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Title: Supply Dumps
Post by: 9.Pz Kreuzer on 21-08-2010, 11:08:56

What do you think about introducing supply dumps which mappers can use to make possible so-called forgotten flags more interesting?
Apart from ammoboxes, there would also be a larger supply dump (static?) for vehicles aswell, or maybe just one big static for supplying everything.
Current maps wouldn't gain much out of this but maybe this would open up more tactical possibilities for mappers and players in the future.
These supply dumps would be very rare and used on very large maps!
Most of the time, you will still have to get ur ass in a supplytruck for rearming vehicles  ;)

Title: Re: Supply Dumps
Post by: Flippy Warbear on 21-08-2010, 12:08:29
Mappers can already do this. They can use various of statics to create such supply depots without any sort of problems. However, to make them feel important and act out as what they are meant to be is all upto mappers vision of the maps design. If they plan that an ammo depot is supposed to rearm everything from handweapons to tanks and planes, then they simply include that. It's just, not many mappers have done this in the scale that it would actually be part of the gameplay of said maps. Many maps have these depots already, they just serve no other purpose than rearming your weapons, they do not stand out that well since they arent huge installations but vary in sizes.

For instance in a Bulge map you could have german objectives be supply depots.
Title: Re: Supply Dumps
Post by: 9.Pz Kreuzer on 21-08-2010, 12:08:56
Okay, thank you.
Title: Re: Supply Dumps
Post by: silian on 21-08-2010, 13:08:52
Supply dumps should have barrels of petrol you can roll at the enemy.  ;D
Title: Re: Supply Dumps
Post by: djinn on 21-08-2010, 14:08:51
Check out my post in 'a grand campaign of ww2'. I think its quite doable for a new gamemode