter Minute einige wichtige Neuerungen im Content vermelden. Auch die Arbeit an der UDK-Version kommt gut voran, auch wenn wir hier Hilfe dringend gebrauchen könnten - leider, das müssen wir an dieser Stelle auch sagen, ist das Feedback aus der Community hier mehr als dürftig.

( ( (

Aber wir wollen nicht jammern, sondern uns über drei Neuzugänge für die Battlegroup42-Lufftwaffe freuen. Da wäre als erste die Macchi Mc.202 "Folgore", und ihr fast baugleiches Nachfolgemodell Macchi Mc.205 "Veltro" zu nennen. Unser Modeller RuppDee hat sich daran gemacht, unser bisheriges Modell dieses wohl besten italienischen Jagdflugzeugs des 2. Weltkrieges durch zwei ganz neu modellierte Exemplare zu ersetzen. Mehr noch - er lieferte zugleich verschiedene Skinvarianten für zwei Geschwader der Regio Aeronautica sowie je eine für die nach dem Waffenstillstand auf Seiten der Allierten und der Achsenmächte kämpfenden italienischen Einheiten. Beide Macchis gibt es in Bewaffnungsvarianten sowohl als reine Jagdflieger wie auch als Jagdbomber.

( (

Nummer zwei der heutigen Neuvorstellung ist wiederum ein Ersatz für ein qualitativ schlechteres, älteres Modell. DNummer drei schließlich ist ein völliger Neuzugang, für den wiederum RuppDee verantwortlich zeichnet: Mit der legendären Hawker Typhoon gelingt es uns, eine der schmerzlichsten Lücken im Battlegroup42- Flieger-Aufgebot zu schließen. Der Jagdbomber mit dem martialisch wirkenden Kühleinlass war wegen seiner Kanonen- und Raketenbewaffnung besonders bei den deutschen Panzertruppen sehr gefürchtet - wenn Typhoons in der Luft waren, konnten sich deutsche Kolonnen tagsüber kaum aus der Deckung trauen. Da die Typhoon darüber hinaus auch noch sehr schnell war, konnte sie von deutschen Jägern nur schwierig abgefangen werden. Unser Modell kommt auf einigen Maps mit Szenarien ab Juni 1944 zum Einsatz.
iesmal geht es um die Bell P-39 Airacobra, ein amerikanisches Jagdflugzeug mit ungewöhnlicher Mittelmotor-Bauweise, das bei den US-Piloten wenig beliebt war, dafür von den Piloten anderer Luftwaffen umso mehr geschätzt wurde - insbesondere von den Russen. Unsere neue P-39 stammt aus dem alten BGF- Fundus und wurde samt einem Skin für die Sowjetische Luftwaffe von Bobton gestaltet. SargeSurfat lieferte dazu neue Skinvarianten für eine Maschine der US Army, welche die P-39 auf dem pazifischen Kriegsschauplatz wegen ihrer Kanonenbewaffnung gerne als Unterstützungsflugzeug für die Bodentruppen einsetzte, sowie für die Luftwaffe der Freien Franzosen, welche die P-39 über Nordafrika, dem Mittelmeer und Südfrankreich flogen.

( (

Nummer drei schließlich ist ein völliger Neuzugang, für den wiederum RuppDee verantwortlich zeichnet: Mit der legendären Hawker Typhoon gelingt es uns, eine der schmerzlichsten Lücken im Battlegroup42- Flieger-Aufgebot zu schließen. Der Jagdbomber mit dem martialisch wirkenden Kühleinlass war wegen seiner Kanonen- und Raketenbewaffnung besonders bei den deutschen Panzertruppen sehr gefürchtet - wenn Typhoons in der Luft waren, konnten sich deutsche Kolonnen tagsüber kaum aus der Deckung trauen. Da die Typhoon darüber hinaus auch noch sehr schnell war, konnte sie von deutschen Jägern nur schwierig abgefangen werden. Unser Modell kommt auf einigen Maps mit Szenarien ab Juni 1944 zum Einsatz.

( (

Soviel für heute. Wir haben eingangs erwähnt, dass wir uns mehr Resonanz auf unsere Aufrufe zur Mitarbeit an der Standalone-Version von Battlegroup gewünscht haben und möchten deshalb an dieser Stelle noch einmal dafür werben. Besonders Modeller für Statics aller Art, aber auch Animateure und UDK-Kenner aller Couleur werden nach wie vor gesucht. Meldet euch einfach im Forum unter
Wir arbeiten jedenfalls unverdrossen weiter daran. Mehr erfahrt ihr in der nächsten News.




News about the comming BF Heroes 1942 4.5 update!

Actually I'm going to release a v4.5 update to celebrate the free release of bf1942 and it will include the latest maps out right now. Fortress Frenzy and Dependent Day (that map that is based on Omaha Beach). Getting A.I working on Dependent Day will be tricky, but the other map shouldn't be to difficult to get working. I've already finished porting all the assets and soon start on the maps themselves.

I'm also planning on some updates to the winter maps and bringing in the cloud system to replace the BIK textured skyboxes used on the rain/snow maps.

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 09-12-2012, 15:12:57

A new news on the BF1918-page, isn't that newsly enough? If not, we would like to tell our friends and fans some things about the festive time of the year, EA's belated 10th anniversary present and the mandatory Season's Greetings of course. Peek in, make yourself comfortable, enjoy a hot chocolate and relax as you read through a pretty much poor-in-informations news.

Good god, how long has it been? You've been counting of course and it's been exactly 366 days (mind the leap year, folks) since our last news. Hooray! Hooray? No, in fact it's no good news and making fun of it is making it even worse. For our hearts as well as for our souls and to prevent any winter depressions we've got a cool (Get it? Cool!? Classical one) hint for all of you in the middle of this text. So read carefully like your teacher has always told you.

BF 1918 xmas 2006 and 2008 Mod Download:

First we would like to draw your attention on a news that has been published by EA itself 3 weeks ago. Most shoud know it by now but as telecommunication in our favorite time of history was still in its infancy the field messenger took longer than usual to inform us about this case:

Battlefield 1942 for free on EA's Origin

As there's always a hook with things which are available for free, EA is offering a free one with this free version, too. At least it is free and free sounds good, right? But owners of the retail game, oldschool with discs, manual installation and all this crazy physical stuff are technically curtained off of the fresh meat delivered by Origin. Every party on it's own so to say. On a side note modifications like (I'm taking a random mod here as an example to show that we're not biased in any form) Battlefield 1918 for example are not guaranteed to run with the Origin version of BF42 but it has been reported that there shouldn't be any special issues. Just choose the mod folder in BF42's directory to put a mod's files there and it should run fine. Soldiers, if you've always sought refuge in complaining that you do not own the base game you're now no longer relieved from duty.

Xmas1918 (Version 2008)

Now up to the really cool stuff I've promised you in the beginning. Some of you of course already know this little gem in the history of BF1918 gimmicks but some people could also be new to our business. Romantic snow sceneries have always warmed our hearts in the festive month and have brought fun and joy to the battlefield since 2006. It's even rumored that this mini-mod has brought peace on earth 2 times, cooled down the climate warming and caused the Christmas truce. So take part in a nice Slay-ride, snowball fights with your friends and foes and try to meet Santa coming to town, checking who was nauthy and nice. Get the latest version from 2008 and put it on top of your already installed BF1918 experience to sweeten up your Christmas Season.

Ho Ho who wants some?               (                   Non-homoerotic Slay-rides

Conclusion of the day/year

The last topic for today's news and most probably for this year from our side is a bit sad indeed. We're celebrating our first anniversary of "No News" as we've been successfully able to manage to not publish any news in the last 366 days. And there are in fact no big news to spread from our side as the modification is considered finished from a dev-team's point of view. We're peeking into the commentary section from time to time so feel free to post any issues or remarks in your personal relationship with BF1918.
Mod of the Year Awards
The end of the year is as usual the time for the mighty Mod Of The Year award voted by you, the plebs! We're not exspecting anything less than several homages and canonizations but for the beginning you can start with clicking on the little vote-button above and see what color it will change to. Isn't it exciting?

Season's greetings from the whole former development team and we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Fröhliche Weihnachten, Zalig kerstfeest, Joyeux Noël and a Happy New Year!




Non-Profit-Projekt "Battlefield 1941"eine vorläufige Gruppe von Spezialisten beginnt  ein Computerspiel auf der Grafik-Engine "CryEngine 3" zu erstellen.


Wir sind in der Anfangsphase: Programmierer


In späteren späteren verlauf suchen wir: Modeller in 2D und 3D Modellierer, Animatoren, Gamedesigners, level-Designer, Zusammensteller

Vorzugsweise mit Kenntnissen eines oder mehrere Felder aus der Liste:
-Programmiersprachen: c++, Lua
-Game-Engines: CryEngine 3, Refraktor Motor
Spiele: Battlefield 1942 Mod SDK Development Toolkit
-Bitmap-Grafiken: Adobe Photoshop
-3D-Grafik: 3D Studio Max

Liste der offenen Stellen und Aufgaben werden im Laufe der Zeit aktualisiert.

Im Forum diskutieren (russisch Kenntnisse oder Umgang mit einem Übersetzungsprogramm sind von Vorteil):

Wir präsentieren Ihnen die ersten Screenshots des Computerspiels Battlefield 1941 auf die Grafik-Engine CryEngine 3


Wir präsentieren Ihnen die ersten Screenshots des Computerspiels Battlefield 1941 auf die Grafik-Engine CryEngine 3. Sie zeigen das Spiel Battlefield 1942 Karten befindet sich ebenso wie einige der wesentlichen Bestandteile der Landschaft und die Grafik engine CryEngine 3 auf statische Objekte (außer die Textur der Landschaft und Vegetation) portiert.


Was wurde bisher getan (hier findet ihr Bilder zu den in rot makierten Maps):

Alle standard Battlefield 1942 Karten (Gelände und statische Objekte Koordinaten) portiert:
- Aberdeen
- Battleaxe
- Battle of Britain
- Battle of the Bulge
- Berlin
- Bocage
- Coral sea
- El Alamein
- Gazala
- GuadalCanal
- Invasion of the Philippines
- Iwo Jima
- Kharkov
- Kursk
- Liberation of Caen
- Market Garden
- Midway
- Omaha Beach
- Stalingrad
- Tobruk
- Wake

Alle 3D-Modelle von statischen Objekten (Vegetation):

Alle statische Texturen und andere Objekte portiert

Alle Screenshots sind in unserer Galerie verfügbar.

Eine vorläufige Liste unseres Teams:

Die ältere Version der Battlefield 1941 Mod 0,03:

Die neuste Version der Battlefield 1941 Mod 0.1:


FH Revisited v0.16 released



Soviet self-propelled gun, based on KV-1S tank chassis. It appeared on the front in 1943 during Battle for Prokhorovka and became the most powerful anti-tank vehicle in Soviet army. It received 152 mm ML-20 gun, which was able to destroy Tiger and Panther tanks. For ability to be used against them SU-152 was named "Zveroboy", what means "animals killer".



German motorcycle, used during whole WWII. Powerful engine provided good charasteristics, and motorcycle could be used as a tractor.



Japanese dual-engine fighter-bomber.

128 bots in Co-op mode and more AI support

Maximum number of players number has been increased to 128. Now it's possible to play with 128 bots in Co-op mode also. Check the video showing 128 bots gameplay and other features (full HD is available):

FHR v0.16 128 bots, dynamic clouds, death animations preview

AI support has been added to Saipan-1944, Tali Ihantala, Vuoksi and When
Trumpets Fade. Pegasus and Bataan has been remade completely.

Dynamic cloud system (check the video above)

Apache Thunder from finally made game built-in feature work. It can be found in Battle of the Bulge, Bocage, El Alamein and some other maps.

New death animations (by Apache Thunder, also in video)

New map - Rheinmetall Panzer


British commandos trying to capture German tank factory near Rhein.

Other minor changes

For more information check Readme file inside mod archive.

Also check tutorials section for widescreen patch installation tutorial.

FH Revisited 0.16 Download, it request at first the FH 0.7 Mod:

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: titsmcgee852 on 10-12-2012, 01:12:32
Really cool, thanks for the update! :)
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-01-2013, 15:01:53
Really cool, thanks for the update! :)
Thx for your happiness.:-)
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-01-2013, 15:01:32

Hi folks!

For a long time there have been no news about EoD, but as mentioned some months ago we're working on a new thing.

>>We<< is primary me, Lotte, last man standing in the dev team at the moment.
Jackson, ike and Trahn Lee want to follow later perhaps, Killboy sadly has left the team without any comments.

Well, what about the new thing...?
EoD will break away from Battlefield and get a commercial stand-alone game on a new game engine with complete new content and it's own code.

The game engine is Unity 3D ( and for some impressions about the possibilities you may watch these videos in fullscreen and High Quality:

Tropical Jungle Demo (
The Butterfly Effect (

or play some demos on the Unity 3D website (Gallery / Made with Unity |_ or _| Gallery / Unity Demos)

Nice, isn't it?

Of course this is a monster-project for one person and I'm not able to do everything on my own so a lot of things must be bought, for example models, animations and network code.
And to scale down the expectations: it will not be a game like the big gamestudios create in a year, but perhaps a game with fun and nice gameplay and with moderate system requirements.

And it will not be just a copy of the old game. There will be many new things, new controls, new effects, new gameplay things and much more, so it will take a long time to get all these things running. But the target is 2013.

Unity can build the game for PC, Mac, Linux, xBox, Wii, iOS, Android, Webbrowser and some more, but the main attention is getting the game run on PC, Mac, Linux and Webbrowser. Console perhaps - if there are no technical obstacles.

I'm working on the side on this project since october 2012 and double-fulltime since january and have learned a lot, so I'm pretty sure to get this little baby alive some day. And because of that I've cancelled my job (after 20 years) for a big american automaker. This was one risky step for me, one giant step for mankind

Because of all the work that has to be done, there won't be much informations in the next months so please be patient and use the forums for questions and suggestions. You may talk english or german in the forums.

If you just want to contact or support or sponsor me in any way please send a mail to !

Of course the game will get a new website cause it's no modification anymore and once the gamestudio was founded and all the bumf is done it will be posted here and this site ( will be frozen.

Hope to see you in the new jungle some day and duck if your hear a loud voice saying it: enemy spotte lotted!


PS: Informations about the new game will be on the mentioned new website, not here.

Ok, one simple 5% WIP shot from 'We Were Soldiers Once' with day-night effect in a 30 min. timeline:

Ich finde die Idee und die Bilder sehr gut.
Die beiden Videos hab ich mir auch angeschaut.
Da steckt richtig Leben drin.
Die Stadt ist wie ein Kino Comic Animiert und der Wald im 2. Video sieht schon verdammt echt aus.
Für dass das es von März 2012 stammt echt sehr gut.
Die ganze Technik entwickelt sich ja ständig weiter.
Aber zum Spielspaß ist das völlig ausreichend und sieht Klasse aus.
Bin mal auf die ersten Effekte und Maps von EoD 3 gespannt.

Die aktuelle Eve of Destruction 2.51 Mod für BF 1942 ist aber auch schon sehr gut geworden!

Hier kannst du Eve of Destruction 2.5 + 2.51 Hofix kostenlos downloaden:

Name: [hslan] EoD Classic 2.51
Game: Battlefield 1942   
Browse: Battlefield 1942 Servers
Server Address:   Port: 14567

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-01-2013, 15:01:37

Nachdem es schon zur letzten News reichlich neues Fluggerät gab, setzen wir die Serie heute fort und stellen die neusten Zugänge für BG42 vor. Wirklich neu kann man diese Meldung eigentlich nicht nennen, bereits vor einem Monat haben die verbleibenden Devs, die sich um den Battlefield Zweig des Projektes kümmern, einen Eintrag auf ihrer Homepage erstellt. Aber spät ist besser als nie und auch dieses Mal lohnt es, sich die Arbeit des Teams zu Gemüte zu führen.

Alte Schönheiten in neuem Glanz

Aus dem Bestand von RuppDee stammen zwei Modelle der Macchi. Die Mc.202 "Folgore", und das Nachfolgemodell Macchi Mc.205 "Veltro". Beide Versionen des italienischen Flugzeugs werden ein älteres Modell ersetzen und als Jagdbomber und Jagdflieger auf Seiten der Alliierten und Verbänden Italienischer Kräfte, die nach Waffenstillstand auf Seiten der Achsenmächte kämpften, spielbar sein. Ebenfalls ausgedient hat das alte Modell der Bell P-39 Airacobra, einem amerikanischem Jagdflugzeug, das vor allem durch seine Motorpositionierung, die sich hinter dem Piloten befindet, bekannt ist. Aufgrund von Untermotorisierung, schlechter Steigleistung und fehlendem Turbolader erfreute sich dieses Modell bei den amerikanischen Einsatzkräften im Kampf gegen überlegene japanische Flieger geringer Beliebtheit. Später wurden knapp 5000 Exemplare nach Russland verkauft.

Das letzte, ebenfalls von RuppDee stammende Modell schließt eine Lücke im BG42 Fuhrpark und dürfte aufgrund der starken Bewaffnung für einigen Wirbel im Gefecht sorgen. Die Rede ist von der Hawker Typhoon, einem Jagdbomber mit markantem Kühlereinlass, die mit ihrer Kanonen- und Raketenbewaffnung vor allem Panzerverbänden das Leben schwer machen kann. Hohe Geschwindigkeiten erlauben es zudem im Luftkampf dem ein oder anderen Abfangjäger zu entkommen oder auch überraschend aus einem toten Winkel aufzutauchen.

Standalone – Die Community ist gefragt

Während die Entwicklung der Version 1.8 in kleinen aber stetigen Schritten Richtung Release geht, arbeitet ein Teil des Teams weiter an der Veröffentlichung von Battlegroup als Standalone Spiel auf Basis der Unreal Engine. Momentan gibt es dort so viel zu tun, dass weiter händeringend nach Verstärkung in fast allen Bereichen und vor allem bei der der Erstellung von Statics oder auch dem Animieren gesucht wird. Solltet ihr bereits Erfahrung in einem der Bereiche gesammelt oder vielleicht schon mit dem UDK gearbeitet haben, dann meldet euch bei den Entwicklern im Forum unter

1x typhoon_ingame1
3x Mc202
3x P39
3x Typhoon

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Diese Mod ist verdammt gut, sie ist die perfekte ergänzung zu FHSW 0.51, hier sehen die Maps besser aus und die effekte sind auch gut gemacht.
Hier habt ihr die Griechen und Chinesen uvm als Option zu spielen.
Ich glaube kein kauf Titel oder for free Titel bietet mehr!
Du willst diese Mod?

Hier Downloade Battlegroup 1.8 + Hotfix:

Name: [MOB] Server BG42 1.8beta
Game: Battlefield 1942   
Browse: Battlefield 1942 Servers
Server Address:   Port: 14568

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-01-2013, 16:01:22
Hi, All FH-Fans

BIG NEWS ! ! ! !


SOON we will Release

***MAPPACK 5***

for YOU!

Download Information will be announced!

Konnte Leider keine Bilder zu den Maps finden.
Die News hab ich vom Pixel Portal:
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-01-2013, 16:01:02

A new deadly secret weapon for the American forces and yet another SWoWWII vehicle will celebrate its comeback in FHSW! Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind + T77 MGMC

Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind


As the Allies gained more and more air superiority the German Wehrmacht was desperately in need of a mobile AA gun. The first attempt is known as the Möbelwagen which proved to be effective but the crew was very exposed to enemy fire. Because of that a successor was built where the crew sits in an armoured turret – the Wirbelwind.

( (

As a Battlefield 1942 player you might know this vehicle from the offical addon "Secret Weapons of WWII" so it was about time to also have it in FHSW.

( (

It’s armed with the 2 cm Flakvierling 38 which is already in the mod as static AA gun. It’s very deadly against all air units as well as infantry and light armored ground vehicles but you should of course avoid any confrontation with tanks. The main downside of the Wirbelwind is the small magazine capacity of only 20 rounds per barrel which forces frequent and time-consuming reloads.


The Americans also required a proper self-propelled AA tank. Several attempts were made and the T77 was one of them. It had a fully enclosed turret with six .50 cal brownings mounted. One prototype was constructed and tested in 1945 but by then the .50 cal Browning was considered obsolete against the jet fighters of 1946 and the project was cancelled.

( (

It’s absolutely devastating against airplanes, infantry and unarmoured vehicles, even most of the Japanese tanks can’t withstand its firepower. But the turret is only 15 mm thick so it can also be destroyed relatively easy.

( ( ( (

Do you want to know my conclusion?
This Mod is better than World of Tanks, you have not payments in, and you can choice from 100 of vehicles for free!
You have a round up 2nd world war game with all what a war makes!
Got this FHSW 0.51 Mod!
Better today as morning!
And follow the FHSW Europe events at each Friday and Sunday at 7pm CET!
Hungry for more?

Then please Download the actually FHSW 0.51 Mod for free:
FHSW 0.51
Game: Battlefield 1942   
Browse: Battlefield 1942 Servers
Server Address:   Port: 14567

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Hjaldrgud on 23-01-2013, 17:01:10
EVE looks nice!

Will people play FHSW on an event, or are there players? Downloaded the mod a couple of months ago, but couldn't find any servers  :-[
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: sheikyerbouti on 24-01-2013, 01:01:34
EVE looks nice!

Will people play FHSW on an event, or are there players? Downloaded the mod a couple of months ago, but couldn't find any servers  :-[

FHSW has a full server everyday but you can't play with the BF42 Origin version. PrinceUmeboshi.Jpn is the name of the server and it is active for about 4 hours everyday, starting at approximately 0230 am Pacific Standard Time.

 The ping limit is raised to 250+, the server is maxed at 72 players and plenty of Euro's are on religiously. It actually works in your favour as poor bastards like me in North America have to mess with our sleep just to get a game on.

Alternatively, the FHSW Europe community holds events that are advertised on their website. They offer a forum community and good links to download the mod. (FHSW Europe is pretty much the only reliable english/non-japanese location for mod info)
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Post by: buschhans on 07-05-2013, 20:05:48
Please check the FHSW Europe Server on the weekends.
There play more than 20 people.
You are welcome to join.:-)
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Post by: buschhans on 07-05-2013, 20:05:07
Hi guys,

the russian modding team around -=BMV=- were be working hard with this new Battlefield 1941 Mod v0.2.

This update included some graphic changes.
Minor sound (motor vehicles, gun shoots, footsteps),textures,  3D Models, effects and interface.

Some maps have changing countrys which fight against each other.

Example maps:

Cassino POL : GER


Inkerman UDSSR : GER


They have the same basic weapons but different flags and vehicle what with axis and Allied distinguish.

Download me hard:

Installation: unpack this archive with the mod in the folder  ..............\Battlefield 1942\ Mods\
(example  C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\ - install path may be different, check this)

Server Name: BF1941 0.2 @ Netorn
Server IP:

New maps:

-CAIRO converted from Counter Strike to BF 1941 Mod, battle UDSSR : ITA


-QUAN TRI map its a beauty map. Converted from BF Vietnam! Battle USA : VIETCONG

and many more.....

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Post by: titsmcgee852 on 08-05-2013, 10:05:42
Wow, crazy that people still mod on BF42. Aren't 1941 working on a cryengine 3 version?
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 08-05-2013, 10:05:56
This one is a mod for bf1942, without the cry engine.
I think the cry engine project were be a standalone game.
For more you can visit the website.;)
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Post by: FH fan on 08-05-2013, 11:05:27
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 14-06-2013, 17:06:26
guys i will give you the news for the new DCGF Release.
Long time we have wait after 3 years hard work!
The stamina of the little mod squad. The small team of highest 5 The Mod devs that have made us possible in her spare time.


Game BF 1942 origin possible for play Mods:

Patch 1.61b Patch (7 MB):

Mod Desert Combat 0.7:

DC Global Front 0.2 D Download:

Changelog & News:

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Post by: Hjaldrgud on 16-06-2013, 02:06:41
wut, origin version with mods? me like! I will DL tomorrow
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 21-06-2013, 17:06:19
wut, origin version with mods? me like! I will DL tomorrow

All mods Origin able.
The Server admin have to install the Origin Server Hotix.
After then CD Player and Origin Player can play together.
Problem is Battlegroup 42 have try but they cannot bring to run, however?
Eve of Destruction, hslan dont want to patch the server, because its they choice.

But DC Final, Finn Wars, BF 1941, FH and FHSW they run it and it works without a trouble.
Actually no Server run.:(
But you can start self a OOP Online Server for the time you are play.
MULTIPLAYER ---> Internet ---> Spiel erstellen (Name of the Server, Tickets, COOP Conquest, TDM or CTF Mode, choice your running maps and the other settings on the right side) ----> Internet Spiel

After then i think the people can see your server Online.;)
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Post by: buschhans on 21-06-2013, 17:06:51

The last news about the "Intestate 82" mod is long time a go.

But the modding for it dont stop.

The Map creator and dev GoodDayToDie from the IS 82 Website, to build with her Team a lot of time new maps and updates for you.

The fans making lot of maps from time to time, today i will give you a check in:

New Map HILLSUNG: (Source of the pictures:



After the Tsunami:



Church Fever:



New ready map "Operation Good Day":



All maps please install into the example direction: C://Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/Mods/Interstate/archive/bf1942/levels

Interstate 82 Mod and more Download:

Server living for play with other Gamer together too! I will give you the Server Ip for connect:

Best time for play is in the europe morning times begin and play between 00am CET - 4am CET, please check yout Timzone.

I have meet the last days 6 Players there which have fun in the Conquest mode.

For a nice small talk about the mod and maps please visit:
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Post by: buschhans on 22-06-2013, 13:06:42
Die Jungs von der Badewiese ( (
Veranstalten am Sonntag, den 30.06.2013 ab 19Uhr einen gemeinsamen BF 1942 Mod Zockabend.

Wäre schon, wenn ein paar von den alten und neuen Veteranen vorbeikommen würden.

Gespielt wird die Mod: Desert Combat 0.7 mit gemoddeten Maps.

Server IP:
Port 14567 |BWT| Badewiese

Battlegroup 42 hat neue Bomber gebaut und bastelt an neuen Maps für euch.

Hier ein paar Bilder und die Quelle zur Website:





Wake überarbeitet und die neue Map der Reichsautobahn:




Mehr zu den neuen Maps gibts hier: ( (
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Post by: LuckyOne on 22-06-2013, 16:06:49
Nice to see clivewil gifting his great models to more mod teams! Too bad BG42 is not played online anymore... Would be great to see that Lancaster in FH 2 official...

