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Off-Topic / The World Cup 2018
« on: 16-06-2018, 17:06:13 »
It is day 2 now, and watching Portugal being carried by Ronaldo to luckily held the Spain at bay, and Messi simply choked against the plucky Iceland that beat the mighty Dutch and England, I learn one thing. You have to have some kind of attitude, be it cocky arrogant child like CR7 or a larger than life self-worshipper Zlatan Imbrahimnovic. Lionel Messi only relies on his skill and technique, which from various Youtube compilations, we can clearly see that he is far more gifted than CR7, if only he was as physically as good as CR7.

I think Ronaldo's confidence is a gift, something that is lacking with Messi. Ronaldo had nobody. Pepe and Quaresma might be enough for him to even the former champion still sporting enough stars to have a shot at the cup. But Messi? He got Agüero, Ángel Di María, Higuaín, the veteran Mascherano, Biglia, and Dybala. Messi failed to shine despite all the Argentine football team has given him. Granted, Iceland is proven to be a good team, they did park the bus, they swarm Messi with more than 2 guys when he received the ball, but then he had 3 chances to prove that he is better than Ronaldo. But still, he blown 1 penalty and 2 goal-ranged set pieces. Ronaldo missed 1 set piece and converted the rest.

I am started to be convinced now, that talent is not everything. And Ronaldo > Messi in your team, really. It is like the kid who scored the highest in test vs. the confident kid. Messi is clearly the smarter kid, but Ronaldo is the guy who gets the job done. You know, my boss is not a particularly nice guy, he is a schmoozer, a bullshitter, cocky, arrogant, talentless, almost skilless at job, yet like Ronaldo his performance said the otherwise. He raised our income, both business and personal.

It is very sad, I believed that this is his last chance to shine and bring the cup to Argentina's possession for the third time. It might be too early to tell, but France is not the good either. All those expensive talents just choked in front of the plucky socceroos. It takes Paul Pogba's reluctant ball to bring back victory for them. That being said, this year's world cup may belong to the underdogs once more.

Off-Topic / Visiting Italy
« on: 06-08-2016, 16:08:36 »
So I will be travelling Italy on road, from Lazio, Umbria, Toscana (the highlight of my stay), and finally Lombardia.

Are the local Italian car rentals any good? (Sicily by Car, Maggiore, etc)
Why does the 2015 Renault Espace classified as medium? Makes it equal to BMW serie 2 cabriolet? WTF? I'm travelling in a group of 5, what if the stonati in Avis Roma Termini gave me that open top BMW instead of the more reasonable Opel Insignia Estate? Where would the 3 other person seat? Shouldn't the Espace be as big as Toyota Previa or at least, at least VW Sharan?

Off-Topic / Jakarta Under Attack
« on: 14-01-2016, 05:01:07 »
Perpetrators: unknown
Motive: unknown
Target: a Starbucks cafe popular with expats, failed to detonate at target. Explosives are hand grenades, don't know about the rest.

Current situation: Some suspect run away in trail motorcycle, the others holed in the office building where the Starbucks cafe is located at. It is currently besieged by the anti-terrorist detachment.

Update: all 7 suspects have been secured, 3 killed, 4 under arrest.

Update: currently the shoot out is over, police is still hunting run away suspect (3 of them approx.) There are a lot of conflicting unverified stories of other explosions in different part of the cities. People with poor Social Media habits are really terrorist's best friend. They spread panic and terror more effectively than the bomb itself.

Verifiable victims: 6 victims. 4 dead: one policemen and three suspects are dead (not a suicide bomber as suspected, but killed in the gunfight). 3 wounded: One foreigner, Caucasian, male, blonde, is wounded in the leg, evacuated already. Two policemen are also wounded.

Stories (unverifiable): attackers were caught carrying explosives by mall security (Sarinah - it is normal to be checked in every shopping centres in Jakarta), and were taken into nearby police booth at the Sarinah junction. There, a gunfight ensues and explosives detonated.

Off-Topic / NetFlix Service
« on: 11-01-2016, 12:01:06 »
NetFlix has just launched its service in Indonesia.

It is currently running a free trial promo and then pay IDR 109.000 (EUR 7) a month.

Regardless of the content difference, how many are you are using it? And enjoy it?

