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Title: How i uninstall FH2?
Post by: BatteryCharge on 10-05-2011, 09:05:02
 ;) No prob, it is not ragequitting because i don't win a level, but i can't play FH2 anymore! :'( I entered the game today, and the server account didn't open. I reseted the PC (no reinstalling WinXP), and now i can't play! Haves anyone a answer??? :'(
Title: Re: How i uninstall FH2?
Post by: DLFReporter on 10-05-2011, 10:05:20
It won't help when you uninstall FH2.
Today might be a EA Server Service Day, try it again later this evening. Shouldn't that help, then you have to check your Account files under .../my_documents/BF2/Profiles/... it seems something messed up your Password or Account name, so you can't register to the Account Server. Always make a backup of the profile files should you use a fake email addy and odd passwords. It helps.

Edit: To answer your question, which has been answered before in this section: To uninstall FH2 you just have to delete the FH2 folder under .../Battlefield2/mods/, the fh2.exe in .../Battlefield2/ and the shader cache in by deleting the folder fh2 under.../my_documents/BF2/mods/
Title: Re: How i uninstall FH2?
Post by: Nissi on 10-05-2011, 19:05:59
No worries I had this before. Sometimes - but really rarely - I can not reach the server. Try it again tough.  :)