EDIT: I just found that innovative use of a new game mode for B29 in a game that can't depict strategic bombings accurately... I just wish BF2 engine wasn't such a b*** when it comes to walking on moving things...
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Post by: buschhans on 23-06-2013, 23:06:47
They have mainevent Sunday and Wednesday at 8pm CET on the [MOB] Server.
If enough players, they set the Server in Conquest.;)

Server Name: [MOB] Server BG42 1.8beta
Server address:   
Port: 14568

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Post by: buschhans on 01-07-2013, 12:07:01
A new BF 1918 Server is at the moment Online.


Server setting: COOP/with bots

Server Name: BoRs | 1918 no key [ranked]
Server IP:

You will be need this Mod?

Download BF 1918 3.1:

Its precious content.;-)
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Post by: Turkish007 on 01-07-2013, 15:07:55
My all-time favorite mod. Hope to install it again when I get a new PC, then I'll join.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Born2Kill 007 on 01-07-2013, 20:07:36
nice, i'll hop by if i see people, just not sure if i have right patch, since i read after the one i downloaded, they also got more troops like Belgian Army etc.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Turkish007 on 01-07-2013, 21:07:40
Latest is 3.1 IIRC.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 30-08-2013, 00:08:24


- 8 intensive Schlachten an verschiedenen Historischen Schauplätzen jeden Samstag Abend statt.
- 2 teamorientierte Armeen, die unter der Teamleitung  des Teamleaders beschäftigt werden.
- Sie versuchen durch eine gute Strategie und Zusammenarbeit mit zum Erfolg zu kommen Honoriert mit Prämien für Ihre Leistungen.
- Der Server wird 100 Spielern Platz geben 50/50, bei bedarf geht bestimmt mehr.
- Tausch dich aus und Knüpfe neue Kontakte mit Spielern aus aller Welt!
- Neues Gameplay erwartet Euch

"Burning Sands", das benötigt ihr um dabei sein zu können :

Die Kampagne wird auf Basis von dem Spiel  "Battlefield 1942" ausgetragen.

1.) BF 1942 Origin Download 1.612 (brauchst du nicht patchen):


BF 1942 CD Version:

2.) Patch 1.6 (Wenn ihr nur das BF 1942 SPiel habt ohne x-packs):

Patch 1.61b (Wenn du die Anthology hast reicht der Patch):


Forgotten Hope 0.7 (3 Parts):

Und zuletzt die FHT Forgotten Hope Tunier Mod:



Wenn ihr noch Zeit und Lust habt schaut mal beim FHSW wikia vorbei.

Dort steht zum Besipiel drin, dass die nächste kommende FHSW Version 0.55 heißen wird.

Die Mod hat Rund 700 unterschiedliche Fahrzeuge zu bieten, welches neue Spiel hält da mit?

Du musst nichts freischalten.

Zu euren Lieblings Fahrzeugen und Waffen stehen erklärungen dabei, mit den passenden Bildern.

Visit FHSW wiki:



Die Events finden immer Sonntags statt, manchmal auch Samstags, je nach Zulauf!

Play start/Maps:

Sunday, September 1st
20:00 PM CET o'clock

01/09/1939 Fall Weiß
   09/1939 Eastern Blitz
07/12/1939 Suomussalmi

13/05/1940 FHT Dinant
02/06/1940 FHT The Breaking Point
10/07/1940 Battle of Britain

Denkt daran, auf dem FHSW Server können CD Spieler und BF 1942 Origin Spieler zusammen spielen.

FHSW Download and install Tutorial:

FHT Original invite and English Language:

BF 1942 Origin install step by step Tutorial:
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Post by: Damaso on 30-08-2013, 01:08:14
Can you translate to British please?

Im interested since i have FH1 :)
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Post by: buschhans on 09-11-2013, 13:11:40
BF 1942: "Forgotten Hope" Mod Mappack Event/ "Lost Village"

Hi, ALL FH-fans we want to invite you!


We all hope on PFC that you have downloaded and installed the new game interface!


For all you fans out there we are giving you a Winter special Event Series, and we start with


 The Lost Villages!

 The Event is on SUNDAY 10 November 2013


19.00 gmt + 1

Pixel Fighter Server IP: : 14567

[instruction for use]

Request the Game:

- Battlefield 1942 or BF 1942 Origin.
- Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod 3parts ~ 620MB or The FH Origin 0.7
- Win7 compatibility fix from Pixel Fighter
- Download the 5 requesting maps.

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Post by: buschhans on 14-11-2013, 14:11:37
Erster voll funktionsfähiger Zug in Battlefield 1942:


    Vorwärts + Rückwärts
    Gleise sind nach wie vor zu Fuß oder mit Fahrzeugen passierbar
    läuft stabil im Multiplayer
    6 Waggons wie im Video scheinen kein Problem zu sein, hab noch nicht getestet wo das Maximum liegt
    an- und abkuppeln einzelner Waggons theoretisch möglich

Es war einfach ein Freizeit-Projekt von Endless Nameless, bekannt von der treuen FHSW-europe Gruppe. :)

Wenn er fertig mit dem Zug ist, stellt er diesen jedem der möchte zur Verfügung?!
Hat schon jemand interesse?

Hier könnt Ihr Kontakt mit "Endless Nameless" den Ersteller des Zuges aufnehmen: (

Er könnte auch eine "Map-Mod" für Vanilla anbieten, wenn einer von Euch eine passende Map bereitstellt.

(Erstellt aus einem Zitat von: Endless Nameless)
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 16-11-2013, 23:11:14
Hab hier den Artikel dazu in der Community gefunden schicke euch noch einen Guide zu FH und FHSW, dann seid ihr erst einmal versorgt.;-) Die Mods sind noch gut im Conquest Modus besucht.

Hallo zusammen!

Ich habe hin und wieder den Hinweis bzw. die Frage bekommen, wie es mit DesertCombat und Battlefield (Originversion) aussieht.
Antwort: Ja es klappt, sogar mit Punkbuster

Für alle die nicht wissen wie sie DesertCombat und Punkbuster installieren sollen, hier 3 kleine Hinweise:

Battlefield 1942 Origin kostenlos Downloaden:

Vorher solltet ihr aber wissen das es mehrere Versionen von DesertCombat gibt. Auf der "|BWT| Badewiese MODS" läuft derzeit DesertCombat 0.7N

1. DesertCombat laden

bekommt ihr hier --->

2. Punkbuster bekommt ihr hier --->

Jetzt noch was wichtiges: Die IP-Adresse der "|BWT| Badewiese MODS"
lautet: Port 14567

--- Update ---

BF 1942 Origin/CD: Für alle 2.Weltkrieg Fans gibts es die Anleitung zum installieren von Forgotten Hope 0.7 und FHSW 0.51 hier:

Installation Guide for FHSW tutorial -
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Post by: Smiles on 17-11-2013, 03:11:59
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 19-11-2013, 03:11:11
please Click to the sources about.
Its about Desert Combat playing with Origin BF 1942 for free with CD Players together on a Server.
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Post by: buschhans on 19-11-2013, 03:11:47
Hi, FH-fans

Frozen Frontiers Part 2


Sunday 24 November

19.00 gmt+1

Welcome To Join ! !

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 07-12-2013, 15:12:04
Morgen Abend,

habt ihr die Qual der Wahl,
wollt Ihr Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mappacks zocken?

Hier ist der Einladungs Flyer:


Hi, FH-fans

Here comes,

The Force of the Iron Fist

Sunday 8 Dec

19.00 gmt+1

Welcome to join!!

Maps fürs Event zum download Müsst ihr in diesen Pfad Ablegen, wenn ihr sie nicht mehr braucht einfach löschen und weg sind die abgelegten Zusatz Maps...EA GAMES/BATTLEFIELD 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/bf1942/level:
Apennin (http://"")

Operation Barbarossa (http://"")

The Great Persuit (http://"")

BF1942 and Mods Origin version quasi-widescreen tutorial:

Widescreen Tutorial für BF 1942 Origin Nutzer (http://"")


Wie wäre es mit der 2.Möglichkeit?

 FHSW die Japanische FH überarbeitung mit vielen neuen Animationen und Waffen?


Mappacks braucht Ihr keine.;-)

Auf dem Programm steht "back to the roots" (zurück zu den WUrzeln des Spiels).;)

Wenn Ihr Origin BF 1942 habt, installiert sich der Fix automatisch auf alle anderen Mods mit, den ich Euch s.o. gepostet habe.;-)

Bei Fragen oder Problemen stehe ich Euch gerne zu Verfügung?
Einfach mal einen Post hinterlassen, tut auch nicht weh.;)


3. Möglichkeit für Euch:
Morgen "Sonntag" ab 20 Uhr - open end, trifft sich die Gemeinde um Battlegroup 42 1.8beta zusammen zu zocken!
Ihr seid herzlich auf dem freundlichen [MOB] COOP Server eingeladen!

Server Name: [MOB] Server BG42 1.8beta

Server IP:

Battlegroup42 1.8beta Download bitte alle 5 Teile plus Hotfix:
bitte die 1.8b auswählen + den Hotfix! (http://"")

Server IP:
( (

So kann es Flutschen.;-)
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Post by: buschhans on 23-01-2014, 02:01:22
Es gibt neues von unseren FHSW Brüdern und Schwestern aus Japan.

DIese ausgefuchsten Japaner halten uns BF 1942 Mod Fans die Stange und Präsentieren ein nach der anderen neuen Sache, welche du nicht in neuen spielen in der tiefe finden wirst.

Denn diese spiele (BF3-4, MoH,CoD Ghost) sind nur auf Grafik und zerstörbare Umgebung aus, jenseits der Geschichte oder des Realismus.

Sie nehmen dem Gamer auch noch die Freiheit zu spielen.

Dank Account Zwang, Registrierung, Online Tool, Online must have, Toolbar was auch immer zum Beispiel.

Heute geht es um neue Panzer und welche via vergrößerten Landungsboot der Infanterie zur Küste transportiert werden.

Hier ein paar Bilder für euch, Plus die Japaner Quelle:

( ( ( (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Hjaldrgud on 23-01-2014, 04:01:56
What the hell is that thing?!
Looks nice BTW!
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: |7th|Nighthawk on 23-01-2014, 08:01:56
Looks really nice but maybe a proper translation would get you a little more attention?
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Torenico on 23-01-2014, 13:01:42

What the hell is that thing?!
Looks nice BTW!

Type 92 Jyu-Sokosha, "Heavy Armored Car".
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Matthew_Baker on 23-01-2014, 16:01:03
The fact that these guys still put this much hard work and time into this mod is nothing short of incredible. :o great job.

how populated are the servers? I need to get FH .7 & all its mods back up on my computer soon 8)

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-01-2014, 16:01:23
The fact that these guys still put this much hard work and time into this mod is nothing short of incredible. :o great job.

how populated are the servers? I need to get FH .7 & all its mods back up on my computer soon 8)

FH 0.7 is each evening Popular on the Pixel Fighter Server, we want to full the Server to the Limit.
At one of the last events before there were 80 players which play FH on the Pixel Fighter Server.;-)

FHSW the people play most of the weekends.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-01-2014, 16:01:11
Die BG 42 Jungs Fragen, sollen wir das Scharfschützen/Gewehrschützen Kit tauschen?

Ein paar SPieler hatten angefragt ob es möglich wäre das Soldaten Kit Layout zu verändern, genauer gesagt die Scharfschützen und Gewehrschützen Kits.
Die Bots können über COOP das Gewehr kit nicht nehmen, deshalb hat man eine Flut von Scharfschützen, die man bekämpft.
Was auf Dauer etwas öde ist, bei der vielfalt die die anderen Kits im Spiel Anbieten. Um die Mod realistischer zu machen überlegen die BG 42 Devs beide Klassen zu tauschen. Die Einstellung bezweckt dann, dass den Scharfschützen nur noch ein menschlicher Spieler Auswählen kann. Während die Gewehrschützen von Bots und Spielern genutzt werden können.
Bringt etwas mehr realismus ins Spiel.
Denn der 2 Weltkrieg war kein Scharfschützenkrieg.

Orginal News, Diskussion und Anregungen bitte hier loswerden:

Wir hätten gerne Eure Meinung dazu und bitten Euch darum in unserer Umfrage dazu Eure Wahl zu treffen. Dankeschön !
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-01-2014, 16:01:31
Bei Interstate 82 stehen die Uhren auch noch nicht still, neben dem Mapping Wettbewerb der derzeit drüben läuft gibt es 2 neue Maps zu bestaunen.
Die eine ist von Apache Thunder Gebaut, wenn ihr jetzt denkt, den Namen hab ich schonmal irgendwo gelesen.
Ja, das hast du.
Apache Thunder hat BF Heroes 42 gebastelt und convertiert, BF242, DC Unauthorisated, Mario Kart Mod, Controlling Cars Mod, Rally Mod und viele neue Features gemoddet.
Eines seiner neusten Werke ist "DYSTOPIA CITY" eine Map für die Mod Interstate 82, welche auch mit Origin Spielbar ist.;-)

Die Map beinhaltet 3 Gamemodis.
Challenge-Modus mit einer Stratos-Rennstrecke.
Conquest Modus mit Auto Kampf.
Ziel ist die Eroberung der Flaggen Punkte.
Mit Unterstützung der base Defense Türmchen von Bots betrieben.
TDM Nachtmodus ,den Tag und Nachtzyklus kann man selber einstellen..
und vieles mehr.
Neue Fahrzeuge, Waffen, Effekte, Discothek, geheime Gegenstände und Estereggs.


Die nächste Map ist die "EverFree Forest".
Der Spieler, der einst bekannt unter dem Namen AirRavers Mom spielte veröffentlicht seine erste, selbstgebaute Map.
Damit sieht Ihr das bei dem Oldschool Game BF 1942 noch fleißig weiter gemoddet wird.
Es gibt zwar nicht mehr soviele große Flackschiffe und Big Releases, aber dafür viele kleine schöne Häppchen.
Diese Karte ist schwer Rang und steht nach der Fertigstellung der Karte.

Viel Glück und viel Spaß in dieser neueste Ergänzung der Interstate-Familie.


News und Diskussion gibts bei:
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-01-2014, 16:01:26
Hi, All FH-fans

Here comes another Sunday event

We Play

The Desert Battles



19.00 GMT+1

YOU are Welcome to join !


Dazu haben haben die Jungs von der Pixel Fighter Community das neue FHC Interface 3b2 herausgebracht.
Welches sie in Jahrelanger arbeit zusammengestellt haben.
Erstelle vorher ein Backup von deinem BF 1942, denn das Patch ist dann nicht mehr rückgängig zu machen.
Das neue FHC Interfaces Patcht FHSW mit, habe es unter Win 8 64bit getestet.

FHC Interface 3b2 Download:

So sieht das dann bei euch aus. Neue Lademusik ist mit eingebaut.

Für die bequemen Spieler unter euch wurde die FH TOOLBOX entwickelt.
Diese lädt alle nötigen Dateien per Mouseklick auf euren Rechner.
Zum Beispiel, wenn ihr das Sound und Textur Patch wollt, ihr Mappacks benötigt oder den Widescreenfix.
Natürlich ist es nur FH unterstützt, sonst für keine anderen Mods.
Aber auch die profitieren vom Widescreenfix und vom Win 7 Patch.

Hol dir die TOOLBOX:

Falls du BF1942 mit FH über Origin bezogen hast oder die CD Version. Und Probleme mit der Bildschirm Auflösung hast oder mit der CD rein und heraus schieberei, dann besuche doch mal die Page:
Sie ist von dem Modder TUIA, der zum Beispiel es möglich gemacht hat, das man zu 128 Leuten auf einen Server BF 1942 spielen kann.
Auch das Win7 Patch was alle Win7 Spieler erfreut hat er mit entwickelt.
Dort auf der verlinkten Seite findest du No CD und WidescreenPatches für CD und Origin Version.
Plus ein Bonbon, welches Ihr selbst rausfinden solltet?;)
Man möchte ja nicht alles mit installieren oder gegängelt werden.

The translation you can find in most of my sending Links to the original Source of the news.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 05-02-2014, 18:02:38

Do you think Apache retired the BF Heroes 42 project?
No, he does not.
A news update is comming, and it brings a remote-controlled tank with in.
Release Target for the v5.1 update is Summer 2014.

Now I give the word to Apache.
He can better imagine, what he has create there for us:

Apache describes the new upcoming features in the new BF heroes 42 version:

v5.1 is coming some time early 2014. Most likely in January. At this point I'll forgo any updates to the AI and make 5.1 the final build of the mod. I already found a couple potential bugs like the rc minitank widget. If it's spawned while aimed at the ground or while prone, it could cause a CTD. I noticed this while working on a map for a different mod. I will have this fixed in v5.1. ;)

I've also brought in a couple hand weapons from GoldenEye 007. The Moonraker laser gun and the proximity/remote mines. Complete with sound and effects! You'll be able to find them in Captain Shop with the rest of the new kits.

I've also revamped the Troop Traps to my new APMine system so that they can be projectiles instead of PCOs. This means that the explosion effects for them will work in multiplayer and thus make it behave like the vehicle landmines and the APLandmine from DC back before the 1.45/1.5 patch that disabled landmines going off on soldiers. They aren't team specific any more though, so be sure not to have your team mates trip your mines. ;)

I've also enabled sticky on them so you can stick them to vehicles or walls if you want. :D

EDIT: I was able to get a decent rip of the meshes from a similar F2P game called "Avatar Star" and got one working in BF1942:

Avatar Star is a infantry only map so the maps are small. But it would add some variety to the mod and the art style fits right in for the most part. I plan on maybe doing one or two more maps judging how easily I got this one working.

Battlefield Heroes'42: Belfry Square:

Did we have wake your interest?
Then you can get the Download and test the last update?!

BF Heroes v5.0 + Antifix against trouble (Release Date: 4.8.2013):

Do you want an Event?
Please start a discussion here in the Forum.
If there enough people, i think its possible to real it.

Thats for now,
stay tuned!

Thank you for your attention!

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 21-05-2014, 01:05:45
Ein weiterer News happen, letzte Woche hat Apache Thunder die neue Desert Combat 0.7 Map Operation Road Rage aus BF 2 erfolgreich portiert. Dazu gehören die Staticobjects, über 149 einzigartige Objekte + die dazugehörigen Objekte.

( (
( (

Die Staticobkekte sehen nun besser aus als aus früheren portierungen, denn Apache Thunder hat einen neuen weg gefunden alles schöner darzustellen, das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen!?
Download diese Map: (
Für Desert Combat 0.7 Server Betreiber: (
Einige BF 2 Fahrzeuge wurden für diese Map aufbereitet.
Apache Thunder warf ein blick auf die Maps, Dalian Plant und Gulf of Oman, welche bestandteil in der 2010 erschienen BF 242 Mod waren.
Mit dem Layout der beiden genannten Maps war er nach heutigen Map kenntnissen nicht zufrieden.
Deshalb hat er die Lust bekommen, eine neue Map zu portieren und nach heutigen Mapping kenntnissen anzufertigen.
Portiert wurden der xpac2_semi, xp2_musclecar_01 und tnk_type98-Fahrzeuge, welche er mit in die Map aufgenommen hat. Alle anderen Inhalte wurde von ihm mit einigen Verbesserungen versehen.;version=3 (;version=3)

Weitere News gibts in meinem Blog, feedback erwünscht: (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 25-05-2014, 22:05:45

Gamespy turn off, but the solution is incomming
Read this Tutorial ENGLISH and FRENCH available, test it and enjoy.

The Tutorial from the french community explain you in 20 steps what do you have to do.
The solution source comes from the "slovakia Community "AX Clan".

The good is, after then you can play like before.
With the same Browser and Layout.

Only the Masterserver behind your Browser is exchange.
Please share that solution with your friends.
And take a look by the evening events!
Don't let Battlefield 1942 with the mods fallen!
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 14-11-2014, 00:11:49

Hallo FHler, das Jahr 2014 neigt sich dem Ende und ihr seid herzlich eingeladen am letzten "Charlie don't Surf" Vietnam Event in diesem Jahr teilzunehmen.

Freitag, 05.12.2014 19:00 - 02:00, 5th dec / at 7pm, bis 6. dec / 02am open end.
Server Name: [] EoD Classic 2.51
Spiel: Battlefield 1942
Address: Port: 14567


If do you want to join the event, you have to need these things, Full Game, Fix Patches + favourite Mods:

     Basic Game: Battlefield 1942

     Download please install EoD v2.5 + v2.51 Hotfix: Download (

     Modifizierte bf1942.exe, um wieder Server bei Gamesp zu haben: Download (

     Für Windows 7/8 nutzer wird der compatibility/screen Patch empfohlen: Download (

     Hungrig auf mehr Mods?
Dort:Download (

Feedbacks von Euch erünscht?
Habe alle Links getestet nur der vorletzte klappt nicht, der wird noch repariert. Da der FTP Server bearbeitet wird.

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 14-11-2014, 00:11:03

Hello Guys, you are invited to the last "Charlie don't Surf" Vietnam Event in 2014.

     Friday, 05.12.2014 19:00 - 02:00, 5th dec / at 7pm, up to 6. dec / 02am open end.
     Server Name: [] EoD Classic 2.51
     Game: Battlefield 1942
     Browse: Battlefield 1942 Servers
     Address: Port: 14567


If do you want to join the event, you have to need these things, Full Game, Fix Patches + favourite Mods:

     Basic Game: Battlefield 1942

    Download please install EoD v2.5 + v2.51 Hotfix: Download (

Modified bf1942.exe for find servers to play: Download (

Then you have to install the compatibility/screen Patch, the server for download will be repaired, at now not available. but I would like to link it for you but ever: Download (

You are hungry for more mods?
Then Download your favourite mod.
There: Download (

After then you are back in the BF 1942 action for free.:-) You can invite your clan and your friends? All welcome to join!
If do you have a request or a problem please leave here a feedback on this post!?
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 14-01-2015, 22:01:11
Sarge31FR bet brand new news about the Battlegroup 42 Mod on his Website ckeck the original News and enjoy all the pictures: (

The Battlegroup42 team wishes all fans and gamers a happy new year and is back with some news. First some important info for our faithfull players using the [MOB] Server: The gameserver has been moved to another, more powerfull server and can be reached via ip address or using the ingame server browser.
First tests have shown a far better performance, and lags should be greatly decreased.

Furthermore we have a gel Act Battlegroup42 1.80 slide - video found, which on new maps suggests. But look yourself and use:

Remain just to say we look forward to Battlegroup42 and be on the ball.
The current Battlegroup42 1.8beta, which we play online gets you here: (

The news has been kindly provided by: ( edited.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Ivancic1941 on 16-01-2015, 09:01:27
This still goes?
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 22-01-2015, 02:01:49
This still goes?

Yeah its still alive, and the work on this mod is going on. Lot of new stuff find the way in. New Maps, vehicles etc.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 22-01-2015, 02:01:30

The map is by the sea and battle of Leyte Gulf.

This hard-fought Pacific battle took place during the 2.Weltkrieg (October 1944) near the Philippines. 173 Allied and Kries 63, ships of the Japanese were involved. The Japanese wanted to prevent absolutely that the allied powers after Japan vörrücken. The battle did not take place but in the Gulf, but close to it. Overall, there were 4 battle waves.

The second map Sibuyan hadelt again by the naval battle between the 3 islands of Luzon, Panay, and Mindoro.

In terms of modding it's happening so even properly in Battlefield 1942.

Have the download we have pinned on the two FHSW Costum maps below.

Here are some pictures:

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Leyte Gulf Day 2 (2014-12-02) Download (

Battle of Sibuyan Sea (2015-01-05) Download (

"Adds the new maps in your FHSW level folder."

Unzip the map if necessary and put (file ending .rfa) folder in your levels...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives\bf1942\levels\

We who have still not enough for the still two videos in the video first drops and the IJN Musashi submarine, in the second video explodes slowly but surely breaks a small battleship in the Middle by a torpedo impact.


This beautiful animation could be applied at the next update.

We may be so looking forward to what is to come.
The FHSW mainevents start each day 8pm CET, best on weekends.

You want the FHSW 0.552 mod download? No problem to note is that this mod forgotten hope 0.7 is installed:
Download + Install Tutorial (

Thus, you need to override the old BF1942.exe in the "origin"Games folder:

Für Origin Spieler Download (

Für CD Spieler Download (


If your the old BF1942.exe in the origin Games folder (origin player) or Battlefield 1942--->  "Properties"---> "Compatibility" hooks for "Win98" setting---> hook "As Administrator" run set---> finished press "OK" and you're back in!

It games under origin and CD online, Windows 7 and Windows 8, got it all to the running shutdown on Windows XP installed as before the GameSpy.


Battle of Leyte Gulf Day2 by tekktekk

Battle of Leyte Gulf Day2 Loading Screen by kurpele

Ise model and texture from "Air Raid Alert Kure"

Ise recode by tekktekk

Pensacola model and texture by ningen

code by tekktekk

Northampton model and texture by ningen

code by tekktekk

Gambier Bay model and texture by ningen

Original Audacity model by Forgotten Hope mod

code by tekktekk

Zuiho model and texture by Ouka &amp; ningen

code by tekktekk

FM-2 remodel and retexture by Zubrowka

Original F4F model by Forgotten Hope mod

code by Zubrowka

New LOD models for Destoyers and Light Cruisers by ningen

Water normalmap from "Realistic Water Two - Ultra Resolution-41076-" for Skyrim

Animated effect texture from Battlefield 2
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 22-01-2015, 02:01:54

Today we want you present the battlefield 1918 3.1 mod a few pictures.

The images were made this morning on the map "Ramskapelle".

5 players found their way to the BF at night 1918 server, to reawaken the sleeping giant.

A server is also for you, we have pinned on the you at the end of the article.

One of the last 1918 devs to further enhance the mod had still content. So it would have been still a 3.2 release. Problem was, that he could not skinning the uniforms, which makes one of the Schlusscoding. It was not possible to package him with the new content in new maps, because it lacked a Mapper. Moreover, anyone who can code the maps in COOP lacked. So the project is unfortunately reason was gone. We hope again to find a few clans, the desire to have a 3on3 denying match? Furthermore we want to "Sunday night games" call back in the life. The demand for you, is provided to let something like this take place regularly?

Would we be pleased if one has a few tips from the old warhorse of 1918?

How to nicely in COOP crashes the 1918 Serverohne can run. The knowledge of it, is unfortunately with the shutdown of the legendary "" Server and "= DFL =" server has been lost. "

( ( ( (

More tips:

Is also in origin.

The BF simply must 1918 3.1 mod in the mod folder by "Origin Games".

