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Off-Topic / Re: Hey fellas!
« on: 03-01-2019, 06:01:52 »
Stylie has joined us here long after that.

I still miss that Salma Hayek pic.

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 29-10-2018, 15:10:32 »
Don't worry man.

People who blame others to solve a problem will soon run out of people to be blamed.

That's why both right and left wing politics will eventually fail and continue to rise and fall.

Gaming / Re: Battlefield V
« on: 12-09-2018, 15:09:37 »
LOL, that is actually very brilliant. Imagine fighting as a black Nazi chick wearing officer's cap.

Everybody will feel like fighting their personal war in the World War 2-themed maps against a bunch of nobodies.

Gaming / Re: Battlefield V
« on: 11-09-2018, 17:09:19 »

I heard that the game uses custom characters that you can design for your own use.

Is this true? Does this mean we can use anyone in the German team?

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 16-08-2018, 16:08:33 »
Uhm, breech, not breach.

Today is known as "Black Thursday" for the Luftwaffe back in 1940. It culminated to the "Hardest Day" of the BoB in 18 August 1940.

Here is a Do-17Z of KG76 downed by a Hurricane near RAF Biggin Hill on 18 August 1940

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 12-08-2018, 19:08:26 »
Hah, rather a unique situation. Did the Panther in the foreground was the gun donor?

The left track is also completely stripped out of the wheels.

You might want to binge read this 103 page-long thread about historical reenacting:

Off-Topic / Re: The World Cup 2018
« on: 16-07-2018, 08:07:37 »
Yes, at least this is exciting, because the last 3 world cups went through extra time. Yeah the game concluded convincingly for the France. But I hate that the so-called "pragmatic" mentality. There is a reason why football rules such as golden goal and silver goals were added. The backpass rule too were made for the same reason: to discourage passive plays and sleazy game-destroying exploits.

Football is still a show to keep the populace calm. When pitting man against animals are no longer okay, football became the alternative crowd control measure. But, with the ever increasing cost and footballer's lavish lifestyle, can the show business sustain itself when all they did is exploiting the game mechanism just to win the game? I mean in the spirit of sportsmanship, that is perfectly fine. But how many revenue generating casual audience will be steered away by such boring show?

Look at Formula 1, it is struggling, it is very boring now with too much technical things going on. But then Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull will be happy to go on with their dominance. Like Deschamps and Mourinho, they don't care about the dwindling number of audience. But until it hits them, nobody will react other than the organisers.

The finals should be the likes of France vs. Argentina, Brazil vs. Belgium match. It is super entertaining. This finals clearly shows that France wants nothing to do other than winning, sometimes through dubious means. That is not encouraging.

Off-Topic / Re: The World Cup 2018
« on: 15-07-2018, 19:07:53 »
What a bad show by France, very undeserving and pretty much helped by those 2 scandalous goals. Griezmann dived, which lead to Mandzukić's own goal. Then a VAR penalty kick that is still debatable.

Thankfully, Pogba and Mbappé answered back for the illegitimacy of their win.

Also, big thank you for Croatia, without their attacking play, this final will be a boring one to watch. Maybe this will be the last world cup where the number of audience beats every other sports, given how French and Deschamps' style of play are allowed to reign supreme in soccer tournaments, in addition to all the dives and theatrics.

Off-Topic / Re: The World Cup 2018
« on: 15-07-2018, 05:07:22 »
Well, England, you have been measured, and found wanting by real contenders.

Forward? Lame.
Midfield? Awful.
Defense? Lacking.

The only good thing about this team is the goal keeper Jordan Pickford. He is excellent, although needs a bit more penalty box area control and initiative like Courtois has shown.

Don't put your expectations too high for 2022. Can EPL really produce good players? Well, only 3 out of 11 Belgian starters yesterday played outside England. All of their key players, played for the same team that the main English players played for. Vertonghen and Alderweireld played in the same club as Harry Kane, no wonder his moves are all predictable for them. Kompany and De Bruyne played in the same club as Sterling, Stones, Delph, and friends. Eden Hazard and Courtois played for Chelsea, and become the star players there. See? EPL can indeed produce great world winning players.

It is just the English team that is not only unproven, but lacking in measure. Belgium simply outclassed them alright. While they are seeking weird and one-off opportunity to broke off the quite disciplined defense. It is not a real winning game plan. When they have a chance to counter attack, they relented, scared, reluctant, and eventually got pushed back into their own half. What happened? Do they admitted that they aren't that good enough to outrun those scrambling Belgian defenses? England still have a mountain to climb if they truly want to win the world cup, even with this "young" squad.

Off-Topic / Re: The World Cup 2018
« on: 14-07-2018, 06:07:29 »
Back then they had Scholes. After that they relied on deep defensive midfielders like Lampard and Gerard, which played far too deep in the back to make an effective attacks, England was very unproductive at scoring goals. Rooney was too traditional as a striker to play as a false 10.

