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--- Quote from: ksl94 on 23-11-2014, 20:11:33 ---Thank you! I shall download that lovely map-pack right away. I truly appreciate your work and am looking forward to seeing the different times of day and weather versions. May I suggest a 64 Battle of Keren night layer? I do not think that the standard 32 layer does it justice with it's small size.

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I will give that a try. Althogh I think, Keren is beautiful as it is in 64 mode right know, why would one want to change it :) I actually don't think the 64p layout would profit a lot from night time.

--- Quote from: Moustapha on 23-11-2014, 20:11:21 ---Cool maps, would it be possible for the FH2 servers to add these into the map list?

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For that I'm not the person responsible. Ask an admin of an FH2 server.

Whoa, good work! Will be playing for sure.

Is there a certain process in converting a map other than repacking?

Thank you, Darman! I shall indulge in the fruits of your work shortly - as soon as I figure out how to get my computer's internet connection working again  :P .

thanks to gavrant.

--- Quote from: Airshark79 on 23-11-2014, 23:11:43 ---Is there a certain process in converting a map other than repacking?

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Please specify. The major stuff I did is listed below each map. What do you mean by "converting"?

For an upgraded version.


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