Thus, you need to override the old BF1942.exe in the "origin"Games folder:

Für Origin Spieler Download (

Für CD Spieler Download (


If your the old BF1942.exe in the origin Games folder (origin player) or Battlefield 1942--->  "Properties"---> "Compatibility" hooks for "Win98" setting---> hook "As Administrator" run set---> finished press "OK" and you're back in!

It games under origin and CD online, Windows 7 and Windows 8, got it all to the running shutdown on Windows XP installed as before the GameSpy.

If we should have aroused the desire with you again to be, then please download this mod and with are:
1918 3.1 mod download (

Us only to say it would be a pleasure to welcome you to the new BF1918 server.

On Sunday the 18.01.2015 do we celebrate the re Sunday night games. Right here on the mentioned BF1918 server made by HG's...

Kick-off is 19: 18cet Berlin time.

( (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 22-01-2015, 02:01:40

There is news from the forgotten hope to corner. The guys from the pixel fighters diligently make maps for our FH 0.7 community. Of which we would like to introduce today a you. The map name is Peleliu. Here, the United States fighting against Japan in the radiant blue Pacific coast. The guys are busy at tinker, test, and we find the map looks already quite good?
The island has a unique bunker network in your midst. There you must blow up the one or the other door to get out or in. So I've lost me the one time or another since.
These new water effects and color came. The sky moves now also dynamically. The bombers have incendiary bombs as we know them from the eve of destruction mod here. Many German cities in World War II were bombed with incendiary bombs. The effect is an enrichment and gabz cute looks. The island looks like a jungle, where the Mayans might have earlier life. I also managed the sounds. If you have maps for FH with testing or even to build interest Let's visit the Forum:
Forgotten Hope Inside (
The guys over there would enjoy a registration and activity in the community.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Thus, you need to override the old BF1942.exe in the "origin"Games folder:

Für Origin Spieler Download (

Für CD Spieler Download (


If your the old BF1942.exe in the origin Games folder (origin player) or Battlefield 1942--->  "Properties"---> "Compatibility" hooks for "Win98" setting---> hook "As Administrator" run set---> finished press "OK" and you're back in!

It games under origin and CD online, Windows 7 and Windows 8, got it all to the running shutdown on Windows XP installed as before the GameSpy.

Server Banner (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 26-01-2015, 01:01:00

Hi all fans of the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod.
On Pixel Fighter starts a new event "UP IN THE AIR" at next Sunday 1 February for you.
There are lot of Seafight and Airfight action for you!
Start is 7pm CET till open end.

Server IP:

If do you want to support the community, or interest for moddingLink (


Forgotten Hope 0.7: Download (

Maps required Download:

Operation Big Week 1944 (http://

Salomons Air Battle 1943 (

Bombing The Reich 1943 (

Midway 1942 (

 If you don't find a server in your gamespy browser dont worry. There is the solution Patch for your old bf1942.exe.

bf1942.exe Origin ( oder bf1942.exe CD Spieler (

You need at first the basic game BF 1942 –> 1.61 Patch (only if you have the release 2002 edition) –> Online Patch 161b (Anthology) –> (thats for find back the server in your Browser, fix your widescreen, and give compatibility to Win 7/8 Users) –> go in the bf1942 folder and overwrite the old bf1942.exe with the new one –> right click on the Desktop BF 1942.exe –> Properties –> compatibility –> set start as Win 1998 (v) and as Admin (v) –> click ok thats it you are back again online!

News Source: BF 1942 News Blog (

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Sgt.KAR98 on 30-01-2015, 04:01:55
Strange,the last BF1918 version was the 3.2,wasn't it?  is still up. I rushed there when I first heard about Verdun to ask if anyone of the mod team was taking part on that game.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Jimi Hendrix on 31-01-2015, 00:01:21
You guys really should focus your energy into porting this to BF2.

Not only is BF2 almost dead, but BF1942 has been for years now.

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 03-02-2015, 14:02:58
This mod is still playing at the evening times. And we try to reboot the Sunday night events. Your players have got it in the hand, to push BF 1918 again. There is no 3.2 comming. But its possible, Bf1918 the community built a new custom map.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 03-02-2015, 14:02:52

There are actually news from the Interstate 82 Mapping Crew.

The guy's WiDeOeR &amp; GDTDII has made "the first challenge" map.

It is a nice fun parcour with a view on the alps.

If do you like this map and want to play on the Interstate 82 Server: Download Map 1 (


The second Map "Buggy Battle II" (Revised &amp; Revisited)  is made by b_w, Reegad &amp; the Modding Community.

If do you like them: Download Map 2 (


There is a Interstate 82 full installer for this mod: Download Full (

Best play time for this mod is 00am CET in the morning.

The community of this mod is there: IS 82 Community (

Leave your comment or feedback there or here?

( (

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 03-02-2015, 14:02:27

Hello Guys, you are invited to the second "Charlie don't Surf"  Event in 2015.

Friday, 06.02.2015 we start 19:00 - open end.


    Server Name: [] EoD Classic 2.51


     Port: 14567

If do you want to join the event, you have to need these things, Full Game, Fix Patches + favourite Mods:

     Basic Game: Battlefield 1942

     Download please install EoD v2.5 + v2.51 Hotfix: Download (
     Modified bf1942.exe for find servers to play: Download ( (

I have exciting informations for the  Windows 7 and 8 User
Set it in Win98 Mod and mark it (x)
And run it as Admin mark it (x)
after then click ok and your problems are history!

You are hungry for more mods?

Then Download your favourite mod.

There: Download Pool (

After then you are back in the BF 1942 action for free.:-) You can invite your clan and your friends? All welcome to join!

If do you have a request or a problem please leave here a feedback on this post!?
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Jimi Hendrix on 03-02-2015, 18:02:56
 I always loved EOD.

 It should be ported to BF2.

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Flippy Warbear on 03-02-2015, 19:02:59
I always loved EOD.

 It should be ported to BF2.


Is that a joke?
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: LuckyOne on 04-02-2015, 00:02:07
^ That's as dead as the dodo.

What's left of EOD2 lives here now:
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Jimi Hendrix on 04-02-2015, 03:02:20
 Hey thanks Flipper..... forgot about that!

Too bad nobody plays it.

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Matthew_Baker on 04-02-2015, 04:02:17
^ That's as dead as the dodo.

What's left of EOD2 lives here now:

I'm glad PR incorporated that. I wish somebody would keep plugging away at it tho.

anyone know of any good Vietnam FPS's outside of the battlefield mod world?
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: hitm4k3r on 04-02-2015, 08:02:33
Vietcong is propably the best Vietnam game ever made. But only the first title  ;)
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Jimi Hendrix on 04-02-2015, 12:02:09
Vietcong is propably the best Vietnam game ever made. But only the first title  ;)

I remember that game. Came out in 2003. A Czech release

You could hang out in the bunker and listen to music.

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Ts4EVER on 04-02-2015, 16:02:21
I used to play that with my friends and cousins  ;D
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: titsmcgee852 on 26-02-2015, 14:02:48
What 'remains' of Eve of Destruction is the new game that they (he?) are developing that goes by the same name and is on the Unity engine. It's in Alpha testing atm.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Jimi Hendrix on 27-02-2015, 01:02:32
What 'remains' of Eve of Destruction is the new game that they (he?) are developing that goes by the same name and is on the Unity engine. It's in Alpha testing atm.

 Add this to the list of "Things to do when you have no life".

along with.....

- Forum Monitors
- Server Admins
- Hackers

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Roughbeak on 27-02-2015, 04:02:34
So.. if you remove admins, then the servers will be chuck full of teamkillers decreasing playerbase.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Leopardi on 27-02-2015, 09:02:03
^ That's as dead as the dodo.

What's left of EOD2 lives here now:

I'm glad PR incorporated that. I wish somebody would keep plugging away at it tho.

anyone know of any good Vietnam FPS's outside of the battlefield mod world?
ICV but its not out yet.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Jimi Hendrix on 27-02-2015, 16:02:24
So.. if you remove admins, then the servers will be chuck full of teamkillers decreasing playerbase.

Ok, ill remove server admins & modify it with;

-  unfair/biased server admins

I have always wanted a really good/popular Vietnam game.

What ever happened to CALL OF DUTY: Fog Of War vietnam game?

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Kelmola on 27-02-2015, 22:02:17
So... will the EOD standalone have anything resembling a "plausible" damage model, or do people still survive several 57mm hits to the torso? As much as I love the Vietnam theme, this really rustled my jimmies way back when I tried EOD2 in one of those game nights, and can't see myself playing if this will still be the case.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 04-03-2015, 16:03:18

Hello friends of modding!

Today we want to you the new blood optics for FH 0.7 of the modders "TomPL" and "WoWo_Soldier" imagine. .

The new effect you will now get after each hit a bloodstain appears briefly on the screen. Then the stain disappears.
Then, when you're as good as dead, you still have a pale red border that draws attention to it.
If You were shot dead, then is a unique red spot on the screen, which will disappear after a short time.
If your installed once the Blood HUD patch for Forgotten Hope, then it will automatically already with FHSW as both mods like twins together hang. If you found the effect known? Yes, there are at Finn Wars for example. We find the reaction at FH succeeded.
Installation: Battlefield 1942 / mods / FH / Archives / (menu_001.rfa paste here)


Forgotten Hope 0.7 and 0.552 FHSW Mod is here: click button (
BLOODY SCREEN + LOW HP: click button (

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 04-03-2015, 16:03:37

The Battlegroup42 team reporting as promised with the second part of the model concept back.
And we from [HG] News Team are faster than the police allowed and report well as the first community about it.
In today's news vehicles are presented, which should help the battlefields more authentically represent the Battlegroup42 world.
The works come from the experienced modellers Gauranga and scratches.

The first model comes from scratches.
It is the newest / latest work, the Renault UE train. This unarmed vehicle was used in 1940 in Belgium and France as transporters and gun tractor . Although many of these vehicles were captured by the Wehrmacht, but only two ways to program this type of vehicle on the French side with Repair- / reload function for vehicles of their own troops, as well as a tractor for the French 47mm anti-tank gun in Battlegroup42 used .. So that the vehicle is on the Western Front Laffly S15TOE replaced, which was used only in the French colonies.


In the second bite is an unarmed tractor from the modeller Gauranga , which was used by the Wehrmacht.
This zugstarke half-track tractor Sdkfz.7 model as a support vehicle with Repair- / reload function, as well as tanks mountains, troop carriers, tractors for the gravity field howitzer 18 employed almost everywhere in the Wehrmacht.
The model was often wished from the active Battlegroup42 fan base, thus it was with or without hood on the roof to find his way in the model of the mod. Now the Farhzeug is in Battlegroup42 be. As a treat for all fans Battlegroup42, the modders have SargeSurfat (skin) and Sarge31FR (model) the model Sdkfz.7 to Italian license version Breda 61 rebuilt. These will be found on many maps there and replace unsuitable German equipment, which previously served as a stopgap.


Last but not least, thanks to Gauranga the American M3 half-track from the original game replaced by a private Battlegroup42 model. Sarge31FR took over the model and adapted it in various versions, such as the mortar carrier M21 , the self-propelled guns M16 , the T19 and M3GMC . The Sdkfz.4 / 1 turn is new, also known as Panzerwerfer 43 . It is the armored version of the half-track truck Opel mule , which in 1943 was used. The vehicle is equipped with ten pivotal 15cm launcher tubes for artillery rockets. It is now to be found on the maps of the second half of the war and be there accompanied by a version without the launcher, which secures the supply of ammunition - the Panzerwerfer Features a shooting performance of two salvos.


That's the second part of the presentation Battlegroup42 model. Rejoice forward to the third part of the series of presentations. Also there you can  surprising yourself and exciting last-minute additions expect as next- so check back often for ( stop by, when it came to our news!

The current version of the mod can you from our download pool invite: click Download Pool ( 

From our side Thank you to the Battlegroup42 team that you are regularly supplied us with news and sooo busy at Tinker.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 04-03-2015, 16:03:34

 Hello dear fans of FHSW Mod and modding.
Today we want to introduce you the next map "Skirmish", which comes from the map pack, I'll link to you at the end of the news series.
As announced last time, this presentation is one of several FHSW Custom Map presentations here.
The map was also created by the mapper "Nanntekottai".
In this second night Map it comes to stop the advancing German troops transporter to be able to capture additional supply routes for themselves.
These are the Brit's armed forces tank available.
Skirmish is reminiscent of a jungle fight because the map is a large area covered by forest.
Tucked in between the supply lines of the British.

The map comes from the recently published on 01/30/2015 FHSW map pack from Japan.
Download, there are, however, only in the final map presentation, as a little treat for you.

(Mode: Comquest)
(Participating groups: Germany: United Kingdom)

( ( ( ( (

Who has now become hot to play FHSW who can download the mod. You will find everything you need can be found here in: Download Pool (

Writes time feedback on whether you like the map?
Is there something we could have forgotten to mention? It then writes down.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Flippy Warbear on 04-03-2015, 17:03:00
Moved to correct section.

Again.  ::)
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Jimi Hendrix on 04-03-2015, 18:03:52
 Wow, i am really impressed buschhans with your dedication.

FH2 could really use a guy like you.

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 29-03-2015, 01:03:41

Hello friends of the modding!

Today, we report the "Desert Combat" mod mod "Super DC", which means you need to play super DC desert combat. The idea to Super DC to continue working the Modder has launched again "bbfplayer".On the article we have on the website: source

It writes "bbfplayer" that he could use the help of experienced modders, because he wants more vehicles and maps in Super DC hinzunfügen?

"Bbfplayer" would like to add:

-WW3RA (russian assault, BFV) t95 Omar, smerch...

-Nightfighters(BF1942) B2 bomber...

action bf(bf1942) atomic bomb effect...

-SILENT HEROES(bf1942) EU some tanks, tiger...

-BF2 (bf1942) china tanks, plan...

-FB42 (bf1942) some vehicles for russian and Caryl side

-OPK(BFV) german vehicles for EU side

-DC_UNAUTHORIZED (bf1942) bm21 standard mesh, some hellecopters, maps

-FH (bf1942) maps

Who of dares WINS (bf1942) SAS, specnaz, чечня skin, b52 bomber...

-Global front (bf1942) mi24 E, skins, maps...

According to own "bbfplayer" has been only a small part of the work. So far, he has only the permission of the experienced Modder "Apache Thunder" to take advantage of content. ("Apache Thunder" known by: DC series, BF242 redux, BF heroes 42,Mario Kart, radio Conroll cars, Ragdoll, flat wheels, rally) to name only a few projects from "Apache Thunder".

So if one looks the devs, old and new mod projects to, "bbfplayer" sets the stones in away? And get in contact, insofar as it is possible.

Kindly "bbfplayer" received permission to use FH content, but at the moment he has not before FH maps to Super to add DC.

In the below presented images "bbfplayer" has taken over the Russian skins from the mod "Who Dares Wins". Also can you now ammunition and devices drop, just like we know from BF 2 here. And you can still classically with the Medipack in the hand heal and give out ammunition. There are still the 5/10 seconds of explosive packs, busting themselves.

But looks even has to offer the mod already in the basic framework:

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

"bbfplayer" has to make warfare realism mod Super DC similar as 2 here seen by BF before a modern. A few weeks ago were added to the MOD, according to "bbfplayer", new weapons and vehicles, but still not all the participating groups and maps distributed.

Changelog excerpt:

Mask of kits for all teams:


MachineGunner_t1 for ammo box axis


MachineGunner_t2 for ammo box allies


Medic_t1 for medibag axis


Medic_t2 medibag allies


Sniper_H (AW50, KSVK, M82,...)


Sniper_L (PSG-1, SVD-S, Dragunov...)


Possible items:
















For China, the specific handgun type95 added only this is there already in the Russian group. If anyone knows what modern weapons use the Chinese, can you tell like that? Maybe gabs thereof a statement in one of the BF 1942 mods?

Now comes the highlight for you. You can already now the Super DC beta test demo download, note that their desert combat 0.7 needed: download (

Notice please that unfortunately only a torrent to the Super DC 2 download available is: download torrent (

"Bbfplayer" would like to deliver the full credits yet.

Already 20-30% of the maps, 80-90% of handguns, 30-40% of the tanks and aircraft are included in the demo. Not all items are in it. And the terrorists and Afghan rebels are not in there yet.

That's it with the good news from the modding scene for today.

We hope you liked it and you can help to make the whole super DC project success?

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 29-03-2015, 01:03:31

Hello dear fans of FHSW mod and the modding!
Today we the next map "Y-day" from the presentation series imagine, which comes from the Map Pack that we will link you series at the end of the news.
Also, the map was created by the Mapper "Nanntekottai".
On the island map "Y-Day", it comes to attack as Americans by the USS aircraft carrier from the island.
The Japanese try to prevent the attacks of the Americans.
It is a large island, with much jungle share and various bases to the take.
We have tried to capture the beauty of the map from the air for you. We hope it is possible?
As a special feature awaits on the USS aircraft carrier a plane with folding wings. Once again a great new animation, which the Japanese again Flash.
The Mappack just the hammer now already. Mapping at the highest level. Class work.
Look forward already to more FHSW custom map presentations that we are present here.
We stay tuned to FHSW.
The map comes from the FHSW Mappack published recently on the 30.01.2015 from Japan.
There the download to do this only in the last map presentation, as a little treat for you.

(Mode: Comquest)
(Participating groups: Japan: United States)

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

FHSW who become hot now is to play, can the mod download. You will find everything what you do this needs here in the: download (

Writes a feedback times, whether you like the map?

Is there anything we could even forgot to mention? Then it please write us.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 29-03-2015, 01:03:37

Today we declare unto you the single player mode to "Galactic Conquest" (SP v6).

There is the (single-player) beta now as playable SP separately for download.

The GC mod offers the fans, 60 different authentic "Star Wars" aircraft and vehicles

Thanks to the work of "DNAMRO", you can now play the standalone Galactic conquest SP v6 mod.

The single player runs independently from the GCX 8.1 multiplayer version and is an add-on of the Galactic conquest fans. The specificity is, you can create your own COOP single player server for LAN parties. Also working "DNAMRO" ready to make more maps singleplayer.

As a special bite "DNAMRO" made suitable for the "Forest Moon of Endor" SP map, which was created in the year 2011 for the multiplayer "Django".

Now it should be possible again without problems, to play "Galactic conquest" in the SP without to fly out of the game. The news comes from the English "battlefieldsingleplayer" Forum. We have linked you to the Web page here: click (

( ( ( ( ( ( (

In addition "Renwood" the execute producer and project manager informs us, the last 9 years. He was and is involved in the further development of the GC mod still until today.

"Bluedrake42" supports the mod with Galactic conquest on YouTube videos, to do this he uses an own channel community arriving well into the Star Wars fan: click here (

Next large project of GC 8.1, published on the 6.1.2015 and published on the 15.2.2015 GC SP v6 version, "Rennwood" announced: "it will in the deep, beyond of space to the latest and greatest version of GC ever come." This will be the name

"Galactic Conquest REDUX" wear. Now comes the best, there is already a beta version can be downloaded. Rejoice over more maps, new skills (animations), more spaceships and Hunter. Fly any vehicle and control each gun independently this is what team.

For the GC Redux version, still no server online is switched at the moment. A host will be sought and found. Until then, you can host the mod itself, to the beta have been released host and game files to GC Redux. GC Redux download (! G483jLpL! mcszV13G6oN7xiTByZzHS8smrSTl9lhQYzRMgIc5lIY) alternative link: GC Redux download (

The team around "Renwood" and "Bluedrake42" would be happy if your bugs, game other problems on the click here ( linked Facebook page posts? There you will find also new news, updates and can interact with other fans in contact or arrange to play?If one of you prefers Twitter no problem: click here ( we will see us into the depths of outer space!


Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 29-03-2015, 01:03:59

Hi desert combat fans.

Today, we will report about your mod.

Thanks to the work of Modder "Jim2102".

Jim2102 saw that there was suddenly no COOP server for desert combat?

So he decided to make capable DC final maps COOP/SP, DC not sometime overlooked and disappears.

The mini map Pack includes maps:

DC coastal hammer
DC Basrah nights
DC lost village
DC bridge
DC weapon bunkers.

Jim2102 has already announced the more maps will follow.

Are so curious and rejoice on it

Download: DC Final mini COOP Mappack (

Which tool do I need to create your own BF 1942 custom maps?

The answer is: "A-BF Botinator 05"

The maps are simply here installed: program files (x 86) / EA games/Battlefield 1942/mods/dc final/archives/Bf1942/levels / folder.

Note: not in the DESERT COMBAT Pack folder, only the DC FINAL is the right man for the DCF Mappack maps folder! Have pinned up to 3 pictures to the map toxic and the Map Inshallah Valley you:

( ( ( (

If you find bugs or crashes the mod for you, then it writes please go there in the battlefieldsingleplayer Forum: click ( (hence also our news)

Jim2102 will be there for you.

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 29-03-2015, 01:03:26

Hello dear fans of FHSW mod and the modding.
Today we want to imagine the next map "Occean Town", which comes from the Map Pack that we will link you series at the end of the news.
Look forward already to more FHSW custom map presentations that we are present here.
This fiction fantasy island map has been created by the Mapper "Xenanab".
He insists that no Funmap.
The island "Occean Town" kind of reminds fighting Midway, also Japanese and United States to the island. The map is of a fight around the mysterious town. Tanks, APC's, flight are bomber and PT boats available. This map uses the "CullRadius" mod of the Modder "eYe" and the revised "lightmaps" come from the Modder "Radiosmersh"!
This city invites you to discover hidden paths, finding alternative tactics and requires skilled capabilities with the represented type sense of space to cope... It is a sophisticated infantry-focused map!

You can conquer seven flags points.
We have tried to capture the beauty of the map for you from the air. We hope it is possible?
Once again a great new custom map, with which this time Europeans Flash.
The Map Pack is just the hammer. Mapping at the highest level. Class work.
We stay tuned to FHSW.
The map comes from the FHSW Mappack published recently on the 30.01.2015 from Japan.
There the download to do this only in the last map presentation, as a little treat for you.

(Mode: Comquest)
(Participating groups: JAPAN: United States)

( ( ( ( ( (

FHSW who become hot now is to play, can the mod download. You will find everything what you do this needs here in the: download (

Writes a feedback times, whether you like the map?
Is there anything we could even forgot to mention? Then it please write us.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: titsmcgee852 on 11-04-2015, 08:04:15
I reckon he will still stick to bf1942 type gameplay Kelmola
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 14-04-2015, 22:04:34
So... will the EOD standalone have anything resembling a "plausible" damage model, or do people still survive several 57mm hits to the torso? As much as I love the Vietnam theme, this really rustled my jimmies way back when I tried EOD2 in one of those game nights, and can't see myself playing if this will still be the case.

We are 10 players at the evening times and most on the event and Weekends. Please follow us to the server?
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 14-04-2015, 23:04:46


Dnamro tell us about his work on the BF 1942 AI Enhancement Mod: After many years and several requests, I have finally updated Realplayer AI enhancement mod for BF1942: BF 1942 AIE Mod Download (

Copy the file to your hard drive, unzip it and then set it up in your Battlefield 1942\mods folder as mods\Realplayer.

not mods\Realplayer\Realplayer

I have combined Grenademan's AI enhancement mod with singleplayer support for all standard BF1942 maps.

I will do an installer when I get a chance. This way, it can be installed on other than windows systems.

If you want to disable targeting corsshairs, the files and instructions are in the readme.

This is mostly Grenademan's work from his AIE42 mod. He used Realplayer as the start of his mod and then went on from there. But, he left out the AI from multiplayer DICE maps that had been created by the BFSP community. So, I just combined his mod improvements with the AI support for the rest of the DICE maps. The previous version of Realplayer was a WIP that I had on my hard drive when Filefront dropped it. There were plenty of other mods that used the Realplayer improvements to include BF42, so I did not see a reason to clean it up and release a new version. I would just direct people to the other mods. However I when found AIE42 on my hard drive that is when it came to me to use his mod to update Realplayer. I have not heard from Grenademan in a long time, but I am sure he would like to know that his work is being continued on. The advantage of Realplayer over other mods is that it's a small mod for those that want to enjoy BF1942 with the best possible singleplayer support.

As far as adding support for other mods, that would involve some work integrating the changes without interfering with the existing mod functionality.

On the other hand any BF1942 maps can be added to mod just by extracting and repacking the map with the MDT tools to change this line in the map's menu\init.con file as:

game.setMapId "Realplayer"

Now, as far as possible future improvements, the subs and PT boats could be made to fire torpedoes. For another mod, I set up subs with deck guns and enabled the bots to use the subs. As long as I did not have them try to submerge the subs it worked fine and the bots could fire the torps. It's just a matter of having time to make the changes and considering that subs don't play a big role in the game, it did not seem like it was worth the effort.

Also, it would be good to make the maps from the expansion packs (Road to Rome and Secret Weapons) enabled for realplayer as part of the mod available as a separate download. They are no longer sold or supported by EA but can only be found in then BF1942 collection from a game resellers to include Amazon. Now that would be fun to be able to play all the expansion pack maps in Realplayer.