Off-Topic / Scotland Referendum
« on: 02-09-2014, 10:09:56 »
This is an issue that even BBC itself cannot stay neutral. It has been repeatedly saying that the public says "no." But on the recent debate between Salmond and Darling, the results are overwhelmingly on "Yes" favour.

They also say that the French don't care. The historic ties "Auld Alliance" doesn't say much as BBC reported that the French wanted "strong UK" to counter the "dominant Germany." Really? Crimea voted yes to break from Ukraine, and so the rest of the Eastern Ukraine, they rebelled. When Yugoslavia weakened, everybody break off immediately. Even until today, whenever there is a chance to be independent, they break off immediately. Let's say, if Catalonia is given the chance, Walloonia, etc etc etc.

So, does the rest of the world really care? Well, I am very sad if the Union break apart. I like the UK, but Scottish people is the friendliest bunch, just like the Irish people. My English teachers are mostly Scots. Whatever happened there, I've always support the Scottish people, but to see the UK breaking apart also breaks my heart. Yes, the English are getting more and more Euro-skeptic, right-leaning, and out of touch with the other "Kingdoms." If the poll should result in anything besides the Scotland's decision, it is to knock some sense into London and that Anglo-Saxon stubbornness about its policy.

Do you guys have any opinion on Scotland's freeeeedom?

Omaha Beach
This map is crash-free!

As Allies/USA
Starting ticket 1425 vs 1425
ending ticket 495 vs 0 (allies win)

It is impossible to win at 100% ticket ratio, because no matter how many outposts you captures, the Allies still bleed tickets. I try to overcome this using Multiplayer Co-op mode, which allows you to set ticket ratio. I use 190% (because 200% is a bit too long and draggy). The rule is to be as rambo as possible, but in the sense that you try to be a ninja as well (because if you camp for too long, bots will rain mortar on you). Here is the starter:

Note: screenshot are not actual game story, this is my 2nd round as I don't take any screenshots at 1st round. I died less often and advanced with greater care in my 1st round.

Step 1: Bots in PaK 38

The beach is a killing field because of this PaK. I think this is way more dangerous than that H39's turret on WN72 bunker. Also, this thing is easier to kill, try killing it using explosive by kamikaze or sniping with Bazooka. Remember to destroy the barbed wires using bangalore torpedo (supplied with Engineer kit).

Let the bot do the shootings. Use shingles, Belgian gates, anti tank barriers to advance. You can either lead the way or wait for the bots to build up in front of you and use them as distraction. Kill any visible oppositions if possible. They will eventually kill that Hotchkiss turret, in 1st round, they bazooka it, in this screenshoted round, they nailed it with the Fletcher-class destroyer's 127 mm gun.The bot will then easily take the WN72.

---end of 1---

Step 2: Take WN73

We should concentrate on WN73, use Thompson, try to rambo around, wait until your squad assemble at the gate and join them to assault the WN73 trench system.

After you got WN73, WN72 should change hands several times, because the Axis bots has the advantage of having more and closer artillery. Get sniper rifle from the beach, near the colliding LCVPs.

---end of 2---

Step 3: Snipe enemies that hold your advance

Imagine you are Private Jackson from Saving Private Ryan (1998) movie, use covers and be efficient. Your objective is not racking up kills, but identify which enemy soldier is holding up the bots (bot shoots at every visible enemy, even when in ridiculous distance). Pick them up one-by-one, let the bot advance.

When enough bots advance through, use the chance to tag along with them, until you get a clear way up to capture WN71.

---end of 3---

It is then easier to capture WN71, since Axis bots spawning there are pre-occupied in recapping WN72. Use rambo/ninja approach to capture WN71. Bots are too slow to amass efficiently and capture WN71.

to be continued...

Off-Topic / Historical Vandalism
« on: 13-11-2013, 19:11:50 »
That's what I would call these savagery:

I don't know what to say about this, besides it is a clearly blatant copy of these Japan Airlines livery design:

Except the characters depicted there are unlicensed, not coming from the same studio, and totally messed up.

