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This is a reply to an old post, but I just had to say, "Figaro, dude, freakin' awesome!" ;D
Worked like a charm on Carentan - can't wait to try it on others.

I only recently came across this map pack and was disappointed the 1st two I tried (Bloody Gulch & Carentan) did the CTD within 3 minutes of gameplay. Having done some VERY miniscule modding (adding a couple new weapons), I tried to find the cause (off & on) for 3 days - including comparing files with maps that did work (Argentan), etc - but no luck.

Given the differences between even various tmp.con files, and not knowing enough about how the code all works (everything I "know" is self-taught), I was at a loss. So I started searching forums and just now came across this post. Many many thanks, Figaro, for taking the time to post this! You just never know when someone might need some valuable info like this down the line.

I also want to include a huge, HUUUGE thank you to Darman and all the others who've contributed so much to making this mod the best! Can't tell you how many (thousands?) of hours of fun we've had playing it! ;D

Dear Darman and all,

As i am always trying to be able to play as much different FH2 maps as i can, i was wondering if someone could advice me on installing the map packs from the OP.

I know that some are not working, obviously because of the Main Mod updates since releasing the packs, but even when i have only 1 extra map to fight on , it will be worth it in my opinion.

I have 2 simple questions:

I have downloaded all files and i have now the 4 exe. files in a separate map on my pc.
How do i proceed from there to get the new maps into my FH2 game ?

And the 2nd question:
Will installing these maps not interfere with anything in my current FH2 set-up i hope ? (this is most important !)

Thank you very much in advance.

A Beta Test for FH2 2.6

Credits are at original Authors

Edits I made, Reichswald floating Statics removed, the most annoying ones, some Bunkerbeds and Opel Doors that floated. The rest is original.

No Localisation Files atm. let us kno how it works or they tend to be updated, I hope not, as I never done such stuff before.
This is unofficial, I cleaned up the Serverarchives and Clientarchives.cons, though you might get
py Warnings, CTDs I haven't got so far. But again, we are testing here. Report issues here or/and on Discord.

I have least editing capacity, know how to edit, import stuff, no big deal, no Guru pro Skills.
I'm a Modder/Texture Artist at IL-2 1946 Community, there's my main preference, FH2 and Coop an old Hobby.
So I might shift activity from time to time, depending on work for IL-2. Atm. I have a bit time off, projects on halt, I took a break from 4 Years constant work, but when I'm back in the Modding sadle, I don't have much time then here.
I'll try my best.
Thanks and happy testing

Known shortcomings at the Time:

-Map Descriptions missing
-waw_fht_762_obj folder with custom Statics/Vedgetation missing

The Localisation Folder needs a clean up, that is proposed when I have the custom Objects cleaned up.
The deletion of the Server/Clients.cons was a standin. atm. I'm adding this back, minus the troublesome stuff
that CTD'd here all the time. Needs to be added neatly for each Map again, and tested. When ready I'll post
it here and on Discord.

Best wishes

When loading St. Mere Eglise the following error appears:


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