Grenademan Changes incorporated into Realplayer:
VEHICLE AI:- Bots now fire the Katyusha missiles more often.- Bots are more aggressive and accurate on machineguns.- Bots use the Defgun more effectively.- Bots bail out of badly damaged land vehicles more often.- Bots in aircraft engage ground targets more frequently and more accurately.- Bots are more accurate when firing tank's main guns.- Bots fire the tank coaxial machinegun and the main gun at infantry evenly.- Bots now use certain tanks better than they did before. - Bots in anti-aircraft guns use them better now.- Bots will now fire certain handweapons at enemy aircraft.- Bots in landing craft will no longer switch to a passenger position when they are threatened, and instead will take the driver position or the gunner position.
INFANTRY AI:- Bots use knives against infantry.- Bots use landmines against tanks.- Bots use binoculars to call for artillery against armoured targets.- Bots no longer fire anti tank weapons at infantry. - Bots will sometimes throw grenades at enemy infantry.- Bots no longer throw grenades at tanks or light vehicles.- Bots will choose what weapon to use against targets more sensibly.- Bots will shoot at lightly armoured targets with their hand weapons, such as jeeps.
GLOBAL AI:- Bot aggression has been greatly increased.- Bots engage targets more realisticly and have an increase in accuracy.- Bots fire infantry and vehicle weapons further. - Improved many AI properties for infantry and vehicles.- Bots no longer horde a particular kit.
- 3rd person soldier view activated. - Enabled tracers for all infantry weapons except pistols, shotguns and the K98 rifle grenade.- Tweaked the recoil for each infantry weapon. - Made all infantry weapons more powerful against other infantry.- Soldiers will drown if they are in water for around 30 seconds.- Tank shells no longer arc and now travel at higher speeds.- Bazooka and Panzershreck rockets no longer arc and now travel at higher speeds.- Greatly decreased the power and radius of hand grenades.- Grenades are no longer effective against tanks.- Infantry bodies will remain longer.- Tank, Destroyer, Aircraft carrier and Battleship vehicle wrecks will remain for a lot longer.
- Extra magazines added to: BAR1918, DP, K98, M1 Garand, NO4, STG44, Thompson, Type 5, Colt, Walther and the T99.- Removed the Expack from all engineer kits.- DP now has 49 rounds per magazine.- British, US Army, and Canadian anti-tank kits get the Thompson submachinegun. - German anti-tank kits get the MP40.- Desert German anti-tank kits get the STG44.- Japanese anti-tank kit gets the Type 5. - The Japanese medic kit gets a Type 5 instead of the MP18.- The Russian anti-tank kit gets the No 4.- The US Marine anti-tank and US Army engineers get the M1 garand instead of the No 4.- Landmine now last a bit longer after being placed down.
- M10 health increased to 160.- Panzer health increased to 120.- Priest health increased to 70.- Sherman health increased to 110.- T34/85 health increased to 120.- T34 health increased to 160.- Tiger health increased to 175.- Wespe health increased to 60.- Did a major clean up on all BF1942 (and expansion packs) vehicle codes to make them more effecient for bot use.
- K98 renamed to Kar98k.- Mp40 changed to MP40.- GrenadeAllies renamed to Hand Grenade.- GrenadeAxis renamed to Stick Grenade.- Bar 1918 changed to BAR 1918- Mp 18 changed to MP18- StG 44 changed to StG-44.- Thompson changed to M1A1 Thompson.- Panzershreck renamed to RPzB 43.- Walther P38 changed to P38.- Bazooka changed to M1A1 Bazooka.- Colt renamed to M1911A1.- Johnson LMG renamed to M1941 LMG.
- AichiVal renamed to Aichi D3A.- SBD changed to SBD-1.- SBD-T changed to SBD-2.- Chi-Ha renamed to Type 97 Chi-Ha.- AchiVal-T renamed to Aichi-T D3A.- Corsair renamed to F4U Corsair.- Mustang renamed to P-51 Mustang.- Stuka renamed to Ju 87 Stuka.- Yak9 changed to Yak-9.- Zero renamed to A6M Zero.- B17 renamed to B-17G-30-DL.- Ilyushin renamed to IL-2 Sturmovik.
- Tiger changed to Tiger I.- Wespe renamed to SdKfz 124 Wespe.- PanzerIV changed to Panzer IV.- Hanomag renamed to SdKfz 251.- M10 renamed to M10 Wolverine.- Priest changed to M7 Priest.- Sherman changed to M4 Sherman.- Katyusha renamed to BM-13 Katyusha.- Sexton renamed to 25pdr Sexton.- Ho-ha renamed to Type 1 Ho-Ha.
- flak38 changed to FlaK 38.- AA_Allies renamed to AA Gun.- Browning renamed to M2 Browning.- MG 42 changed to MG42.
- PrinceOW renamed to Prince of Wales.- Lcvp changed to LCVP.- Fletcher renamed to Fletcher-class Destroyer.
- "Allies captured the control point" changed to "Allied Forces have captured this position!"- "Axis captured the control point" changed to "Axis Forces have taken this position!"

Source: BFPS Forum (

News send by: (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 14-04-2015, 23:04:55


News of the 21st century, "What Even Is This Mod" (WEITM v1.5)!

Anarchy! Mayhem! Holy crap, look at the size of that turret! "What Even Is This Mod?" Is made by Mirage521. It teaches a very old dog new tricks. Cars will fly, The Force will be used, and that thing with the really big head will get flung across the map with the slightest touch. Oh, did I mention flying submarines, infinite ammo, and a custom soundtrack?

Download "WEITM v1.5" Mod: click here (

NOTE: THIS IS THE ENTIRE INSTALLATION, WHICH IS MEANT TO RUN ON A STANDALONE BASIS. THAT IS WHY IT'S SO BIG. A readme file is included, which will guide you through the steps necessary to use this mod. Changes include some balance fixes, a few geometry modifications, a new sound effect (more will be added in the next update), a soundtrack composed entirely by me, a new intro, and a new main menu background video.

There is a movie of the "WEITM v1.5" Mod: WEITM v1.5 MOVIE (
Mirage tell us:

To the people whose questions went unanswered: I'd kinda forgotten about this mod after its initial release, as I wasn't expecting anything big to come of it. Alas, that was not the case; I was recently contacted by Indies Crash E3 about the potential for it being brought to a booth at E3. As such, I re-opened this delicious can of worms and began working overtime on it. Changes include the following:

    - A soundtrack that I made myself - A customized firing sound for the K98 rifles and the Blackmedal's horn - Reworked German and Allied assault rifles so Russia isn't ludicrously OP anymore *Note: ARs can no longer destroy tanks. - Reworked K98 and No.4 to have uniquely ridiculous performance traits - Added a self-made background video for the main menu - Changed a few geometries around for maximum stupidity - Reworked the MP18 into basically a Force lead-beam (with a complimentary Pez dispenser!)

More changes to come! V2 will (hopefully) feature a customized UI and new loading screens!

Source: (

News send by: (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 14-04-2015, 23:04:26


Hello dear fans of FHSW mod and the modding.

Today we announce the next map "Warring_States_Japan" you from the from the FHSW custom Mappack 2015.
But that's not all, now there's the Mappack here as a download for you!
But for the first time to the map...
This fortress map was created by the Mapper "ningen".

The fortress of "Warring_States_Japan", it comes as an American tank force to penetrate the fortress of the Japanese.

The Japanese try to prevent the attacks of the Americans on the fortress. Can the Japanese lose the fortress and the Americans gain the victory over the flags.

You can conquer five flags points.

We have tried to capture the beauty of the map for you. We hope it is possible?

As a special feature, you can expect Reitbare horses among the Japanese. Once again a great new custom map, with which the Japanese again Flash.

The Map Pack is just the hammer. Mapping at the highest level. Class work.

We stay tuned to FHSW. Next news, is already in the queue.

FHSW custom Mappack 2015: click here (

(Mode: Comquest)

(Participating groups: United States: JAPAN)

( ( ( ( (

FHSW who become hot now is to play, can the mod download. You will find everything what you do this needs here in the: Download Pool click (

Writes a feedback times, whether you like the map?

Is there anything we could even forgot to mention? Then it please write us.

News made by: hg-clan.blogspot (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 14-04-2015, 23:04:17

Dear Battlegroup 42 fans, as promised in the last news update, we're presenting you the Release Candidate build of the "Final" version of BG42 today. After a very busy week with lots of last-minute bug fixes, additions and several reworks on maps (especially Coop) we're proud to finally publish a public release of the latest build.


Download and install all five parts of Battlegroup42: click here (

Now for some important information on this release:

The client installer comes in five parts - the installer file (.exe) as well as four (.bin) files.

Make sure to download all five parts into the same folder on your hard disk. If you want to, you can check each file's MD5 and SHA hashes against the hashes provided in the "Downloads" section of our website. A very useful tool to do this is "HashMyFiles" from Nirsoft.

Installing the client is very easy.

For old, disc-based installations of Battlefield 1942 the setup program automatically detects your installation path, so you don't need to change the installation path given by the installer ! Just continue the installation.

For Origin-based installations of Battlefield 1942 you need to manually change the path to match the ROOT folder of your Battlefield 1942 installation.

Example "c:\Program Files\Origin Games\Battlefield 1942"

After the installation is completed your're ready to rock ! If you want to play BattleGroup42 or any other mod online, you need to change some of the Battlefield 1942 program files. The necessary files as well as instructions can be found on the BF1942.exe Patch for Origin and CD Retail (

Please post all feedback, bug reports, suggestion etc. in our

And now, we want you to have LOTS of fun testing out the Release Candidate!

Source by Sarge31FR: (

News send by: (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-04-2015, 17:04:01

Hi all fans of the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod.On Pixel Fighter starts a new event at

Tuesday 5th May

Friday 8th May

Saturday 9th May

7pm CET till open end.

We celebrate "the liberation of Europe" in two Events.Start is 7pm CET till open end.

Forgotten Hope 0.7:  Download (
Map 1:
Map 2:

Map 3:

Map 4:

Map 5:

Map 6:

Map 7:

 Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\

Server: FH/RANKEDServer IP:

If do you want to support the community, or interest for modding click here!



If you don't find a server in your gamespy browser? Dont worry. There is the solution Patch for your old bf1942.exe.

Download: bf1942.exe Origin or bf1942.exe CD Spieler


    -You need at first the basic game BF 1942
    -1.61 Patch (only if you have the release 2002 edition)
    -Online Patch 1.61b (Anthology) (thats for find back the server in your Browser, fix your widescreen, and give compatibility to Win 7/8 Users)
    -go in the bf1942 folder and overwrite the old bf1942.exe with the new one
    -right click on the Desktop BF 1942.exe
     -Properties choose compatibility
    -set start as Win 1998 (v) and as Admin (v) 
    -click ok thats it you are back again online!

We need all you Menpower, please support us!
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 18-05-2015, 02:05:17

70th anniversary of the end of WWII

 Pixel-fighter gives YOU a 7 Days event !


PFC D-day event starts 5th of June and runs till the 11th of June PFC

 YOU beeing there makes all the difference !

We start on Friday 5th of June


Part 1 Friday 5th of June

19.00 gmt+1


Part 2 Saturday 6th of June

19.00 gmt+1


Part 3 Sunday 7th of June

19.00 gmt+1


Part 4 Monday 8th of June

19.00 gmt+1


Part 5 Tuesday 9th of June

19.00 gmt+1


Part 6 Wednesday 10th of June

19.00 gmt+1


Forgotten Hope 0.7: Download (

Maps for the Event: Download (http://

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\


Server IP:

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 19-05-2015, 02:05:45

Liebe Freunde des Moddings, es ist uns eine großer Freude, eine neue Mod des großartigen Mod künstler's "Apache Thunder" ankündigen zu dürfen!

Es verschlägt uns dazu ins Mittelalter und handelt sich um die erste Beta-Version von der konvertierten Infanterie Mod "Raised Fist". Nach unzähligen Stunden des Mappings, Moddings, Codierens stellte er insgesamt drei Inafnterie orientierte Maps fertig, welche nach eigener Aussage: "eine Menge Blut Schweiß und Tränen kosteten". (sodass er sich entschloss unnützes aus der Mod wieder zu entfernen). Weitere fünf Maps und neuer Inhalt sind in Arbeit.

"Apache Thunder" musste an der Map etwas rumschnippeln, um die neuen Statischen Objekte einsetzen zu können. (über 1300 manuell platzierte Statik Objekte!) Die Map hatte am Anfang enorme FPS-Drop Probleme. Die zukünftige Version der Mod, werde es mit einer reduzierten Anzahl von statischen Objekten (etwa 1000 oder weniger) wiederveröffentlicht.

Du wirst dich bestimmt Fragen, warum die Mod nur 3 Maps beinhaltet?

Es dauerte Wochen die Maps zu bauen und dann zu testen, deshalb hoffen wir das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen?

Die erste Map ist eine mittelalterliche Map mit vielen Texturen, die "Apache Thunder" im Internet gefunden und für BF1942 konvertiert hat. Die Map hat ca. 650 von Hand eingefügte Statik Objekte, einschließlich eines versteckten Labyrinth's unter der kleinen Burg zu bieten.

Die erinnert an die unvergessene und nie fertig gestellte SIEGE 1.00 Mod und an die Pirates Mod.

Der |GUN Clan ist einer der berühmten Clans, die in der Vergangenheit sich Regelmäßig Duelle, auf kleinen Infanterie Maps dieser Art, mit anderen Clans lieferten. Wir hatten damals auch ein Angebot ein INfanterie Mod Duell auszutragen, aber leider haben wir es nur geschafft Pirates 8 gegen 8 zu spielen. Wir verloren damals das Match.

Apache Thunder's Mod "Raised Fist": Download (

1) RF_Castle.rfa




Hier sehen Sie den Labyrinth-Teil der Karte. Es ist nur in "ObjectiveMode" spielbar. 

Das rote Achse Team, spawnt im Labyrinth und rund um die Burg, die unten auf dem letzte Bild (mit den Bäumen und dem Zaun) präsentiert wird. Ziel der Achsenmächte ist es, das blaue Alliierten Team daran zu hindern, das Labyrinth "Zerstörbares Objekt" zu zerstören..

Das Alliierten Team hat höchstens 10 Minuten Zeit, das Labyrinth (wessen Eingang durch die Sprengung eines Betonblock blockiert wird) zu infiltrieren und und den Safe zu zerstöre. Das blaue Team (und nur das blaue Team) ist dafür mit einem speziellen Abriss-Kit (in ihrer Basis 4 Expacks Kits) augestattet um das Ziel zu erreichen.




Die Map ist für 20 Spieler ausgelegt und in drei Spielmodis spielbar, TDM, CTF und ObjectiveMode. Der TDM-Modus bietet Medi-Packs, welche Spieler benutzen können, um zu heilen, sowie spezielle Sniper-Kits.

2) RF_Canyon



Die Map wurde für den Spielmodi TDM und CTF gebastelt. Wie auf der RF_Castle-Map gibt es im TDM-Modus Medipacks sowie spezielle Sniper-Kits, die auf den Klippen verborgen sind.

Diese ist ideal für 8v8 Scrims oder sogar kleine 5on5 Matches.

3) Labyrinth_Pro




Diese Map wurde  in TDM Spielmodi umgewandelt und mit einem spezielle "ObjectiveMode" ausgestattet, der dafür optimiert worden ist. Im Grunde genommen ist es ist eine erweiterte Version des "ObjectiveMode", der auf der ersten vorgestellten Map RF_Castle.rfa zu finden ist.

Spieler spawnen nur einmal am Anfang der Runde und haben drei Minuten Zeit, um die Labyrinth-Türen zu zerstören, den mittleren Bereich zu infiltrieren und den Safe zu zerstören .

Den Hauptspaßfaktor hat man aber mit der TDM-Version. Ihr könnt damit rechnen an jeder Ecke einem Feind in diesem infernal Irrgarten zu begegnen! Die Map ist Ideal für 10 bis 20 Spieler. Das wird garantiert kein Spaziergang und ist am besten mit Teamplay und gegenseitigen Heilen zu schaffen.

"Apache Thunder" hofft, dass es euch Spaß macht die Maps zu spielen. Die Mod befindet sich noch in der Betaphase und ist noch ein Stück entfernt von einer Vollversion. Nach eigener Aussage, arbeitet er an fünf weiteren Karten und vielem mehr, was er noch in die Mod einfügen möchte.

Wenn jemand von euch ihm mal mit dem Zuordnungsprozess helfen möchte, dann meldet euch bitte?
Mit mindestens zwei Köpfen ist es besser, als mit einem die Mod zu verbessern und zu aktualisieren.
Benutzt den verlinkten Thread, um Bugs zu melden, die möglicherweise mit dem nächsten update behoben sein werden: click Raised Fist THREAD Source (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 19-05-2015, 02:05:33

Aus der Modding Szene wollen wir euch heute ein Modell von "Endless Nameless" vorstellen.

In unserem Artikel geht es dabei um das YouTube Video "Armored Train in Battlefield!".

Dabei handelt es sich um den fast vergessenen "Panzertriebwagen 16", welcher der deutschen Wehrmacht im 2.Weltkrieg zur verfügung gestanden hat. Ja, im 2 .Weltkrieg wurde der Krieg auch mit Hilfe von Schienen ausgetragen. Denn laut "Wikipedia" hatten selbst die belgier, sowjets, slowaken oder die Finnen (im ersten Weltkrieg) ihren eigenen Panzer Zug auf der Schiene.

"Endless Nameless" seine Modelle und Texturen seien zwar nicht immer perfekt, aber er versuche das immer mit aufwändigem Coding ein bisschen zu kompensieren.

click Train movie (

Es handelt sich also um einen bewaffneten Zug, den man selbst fahren kann.

Das Szenario spielt sich im westen von Polen 1944 ab, auf der Map Stashuv Area (mit minimalen Änderungen für das Video) und stammt aus dem FH Fan Mappack 6.

Nach eigener Aussage habe "Endless Nameless": noch nicht bei FHSW JPN angefragt, ob sie das Modell beim nächsten Mod update mit aufnehmen, da er erst noch eine kleine Dokumentation dazu erstellen wolle, damit der Aufbau des Zug-Codes leichter zu verstehen sein würde.

Auf unsere Frage:

        Theoritisch könnte man auch die schöne Tender Dampflok von Battlegroup42 so animieren oder?

        Man stelle sich vor mit beladenen Panzern oder Fahrzeugen von einem zum anderen Bahnhof zu fahren, um diese abzuladen und zu benutzen?!;-D

Antwortete Endless Nameless:

    Theoretisch könne man, aber leider ließe sich das Antriebs-Gestänge in BF1942 nicht so einfach animieren. Eventuell mit hunderten RotationalBundles vielleicht.

    Auch fehle bei der Lok die Innenansicht des Führerstands, sowie ein Wreck-Modell, einfach den Code kopieren und fertig sei leider nicht möglich. BG42 stehe ja kurz vorm Final Release, da werde wohl nicht mehr soviel arbeit rein investiert, glaube er nach eigener Aussage.

Der Song wurde von Kevin MacLeod Produziert.

Der Trailer wurde von Endless Nameless gedreht.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Spieler Air Troll, (HH) Benjamin, crazygamelover, =S*o*D=lampo(ITA, Mr_J, Santa_Anna, Slobodan, {IPT}wewak und Xenanab!

Die FHSW Mod mit dem Fan Mappack und vieles mehr gibts in unserem: Download Pool 2015 (

Quelle: bfgames (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 19-05-2015, 02:05:06

"Battlefield Heroes 42" ist eine total Conversion-mod, welche das Spiel "Battlefield 1942" als basis nutzt und aus dem Spiel Battlefield Heroes Maps, Fahrzeuge, Grafik, Waffen und Gameplay mitbringt.

Jetzt könnt ihr euren Lieblings Comic Shooter "BF Heroes 42" in First Person mit vollständigen Singleplayer/Coop support spielen! 

Diese Mod braucht sich nicht vor großen Namen wie FH 0.7, FHSW, Eve of Destruction, Battlegroup42, Desert Combat, 1918 oder Galactic Conquest z.B. zu verstecken.

Denn "BF Heroes 42" hat seinen ganz eigenen Charme, und der macht dieses Spiel zu einem besonderen Erlebnis..


click movie 1 (

click movie 2 (

"Apache Thunder" hat ein paar neue Hand-Waffen von "GoldenEye007" mitgebracht. Die Moonraker-Laserpistole und die Remote Minen. Komplett mit Sound und Effekten! Den Rest des neuen Kits findet ihr im Captain-Shop.

Er hat auch das APMine-System überarbeitet, damit man Projektile anstelle von PCOs nutzen kann. Dies bedeutet, dass die Explosion Effekte für euch im Multiplayer-Modus funktionieren und sich so verhalten, wie man es von den Fahrzeug-Landminen und der APLandmine von "Desert Combat" kennt. Welche man vor dem "DC 1,45/1.5 Patch" enthalten waren. Die Landminen lassen sich aber nicht spezifisch scharfschalten, das heißt, ihr könnt damit auch Teamkills verursachen, da diese Minen für alle tödlich sind.

Die Minen wurden so verbessert, dass diese jetzt auch an Wänden und Fahrzeugen haften bleiben.

BF Heroes42 v5.1:
Download (

    Change log:

        1. Updated Troop Traps. They are now projectiles. They will go off on team mates so take that in mind.

        2. Updated some coding to improve network stability.

        3. Added GoldenEye 007 kit. (Moonraker Laser + Proximity/Remote Mines)

        4. Tweaked MiniTank widget spawn position to prevent possible crashes when aiming at ground/sky.

        5. Added ability to set higher then 64 players in Create Game Menu. (Modified EXE needed to make this work. Not included with this mod)

        6. Added New Map: Belfry Square. Ported from Avatar Star.

        7. Added New Map: Shipwreck Island. Ported from Avatar Star.

        8. Added New Map: Cape of Aegean. Ported from Avatar Star.

        9. Added New map: City of Aegean. Ported from Avatar Star.

Als besonderen Schmankerl, hat "Apache Thunder" die Optik von dem ähnlichen Free2pay Spiel "Avatar Star" als Bonus in die Maps übernommen.

Avatar Star beinhaltet ausschließlich Infanterie Maps, welche nicht so gross sind und sich auch für wenige Spieler eignen.

Erwähnenswert wären da noch die 4 neuen Maps, alle wurden von dem "BF Heroes" ähnlichen Spiel "Avatar Star" portiert.

Im Gegensatz zu den anderen "BFH 42 Maps" bestehen diese Maps vollständig aus Mesh, ohne das Terrain System.

Dadurch fehlt der dynamische Schatten auf dem Boden. Aber ansonsten scheint es recht gut mit "BF1942" zu harmonieren. "Apache Thunder" optimierte das ganze, indem er es in Stücke trennte. 

Die ursprünglichen "Avatar Star" Maps wurden mit dem Programm "3DS Max" importiert und der Mesh wurde überarbeitet, so dass Apache Thunder alles auf der Map nochmal nachbilden mußte.

Orginal News, Post und update Verlauf gibts in der "Modder Community": bfmods Forum click (


Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 19-05-2015, 02:05:13

Verehrte BattleGroup42 Fans, wie im letzten News Update versprochen, präsentieren wir euch heute den Release Candidate der "Finalen" Version von BG42.
Nach einer sehr arbeitsreichen Woche mit jeder Menge Fehlerbehebungen, Erweiterungen und diversen Überarbeitungen (vor allem im Bereich Coop) können wir heute nicht ganz ohne Stolz endlich einen öffentlichen Release des neuesten Builds veröffentlichen.


Downloade und installiere alle fünf Teile der Battlegroup42 Mod: click here (

Nun ein paar wichtige Informationen zum Release

Der Installer besteht aus fünf Teilen - dem Installationsprogramm (.exe) sowie vier (.bin) files.
Achtet darauf alle fünf Teile in den selben Ordner auf eurer Festplatte zu speichern. Falls ihr die Hash Werte der einzelnen Teile überprüfen wollt, könnt ihr diese mit denen im Bereich "Downloads" bereitgestellten Hashes vergleichen. Ein sehr nützliches Programm dafür ist "HashMyFiles" from Nirsoft.

Den Client zu installieren ist recht einfach.

Für die alte, CD basierte Installation von Battlefield 1942 findet das Setup Programm automatisch den Installationspfad, daher müsst ihr am durch das Setup vorgegeben Pfad nichts ändern! Fahrt einfach mit der Installation fort.

Für Origin-basierte installationen von Battlefield 1942 müsst ihr den Pfad manuell zum ROOT eurer Battlefield 1942 Installation ändern.

Beispiel "c:\Programme\Origin Games\Battlefield 1942"

Nach Abschluss der Installation seid ihr bereit loszulegen ! Falls ihr BattleGroup42 oder eine andere Mod online spielen wollt müsst ihr einige Änderungen an den Battlefield 1942 Programmdateien durchführen. Die notwendigen Dateien sowie Anleitungen findet ihr auf der Team Simple website und bei --==[aX]==--

Bitte schreibt uns jegliche Rückmeldung, Fehlermeldungen und Vorschläge in unser Forum click here! (

Und nun wünschen wir euch viel Spaß beim testen des Release Candidate!

Source by Sarge31FR: Original News (

News send by: hg-clan.blogspot (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 23-05-2015, 15:05:49


We're happy to announce that we are hosting an interstate 82 event on May 29th, at 11PM PST, and 19:00 GMT.

Server Name:
Server Adresse:

Wir freuen uns euch mitzuteilen, dass wir am 29. Mai, um 11:00 PST und 19:00 GMT ein interstate 82 Event austragen werden!
Dazu seid ihr herzlich eingeladen dabei zu sein, bei diesem crazy fun Erlebnis dabei zu sein.

You'll need this things to be join the event:

Das braucht ihr dazu um dabei zu sein:

Download the Interstate82 MOD here (

Download the MAP PACK here (

I will hope to see you?s:)

Hoffe wir sehen uns?:)

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 24-06-2015, 20:06:22
Habe neue Battlefield 1942 News für Euch.:-)
Schaut doch mal vorbei?
Es ist sogar möglich Anonym einen "Kommentar" zu hinterlassen.
Außerdem dient es Euch als Download Quelle und Liste für Modifikationen zu Battlefield 1942: klick mich (

Alles kostenlos und frei ohne Haken. Made it for you and me!
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 26-09-2015, 00:09:28

Hi Freunde von Eve of Destruction Vietnam, es ist Oktober!
Im Oktober ist es wieder soweit, Charlie ruft: "Charlie don't Surf Zeit"!
Ihr seit herzlich eingeladen dabei zu sein, egal ob euer Betriebssystem Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 oder 10 heißt!

Freitag Abend, den 02.10.2015 um 20 Uhr gehts los, streicht es dick in Eurem Kalender an oder Handy Oragnizer.


      Server Name: [] EoD Classic 2.51


         Port: 14567

Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen dabei zu sein, den Freitag Abend zu rocken!

Darüber hinaus bemühen wir uns täglich abends mit ein paar Mann auf dem Server zu treffen.

Also bitte nicht nur starr ans Event halten, sondern einfach mal abends spontan dazu kommen.

Um dabei sein zu können, benötigt ihr?!

Battlefield The Basic: Download (

Modifizierte (Gamespy Server finde für CD oder Origin Besitzer) bf1942.exe: Download (

    Eve of Destruction v2.5 + v2.51 Hotfix: Download (

Schreibt doch mal, ob es bei Euch geklappt hat?
Und ob Ihr dabei ward?
Feedbacks sind stets erwünscht?

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Flippy Warbear on 26-09-2015, 08:09:57
English please or see yourself out. I've told you many times already and I wont be repeating myself anymore.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 05-11-2015, 15:11:22

I have got found a got news entry on the moongamers community. It is about the legendary almost forgotten Battlefield 1942 "Cyber Punk" Mod "Wasteland 2042". I was surprised when i have made the pictues and movie to this mod. This mod remember me on "Interstate 82" and on the "Siege" Mod. You will find here a own design of the browser menu and inside the game, you can got it the making of pictures. This mod runs fine i think Windows XP - 10 all between fine. There are no crashes by my test. All the pictures made in the Singleplayer COOP Mode. I have see, not all of the Maps having COOP Support, but enough to have fun. This mod play in the desert and it remember also on the "Desert Combat" Mod.









