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Title: Total nub question
Post by: Slaine on 12-11-2011, 22:11:43
Hi everybody,

I've downloaded and installed 2.4 and it's fantastic. I'd like to 'up' the experience on the singleplayer experience due to my... ahem... questionable internet speed. Would you be so kind as to enlighten me on a couple of things ?

Are the official, unofficial, easi and other maps 2.4 compatible ?
What files do I need to protect (maps/easi) ?
Are all the maps listed in the download links pages 2.4 compatible ?
Your suggestions on maps/mods/fixes to download ?

As a newbie to this forum can I just say that it's a great idea about the download links but it's very messy. I've tried reading it from page one forwards and from page nine (currently) backwards but it appears to be a mixture of maps, ai fixes, esai fixes and gpo's with no deffinition (either that or it's my

Thanks and all the best
Title: Re: Total nub question
Post by: ksl94 on 12-11-2011, 23:11:17
All maps should be 2.4 compatible. Something you will definitely want are the two newly 'adjusted' SP maps (Huertgen Forest and Vossenack 1944) by ballard44, you'll find them in this part of the forums. These will, as of now, only work via COOP. You should also get the Lafette fix by devilman, which  can be obtained in the download thread (otherwise Purple Heart Lane will constantly keep crashing on you) There are some awesome custom maps around with SP-support. The best ones are: St. Fromond, Beaumont, Juin 44 Ste. Mere Eglise and Battle of Keren. Those are of very high quality and a delight to play. Before I wrote this I played St. Fromond for over 6 rounds  :P . By the way, they can all be downloaded in this forum (you'll find links). As for E.S.A.I., theres a tutorial around so that you can customize the AI strategy on each map. Just look for the latest version of the ESAI FH2 mappack, which includes ESAI and the needed files to enable it quickly and convenient for the maps that need it the most. With these files and maps, SP is incredibly awesome! (BTW. inthis forum section you'll find a tip on how to adjust the difficulty and number of the bots. I got 80 bots and a quite high difficulty of 1.2,if you might want to try out those values.). I hope I could help  :) . Have fun!
Title: Re: Total nub question
Post by: cannonfodder on 13-11-2011, 04:11:51
G'day Slaine... :)

ksl's pretty much summed the situation up.

While the DL sticky is in need of an update, all the links you need (except for Hurtgen and Voss.) are in the first post. There are other links in the thread, but these are mainly modified GPO files.

Technically you shouldn't need to DL the mappack (2.3SP_fixed_files.rar) as all the fixes are in 2.4, but it does contain Goodwood-16, which for some strange reason didn't make it into 2.4... ::)

Regarding backups, if you've got heaps of HDD space like me, the best thing to do is just copy the fh2 folder in ...EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods (it's over 4GB). I just leave my backup in the same folder.

If you don't have much space, you can do the same thing with the levels folder (it's <2GB), and just individually backup other files as you change them. Most of the files we change are in the levels folder so there won't be many others.

If you're really pressed for space, the minimum level of backing up is making a backup of the and info folder (inside the map folder) for each map you make changes to. The bulk of AI fixes/changes are in the, sometimes a file is added/edited in the info folder.

@ksl: AFAIK the difficulty scale goes from 0.1 to 1.0.

I'm not sure if setting it higher than that makes any difference, I'd say it's probably just defaulting back to 1.0...I could be wrong though. :-\
Title: Re: Total nub question
Post by: Slaine on 13-11-2011, 04:11:59
Thank you guys for your answers   ;D