Today, they have Kieran Trippeir, I think he could be the modern day Scholes.
Dele Ali was physically limited in this tournament, he was great in England's first game, but then after contacting that thigh injury, his pace was greatly affected.
Raheem Sterling, despite his matured age, still lacks in vision, which is why despite his dangeorus and imposing presence, his contribution to goal is minimal.
Ruben Loftus-Cheek is another surprisingly good player. He is big, solid, can dribble, and have all the unique passing skills necessary to play English attacking style. He could be a playmaker.

For English defense, I agree with you, they are full of holes. They often play too much risk with their dangerously close passing when the enemy is still pressing. But then, they are always like that since the day I first watch football with Sol Campbell, Paul Ince, Southgate himself, and Neville days.

Off-Topic / Re: The World Cup 2018
« on: 11-07-2018, 22:07:33 »
What a win by Croatia, that is determination vs. complancency by England. But Croatia is still hardly convincing though. It is going to be a very hard pressed boring final if they played like today's first 90 minutes.

Might as well congratulate France for their second world cup. With similar playing style but inferior squad, Croatia really needs to dig out more of their strengths. I still hope they can avenge Šuker and Boban 20 years ago.

Off-Topic / Re: The World Cup 2018
« on: 11-07-2018, 12:07:37 »
Still, Umtiti's header was as a result of a set piece. Throughout the game, the mighty French midfield and duo Mbappé-Giroud at the front still couldn't find a score. Which is why I consider them to be "lucky". Their performance against Argentina was great though, I believe they should play like that: losing and under pressure, extracting the best out of them. They are absolutely the world's best squad that doesn't play like a good team. I will resent any credit that Deschamps received for French success. It is his superior individual team member's quality, not his briliant strategy or tactics. It was like that too in the Euro 2016, and they lost to Portugal in the final.

Sure the weaker English defense will be greatly tested against Mbappé's speed and Griezmann's vision. But let's see how well they fare against Mandzukic, Modric, and friends first.

Off-Topic / Re: The World Cup 2018
« on: 11-07-2018, 07:07:44 »
Yeah, France was lucky. Their performance, although good, is still unconvincing. Both Belgium and France clearly shows a couple of weakness in their defense, luckily both of them have good goalkeepers, Lloris and Courtois are surely among the world's greatest goalkeepers. They will disappoint whoever gets through the semifinal, Mandzukic or Kane.

Mbappé already did that kind of nonsense when he faced Uruguay. His teammate's attitude, especially Pogba's is also awful.

Croatia is yet to prove that their top class talents will work as a team.

England is facing their hardest test yet, especially if Croatia managed to get their talents to work together.

Off-Topic / Re: The World Cup 2018
« on: 08-07-2018, 17:07:14 »
Nah, England is fine, but this squad is hardly a convincing world winner. Their defense is weak, their goals are almost 80% set pieces, meaning they prey and steal on every opponent's few first seconds chaotic moments to score opportunists goal. Yet, they tried to dominate possessions. But, hey, at least it is a winning gameplan.

The other "good team" in this tournament so far are:
Brazil, they have good attacking form, they are comfortable inside the enemy's penalty box. Their very fast tempo is entertaining to watch, but they still can't connect everytime and quite wasteful.

Belgium, the best team so far. World class players and world class teamwork. Any team that commit mistakes will be swiftly, efficiently, and ruthlessly punished by de Bruyne, Hazard, and Lukaku with their superb accuracy. I don't really support them, but won't be surprised if they lift the trophy this year.

That's all. The rest of them are so-so to "meh".

France has the best team in the world, but they cannot find a rythm to make it work. Deschamps is just sitting there, because every football team needs a manager, whether they are useful or not. They are very awful to watch sometimes, but when they are at it, they could show something very briliant. If they can perform like how they beat Argentina, minus the sloppy defense, they could win the cup. However, they are really lacking in gameplan here, it could be good and bad for them, as it makes their performance wildly unpredictable.

Croatia, probably overrated after a fluke victory over Argentina. Yes, I said that this is their second golden generation after that glorious Boban-Suker era, and I thought that they could be the next champion. But, the Croatia I saw last night against Russia was disappointing, just like the one facing Denmark, the word "overrated" immediately comes to my mind. Probably I expected too much out of them. They probably would face a lot of difficulties going against weird and unusual team like England.

Uruguay, only when they have Cavani and Suarez. Without one or another, they are simply non-threatening. If only they could play in every game, Uruguay could have been a real contender.

The most disappointing award should go to
Argentina - played with their hearts, which is fine, but without any real plan.
Colombia - they loved debating more than playing, Falcao is a disappointment, and James Rodriguez couldn't play every game.

Germany, well, nothing changed about Germany since Euro 2016. They are the same toothless team. Played a good football, but with 0 attacking plan.

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