    Ye'all should nab Wasteland 2042 v1.96 offa me Download , also bundled is the co-op minimod (plus I pasted the music .bik s from base mod into it way back so now it'll play the tunes)

    I REPEAT do NOT "update" WL2042 mod to v2 . The vehicles idle / stall forever .. they're invincible even jus not destructible whatsoever                                     written: mistamontiel

Thanks to "mistamontiel", he show me in another community, what we have more in the BF 1942 Universe.

Wasteland 2042 Download MP/SP play able: Download (

Movie about Wasteland 2042 v1.96 Map Lake Timmergolen made 01st.10oct 2015 for you:









They have made cool buildings, vehicles, weapons, and: i call the cool Soldier's "Bikers"! This mod transmission you a anarchie  end of the society feeling. The vehicles have also weapons onboard (Molotov, arc, pistol, machinegun, pump gun). Big planes, tanks, ships or Helicopter i havent found in my test. Only a small flying vehicle.In the game you have biside your weapon and action sound, some chillout music. You can get ammo there. It is hide. A medicine cabinet i havent found. But you can give heal and repair like in the basic game. I am really happy to test and install this small mod (~ 333MB). Another feature is that you can strike with the Gun. Also you can throw knifes.

Source: Moongamers (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 05-11-2015, 15:11:04

We are today happy to presnt you the actually work from the members of FHSW Japan. They create a Korean Addon included the chinese, north korean and south korean Forces. They get tanks, vehicles, rifles all we know from the other nations. We have got the news and picture's from the main Japanese FHSW - Community: click
At the moment we have no release date for now. But i see 17 new maps made and lot of vehicles and planes? It's time for a maybe release? We all hope for. The new animations, Maps and vehicles are absolutly amazing. The meaning of the pictures is signed in.

Find out, new nation's:




New tank's:





Last but not least planes:




Are you horny of this cool FHSW mod? Got them actually FHSW 0.552 there and more:

Please leave a comment here and share us: here (

Source: FHSW-Forumatic (

Let's smoke together, a friend of the Battlefield 1942 Universe Community talk to me
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 05-11-2015, 16:11:59

The new "Batttlefield 1942" Mod "Galactic Conquest Redux v0.96" news is written by Django from the:

Created by [GCDev]Django


This is my final task on a nearly solo funproject I started 3 years ago.
I started as a GCDev in 2004 and I could never let my fingers from it till today.
Cause of the lack of players over the last years I started to implement Dnamro's GCX addon to original GC5.3 to make a standalone mod including the old modes plus full bot support.
A main reason was for me to have fun with my new Maps from the 2011 Mappack. But on that way I ended up doing and overworking the bot support on all Maps plus a few new ones.
But know I feel it is time to put an end to modding. One reason is the lack of freetime, the other is for sure the release of battlefront3 this november.
Maybe you have fun to give this baby a try!








GC_Redux V0.96 a standalone GCmod included full bot support: Download (

What you will get are new features like
-bot supported objective mode on a revised GC_Deathstar, GC_Taskforce, GC_Tanaab (beta)
-revised GC_Hoth with new features
-GC_YavinIV : a pure Jedi Map

Installation notes:

!!!Please move all versions of GC you got to a sav location in order to run this mod without errors !!!!!
(You may sav the original GC 5.3 and the GC 8.1 (worth to play! from Kurosaji and team))

-Place the GC_Redux folder within your mod folder

This Version of GC_Redux0.96 as a standalone mod isnt related to a (leaked) GC_Redux ( 1.0) version you might have found earlier around in the net.
If you meet anyone that calls himself an "Execute Producer" of Galactic Conquest please ignore him! Because as a original GCDev I should really know if my mod has a Leader!






-additional keys for cinematic feeling: NumBlock 2 enables freecam
NumBlock 1 Hud On/Off
Jedis: ( on YavinIV and who knows where else..)
1. Lightsaber, 2. Throwing Lightsaber, 3.Flash, 4.Use the force(Push), 5. Heal, 6.Repair
- the best I was able to get from the old bfengine
you can catapult others and yourself up in the air by the UseTheForceWeapon
-use the invisible parachute („9“) to land save
zoom in/out on the right mouse button at 2 and 4Use Button = boost sprint
-leave the uplifts near the LargeTurbolasers via Pos2
Alaris Prime: coop/conquest mode/objective mode without bots
-The Generator in the basement of the Building Complex is destroyable and powers the Ioncannon
Deathstar: objective mode with bots!
Taskforce: objective mode with bots!
Tanaab: objective mode with bots!
Podrace: sorry, only conquest mode (Press altfire for turbo and fire for repair)
Bonusrace: sorry, only conquest mode
Mini_Hoth: a very nice Map from Kurosaji ( Dev from GC8.1)
ExtremePrejudice: tuned
Swamps of Dagobah: revised (original Map by Dnamro)
infantry only
Jaksonia: a fun Map by Jackson (BF-games community)
Kessel: revised
Endor: revised, maybe you like to destroy the shield generator? First you will need R2D2x to open the bunkerdoor!

WIP Maps (conquest/coop):

Balmorra: new world, new statics
- Statics/Textures are beta
-Jedi infantry battle
BalmorraRace: Podrace!
-play in conquest mode! The CP's are moving targets. You will get the idea!
Mustafar: this thing is strange!
- testmap for the IASP Wip

plus an endless list of tweaks in all kind of files, Maps, Vehicles, including some new models, Textures, biks and sounds...
Impossible to list it here.
I am sure you will find and notice new features and gimmicks en masse!

PS:If you find any bugs or want to give a feedback please do it on
or If you are more familar with German (like me) post it on
Of course I like to do bug fixes and minor tweaks!


Thx to the community from:

Special Thx to:
- Dnamro for his original GCX and support
- ApacheThunder for his ragdoll animations and cloud system and other stuff and tips!
- Kurosaji for his GC_MiniHoth
- DerNachbar for his superb AlarisPrime Statics
- HC83 for his great textures on AlarisPrime
- the original GCDevs

have fun !


Please leave a comment here and share us in your community:

Let's smoke together, a friend of the Battlefield 1942 Universe Community talk to me (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 05-11-2015, 16:11:38

Today it is to report back to the time about SuperDC. Last week tested a clan the stability of Mod online to find out if any errors in it. There some bugs and crashes have been found to be fixed now. However, the focus will be online until the next patch on reality, so the developer.
There will be admiring a new faction, they call the uprising rebels. Short Igil.

Heute ist es wieder an der Zeit über SuperDC zu berichten.
Vergangene Woche testete ein clan die stabilität der Mod Online, um herauszufinden ob fehler drin sind. Es wurden einige Fehler und abstürze gefunden, die jetzt behoben werden sollen. Allerdings wird der Online Fokus erst ab dem übernächsten Patch realität werden, so der Entwickler.
Es wird eine neue Fraktion zu bewundern geben, sie nennen sich die aufständischen rebellen. Kurz Igil.

There are three test movies by "bbfplayer", the first deal with the Smoke Grenade:

Hier gibt es einen test von "bbfplayer" zur Rauchgranate:

Promotion Video auf der Map Operation Battleaxe (uprising rebells (Igil) : GB):

Unfortunately I do not know which map the Flamethrower test is.

Flammenwerfer Test (USA : TKM), leider weiß ich nicht welche Map:

There is the feedback here from the testers again at a glance:

    "Chicagos Community CHG": 1) fix the server and client crashes (this is a "must have")

    "bbfplayer": Not in next version )

    "Chicagos Community CHG":  2) fix the bug that allows bots (and only bots) to spawn in vehicles and gun emplacements after their flag has been lost (this is a "nice to have")

    "bbfplayer": not a problem. There are some ways to fix it.

    "Chicagos Community CHG":  3) please make more maps that have at most one untakeable main base, that is, allow for fast ticket count down due to annihilation on more maps please. (this is a "feature request")

    "bbfplayer": superdc mod has maps for any taste, with different flags. I will hope they start the next built (SuperDC v2.07) test again.I think to do mg"s not respawn after destroyed. Server crashes as i see with players. I tryed to test dedicated server with no players to see crash problems- practically no crashes, so problems with joining players.Next version will test more multiplayer.
    Igil faction 80-90% complete. (molotov, galil scope, chikom, tech9, mac10s)

Here some actually ingame pictures for you, its about the new class "uprising rebells" (Igil):



SuperDC v2.06 you can Download: Download (

Leave a feedback: here (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 05-11-2015, 16:11:46

A few weeks have passed, as we show you the previous IS 82 news about event included the new summer Map "Swimming Shores".
Do you remember?
Now we want to give you a view into the work from the "Interstate 82 Mod".
The people there have new ideas for made new custom maps for us the players.
They called it "Deathrace 4 DTMRACER" and is made by "SIR Runaway". 
He made the update from the previous Custom map Series.
For the new map, he has create new cars and buildings.

 BMW M3 E46:

Audi Concept Car White:

BMW M3 E46 american style:

BMW M3 E46 from the top:

The actor's ingame:

Toyota Supra GT:

Dirt Race Jeep/Ketcar:

Formula 1 80's Design:

Formula 1 80's Design 2:

 A home or Start Grid for your Vehicle:

Rollout gate, looks like a Kingdom:

 Car Saloon:

Audi Concept Car red:

You don't know what the hell is Interstate 82?

Watch this "Sublime Crime Part 1+2 movie" uploaded by POSITRON, made by (Posi & Gooddaytodie!) the munity:

For the moment, there are no Downloads, but if there something, we give you the link to got it.

Topic/conversation/Source and community of the IS 82 Mod: click



Interstate 82 complete 2014 Package: Download (

Ninja Ratchet VI Map: Download (

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\IS82\Archives\bf1942\levels\

Sometimes it's not so important where the path leads you.
The fact that you took the journey is what matters.
Enjoy the ride. Grab the cookie.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 05-11-2015, 16:11:04

Today we want you to Battlegroup42 RC 2 Release Present, which yesterday fresh (see here): flown Facebook (, or been published. Now it is finally possible to play back Battlegroup42 in COOP mode. Already a few days ago the Battlegroup42 server was consequently upgraded to version RC2. There were some bugs and issues from previous versions RC1 resolved and the COOP mode honed. But that's not enough, it gets even with new content on top.

Battlegroup42 RC2 Nov 1st, 2015 Final Release: Download (


Newly added to the Map "3912-Kunlun_Pass", the Map is about a battle that took place around 1940 in southern China. The Japanese wanted to stop the supply routes of the Chinese by Vietnam so that, while it came to clashes between Chinese and Japanese. The Chinese drummed together your armored units and inflicted a great defeat to Japan so.
The idea for this map came from the Custom Map "Operation Rolling Barrage" which widerum based on the "Battlefield Vietnam" Map "Fall of Lang Vei".







Our second new map takes place in northern Europe between forests and lakes and is called "4407-Battle_of_Ihantala", this is about the summer offensive in 1944 by the Soviets against the Finns.
The Soviets were materially and outnumbered, but no capital against the Finns were able to beat it for weeks. At that time the Finns were supported by Swedish volunteers and the German Assault Gun Battalion, which made it possible to fill the map with German participation against the Soviets. The "Ihantala" Map was originally created by zara5ustra.









Now for the big "conceptual model number 5"
these were included in the previous release already partly Battlegroup42 RC1, but these were not yet be traveled in the news department.
Let us begin with the medium bombers and torpedo launchers Ilyushin, shortly IL-4. This was 1941-1945 for the Soviet Air Force in action. Range and high load, made this aircraft at that time so special. There were shortcomings in the defensive armament, which the aircraft vulnerable to ground fire and Followers machte.Das model comes from "Shanet" and was - like all models of today's news - coded by "Sarge31FR" Battlegroup42.


The second aircraft of today is the dreaded and legndäre fighter bomber "Republic P-47 Thunderbolt".
It was a single-engine of the largest and heaviest flying machines ever built. Strong performance and technical reliability made it an important companion of the US Airforce.
 Equipped was the plane with eight 12.7mm MG, bombs and missiles. Target of the bomber were trains, army columns, ships, railway stations, bridges, factories and other infrastructure facilities. The new beautifully detailed model represents a P-47 in the D version with "Razorback". It was designed by "RuppDee" and replaces the old, rather simple P-47D with "Bubble" -Cockpit roof.


Our next model enlarges the Soviet fleet. The armored car FAI-M modeled by "Gauranga", which was put into service from 1935th
Application was Europe and the Far East until 1942. He has a 7.62mm MG built into a turret.
At that time he was considered not particularly terrain and was protected only against fragments and small arms fire, but was still popular due to its reliability in the Soviet reconnaissance units.
In Battlegroup42 the FAI-M will continue on some early maps, where it competes against Japanese and German opponent.


Now we have new maps, aircraft and a vehicle, which is still missing? Yes, a ship put into service in 1936.
The large cargo ship "Ehrenfels" with around 11,000 grt, was created from the fleet specialists "convertible".
When the war began, the Ehrenfels went to the port of Goa and stayed there until 1943. The British suspected that the crew disembark from information on the Allied shipping would spark in the home, so tried a command to conquer the ship. The Ehrenfels crew, however, managed to sink their ship itself and thus to escape the clutches of the British.
The Ehrenfels had eight sister vessels, which were made as a transporter, Tender and auxiliary cruiser in the military service. All but two of these vessels were all sunk. In Battlegroup42 the Ehrenfels exists in two versions: As a merchant vessel it replaces on maps with German troops the previous cargo. Heavily armed with guns and torpedoes, however, is the auxiliary cruiser version, which can be found, inter alia, on the Objective-Map 4210 Wolfpack. In order to use the weapons, but the side panels must only be folded down.


If you want to learn more about Battlegroup42 knowledge then looks do drop by the self-created Wikipedia: click (

Battlegroup42 also still has a Facebook presence, where their fans can be and share with others: here (
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Airshark79 on 05-11-2015, 18:11:37
Wow, amazing to see people are still working on stuff with FH1
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Ivancic1941 on 05-11-2015, 22:11:18
Buschhans- Hero of BF1942 mods,most dedicated man of BF1942 game! 8)
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 11-11-2015, 16:11:04
From "Work in progress" section's equipment category (last updated July 1, 2004) of old BattleGroup42 website, there are models created by current (?) and former members that didn't make it into the mod. These are:

I. Geronimo's
   Bristol Beaufighter
   Messerschmitt Me 210
   Mitsubishi J2M Raiden
   Westland Whirlwind

II. Haribo's
   Carro Veloce L3/33
   Fiat L6/40

III. Jammer's
   Tupolev Tu-2
IV. Lord Plutonius'
   5 cm Pak 38
   10.5 cm leFH 18
   Watch tower

Some of these models are still there in our archives, waiting for someone to finish them?
Anybody here in bfmods there to do that?

Contact and Conversation:
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 11-11-2015, 16:11:35

The Interstate 82 Mod is at November back, and we want invite you to the next "Easy 8 Cookie Event". There was a voting about the comming event at the Forums. And the result was, we play easy fun maps to find a step in to this mod.


How to fly on Interstate 82?
How to play?
Here is the tutorial answer in the "Barrel rolls in details" movie, it's made by the "Interstate 82 Guru"!

You are three steps only away to play online.

To come spontaneously you only need this: Download (

The basic Mod: Interstate 82 Mod 1.81 Download (

Mappack for the Event: Download (

Now you are ready for storm the Server!
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Sgt.KAR98 on 30-11-2015, 04:11:44
Sir,you just dragged me into some very serious nostalgia from 10 years ago,when I frequently asked devs what the hell did happen with a lot of unfinished (and finished) FH vehicles (Me-323,PBY,BMW bike...).
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 30-11-2015, 15:11:06
Hi friends of Eve of Destruction Vietnam, it's December!

In December it is time again, Charlie cries, "Charlie Do not Surf Time"!

Unfortunately, for the last time this year 2015th
But do not be sad, because in January 2016 and it continues.  

Your being invited since, no matter if your operating system is Windows XP, Vista, 7.8 or 10!

Friday evening, 04.12.2015 by 20 o'clock it starts, and sweeps thick at in your calendar or mobile oragnizer.


You have to be invited here to rock the Friday night!

In addition, we strive daily in the evening with a few men to meet on the server.

So please do not only keep rigidly to the event, but just once in the evening spontaneously happen.

In order to attend to, you need ?!


    Eve of Destruction v2.5 + v2.51 Hotfix: Download (http://"")
    Modified (Gamespy Server finding for CD or Origin User) bf1942.exe:

     Download (http://"") (CD Retail) or Download (http://"") (Origin)

Writes some comments, if it worked for you? And if You were be there? Your Comment or Feedback is always welcome!
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 30-11-2015, 16:11:47
Sir,you just dragged me into some very serious nostalgia from 10 years ago,when I frequently asked devs what the hell did happen with a lot of unfinished (and finished) FH vehicles (Me-323,PBY,BMW bike...).

If do you want to get in contact with the devs, take a look to the "" Website! It is in english and german. The Forum have the most posts in english.;)
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: GeoPat on 30-11-2015, 18:11:28

That's why this forum needs spoiler.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Roughbeak on 30-11-2015, 19:11:39
Hello Buschhans, I modified your first post to have the images appear on the forum so it makes it easier for people to see them. Cheers!

That's why this forum needs spoiler.

We do have it: :)

Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: buschhans on 21-12-2015, 17:12:09

At the 26th December, we want to start play Battlefield Heroes '42 (2010-2014) in memorial to Battlefield Heroes (2009 - 2015†).
The cartoon shooter all the years has given us so much pleasure!
After the Free to Play shut down of the Battlefield Heroes Server's on the side of Electronic Arts (EA) during this summer, you cannot play Battlefield Heroes anymore, because it was a multplayer only game. There are fortunately some mod coder, what save the game as free mod for the game Battlefield 1942. This Battlefield Heroes '42 to mod is ported 2010 and created by "Apache Thunder". He develops this mod till the summer of  2014. But this mod is not only a portation from Battlefield Heroes to Battlefield 1942. This mod contains 35 Maps, it have got whereof certain a playable snow, night or rain alternative. One of the Special is the legendary "Lunar Landing" map, there you are as player on the moon. It has some content, what you only find in BF Heroes '42. For example the "Avatar Star" maps, El Alamein Night, moveable ship and Helicopter support and many more.
You can play this mod not only Multiplay, it contains also a Singleplayer and  COOP mode Support (Play versus CPU enemy online) too.


The second part of this news is about the invite to the BF:HEROES '42 LAUNCH EVENT!

    Saturday December 26th, 2015!

    18:00 Central Europe Time (CET - Berlin)
    12:00 Eastern Szandard Time (EST - USA)

    Server Name: BF:Heroes v5.1 Server #1
    Server IP:


What the hell is Battlefield Heroes '42? Watch the movie:

- Basic Game (Download at Download (

- Download bf1942.exe modify for find back the Server on GAMESPY -> overwrite the old bf1942.exe in the Battlefield 1942 folder: bf1942.exe Origin ( or bf1942.exe CD Retail (

-Battlefield Heroes mod Download (

of page) BFH developed for this Event by "King Tut"? Looks like you need this kind of BF Heroes '42 mod to join the event only!

3.) I DON'T SEE THE SERVER IN THE BROWSER, HOW CAN I JOIN?-You can type the IP address ( in manually
-You can download our multiplayer patch at Download (

which will show our server in the list..
-You can download our QUICK JOIN Patch at click here ( (available before December 23)

Additional facts about:

I don't know is it the same Version of this kind of BF Heroes '42 v5.1:
(Download at ( But this is the original BF Heroes '42 game, created and developed by "Apache Thunder"!


-You can visit his website at

Please note that the website only releases the entire contents on December 23.
So will take is still less than two days before you can download the mod from the site. 
In addition, there will be a play button on the Web page named "play the game"!
In how far this will work will soon show? 
Be there and making this event the complete success!
Because it makes the difference, everything you need to be doing, is in the news linked!

Source:, author: "King Tut" modified by: ""
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Flippy Warbear on 21-12-2015, 18:12:35
Pretty much all BF-news/advertisement posts have now been merged into one megathread. Please use this thread from now on.

@buschhans please read the private message I have sent you.

Thank you.
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: LuckyOne on 21-12-2015, 19:12:42

Try posting about that BFH42 event here, it's where most of the old BFH community now resides:
Title: Battlefield 1942 Mod Download Pool 2016
Post by: buschhans on 02-02-2016, 22:02:10
Battlefield 1942 Mod Download Pool 2016!

BF 1942 Online Patch 1.61b: Download (

Download bf1942.exe modify for find back the Server on GAMESPY -> overwrite the old bf1942.exe in the Battlefield 1942 folder:

 bf1942.exe Origin Download ( or bf1942.exe CD user: Download (


AI enhancement mod for BF1942: Download (

Battlefield 1918 3.1: Download (

Battlefield 40k 8.0d Release Nov 2011 bug,crashes not fixed: Download (

Battlefield 1941 v0.2: Download (

Battlegroup42 1.8beta 2012: Download (

Battlegroup42 RC2 Nov 1st, 2015 Final Release: Download (

BF Heroes 42 v5.1 Final update Conversion for BF 1942: Download (

BF 242 Redux BF2 Conversion for BF 1942: Download (

Desert Combat 0.7 + Final: Download (

DC Global Front 0.2 D requesting Desert Combat 0.7 to play: Download (

Super DC 2.06 Mod requesting Desert Combat 0.7 to play update Sep 2015:  Download (

Eve of Destruction 2.51 Vietnam: Download (

Finn Wars 1.82: Download (

Forgotten Hope 0.7 full Windows 7/8/10 support, only one installer:  Download (

FH 0.7 Norwegian Resistance 0.86b Add On Download (

FHSW 0.552, this Mod requesting Forgotten Hope 0.7 to play: Download (

FHSW Custom Mappack 2015: Download (

FHSW Custom Mappack update Nr.3 - 2015 August: Download (

FHSW Sound and Texture  JPN Fan Pack 0.552:  Download (

Forgotten Hope Revisited v0.16 COOP Mod requesting Forgotten Hope 0.7 to play: Download (

Galactic Conquest 8.1 Jan 2015: Download (

Galactic Conquest Redux 0.96 (SP only) Sep 2015: Download (

Galactic Conquest Redux Patch 0.96a Nov 2015: Download (

Interstate 82 Mod Full installer 2014:  Download (

Silent Heroes 1.2: Download (

Silent Heroes 1.2a Win7 Fix against crashes Nov 2015: Download (

Soccer Mod v2015:  Download (

Swaffy's Mod v0.34 Aug 2015: Download (!4sNBlYDK!bmQhBdke93guvmiVx1vn-E8cxkLek9ePEpsJgqJREgg)

Transformers 2.003b Mod: Download (

Wasteland 2042 SP + Conquest v1.96: Download (

21st century "What Even Is This Mod"  ("WEITM v1.5") 2015: Download (

BF 1942 - 1080p user interface mod July 2015: Download (


Pimp your Forgotten Hope 0.7 up! (2015)



Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here)

Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst ♫ + Texture Patch "22.Sep 2015": Download (

FHSW 0.552 new Custom Maps!

Leyte Gulf Day 2 v1.2 (2015-05-02) Download (

Battle of Sibuyan Sea (2015-01-05) Download (

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FHSW\Archives\bf1942\levels\
Title: Battlefield 1942, Gamespy Browser knowledge!
Post by: buschhans on 03-03-2016, 17:03:40

Today we Presenting you a tutorial 8 points, which is to simplify the operation of your Gamespy browser. Sometimes ask a questions: How to choose a Mod from? How can you display its Lieblingsmod Forgotten Hope (FH) in his Gamespy server, including server for it? Questions, questions.

Complete News:

1.) If you are in your Gamespy browser shows up the display in the list all available server, regardless of the mod you have installed or not. If you have a mod installed not a question mark (?) Appears. let's filter function of the browser allows you to display as well as certain Mod Server View (see below in the image), for example for Forgotten Hope (FH) in silver writing. The trick is, at the same time the server of Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons (FHSW) are displayed in blue and the Forgotten Honor Tournement Mod (FHT). On the left side you can see the various servers and mods, descending number of visitors, on the right you can again search for refined and select, for example, that you no empty servers are displayed or server only without a password. If you Favouriten server you added, then are ye all servers under Server Favourites Show:


2.) How do you find your favorite servers or Lieblingsmod? Without equal need to search through the entire list of servers? Click on the arrow pointing to the right down, we have the Mod DC taken this as an example Final. circled centered in the browser you can see now all servers available for Mod DC Final currently online.


3.) Here circled top right) are there any mods that have installed it. In our example you see BG42, DC Final, Desert Combat, EoD, FH and if you scroll down you can see even more mods. Prerequisite for this is of course that you have already installed some mods. Most start with Battlefield 1942 and when those who purchased from you for 10 euros, Battlefield 1942 Anthology, then you will probably still the additional extensions (now called DLC) and Secret Weapons Road to Rome have installed ?! If you want to have real mods but then you can take this from the Battlefield 1942 Mod Download Pool 2016 list relate: .html


4.) If you have installed a mod on the desktop / unzip the folder in which sets iht from your new Mod? Based on the image below you can see the installation path, the you must note: C: / Program Files (x86) / EA GAMES / Battlefield 1942 / Mods


5.) If you a Forgotten Hope Map've charged you for example and unpacked, then it must be stored in this path in order to be able to play the map then: C: / Program Files (x86) / EA GAMES / Battlefield 1942 / mods / FH / Archives / BF1942 / levels the image below gives you an assistance:


6) If you have a mod organize favorites, but no desktop have created shortcut to gelagen it into play. Then you can select here which menu do you prefer. Because some people like the guitar sound of the Eve of Destruction mod and another the Tropeten sound of Forgotten Hope:


7) Should there be no time for your server Lieblingsmod, eg Battlefield 1918 or you want to test a mod? Then you can create a custom game (Server). You can choose top right circle between different game modes as Target, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, COOP, conquest. Please Notice here that not every mod supports all game modes, this makes then inform a crash to desktop noticeable. In the middle are the maps that you can click over her. The trick is you can search for your favorite maps and then later your preselected Maps in the game Vote. Unfortunately, one sees one's own server is not officially in Gamespy browser and friends can unfortunately not come from outside it.


8) In order to make a screenshot of your desktop or website, you press the "Print" button. Then you open then your Paint and then ctrl + v.
Finally dive your screenshot in your pictures on the Paint program. Then you must simply convert only the correct format and ready is your screenshot.

How do I create a desktop shortcut to my mod?

right click - Properties - (section / column) shortcut: "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ EA GAMES \ Battlefield 1942 \ BF1942.exe" + game fh

Run (do not change please) in: "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ EA GAMES \ Battlefield 1942"

Thus, you now have a shortcut to your Forgotten Hope (FH) Mod created. Other mods can you so linking, please make getting to spell the folder will not work your link to the mod:

right click - Properties - (section / column) shortcut: "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ EA GAMES \ Battlefield 1942 \ BF1942.exe" + BF1918

+ BG42
+ DC_Final
+ Desert Combat
+ EoD
+ GC_Redux
+ Interstate
+ NorwegianRes
+ Pirates
+ SuperDC
+ Transformers

That's it from us today, we hope to have given you with these tutorials a help?
If so let but a comment to us here? You have the option registers a comment or Anonymous. You can also be on Google Subscribe or fan us. News there are currently in our four day cycle. Remains faithful to us!

Title: Battlegroup42 Wiki "this is for the fans!"
Post by: buschhans on 03-03-2016, 17:03:31

The Western Front of the First World War was a war of disease-infected trenches, hellacious artillery barrages, toxic gases, early armored beasts, revolutionary duels betweeen knights in the air, and charges of unrestrained courage.  Many of Europe's last Empires met their end in last days in no man's land and disorder at home.

Sign Up (you have got register there):;file=viewtopic&amp;t=69235

What do you need is?

Game: Battlefield 1942

Patch: bf1942.exe patch, for find back Gamspy Servers:  Download (

Mod: BF 1918 v3.1 Mod for the Campaign (install 3 Parts):  Download (

Teamspeak 3:  Download (


You want to enjoy the invite Forgotten Honor Teaser?

There it is:

If do you like it please share it to your friends please!?

In this campaign, you will get the choice to serve as an Entente soldier, protecting France and the Low Countries from another Germanic invasion, or an Imperial German stormtrooper, serving as the guard on the Rhine and marching on the long road to Paris.

Experience a balanced and exhilarating Battlefield 1918 campaign with:

*  A continuing legacy for Battlefield 1918

*  A unique virtual reenactment of WW1 including combined arms operations between infantry, artillery, tanks, and bi-planes.

*  Over 10 grueling Saturday battles in the Belgian and French countryside.

*  2 sides led by experienced veterans nominated by you, the player, with teamwork oriented armies employing strategies and co-operation with promotions and   rewards for your achievements.

*  New friendships with likeminded people from all over the world

*  It is free and everybody is welcome!


What is a campaign?

A campaign is a series of connected battles where we recreate the timeline of the war. Here at Forgotten Honor it also means teamplay and organized gameplay. Campaigns take about 8-10 weeks and every Saturday we will have one 4-hour battle. All battles are counted towards the final score which determines the army that won the overall campaign.

How does it all work? Simple! In the beginning of every week our campaign management announces which map will be played that Saturday. Headquarters and officers of each army are responsible for creating plans and strategies which will be used for that map, as well as awarding medals and promotions for last week's battle.

Every army has a training server to use during the week for scouting and practice, as well as their own Teamspeak channels and locked sub-forums (we call them barracks) for communication and entertainment. Everyone can participate in all weekly activities and events as much as they want!

About Battlefield 1918

Battlefield 1918 is a total conversion modification for the highly acclaimed Battlefield 1942. Taking place during the First World War, Battlefield 1918 offers a unique experience in trench, tank, naval, and aerial warfare.  Players can play a wide variety of maps with nations including Germany, Austro Hungary, Ottoman Empire, British Commonwealth, Russia, France, Belgium, Italy and more.

About Forgotten Honor

Forgotten Honor is an international gaming community that has a great amount of experience in arranging online events for games. Founded in 2004 by several players who wanted to organize ''teamwork'' emphasized battles for video games, Forgotten Honor has been growing until becoming one of the leaders in online events market. Nowadays hosts several tournaments and campaigns for different games, organizes multiple events, has its own modding development unit and is supported by an active community: here (

Title: IS 82 March Events & "Cessna Challenge Redux 7" no cut fly to finish!
Post by: buschhans on 03-03-2016, 17:03:50


At first we want to start to invite you for the weekly March events on the Interstate 82 Fun/Parcour Mod!


All what you need is: 

Game Battlefield 1942

bf1942.exe Patch: Download (

Interstate 82 Full Installer: Download (

Here we want to present you the five minutes no cut to finish session, made  by -=TL=- FearofthedarkHU.
Look at the amazing fly lesson art, it is like a rollercoaster for the cessna plane. It is a good map for learning the fly and to hunt enemy planes. The rock music sounds like japanese action music from the 90's gaming. But if you stay longer, the american sound spread out. Really cool sound, for an amazing fly.

Here is the movie, download able or look able:

Download the "Cessna Challenge Redux VII" map:

How to install a map?
At first extract the map on your desktop.
After then  put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\interstate\Archives\bf1942\levels\

How to? Look at here, click or zoom the picture:


Are you an Interstate 82 Parcour Hero like -=TL=- FearofthedarkHU.;-)
What you waiting for? Got it! Hit it!

This mod is played at the 00am CET time. The aim on this mod is to finish a parcour.There are different diffficult levels on this mod

( (
Title: Battlegroup42 Wiki "this is for the fans!"
Post by: buschhans on 03-03-2016, 17:03:33

For all Battlegroup42 fans we can report the achievement of a significant milestone, and this time it hasn't got anything to do with models, coding or maps. It's about another project to which some of us can spend more dedication now. After all, RC2 has been around for quite some time now, and proved to be less faulty than its predecessor, which greatly reduces the time and effort it takes to iron out remaining bugs. So what are we talking about ? Of our BattleGroup42 Wiki of course ! For some time there have been requests from the players but also the developers themselves, to clearly list and display the contents of the BattleGroup42 Mod. There had been some attempts to do that in the past, but all of them failed regarding the enormous amount of maps and equipment. For over one year, our team member Qbicle, aka "Q", was working on a Wiki of the mod, and in early February he reported the unbelievable amount of 500 entries. But the Wiki is far from being finished, since it doesn't include all of the vehicles and planes just yet, and still lacks all of the stationary weapons and small firearms.
But 500 is a nice, round figure and a perfect occasion to pay it its well deserved attention. The Wiki not only includes information and pictures about the content, but also installation hints and a FAQ area, in which we gathered answers to the manifold user feedback. And as with all Wikis, it's open for everyone who wants to participate. Be it by correcting and adding text, be it for adding new pictures or suggestions for improvement.

You can find a link to the BattleGroup42 Wiki in the top menu of our website or by clicking directly here

Battlegroup42 Encyclopedia is the database in development for the eponymous Battlefield 1942 total conversion mod.
We currently host 508 articles and 1,226 pictures and videos.
Battlegroup42 Final (Release Candidate) has been released!
Download the files Download here (! (Installation guide (
Bugs? Feedbacks? Let us know on our Forum here (!


Für alle BattleGroup42-Fans können wir heute das Erreichen eines beachtlichen Meilensteins melden, und diesmal hat diese Neuigkeit nichts mit Modellen, Coding oder Maps zu tun. Es geht um ein anderes Projekt, dem einige von uns sich jetzt intensiver widmen können. Schließlich ist der RC2 Client seit geraumer Zeit draußen und erweist sich als deutlich weniger fehlerhaft wie sein Vorgänger, und es benötigt weniger Zeit und Aufwand, diese auszumerzen.
Wovon also ist die Rede? Von unserem BattleGroup42-Wiki natürlich! Schon länger gab es Wünsche seitens der Spieler aber auch der Entwickler selbst, den Inhalt der BattleGroup42-Mod übersichtlich aufzulisten und darzustellen. Einige Versuche hat es dazu gegeben, die aber alle irgendwann vor der schieren Menge an Karten und Equipment kapituliert haben. Seit über einem Jahr arbeitet unser Team-Member Qbicle, auch bekannt als "Q", an einem Wiki der Mod, und Anfang Februar konnte er die unglaubliche Zahl von 500 Einträgen melden. Dabei sind bislang noch längst nicht alle Fahr- und Flugzeuge der Mod gelistet, und noch keine der stationären Waffen und der Infanterie-Ausrüstung.

Aber 500, das ist eine schöne runde Zahl und ein toller Anlass, auf dieses Wahnsinnsprojekt aufmerksam zu machen. Es enthält im Übrigen nicht nur Informationen und Abbildungen des Inhalts, sondern auch Installationshinweise und einen FAQ-Bereich, in dem wir Antworten auf das vielfältige User-Feedback zusammengefasst haben. Und wie alle Wiki ist es offen für alle, die darin nicht nur darin stöbern, sondern auch daran mitwirken möchten. Sei es, indem Einträge gegengelesen und ggf. korrigiert und ergänzt werden, sei es, indem neue Bilder hinzugefügt oder Verbesserungsvorschläge gemacht werden. Als Ansprechpartner stehen wir euch dafür natürlich gerne zur Verfügung.

Einen Link zum BattleGroup42-Wiki findet ihr im Top-Menü unserer Startseite auf oder klickt direkt auf:

Hier ist ein wirklich kleiner Auszug, aus dem Waffenarsenal von Battlegroup42, der euch die Mod schmackhaft machen sollte, wer mehr sehen will sollte schon bei Battlegroup42 wiki selber vorbei schauen, Ein muss für jeden Fan des 2.Weltkriegs. Wenn es euch gefällt, dann lasst es die Jungs von Battlegroup42 wissen.


Ihr könnt sie unter der Facebook Gruppe "battlegroup42" finden oder im Forum Community "".

Komm auf den Server, follow us:

( (
Title: Forgotten Hope 0.7 PFC Mappack 5 Preview Kuban + Panzeralarm
Post by: buschhans on 19-05-2016, 18:05:48

Do you remember? Some time ago we have present you the custom maps "Peliliu", "Westerplatte", "Grodno" from the Mappack 5, created by the -=PFC=- Mapping Crew. Now we have some more map previews or leaks for you. This new maps we want to play weekly at the mappack days online. Our aim it is, we want to exciting and got more people on the Server to play online together. We have enough slots, for all your friends you bring? The maps have her own features what it makes unique.

The first two maps of the series are  "Kuban",it will be this year released. You can find the feature moving clouds in all Mappack 5 maps as standard. This map is a tank battle in the woods map. It bets an exciting fight between russians against germans. You have many hide opportunities. Both teams have a uncapable mainbase. The map has CONQUEST Support.









The second present Map is the "Panzeralarm". This map plays in the russian fields and deal between the tank fight from the germans against russians. The map looks like the famous "Kharkov Outkirts 1943" map. The germans start from her uncapable mainbase and try to fight the comming russian troops for go the way to moscow. Both teams have tanks and Artillery fire. The russians have also an uncapable base. As result you have an intensive fight till the end. Watch out! This map has some of wholes what could be stop your attacking tank. Make yourself experience and play it. You can register on the -=PFC=- Forum and test the maps and post your feedback there about it? There your address: click for register (






Where you can Download the cool Forgotten Hope 0.7 and the special -=PFC=- and Filefront custom maps?

1.) Battlefield 1942

2.) Online Patch: Download (

3.) Forgotten Hope 0.7: Download (

4.) PFC Custom Maps & Filefront Custom Maps: (http://

Help to: 4.) Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\

If it is too much work for you to install a map. Or you haven't an idea how to install a map? We recommend you the "toolbox"! If do you want to start Forgotten Hope 0.7? Do it with the Toolbox! It is in your language install and available. Because, if do you need a map, the toolbox download it for you automaticly. Choose your way to play?

Toolbox for Windows XP Veterans:

Toolbox for Windows 7/8/10 Veterans:


1.) for lazy people the complete FH 0.7 edition Part 1:  Download (!zD31HaiCG0ZZVjnAKP975W0bhKzW9nRIZQYde8rLhUQ#!OQtjRDhI!zD31HaiCG0ZZVjnAKP975W0bhKzW9nRIZQYde8rLhUQ)

2.) optional Mappacks Part 2: Download (!zD31HaiCG0ZZVjnAKP975W0bhKzW9nRIZQYde8rLhUQ#!OQtjRDhI!zD31HaiCG0ZZVjnAKP975W0bhKzW9nRIZQYde8rLhUQ)

Please do a "right click" to your bf1942.exe on the Desktop and turn the Compatibility to "Win98" and "run it always as Admin". After then your "lazy people edition" 1+2 red works fine.


Title: SuperDC v2.07 Release!
Post by: buschhans on 19-05-2016, 19:05:27

Hi Guys, we want to present you today the Release from the Super DC v2.07 Modern Warfare Mod.

This SuperDC Mod is now the best Modern Warfare Mod in BF1942. Why?

Because this mod bring the best modding art together in the year 2016.

It is developed by an one russian guy "bbfplayer".  Specially on this mod is, it has full COOP support.

The guy "bbfplayer" do an excellent job for made the best Modern Warfare mod for us, "the players"!

You have the Commander mode for example. Be a Commander in your team? Everywhere on the map position you want, you can drop the Commander station with your personal officer kit? And there is a kit to drop some different vehicle/tanks. You can pilot drones and shoot aims on the floor or drop ammo boxes. It's possible to drop AA Guns, MG settings, rocket settings or requesting dirty Bombs or A-Bombs and you can drop. As soldier you can drop ammo or medic kits. You can call artillery fire with you binoculars.

If do you find any bugs or other bad bugs, please post it to this Topic: BFSP Forum (

Playable fractions are Afghanistan, Russia, Great Britain, USA, Turkmenistan, Rebells, Yugoslavia,  Euro Forces (Bundeswehr, French Army).

You have on this version a lot of different maps and different vehicles, for example the main battle tank of french Leclerc, from US Abrams-Bradley, from germany Leopard-Marder-Dingo-PzH 2000, from the chinese forces you can use the QBZ-95, QBB-95_LSW, from russia T 81, from vietnam war T 54, from the UK Challenger 2, and many more vehicles waiting for you here. It waiting for you specially bf2 and bf242 maps and summary round about 51 maps to play.

-QBZ-95, QBB-95_LSW for china side (graza weapon editing)

-Mk46, M4AFSOCC for british SAS

Super DC has a few modern ships like Kyznetsov, Akula Submarine (DCX Mod) and Boxer.

Super DC v2.07 April 2016 (Please make sure you have Desert Combat installed): Download (









Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: Flippy Warbear on 19-05-2016, 19:05:53
Does the author(s) of Kuban have permissions to use FinnWars models?
Title: Silent Heroes 1.2 after the great Ragnarök event!
Post by: buschhans on 19-05-2016, 19:05:23

In the last time we had missing the massive action on the Silent Heroes Server on the Tuesday evenings at 8pm CET. Thats why it comes the idea from the dev and creator of the Silent Heroes Mod "Zarkow" to start a public RAGNARÖK (Armageddon) event. And there we were go! At 9:15pm we have peak the 40 Players and we stay a couple of maps on this visit level. It was a fantastic event, we had start at 7 pm CET on the "SH Wake" map and play till 02 am CET in the morning. We finished this great event on the legendary and weekly played map "Ingenmansland". The people had use Mumble on this event. Specially on this event was, you could seen that event live on the Twitch channel. Thanks to the special guests: mistamontiel, Barbarossa, Reegad, christopher, taxidef and to all guys, which successfull this event on the Chips Silent Heroes Server! We will hope thats not the end of this great scandinavia community in BF 1942.

Look at the 5hours 38minutes Silent Heroes action! It's recorded on the Twitch Channel and comment by player "Apan":

The twich livestream was made for the people what cannot be go online or missed this great event. Now you have the chance to look this movie more than 5hours 1/2 from the view of your commentator and player "Apan"!

Rules for the server were and are:

# After each map is loaded make sure you are on the right channel in Mumble for voice communication (see below)
# A restart will be done before the match begins to enable everyone to spawn in the first spawn wave.
# Each map will be played in two rounds, switch team after the first round is finished.
# Enjoy this! It will most likely never happen again.
# 5 maps will be played, which maps and the order in which they will come is Top Secret

Are you lost your Battlefield 1942 discs and didn't get a chance to download it from Origin before EA removed it completely due to the death of Gamespy?

Don't worry - we have the solution for you to both problems!






We had during at 23rd of April at 19:00 CET  a great event on the Silent Heroes Mod. We were 40 Players, more than ever before!!! All the people what play this mod weekly in the past were online.  For more info about the conversation in the Silent Heroes Forum: Click here (

Got your Silent Heroes 1.2 new complete fan package there:  FULL DOWNLOAD of Battlefield 1942 and Silentheroes click here (

If you are unsure on how to get online follow this simple guide (created by Apan):
1. Download the file above
2. Extract to anywhere on your hard drive
3. Start BF1942.exe
4. Click: "Multiplay"-&gt; "Internet"
5. In the drop down menu to the right under "Custom Filter" choose Silentheroes
6. Click: "Update"
7. Doubleclick "Chips Silentheroes 1.2"

Observe that for Windows 7 or Vista you must set the "Graphics Quality" to "Low" under "Options" -&gt; "Video".


Voice communication:
We will use Mumble wich is available here:

Server name:

Choose subchannel to channel SilentHeroes:
#Lag 1 (Sverige fOrsta rundan) - If you are on the Swedish team the first round
#Lag 2 (Norge fOrsta rundan) - If you are on the Norwegian team the first round
If you don't know Swedish and want to understand the rest of us, remind us to use English!!!

Start of our Silent Heroes 2016 April Event movie compilation

SM Wake, here we were and stay for the next maps 40 Players, that was amazing:

Don't worry the second Part of the Silent Heroes 2016 April Event movie compilation continues later.....

Nachruf: Silent Heroes wird gewöhnlich Dienstags ab 20 Uhr auf dem Chips Server gespielt. Leider hat die Teilnehmerzahl in den letzten Jahren abgenommen. Aber am Samstag, den 23,4 ab 19 Uhr - 02 Uhr nachts gab es einen Lichtblick, darüber haben wir am 11.4.2016 hier im HG - Blog berichtet. Damals hätten wir nicht gedacht, dass 40 Leute auf den Server kommen. Aber ja, doch! Am Samstag Abend waren wir 40 Spieler auf dem Server und alle die, die früher an dem Dienstag Event Teilgenommen haben, waren anwesend. Wir hoffen es bleiben wieder ein paar Spieler hängen, sodass das Dienstags Event wieder mehr an Bedeutung unter den Spielern gewinnt..

Hier ist der Download zur Mod, "Origin sei Dank", auch für Leute geeignet die sonst kein "BF 1942" spielen oder es nicht auf der Festplatte mehr haben und die neu im Spiel sein wollen. Hol dir dein 

Silent Heroes 1.2 Fan Paket (Win7/8/10 Kompatibel):

Der Clou ist, man kann all e anderen Mods die man mag dazu ergänzen.

Title: Project Reality 1942 v18a DRKEdition new Released!
Post by: buschhans on 19-05-2016, 19:05:49

We are proud about to present you as first Website and Community "" the news and Pictures about the new amazing BF1942 v18a DRKEdition (a modification for Battlefield 1942), developed by "bluedrake42. In the new past this guy pushed the "Galactic Conquest" Multiplayer Mod very well. It is in very early stages of development. Keep track of development progress on our Discord development changes, as well as update videos on Bluedrake42’s Youtube channel.
Enjoy the "Project Reality 1942" long long 3 hours around movie:

 Currently BF1942 DRKEdition includes the entire standalone Battlefield 1942 game, as well as Mumble support provided through a launcher, and an additional Drakeling Labs community made mod inspired after the Project Reality standalone game. This mod contains 83 Maps in Conquest Mode. Some currently maps you know from the Battlefield 1942 specially Mappack, X-Pack 1 (road to Rome) and X-Pack 2 (Secret Weapons). You have no mini map anymore, you can only watch the huge map via the (m) Button. The view is only in your Vehicle view. And the weapons you have the watch from the iron sight.
We intend to expand our version of this game with ongoing content, advanced features, and general support. This will include over time, support for community made mods (such as Forgotten Hope, Galactic Conquest, Battlefield Pirates, and more) a refined launcher system with full Mumble integration, and a client autopatcher (which will allow us to automatically push new maps for events, content updates, and general patches.)
The package contains (please think about it, this package overwrite your old Battlefield 1942 installation, we work for bet a seperate Download for you):
BF1942 v1.61b
PR1942 v18a
Launcher v0050
BF1942 "PR1942 v18a" Mod DRKEdition: Download (!bEn1HIAJQa7Nd9VbCs65tHyOzyY927kDnq5wSI1ugFw#!ZBJGDJ6L!bEn1HIAJQa7Nd9VbCs65tHyOzyY927kDnq5wSI1ugFw)

 Now the map overview for you.;-)

Assault of Crete:









Holland 44:




Battle of Carentan:






Battle of Cherbourg:







Leningrad, remind us on the Stalingrad map, only better now:









France Hills:











Saint Saveur le Vicomte:






Peliliu (BF 1942 Version):







Road to London:








We think it's a very good project, the most advantage would be have the BF1942 Online league. You have some standard vehicles there and not the big selection of the weapons like in the Battlegroup42 or FH/FHSW Mod, but you have a good new mod in the Community family, which is only developed a couple of month at the moment and it gives you a lot of hopes for the future. And if you support it, the party goes going on. After the years of development all the mods starting small and getting step by step huge, powered by the support of the fans. You'll see it by the huge Projects like Battlegroup42, Forgotten Hope, FHSW, Battlefield 1918, Eve of Destruction, SuperDC or Galactic Conquest for example. Lot of this mods starting development 2002, after release from BF 1942.  If you’re excited for this project (PR 1942), enjoy what we do, and help us to continue doing it please? Visit our community, download and play our mods. Tell your friends and share it please…
Keep an eye on this page for more information and guides as we continue development. See you on the battlefield!


Title: Forgotten Hope 0.7 custom map series 3
Post by: buschhans on 22-06-2016, 00:06:52

In our previous news we have present you the custom maps "Caen Streets" and "Mechili", now we show you the next maps. We play the maps often online at the weekly different custom map days. Our aim is, we want to excite YOU and got more people on the Server to play online together. We have enough slots on the Server for all your friends or clan members, nobody must to stay outside. The maps have her own features what it makes unique. The next map, what we present is "Monte Cassino" (source: x-pack 2) it is overworked by the -=PFC=- Mapping Team. This map play in the Alps and it deals with the invading USA troops, which have a mainbase. The deperate germans, what have no mainbase try to fight them back, they have only Artellery and Infantery power there. You have many hide opportunities in the bushes, woods or stones. The map has CONQUEST Support.






The second present Map "Raseiniai" deals with the Eastern Front. It plays in the soviet woods. The soviets have to fight back the advancing germans. This is a night map included a damaged city, some buildings spread fire out. For sure it is a real eye catcher, with the night moving clouds. You have the woods and fields outside. In the middle of the woods you have the village, which have lot of narrow ways and hide buildings in which you can go in. In the city is a plaza with a stalin figure in the middle, there are two Artellery guns for fight back the advancing german tanks from the west. The map springs from the actually Mappack 5 Released 2014 made (reworked) by the dev Mapper -=PFC=- Psycho Dad. We believe you as a true fan will not be disappointed. What are you waiting for?








Where you can Download the cool Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod and the special custom maps?

Good way for new Player's:
1.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 "Portable" Part 1 (without Mappacks): Download (

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 "Portable" Part 2 (Mappacks): Download (

Good way for Mod playing Veterans:

Forgotten Hope 0.7: Download (

PFC Custom Maps:

Filefront Custom Maps:

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\

FH Appetizer Caen Streets:

 If you don't find a server in your gamespy browser dont worry. There is the solution Patch for your old bf1942.exe.

"Gamespy Patch": Download (


 Where we play?

Server IP:

If do you want to support the community, or interest for modding: click me hard! (
Title: Battlefield 1942 "Blood Patch" included test movie!
Post by: buschhans on 22-06-2016, 00:06:09

Today we want to present a "Blood Patch" for Battlefield 1942 Players and Fans. "ziba128" made a blood patch which is compatible with "pure" servers (with content check), so you won't get "Data differs from server" message. He present it on the "
" Forum there:
Today we have tested this Battlefield 1942 patch feature for you. "Watch the movie, and here we go"!

Without effect (est. January 2016) Server -=[aX]=-:

Included bloodpatch effect (est. 1-2pm CET, 11th June 2016) Server: -=[aX]=-:

Without effect (est. January 2016) Server -=[aX]=-:

Included bloodpatch effect (est. 1-2pm CET, 11th June 2016) Server: -=[aX]=-:

Part 2:


Installation: make a backup of your texture_001.rfa file in ...\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\ and place new one there
ATTENTION: Using this modification is not allowed in BF1942 Liga matches according to their rules, so don't use it, if you plan to play in BF1942 Liga.

Time to say, "have fun with your new Battlefield 1942 Blood Patch." Let it bloody.

Title: Battlegroup42 RC 3 More changes to the damage system (effects)
Post by: buschhans on 22-06-2016, 00:06:37

Battlegroup42 RC 3 More changes to the damage system (effects)

Appetizer current Version RC2:

Just a small update on the rework: We're working on a consistent "damage effects" system, which is based on the maximum hitpoints of a vehicle/plane etc. When the hitpoints reach half of the maximum (like 50 out of 100), the object will start to emit smoke, when they reach 20% of the max. hitpoints the object will catch on fire and steadily lose hitpoints until they are destroyed. The planes are already changed to that new system, as well as their hitpoints.
Unarmored planes like the Zero, Aichi Val, Fieseler Storch etc. have the lowest amount of hitpoints,lightly armored planes (with sealf-sealing fuel tanks) have 50% more hitpoints, and so on. Bombers like the B-17 are obviously having the most hitpoints.
The ground vehicles will be next (except the hitpoints, those are set to 100 for all vehicles due to the more detailed collision meshes and damage system for them).

Source: "battlegroup42" Group on Facebook
Title: Eve of Destruction: 7th Charlie don't Surf Event 2016!
Post by: buschhans on 22-06-2016, 01:06:08

Hi friends of Eve of Destruction Vietnam Mod, it's Juuuly!

Now it is summer and the happening goes again, Charlie calls: the "7th Charlie don't surf time" in 2016!

Her since being invited in regardless of whether your operating system is Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or 10 means!


Friday night, the 01.07.2016 at 08:00pm CET o'clock we go, coat it on thick in your calendar or mobile Oragnizer.
For this year let's rock that 6th Friday mainevent on hslan.
In addition, we visit the server daily in the evening from 08:00pm CET! If do you want, you can meet us with some guys there.
So please not only hold the date on the event, which takes place every first Friday monthly, come one evening you can spontaneously.

What you need to play?

    1.) Basic: Download (

    2.) bf1942.exe Patch for finding Server extract to your "..EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942.." Folder and overwrite the old one: Download (

    3.) Eve of Destruction 2.51 Mod, got the 5 Parts + 2.51 Hotfix: Download (

Appetizer movie:

How i install a mod? In which path of the folder i install a have mod? Click this picture:


 So, this must then look at you.

Writes some comments, if it worked for you? And if You were be there? Your Comment or Feedback is always welcome on!

Title: Interstate 82: 24/7 - 29th July 2016 Event!
Post by: buschhans on 23-07-2016, 01:07:05

It's July and we will have no summer break, because today we declare unto you the long longed-for "Interstate 82" all the day Sommer event, which our American friends take place let the fun and circuit mod Interstate 82. At the event are newcomers (noobs) invited to be there, you will actively supports 82 mod by pro gamers of IS to the gimmicks and tricks dominate dr MOD can learn. In addition, you can watch over every night, 00 pm et of German time, sometimes even earlier, the mod is usually played.

Is Woot Interstate 82? Keyword course and geschucklichkeits mod with Boostbaren - flying - Nitro cars, which are applied in a 80s.

Here the video to the meet:


You need only 3 files, to be spontaneous in download:

1.) Battlefield 1942

2.) bf1942.exe Patch for finding Server extract to your "..EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942.." Folder and overwrite the old one:

3.) Interstate 82 complete Mod Installer:

Is the game Battlefied 1942 with its modding community and players at heart?

Source IS 82 circuit mod and fun in multiplayer! We recommend that divides us into your network and circle of friends.

Source, Flyer und Header Logo:
Title: Eve of Destruction: 8th Charlie don't Surf summer Event!
Post by: buschhans on 23-07-2016, 01:07:33

Hi friends of Eve of Destruction Vietnam Mod, it's Auuuuuugust we call it summer time heating! Please share us to your Communities, Social Networks and Friends. We have enough Slots at the HSLAN Server for all of you guys which want to join the HSLAN Event! Please make it together successfully complete!

It is summer happening again, Charlie calls: "Charlie don't surf time"!

Already for the 8th mainevent on hslan this year.

Her since being invited in regardless of whether your operating system is Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or 10 means!

Friday night, the 05.08.2016 at 08:00pm CET o'clock we go, coat it on thick in your calendar or mobile Oragnizer.

Movie appetizer:

In addition, we visit the server daily in the evening from 08:00pm CET! If do you want, you can meet us with some guys there.

So please not only hold the date on the event, which takes place every first Friday monthly, come one evening you can spontaneously.


What you need to play?

    1.) Battlefield 1942

    2.) bf1942.exe Patch for finding Server extract to your "..EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942.." Folder and overwrite the old one:

    3.) Eve of Destruction 2.51 Mod, got the 5 Parts + 2.51 Hotfix:

How i install a mod? In which path of the folder i install a have mod? Click this picture:


Server Name: [] EoD Classic 2.51


     Port: 14567

Title: FHSW 0.6 Release: für das Spiel Battlefield 1942!
Post by: buschhans on 26-09-2016, 16:09:30


"Battlefield 1" kann, mit seiner Ad Ware und DLC Wahnsinn einpacken gehen, denn FHSW 0.6 (beachtet dabei bitte "Forgotten Hope 0.7": Download ( installiert zu haben) ist nach 26 monatiger Arbeit und 135 Maps vor ein paar Stunden von dem elf Mann Team aus Japan Released worden. Leider sind nicht alle Maps aus den Mappacks dabei und ein paar weitere wurden aussotiert. Wir vermissen die Australische Map "Battle of West Australia" und die für aufsehen erregende Map "On the moon 1969". Jedoch ist es gut möglich, dass da nochmal nachgepatcht wird. Bis dato haben wir auch noch nicht testen können inwieweit erstellte Custom Maps kompatibel zu FHSW 0.6 sind. Wir sind aber zuversichtlich auch dafür eine Lösung zu finden. Diesmal gibt es nur eine 3.9 GB Datei zum Downloaden, die nach dem entpacken rund 5 GB gross sein wird. Habe in stundenlanger Arbeit die News vorbereitet, sodass sie "ready to have been send" ist. Aber bis es soweit ist bekommt ihr hier schon unseren battleleak.

FHSW 0.6: Download (

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Kommt und stürmt unseren Sever! Wir bieten genug Platz für euch und eure Freunde!

Danke an die fhpub Community, die mich hier seit Jahren unterstützt!


Title: Framtaday Events: EoD Vietnam 10th & Star Wars/Pirates!
Post by: buschhans on 05-10-2016, 15:10:53


Hi friends of Eve of Destruction Vietnam Mod, it's Octobeeer!

Now it is summer happening again, Vietnam calls: "Charlie don't surf time"!

Already for the 10th time this year.

Her since being invited in regardless of whether your operating system is Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 or 10 means!


Friday night, the 07.10.2016 at 08:00pm CET o'clock we go, coat it on thick in your calendar or mobile Oragnizer.
For this year let's rock that 9th Friday mainevent on hslan.

Movie appetizer:

In addition, we visit the server daily in the evening from 08:00pm CET! If do you want, you can meet us with some guys there.
So please not only hold the date on the event, which takes place every first Friday monthly, come one evening you can spontaneously.

 Server Name: [] EoD Classic 2.51


     Port: 14567

What you need to play?  :rotate:

    1.) Battlefield 1942

    2.) bf1942.exe Patch for finding Server extract to your "..EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942.." Folder and overwrite the old one: Download (

    3.) Eve of Destruction 2.51 Mod, got the 5 Parts + 2.51 Hotfix (don`t forget this small one): Download (

How i install a mod? In which path of the folder i install a have mod? Click this picture:


So, this must then look at you.

Writes some comments, if it worked for you? And if You were be there? Your Comment or Feedback is always welcome on!

Come on, peak the visits on the Server up!

There we play:

( (


The Second part of the news today comes here. We invite you this weekend to the Saturday Afternnon Pirates and Galactic Conquest Event on the munity Server.

    The Battlefield 1942 Community "" (undergoing a revamp) is pleased to announce the creation of a new dedicated server featuring two excellent mods: " Galactic Conquest" (Star Wars) and Battlefield Pirates! invites you to join our next event! saturday October 8th. While other classic mods like DC, FH, BF1918 have their own servers and communities, there's been a lack of GC and BFP representation for some time now. We want to fix that.
    The new server (" BFP, GC") is listed through the [aX] master server so you'll be able to join if you're running any of the latest modified/patched BF1942 installations.

    If you lost your copy of the BF game here: Download (

    We're also thrilled to announce our first scheduled BFP+GC Event which will take place on Saturday, October 8th at 1 PM EST (1800 UTC) and our time "4pm CET" in Europe will last at least a few hours.

    Make sure to download and install both modifications: Battlefield Pirates ( and Galactic Conquest 8.1 ( before joining as the server will switch mods every 3 or 4 maps.

    Speaking of which, we want to know what YOUR favorite maps are for both mods as we update the

    24/7 maplist for the server. We currently run:


Title: Battlegroup42 RC 3 Bug Report Marathon and more
Post by: buschhans on 31-01-2017, 19:01:10

After the Release at 10th October the Community have found some Bugs in the Battlegroup42 RC3 Mod. Since the time the Battlegroup42 devs fixed the errors as good as they can. Twenty days after the first Patch (Patch 1) is Released. Now the community collect more errors to make this RC3 update successful.

You wanna be a part of the playing and testing community?

Battlegroup42 42 RC3 + Patch 1: Download (

You want to support or just want to learn more about Battlegroup42 to know?

Come to the Battlegroup42 wiki: here (

RC3 bug report no. 2
Small update on the reported bugs: The faulty projectile on the Bf110 G-2/R4 and Ju-87G has been fixed. Several floating objects on Montherme and Operation Shingle have been fixed. The almost unusable stationary Hotchkiss machine gun has been re-coded. On Snowy Park, the Germans now have a Flamethrower class as well. Ticket bleed on Operation Citadel has been fixed, it now requires 4 out of 6 CPs to be captured by the same team in order to start ticket bleed for the other team. The missing propeller spinner on the J2M2 has been added. The M3 Satan no longer damages itself while using the flamethrower. There were a few other bugfixes as well.
Just a reminder on bug reports: Please be as precisely as possible, always name the exact name of the map, the game mode (like Conquest, Coop, Objective etc.), if you played online/on a LAN or offline. Same goes for vehicles, planes, ships, small firearms etc., please always include as much information as possible.
We still have to take a look into a land mine related problem, which was reported to cause crashes, but my testing so far didn't show any kind of problems.
Oh, and one other thing: Please make SURE to check all hashes of the files you downloaded, if even ONE of the files is damaged, the game/mod WILL cause problems and crashes that have nothing to do with the mod, but are solely the result of damaged files.

Note on extremely low "splash" damage in RC3
I think that many of you that are testing RC3 right now, have noticed that hand grenades are almost useless, as well as bombs and other weapons that cause splash damage (damage caused by shards and splinters from the explosion). In my rework of the damage system, i coded the splash damage according to the direct damage (when a bullet hits infantry, for example), but forgot that the splash damage in Bf42 is somewhat strange. In fact, it has to be coded with much higher values than the direct damage. Example: The soldiers in BG42 have 30 hitpoints, which means that every DIRECT hit with a grenade, bullet etc. that causes more than 30 HP damage will kill you, except you are too far away (just like in real life). If you code splash damage the same way, you're in for a big surprise. The same values cause much less damage, so they have to be set much higher to be effective.
In older builds of BG42, the splash damage was set too high for many weapons, causing ridiculous damage (remember destroying several vehicles at once with one tiny bomb ?). For RC3, i wanted to reduce this damage to more realistic values, but completely forgot about those values, which resulted in almost useless hand grenades, far too low splash damage for bombs etc.
So it's definitely my fault, i screwed that up. But i'm already working on fixing those values, and they will be implemented in the first patch for RC3. I hope you can forgive me this stupid mistake
RC3 bug report no. 3
The splash damage has been increased, hand grenades and other weapons with splash damage now cause more damage. The mobile M5 AT gun was fixed and can now be used again. The Russian M1939 AA gun has been fixed and can be destroyed, its gunner be killed. Several faulty spawns like stationary AT guns and machine guns being placed too low or floating in the air have been fixed.

RC3 bug report no. 4
While checking/fixing the reported bugs, i found a serious code bug in one of the objects supplying ammo to infantry. It lacked one line of code, and one line was faulty. I'll check all objects with ammo/health supply depots to make sure they're ok.
The Coop mode for 4005-willemsbrug was removed for the upcoming patch. It shouldn't have been in there in the first place, because it's still work in progress. My apologies
First person view of the P-40 Kittyhawk/Tomahawk has been fixed as well, the red cross is now centered correctly.

RC3 bug report no. 5
Found another serious AI bug in one of the new additions (Swordfish). Bug has been fixed.
UPDATE: Swordfish spawn on Attacker class carriers fixed

RC3 bug report no. 6
- fixed faulty rudder on Mosquito and Swordfish
- improved Swordfish flight physics
- reworked the suspension mesh on RAM Kangaroo
- fixed the faulty plane spawns on Taiho carrier
- fixed the no cockpit 1P view on some planes
- reworked mantlet and gunbarrel for Jagdpanther
- reworked soldier spawns in Coop mode on 4307-114_to_messina
- fixed ticket bleed on 4504-royan_outskirts

RC3 bug report no. 7
another small update on the ongoing bug hunt:
- added missing crosshair to Swordfish rear gunner
- lowered two sandbags on 4503-paderborn to allow proper aiming and firing of PaK 40
- removed the overheating of Oerlikon 20mm guns (similar guns don't have overheating at all)
- changed the firing rate and ammo amount of 20mm guns of Bf 109 F-4
- removed the centerline "Motorkanone" from Bf 109 E-3
- replaced the FlaK 38 on the Hilfskreuzer with a FlaK C/30
- changed ammo amount of FlaK C/30 to 20 rounds per magazine
Unlike mentioned earlier, the patch release will not be this week, i'd rather wait for more bug reports coming in to make sure that the most serious bugs are ironed out. Non-critical bugs like slightly floating trees or other statics can be adressed for the full release, so don't expect all of them for the patch.
RC3 bug report no. 8
- fixed bombs on G4M Betty (no longer destroys itself)
- removed faulty camouflage net on 4504-uelzen
- fixed 1P view on KhT 130 tank
- added missing glass on IL-4 fuselage and turret

RC3 bug report no. 9 (after Patch 1) (7th november)
- added missing winter texture for 2cm Flakvierling
- added crosshairs to B-17 waist gunners
- fixed 1P view of M11-39 turret
- reworked Coop and pathmaps on 4104-adria_annexion
- fixed position of stationary mgs on 4406-fox_green
- created collision mesh for the tunnel on 4011-kalamas_line
- reworked Coop and pathmaps on 4011-kalamas_line
- reworked Coop soldier spawns on 4312-ortona
note: Due to the amount of fixes, added meshes and textures, there won't be another patch for RC3. All the reworked content and bug fixes will be in the next full build.

If do you (the community) find some more bugs, please let us to know?
Yet the chance that the error will be corrected.

The Bug Report is made by Sarge31FR on the offical Battlegroup42 Facebook Group (


Title: Battlefield 1942: SuperDC v2.10 Release
Post by: buschhans on 31-01-2017, 19:01:48

It's rainy november rain and dark grey clouds outside the middle european windows, but now we have a fresh delivered sunlight news for modern warfare fans. After six month in development work progress SuperDC v2.10 to get a full update and we celebrate it. Already four weeks ago we present you the announcement to the SuperDC v2.10 update. Now it is so far. The new Version is Release and able to Download. And we think the Server  is now switch to the new update. But for the moment we havent sighted. Keep the eyes open at your Gamespy Browser. Best time 3pm -8pm CET Berlin time.

Discuss and contact: click here (


-edited effects

-mig142 with napalm rockets
-mi8 with napalm bomb
-rg6 with Phosphorus grenade



iraq, mei,isis,mec

-new molotov

Command kit:
-now 2 types for different size levels simple (with command center only) and heavy (+ radar tower and nuke bunker)
- command centre has 2 types of uav: 1 with engine of slow plane and rocket weapon , 2 like satelite in bf2 has arti support(snakeys removed)
- radar tower has 1 weapon for now- guided tomohawk
- nuke bunker has 1 weapon-nuke launching uav.

All objects in command kit spawm just once and can be destroyed.

Squad Leader kits:
-ladder removed
-spawmpoint creator added

New type of kits. For some reason trying to add bomber support cases crash problem.So i have to remove it for now.
Kit has for each team ladder, pistol, main rifle, grenade, arti support (from general kit), and ammo bag (for additional ammo).

 SuperDC v2.1 (requesting Desert Combat 0.7 to Play): Download (

t1/t2 kits have a protection against another team.

Be a part of the European Forces you like:


Have fun in the air as US or russian for example:



In this kits you will find the special kits to do something crazy things, you have never seen before:


This Gepard AA Gun get your enemy down from the air:


Russian double support:


A silent village, before the war is rollin on:


The men with the mask:


Smoke and effect view:


Chinese troops on the move:


View the new extra time burn effects:


Alone Iraq tank in the town sighted, get your seats:


Your MG comrade in the tank doing a great job:


You need a ladder? Put it there you need to be a sniper or creat a MG Nest by kit:


Turkmen troops smoke:


Russian Airbase waiting for the order to start:


This black one on the left is two times bigger than the both grey one on the right side:


Guess what the map is in modern warfare style:


Second chance to guess what the map is:


Did you know what the name of the map is:


Tune in the game and find it out:


You can check it opening ini file in superdc folder.

game.setCustomGameName SuperDC
game.addModPath Mods/SuperDC/ only one sdc
game.addModPath Mods/DesertCombat/
game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/
game.customGameFlushArchives 0
game.setCustomGameVersion 2.1

Some information about sides:


Let us to kick the enemy in the ass, for this aim the bots keep your neck free.;-)

Title: Battlefield 1918: XMas 2017 jetzt für 3.1 erschienen!
Post by: buschhans on 31-01-2017, 19:01:31

Wir sind schon bereits 4 Wochen im neuen Jahr angekommen, doch die positiven Nachrichten aus der Battlefield 1942 Welt reißen nicht ab. Die Weihnachtsfeiertage gingen zwar vor ein paar Wochen bereits zuende, jedoch arbeiteten fleißige, treue russische 1.Weltkrieg Offiziere und Generäle, dessen Resultat folgte schließlich eine Überarbeitung der alten XMas 2006 und 2008 Mods. Diese waren leider nicht mit der aktuellen Battlefield 1918 3.1 Version Kompatibel, was nun aber behoben sei. In unserer heutigen News testeten wir die fünf enthaltenen Maps, der XMas 2017 Mod und die Mod lief wie erwartet stabil, ohne abstürze. Unsere Systemeinstellung für diesem Test war Windows 7. Die XMas 2017 Mod sollte aber auch mit Windows 8 und Windows 10 problemlos funktionieren.

Unsere russischen Freunde aus der ( (soziales Netzwerk wie Facebook) Community luden bereits zu einer Schneeballschlacht ein. Leider verpassten wir es, euch über den Termin des Schlittenrennens zum 14.Januar ab 18 Uhr zu informieren. Dennoch können wir uns über eine Kompatibele XMas 2017 Mod freuen, die zusammen mit dem besten 1.Weltkrieg Shooter Nummer Eins Battlefield 1918 v3.1 jede Menge Schneeball und Schlitten Spass zu der kalten Winterzeit bieten sollte.


Wir stellen euch jeweils zwei Download Mirrors zur Verfügung:

Battlefield 1918 3.1 (3 Parts):  Download (  oder Download (

XMas 2017: Download ( oder Download (

Wer Lust auf TeamSpeak hat, kann uns auf den Server Folgen: TS 3 Viewer (

Hier ein paar Map Screenshots:





Rambo Dondell

Secret: In der mitte ist ein Schutthaufen, in der eine Schaufel steckt. Drückt (E) um diese position zu besetzen, danach könnt ihr mit den (Pfeiltasten Hoch-Runter) die Startrampe öffnen.










Zum Ende unserer heutigen Battlefield 1918 XMas News sitzen wir auf unserem 2 Sitzer Schlitten  und sehen Licht am Ende des Eis Tunnels.

Source: +
Title: BF 1918 v3.2: Impressions from Serbia and Galicia
Post by: buschhans on 31-01-2017, 19:01:08

Welcome to another update on the upcoming 3.2 patch of Battlefield 1918, this time also with some pictures! First of all, we would like to thank for the valuable and encouraging feedback received after the anouncement to revive the mod development.

As already noted, the focus of 3.2 will be on the balkan theatre as well as to enrich the Eastern front. For both settings, we want to share a few impressions.

First, let's start with the desparate struggle of the litte Serbian Army to withstand the - seemingly - mighty millitary machine of the multi-etnic Austro-Hungarian empire. As this conflict was the initiation of the Great War, it deserves some spotlight: After the assasination of the Austrian-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Austro-Hungarian (hereafter: KuK) attack against Serbia was believed to be a rather short and easy campaign. However, soon this turned out to be not the case. The first invasion in August 1914 was held back by the Serbian forces with the Battles around Cer and Drina, which was already a blamage for the proude KuK forces.

Another attempt in November 1914 seemed to see greater success, and the Serbian troops had to withdraw towards the hinterland and evacuate the capital city of Belgrade. They set up a defence line in the area of the Kolubara River and once they realized how overstretched the KuK lines were, they launched a massive and surprising counter-attack which again pushed the enemy outside of Serbian territory; Belgrade was retaken. This was such a debacle for KuK forces that no enemy soldier would enter Serbia again for almost one year, while both KuK and Germans had to focus on the Russian advance in Galicia.

In our map that deals with the Battle of Kolubara, Serbian forces set up improvised and rather weak defence positions - a small trench system and a few wooden structures - around a small farmer village at the Kolubara River. Backed up by light artillery from the hill on the other side of the river, they need to hold back KuK forces that assault these positions with strong forces from three directions.





Our next map presentation deals with the Siege of Przemysl on the Eastern front. While this theatre in general was characterized by mobile warfare, this battle saw some elements of a static trench fight: The initial push of the Imperial Russian Army in the summer of 1914 was putting KuK under big pressure and they had to give up big deals of their province Galicia. In September, the KuK fortress city of Przemysl (in today's Poland) was surrounded by Russian troops. Fierce fighting took place in the following weeks and after huge losses, the Russians were just able to conquer the city in March 1915. However, after the German breakthrough at Gorlice-Tarnow and the subsequent Russian retreat from Galicia, the town became Austrian again in the summer of 1915.

Our map shows a small and outdated fort which is part of the fortress system around the town of Przemysl. Russian forces need to overcome the KuK trench systems in order to conquer the fort - be ready for intense close-quarter combats!





If do you want to meet in battlefield 1918, then you can download the current version. Until the release of 3.2, which will take a little time.

Battlefield 1918 3.1 (3 Parts):  Download (  oder Download (

 We hope you enjoyed this news; stay tuned!

Author: [BF1918] Cicero


Title: Interstate 82: 24/7 Valentines Event 2017
Post by: buschhans on 31-01-2017, 19:01:40

Again a month has gone by already. The shortest month February of  2017 is already running. Today is a good day for you because you get an invite from the ( Community for the second Interstate 82 event in 2017. At the event the entertainment revolves around the lonely Valentine's Day heart of this world. But all the others are to be invited in. Long speech short.

Let's go Saturday, the 11.02.2017 from 00 hours CET.

And at the end is when you want it. All what established Battlefield 1942 players or new players which universe would like to learn the game and the mod need can be found at the end of the article to be here.


Schon ist wieder ein Monat vergangen. Der kürzeste Monat Februar des neuen Jahres läuft bereits. Deshalb ist heute ein guter Tag euch im Namen der Community zum zweiten Interstate Event 2017 einzuladen. Bei dem event dreht sich alles um die Unterhaltung der einsamen Valentinstags Herzen dieser Welt. Aber auch alle anderen sind herzlich eingeladen dabei zu sein. Lange rede kurzer Sinn hier sind die Fakten...

    Los geht es Samstag, den 11.02.2017 ab 00 Uhr CET.

    Server Name:

    Server Address:   Port: 14567

Und Ende ist wann ihr es wollt. Alles was etablierte Battlefield 1942 Spieler oder neue Spieler die das Spiel und das Mod Universum gerne kennenlernen würden brauchen findet ihr am Ende des Artikels um dabei zu sein.

1.) The Basic for new interested players:  Download (

2.) Interstate 82 Mod (for this people what have the basic): Download (

3.) Interstate 82 Mappack: Download (

No broken hearts this valentines days! powered by GoodDayToDie

Title: Forgotten Hope: -=PFC=- Stalingrad Event 4.Feb 2017
Post by: buschhans on 31-01-2017, 19:01:05

Soon its February, the second month in the year. The Pixel-Fighter Community presents the first public Forgotten Hope Event in 2017 for you the community! Be one of the part, tell your friends or take a look inside oldschool gaming at best! Make the Saturday and the year 2017 together successfull for the community.

Our Event calls....


New Maps made by the great -=PFC=- Kampfsau!

Single Map Download:

extract the maps in your FH level folder, for example:

C://Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/bf1942/levels

1.) As a new player got the Battlefield 1942 as basic game: Download (

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 full Windows 7/8/10 support only one installer:  Download (

Pimp up your good old FH 0.7 Mod with a new Interface Menu, bloody screen effect or Sound and Texture Pack for a more WW2 realism experience!

3.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 (optional) new Fan Interface FHC 3b2: Download (http://

3.) BLOODY SCREEN + LOW HP:  Download (

 Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here)

3.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst ♫ + Texture Patch "22.Sep 2015": Download (

Additional Maps for the Mappack Events:

3a.) PFC Custom Maps:

3b.) Filefront Custom Maps:



Date: 04.02.2017

Start: 19gmt+1

New Maps what we play (made by -=PFC=- Kampfsau):

Somewhere in Stalingrad
Stalin Line 1941
6th army

The Download for the maps will comming here soon after its public....

You are welcome to make the difference...

Don't forget: Tell your friends, invite it at all!


Source: &
Title: Re: BF Mod News
Post by: FHMax3 on 31-01-2017, 19:01:14
I though BG42 was dead. Strange to see it alive. And if you want the experience of DC, play BF2 with all the packs.
Title: FHR: v0.18 Released
Post by: buschhans on 18-03-2019, 22:03:05

Nach einer Newspause lässt der Entwickler "ziba128" wieder was von sich hören. Nach eigenen Angaben schreitete die Entwicklung der Mod zwar langsam, dennoch stetig vorran. Neue Pirsch Animationen wurden für euren Soldaten hinzugefügt. Die Panzer bekamen neue Zielvisiere. Highlight der Mod dürften die von "ziba128" neuen Einsteig Animationen zum Panzer und Flugzeug für euch sein. Das werdet ihr bei keiner zweiten Mod so ausgeprägt genießen können wie hier in der Forgotten Hope Revisited Mod. Desweiteren werden drei neue abwechslungsreiche Maps geliefert. Bei der einen Map streift ihr durch die Gebirgigen Wälder, bei der zweiten stapft ihr durch den Gebirgigen Schnee und bei der dritten, die dritte Map ist für alle Sonnen Anbeter, die spielt dann in der Wüste. Auf den meisten Maps ist es Möglich in einem APC Fahrzeug zu Spawnen. DIe Mod kann mit bis zu 127 Bots gespielt werden, welche euch Messern werden, mit Granaten beschmeissen und insgesamt aggressiver sind. An neuen Effekten und Sounds wurde auch nicht gespart. Wir können uns nun über ein FHR v0.18 komplett update der Mod freuen, welches ab sofort für euch zur Verfügung steht. Lasst euch die Mod nicht entgehen, ein Muss für jeden 2.Weltkrieg Shooter Fan!


Finally it's here - FHR v0.18 update!

Almost 6 years have passed since the last FHR release. During this period expectations of some community members have turned into a forgotten hope. It seemed like the mod was dead.

But the real situation was different. The work went on, slow but sure. New features have been added and many changes have been made.

Here's what's new:

Telescopic-like gun sights

Vehicle entry animations

New run animations

New maps

Carpathian Offensive-1944



Goryachiy Klyuch-1943


Sidi Bou Zid-1943


Co-op mode support for Seelow Heights-1945, Ramelle Neuville-1944 maps.

AI impovement
127 bots support has been added to Singleplayer mode.

AI is more aggressive now. Weapon handling and accuracy improved. Bots use grenades and knives against infantry, don't stuck on spawn point anymore.

Mobile spawnpoints

APCs received a spawnpoint on most of maps to make a gameplay more dynamic.

New effects, sounds and HUD
For all changes, please read: HERE! (http://"")
 Game essentials as new or veteran player:

1.) As a new player got the Battlefield 1942 as basic game (fixed Link): Download (http://"")

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7 full Windows 7/8/10 support only one installer:  Download (http://"")

3.) Forgotten Hope Revisited v0.18: Download (http://"")

Author/Developer: ziba128

Source/ dev ziba128 contact: (http://"")
Title: Soccer 2018 Mod Release!!!
Post by: buschhans on 18-03-2019, 22:03:35

Today we want you the revised Japanese soccer 2018 mod for Battlefield 1942 imagine that 2019 appeared shortly before the new year on . Around 100 MB you little High School Simulator Fun Mod was developed by the Japanese hikonyan. Some mod teams would the key to talent lick a mod to get it into your team. Last year he told us with a release of pleased, also we could report with pictures and video. Now we have the successor for you exclusively. In Japan, the mod happened dur from popular, as we see positive on YouTube were allowed — so much so, that they fully have filled a common Battlefield 1942 - 64 player server with the soccer mod. Remarkably for a niche mod, as we see. Let's get to the activities that you can practice in the mod. Special feature is that you can move the head in and out of the tanks, to open and close with the tank hatches, it looks just great. This feature was reserved normally only modern games. With Battlefield Heroes , you could either in or out watching and that's it, the animation is not even nearly as implemented as in the soccer 2018 mod. You can go through the classrooms of the school, sit on the Chair, and play chess. Play on the piano or other instruments using, opts for mechanics in the game, on which otherwise has no other mod the mod. Of European players is this mod as a positive odd evaluated and implemented the school as very good. Unfortunately, the mod only in CONQUEST is playable, i.e. without computer AI opponents (single player/COOP). A map, where you can make new experiences in the school building and the sports field or simply just imaginative play you is available.


Soccer 2018 Mod:

Pictures and Movie you find:

Title: SuperDC mini demo release 2019
Post by: buschhans on 18-03-2019, 22:03:11

SuperDC v2.3 mini-demo

Intermediate mini version of the mod. He decided to share the progress.

-new weapons

-new vehicles

-new effects

-no France, EU, Serbia for now. (factions far from complete)

-weapons for all sides -not finished

-new sdc water system.

-mod has a random level crash problem

bbfplayer hope to can add Japan and Israel in future.

If do you can help or want to test, or get in contact with the developer bbfplayer: click here ( Feedbacks also important.

SuperDC v2.3 mini demo, contains the german Bundeswehr: Torrent ( or Download (

Making some changers in old levels.




















Autor: bbfplayer

Title: BF 1918 cmp-gaming Tournament - Outbreak of Chaos
Post by: buschhans on 18-03-2019, 22:03:18

Long time we have no news about a Tournament in Battlefield 1942. But Granate from the Battlefield 1918 Community tell us, there are starting a new Tournament battle at Saturday 23.March.  At the moment 25 players actually register. You can be one of the part in that regiment you like to play Triple Entente or German Empire?  Battlefield 1918, Forgotten Hope 0.7 and FHSW during a lot of Tournaments over the years in the past in the old community. On this way they want to plug-in the new community in the future. The during Tournament people want to bring you back the good old Tournament experience you like.

One big of the reason of the long silence about during public Tournaments was the change the website and grow up in a new community it calls


Summer 1914, the whole of Europe is falling deep into the Chaos of war, a conflict unknown by its new nature; a gigantic, brutal conflict involving millions of men fighting a senseless war.  Soon, iron will rain heavily and the corn fields of Western Europe will be flowing in blood.  On this day, the most wonderful summer of the century will turn into Hell.  From the small Belgian towns to the large fields of the east of France, passing by the narrow streets of Ypres,   relive the year when the old world died for a new one, which changed everything.    Which side will you choose ? Will you fight for The Triple Entente to defend Belgium and France against the German appetite for new territories to conquer? Or for the German Empire to exert it's full power over the old continent?    Whichever side you fight for, join us in our new Battlefield 1918: Outbreak of Chaos. What is a campaign?  A campaign is a series of connected battles, where we recreate the timeline of the war.  Campaigns are played over 8-10 weeks and every Saturday we will have a 3-hour battle with multiple rounds.  All battles are counted towards the final score which determines the army that won the overall campaign.  Battles will take place every Saturday evenings at 18:00 UTC.


How much Campaigns will be played?
8-10 planned

How long runs a Saturday Night battle?
3 hours

Which side i can join?
Triple Entente or German Empire

How much players register now?
25 players

When starts the Saturday Night battles?

18:00 UTC (19:00 Uhr Berlin Time)

What i need for Downloads to be one of the part?

You see under the point "Requirements"

Where i can register for this Tournament?

Join a Regiment: click here (

For what i need Teamspeak 3?

You need it for the Tactical movements and orders in game.

Saturday 23. March starting the first Tournament battle.


1.) The Basic - for new Players: Download (!XYwCmBYA!g-h7KuFQNdpvZq4U4JzoshmMMYeDqqRlaEEERwphMQ0)

2.) Battlefield 1918 v3.1: Download (

3.) Teamspeak 3 64bit: Download (

Bilder die noch Fehlen folgen später hier im Thread. Wichtig wird es sein englisch oder russisch sprechen zu können.
Title: Battlefield 1918 v 3.2: News In Sight!
Post by: buschhans on 18-03-2019, 23:03:15

Heute haben eine Knaller News für alle Battlefield 1942 erste Weltkrieg Shooter Fans. Nach einem ganzen kompletten Jahr News Pause melden sich 2019 die Battlefield 1918 Mod - Entwickler zum Stand des kommenden v3.2 updates zurück. In kleinen aber feinen schritten haben sie die Mod weiterentwickelt. Zu den zahlreichen Neuerungen, wie Maps, Fraktionen, Fahrzeuge, kommen jetzt zwei weitere Highlights hinzu. In der neuen Version werdet ihr eure Lieblingshandfeuerwaffen mit Kimme und Korn bedienen, genau wie ein echter Soldat im ersten Weltkrieg Anfang des 20.Jahrhunderts, als es noch keine Computer, Fernsehen, Internet, Passagierflugzeuge etc gab. Damit nicht genug, einhergehend mit der neuen frohen Botschaft zum stand der Entwicklung werdet ihr und eure Freunde alle zu einer Battlefield 1918 open Beta eingeladen. Sagt es allen weiter! Des weiteren werdet ihr ein neues, effektives, mobiles Taktisches Stilmittel an die Hand bekommen, Mobil verlegebare Drahtzäune, womit ihr euch vor dem herannahenden Feind einigeln oder schützen könnt.

Um auch ein Mitspieler zu werden benötigt ihr:

1.) The Basic - für neue Spieler oder Tester, die sich von der Magie des Spiels und der Mod anstecken lassen wollen: Download (

2.) Battlefield 1918 v3.1 Part 1-3: Download (

Soviel heute von uns, nun zur Original News aus, verfasst von dem Battlefield 1918 Mod - Entwickler  ACE191418:

Today the Battlefield 1918 development would like commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Verdun with news regarding the German and French factions in the game. In addition, expect more news on the Tsar tank and a few other things.

Greetings and welcome to the latest news update regarding the development of Battlefield 1918. It has been a long time since the last update but we are still making slow but steady progress. In light of the fact that today is February 21st, the anniversary of the Battle of Verdun between France and Germany, we are proud to announce new features that will affect both factions as well as the Commonwealth factions. As requested by many, Battlefield 1918 3.2 will introduce iron sights!


The new iron sights will be available to the MG class when prone and will be available to the Chauchat, the Lewis, and the MG 08/15!


While this news will certainly please many, this is not the only new feature on display today, as players will also have the opportunity to deploy defenses such as barbed wire using new pickup kits!


Finally we would like to showcase the new Tsar tank trailer that was released earlier this month. We hope you all enjoy this news and have a good day!

Autor: ACE191418

Source and Contact: (
Title: BattleGroup42 RC4 - Patch 1 Release!
Post by: buschhans on 26-03-2019, 20:03:02

Dear BattleGroup42 fans,
since the release of RC4 in December 2018, we’ve received quite a lot of bug reports from our players and team members. All of the reported bugs up to 27th of February 2019 have been fixed. The reworked damage system introduced in RC4 still needs some fine tuning, and we’re still working on that.
You can find the patch files: here (
Other download links:
1.) The Basic - für neue Spieler: Download (!XYwCmBYA!g-h7KuFQNdpvZq4U4JzoshmMMYeDqqRlaEEERwphMQ0)
2.) Battlegroup42 RC4 - 1 - 5 Part: Download (
3.) Battlegroup42 RC4 - Patch 1: Download (!XYwCmBYA!g-h7KuFQNdpvZq4U4JzoshmMMYeDqqRlaEEERwphMQ0)

Files Für Server Hoster:
Für Server Hoster die Battlegroup42 Patch 1 Server Files: Download (
Alle Battlegroup42 Server Files und Entwickler Tools - im unteren Abschnitt zu finden: Download (








There are also mirrors available on our moddb site, please check the links listed below

Changelog - first patch for BG42 RC4

    vehicle fixes
        fixed OT-34/85 missing engine sound
        added missing right side road wheel on Kangaroo
        fixed the misaligned suspension on Sturmpanzer II
        fixed missing recoil on gunbarrel of Semovente 75/18
        fixed faulty first person view on bow mg of M3 Light (all variants)
        moved the gunner seat of the Wespe to a better position
        fixed wrong soundscript for engine of ISU-152
        fixed missing sound for rear machine guns on He-111 torpedo bomber
        added improved tank track animation speed settings made by al13326
        fixed missing tank tracks sound on early KV-1 tank
        added missing crosshair on Sexton (Coop version)
        resized SU-152's idler wheel to better fit the tank track
        removed unused crosshair from Ha-Go rear turret machine gun
        fixed offset railings on Hilfskreuzer hull mesh
        fixed game crash when destroying the ZIS-3 gun (both stationary and mobile version)
        removed crosshairs in BV-138 cockpit view
    map fixes
        added missing static object on 4006-dunkirk_perimeter
        fixed faulty soldier spawns on 4208-jiangxi
        changed the US soldier kits to US Marine kits on 4410-clash_on_surigao
        added missing textures for some tree meshes
        fixed wrong texture for Flak 36 on 4005-montherme
        fixed wrong spawn of B-4 howitzer on 4108-uman_pocket
        changed US Rifleman Springfield kit to M1 Garand kit on 4204-fall_of_bantaan
        fixed floating fences on 4307-prokhorovka
        switched Serbian Soldiers on 4405-raid_on_drvar to new Yugoslavian Partisans (thanks to Laufer for the content)
        fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4406-fox_green
        fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4411-operation_infatuate
        fixed typo in map description of 4501-operation_matador
        fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4504-pounding_the_rock
        fixed typo in cullradius.con in 4504-royan_outskirts
        added missing effect soundscript to 4504-royan_outskirts
    various fixes and additions
        changed the Italian Navy flag to the correct one
        fixed soldier kits using the wrong "Assault" description (machine gunners for example)
        fixed size of some soldier helmets (thanks to Laufer)
        fixed damage of Breda 42 anti tank grenade
        reworked Soviet "Pilotka" hat (thanks to Laufer)
        added Valentine III and IX to Russian repair depot
        started damage system overhaul. This was necessary due to some values being too low or too high.

We want to thank all of our team members and fans for their continued support of the mod, and hope that you'll have a lot of fun with the new version
Title: BF 1942 Modding: lnxded server fixes!
Post by: buschhans on 26-03-2019, 20:03:37

I've been maintaining a set of Linux dedicated server fixes for a while, but I'm opening it up to a wider audience

This includes a number of patches that have been floating around as well as a number of new fixes. The important gameplay changes are:

* Weapon deviation is set to max when selecting a weapon: Weapon deviation does not change for weapons that are not selected. Some players take advantage of this by keeping their weapon stowed while moving and then selecting it right before firing.

* Player names are sanitized: No more player names with special characters, leading/trailing spaces, or names shorter than 3 letters.

* Assault maps now award victory to the defending team if they survive until end of round (Wake, Omaha, etc). This is what was originally intended, but due to a typo never took effect.

* Death bubble now gives damage to players rather than their vehicle. This prevents the death bubble zombie wreckage problem.


# Team S.W.A.T Release
# Battlefield 1942 v1.61 Linux server patched
# Modified to include:
# - Support for up to 128 players
# - replacement for gamespy master
# - Ignore client version and checksum (allow 1.61b and 1.612)
# - Ignore CD key checks
# - No longer sends player keyhashes to public queries
# - Allows all console commands on remote and local console
# - Fixes segfault in dice::bf::GameServer::radioMessage
# - Fixes sefgault in dice::ref2::io::NetworkManager::getNetUpdate
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::ObjectManager::checkMessages
# - Fixes IP bans not taking effect
# - Set weapon deviation to max when putting weapon away
# - Fixup player names (nonprintables, too short, etc)
# - Fix assaultTeam typo. Defending team now wins if timer expires
# - Fix armor zombies generated by death bubble
# - Fix segfault due to death bubble fix
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::FireArms::Fire
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::io::NetworkManager::getNetUpdateDelta
# - Fixes segfault in dice::ref2::world::BFSoldier::handleUpdate
# Addresses the following vulnerabilities:
# - BFE-200806.01
# - BFE-201107.01
# - BFE-201111.01
# - BFE-201211.01
# - BFE-201611.01
# - BFE-201611.02
# - BFE-201710.01
# - BFE-201804.01
aa11b4f01501cc1a9f21d58dabe2277b  bf1942_lnxded.static
7a1983a4fffe6b387ed42a50197a1538  bf1942_lnxded.dynamic

Server Fix against Hackers: Download (
Autor: russ
Source: (
Title: Forgotten Hope: Pixel-Fighter D-Day 2019 Event + mehr!
Post by: buschhans on 19-05-2019, 15:05:09

Unser PFC Forgotten Hope Mod D-Day jährt sich zum 10.mal 2019, wir haben ein Jubiläum mit euch gemeinsam zu feiern!!!

Wir freuen uns euch zum kommenden D-Day Event einladen zu können.

Das D-Day Event startet am Donnerstag, den 6. Juni 2019 um 18 GMT+1


Der Server bietet für 128 Spieler gleichzeitig Online Platz.

Zum Event benötigt ihr keine Anmeldung oder Registrierung, seid einfach dabei und nehmt euren Clan oder ein paar Freunde mit! 

Video Forgotten Hope Appetizer:

Hol dir die:

-=PFC=- D-Day Mappacks 

Zum einsteiegen in die Modwelt von Battlefield 1942 benötigst du diese Dinge als erstes:

1.) The Basic: Download (http://"")

2.) Forgotten Hope 0.7:  Download (http://"")

Mappack 1 (http://"").rar

Mappack 2. (http://"")rar

 Entpacke die Map falls nötig mit "win.rar" (file ending .rfa) und copy und pastet diese in euren FH Level Ordner wiefolgt: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\


Mappack 1. (http://"")exe

Mappack 2. (http://"")exe

Die Community stellt ein kostenloses Download tool zur verfügung, mit dem ihr alle Forgotten Hope Map Dateien Automatisiert auf euren Rechner laden könnt ohne selbst installieren und Downloaden zu müssen:

PFC-Toolbox Download (http://"")

Hier sind ein paar Bilder für die Retro Shooter Fans, leider können wir nicht alle tollen Features, der Mod einfangen,daür habt ihr die Gelegenheitz selber auf entdeckungsreise zu gehen. Jede Map bietet euch etwas anderes:











Following servers will be available for the D-Day Event, on which we run the same D-Day maps by chronological order: including brand NEW! maps!

Falls der Link nicht geht, könnt ihr den FTP: Text auch Copy und Past in eure Adresszeile eures Browsers einfügen, dann seid ihr auf der sicheren Seite: put it in your Searchline into your Browser + Map.rar! (http://"") (http://"") (http://"") (http://"") (http://"") (http://"")

Hier wird gespielt:

Server Name: FH/RANKED
Server IP:

( (

Ein paar coole Features für eure Forgotten Hope Mod,in Sachen Sound und Textur Paket haben wir füreuch geschnürrt:

 BLOODY SCREEN + LOW HP:  Download (http://"")

 Installation: Battlefield 1942/Mods/FH/Archives/ (paste menu_001.rfa here)

Forgotten Hope 0.7 - Famous Bratwurst ♫ + Texture Patch: Download (http://"")

Alle Maps könnt ihr hier auch Manuell runterladen, dann habt ihr immer die passende Map zum passenden Event:

PFC Custom Maps: Download (http://"")

Filefront Custom Maps: Download (http://"")

Autor/Dev/Leader: -=PFC=- Grabbi

Quelle: (http://"")

Einen haben wir noch.

Eine Woche vorher erwartet euch ein weiteres spannendes Battlefield 1942 Event, die Interstate 82 Jungs aus Amerika laden ein, mit den Action Autos die Parcours der Battlefield 1942 Spielerwelt zu erobern. Hier erwartet euch jede Menge Retro Spass:


Interstate 82: Download (http://"")

Autor: GoodDayToDie!

Title: Battlefield 1918 v3.2 Open Beta Now Available!
Post by: buschhans on 13-09-2019, 15:09:54

Greetings everyone and welcome to the latest news update regarding Battlefield 1918. Myself and the rest of the team would first of all like to thank all of our fans for their patience in waiting for the release of the Open Beta for V3.2, and we are happy to say that the wait is finally over!
At the end of this article will be a link to the open beta version of the mod, so can start downloading while reading the rest of what we have to say here regarding some of the new features you'll encounter.
For a start this is a good time to bring up some of the new maps that players will get to experience, the first being the Morava Offensive. This map is set around the Bulgarian fall offensive of 1915 against Serbian defenders around the town of Pirot. Players will get to fight over the town itself, the surrounding area, and even the historical 14th century castle that made up key parts of the Serbian defenses.



Of course this is not the only new map we have to report, as many may know that the combined might of Germany, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary was simply too much for forces of Serbia and as such they retreated through the mountains of Albania. This is where our aptly named Albania map takes place which will uniquely start off the Serbians with one flag and the Bulgarians at their heels, but the ability to easily capture more if they move fast enough and defend their starting area long enough. We hope that this setup will make the map both memorable and fun for our fans!



Of course, the subject of snowy mountain passes does bring one to the topic of winter uniforms, and players will be pleased to learn that some nations are already receiving special winter uniforms on appropriate maps. Among the first nations to get these new variants will be Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary.


Naturally, bringing up the Eastern Front gives opportunities to discuss another long awaited and often requested feature for Battlefield 1918, as players will now find that they have access to playing as cavalry. In Battlefield 1918, players can mount horses that are equipped with carbines, pistols, melee weapons, or even unarmed variants that provide supplies to both the player and nearby allies.



There are plenty of more changes as well, too many to mention in fact, but we do also offer players a brand new trailer which contains some more of these new features:

Submit Reports send please there: click here (http://"")

I'm sure with all of this news you are all now quite excited to try out the new open beta, which is partly why we've included the link for the download down below. Before I go I would also like to give credit to: Andrey15, vatnik, (BF1918)Cicero, and Lopa4 for their work on 3.2, as well as those who have worked on previous versions of Battlefield 1918. Of course I will admit to playing my own role in making this mod, but above all I would like to thank all of you for sticking with us these many long years!

1.) Basic for the new players: Download (http://"!emoXnICC!oSN9yzYjKDvh92a29oXId71uR_yBhIcB3kl4TtcXxGg") or Download (http://"")

2.) Here is the link Battlefield 1918 v3.2 Open Beta for the open beta, please enjoy: Download (http://"") or Download (http://"")
Playable Fractions:

Austrian / Hungaria (overwored)
United Kingdom
Serbia (new)
Bulgaria (new)
Prussia (new)

Fight with:

Via ground (iron sights for some weapons new)
Horses (new)
Transport Vehicle (health/ammo)
Amored Cars
Sea Ships

Autor: Battlefield 1918 developers

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Title: Introducing Learning BF 1918, A New Video Series For New Players + FH News!
Post by: buschhans on 18-03-2020, 17:03:49

[SIZE="5"]Introducing Learning BF 1918, A New Video Series For New Players![/SIZE]

Greetings and welcome dear fans to the latest piece of news from Battlefield 1918!  As we of the Battlefield 1918 development team work on the new features, maps, and weapons that will be present in the upcoming V3.3, I am pleased to announce the start of an official new video series for our mod.
We present to you "Learning Battlefield 1918" which will help new players get into BF1918, providing tips and basic information that it is hoped will be helpful to the rookies within our community. In fact, here is the first video of the series which providing tips and basic information that it is hoped will be helpful to the rookies within our community. In fact, here is the first video of the series which provides a basic overview, the installation process, and a few general tips. It also will give more veteran players a first look at one of our new maps in development:

VIDEO klick (http://"")

We hope this piece of news, though small, is to your liking and in addition it is our wish to provide more news to you all soon. May you all have a good day.

Author: BF1918dev/Team



FH 0.7: A Day of Zitadelle Online Match With Jamovitz Movie: VIDEO klick (http://"")

Server Signatures with Live Status & Server Join Function:


Here you will find all servers with their signatures you can copy & use:
klick hier (http://"")

Gamer Signatures with link to FH-1 Ranking Profile:

Here you will find your signature and your profile: klick hier (http://"")

Here you will find your signature and your profile:


Here you can find your enlisted CLAN in FH 1: klick hier (http://"")

BF-Tracks Signature by -=PFC=- :


Get your BF-Tracks Signature here:klick hier (http://"")

Tournament Event & Kick & Ban Tickets: (http://"")


Dear fellow FH fan,

in March 2020 we offer you approx 160 maps made by our MappingTeam and filefront mappers

-=PFC=- Mappack 1

-=PFC=- Mappack 1 add on

-=PFC=- Mappack 2

-=PFC=- Mappack 2 add on

-=PFC=- Mappack 3

-=PFC=- Mappack 3 add on

-=PFC=- Mappack 4

-=PFC=- Mappack 4 add on

-=PFC=- Mappack 5

-=PFC=- Mappack 5 add on

-=PFC=- Mappack 6

Fanmappack 5

Fanmappack 6

Fanmappack 6 inofficial

Downloads in order to join us you find here:

Regular FH maps will be played again in April 2020 !

Author: Grabbi


[SIZE="5"][FONT="Impact"]Battlefield 1918 3.2b patch Realeased![/FONT][/SIZE]

Greetings and welcome all to the latest update regarding Battlefield 1918. Today the Battlefield 1918 development team is happy to announce that a small update has been created to address issues with some of the maps as well as make a few other tweaks.  The maps in question include the following:

*Battle of Mons
 *Ypres 1914
*Battle of Halen
*Battle of Cer
*Nuit d Orage

In addition a few additional tweaks have been made for vehicles, these include:  *Improving the machine gun accuracy on the Tsar Tank

*Tweaking the splash damage on the cannon of the male FT-17  The download for this patch can be found at the link below, please keep in mind this is meant to be installed over an existing V3.2 of Battlefield 1918:

1.) Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1918 v3.2: Download (http://"")

Battlefield 1918 v3.2b Patch: Download (http://"")

We hope you find these improvements to be to your liking, tell your friends, invite them all, share this later everywhere and we also hope to that our mod continues to keep your interest as we begin work on V3.3 of Battlefield 1918.

BF1918 v3.2 Teaser: VIDEO klick (http://"")

Autor: ACE1918


Title: Battlefield 1918: The Guns of August (News 08/20)
Post by: buschhans on 02-09-2020, 17:09:44

 Battlefield 1918: The Guns of August


Greetings and welcome everyone to a news update regarding Battlefield 1918. For a start we are pleased to inform you all that while we have been quiet in the past few months, work has been done in making the new V3.3 update, especially when it comes to the topic of new maps. But before we get to the new battles players will be able to take part in, it may be prudent to show one of the 2 new factions coming to V3.3, the French Zouaves!

 French Zouaves


Formed from French settlers in colonial North Africa, these troops had a noteworthy reputation long before the war. In fact in the 19th century, soldiers from other nations in both Europe and North America formed their own Zouave formations inspired by these troops.

While a new faction is all well and good, one may also be interested to note that the Zouaves will also be carrying a brand new LMG into combat as well, specifically the Hotchkiss M1909 Benét–Mercié!

 Hotchkiss M1909 Benét–Mercié


Utilized by several Entente nations including not just France but also Britain, Italy, Belgium, and the United States among others, this weapon gained a reputation for being accurate if complex to maintain.

With all of this covered now is a good time to move on to new maps and the first map to cover today is the map featuring the Zouaves, specifically the Battle of Saint-Gond Marsh.

Battle of Saint-Gond Marsh




Part of the much larger 1st Battle of the Marne in September of 1914, this engagement saw Entente troops hold off German attacks on the Eastern flank of the lines. A breakthrough here could have enabled the Germans to even potentially surround and cut off French and British forces from Paris. For this reason it was critical for the French and Zouave troops fighting to stop the Germans and when possible even counter-attack.

On the topic of maps featuring french forces we should now move on to the next map to showcase, specifically the Siege of Maubeuge.

 Siege of Maubeuge




Fought over from late August to early September of 1914, the forts of Maubeuge denied German troops access to vital railroads that they needed to help supply and transport troops on the Western Front. For this reason, German forces resolved to shell the forts into submission with their heavy artillery, including Krupp 420mm Big Berthas. Although the Germans would eventually take Maubeuge on the 7th of September, the 1st Battle of the Marne had by then already begun and the defenders of Maubeuge were at least successful in tying down valuable German troops at this key point in the war.

With the history of Maubeuge out of the way it is now time to see a 3rd new map, this time based on the Battle of Kitchners' Wood.

Battle of Kitchners' Wood




Battlefield 1918 v3.2: Download (http://"")

Battlefield 1918 v3.2b Patch: Download (http://"")

Part of the much larger 2nd Battle of Ypres in the Spring of 1915, Kitcheners' Wood itself was a counter-attack at night by Canadian troops in order to fill the gap left by fleeing Entente forces in the face of the first poison gas attacks made by the Germans on the Western Front. Despite extremely heavy losses in the woods, Canadian forces ultimately prevailed in their efforts.

With all these new features and maps fans may be unsurprised to hear that a new trailer has become available as well, which you can watch in the link below. Some attentive viewers may even spot the 2nd new faction making it's way to Battlefield 1918 as well.

Official Battlefield 1918 Guns Of August Trailer (http://"")

With all of this news we at the Battlefield 1918 Development Team hope that you are as excited as we are and that you will continue to look forward to the day V3.3 gets released. Until then we thank you for your time and hope you have a good day.

Autor: ACE1918