BTW, the plane is an Ilyushin Il-14, recently rescued from its mangled condition inside a very thick tropical jungle, with most of its aft section broken and the rudder mostly torn out. The plane served in the Indonesian Air Force since 1957, 22 of them. It helped transporting goods to needy regions during the hard times of early Indonesia. It is not restored to its full original colours, but rather "creatively" painted in this obnoxious Japanese video game and anime characters. The Shetshov ASh-82 (same model of engine that powers the legendary WW2 fighters La-5 and La-7) propeller blade that has some Russian words written in it were completely painted over. The plane is a junk now. The whole Indonesian military enthusiast community mourned, and baffled by the authority's decision to put this on display at some local joint military/civilian airport in the city of Malang. It should have gone straight to our historical military museum right here in Jakarta.

And in Jakarta, we have this in some Technical high school (the kind of high school you go to get working certificates).

This one is donated to be displayed as a gate guardian at that school (the name painted at it SMK Negeri 29 - 29th National Vocational High School). It is a AT-6 Harvard, ex Dutch Air Force training aircraft. So it has that much historical value.

Just look at how fail the stupid painter was by trying to replicate shark mouth. You simply can't do that on radial-engined plane silly noob! The original paint scheme is very humble:

Why bother repainting it, even with shittier paint schemes?

All these kinds of planes ask is a dignified retirement and peace after serving through several turmoil and witnessing some brutal act and listened to some important conversation that may reveal the true history that shaped our country today, but well, some of them are like:


I hope no other country experience this.

Gaming / Driving Sim Game
« on: 15-10-2013, 20:10:36 »
So, there are two interesting things going on in the car simulation world for PC and I am facing a dilemma,

One of them was the well known Project Cars (, initiated by SHIFT2 (NFS) developer, Slightly Mad Studios of UK.

Now, I don't like SHIFT2's all input lag. It makes driving feels like second guessing where your wheels are going to be. But, their graphics, finishing detail, and cool factor cannot be judged down. So, the Slightly Mad Studios are hopefully marrying these traits with physics and realism. I sense that the Developers are going indie this time, not passing through EA's AAA checklists this time. Beforehand, we had the SHIFT's initial realism goals toned down and car lists reduced, because EA bosses feel they don't like to compete with establishment like Polyphony Digital's GT (Gran Turismo series) and Turn 10's Forza Motorsport series.

Now GT6 and Forza5, despite mainstream acceptance of their realism, aren't really full blown SIM game. They are made to sell in numbers, get the basic principles right, and left out the geeky stuffs so they can be sold in stores. My excitement for the Project Cars is that, they are slated to be GT/Forza for geeks. That will be wonderful. There are many supporters of the projects already, license from the real world car manufacturers are already at hand.

Then, there is this small, yet promising Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni making hardcore SIM, aiming to dethrone the undisputed champ of hardcore sims like iRacing.

They launch this Assetto Corsa ( project. Wooo! What's not to like? Indie developers, ultimate realism. But they may not have resources as big as Slightly Mad Studios, which can gather more connections and licenses from real-world manufacturers. I am more interested in their claim of realism however, which has been hyped up by so many online racing communities. It is even said, that it made iRacing pale when compared. In the graphics and effects department, surely, Assetto Corsa is way better.

Both Assetto Corsa and Project CARS will heavily feature community modding (AC never made that claim however).

So, what is your choice?

Gaming / Screwed by SimCity? Here's A Present For You
« on: 10-03-2013, 15:03:46 »

And to get us back in your good graces, we’re going to offer you a free PC download game from the EA portfolio. On March 18, SimCity players who have activated their game will receive an email telling them how to redeem their free game.

I know that’s a little contrived – kind of like buying a present for a friend after you did something crummy. But we feel bad about what happened. We’re hoping you won’t stay mad and that we’ll be friends again when SimCity is running at 100 percent.

So that's what EA did for us, who pre-ordered their stuff.

I was kinda a bit annoyed, but feel no need to go on full rage against them. But then again, I'm really appalled by their decision of going the Persistent Online Authentication DRM way. Why the fuchs?

Gaming / CCD: Russian Driving Simulation Game
« on: 02-03-2013, 11:03:39 »
Hey, any of you guys heard City Car Driving?

Browsed a couple of YouTube videos, this is actually quite fun.

And this game is highly moddable too! Makes it much more fun than Gran Turismo or Forza, even that NFS series, or SimBin titles. Who wants to race everyday, when you can just "drive" one? - Porsche Cayenne Turbo - Audi RS6

Well not all fancy cars, but you got pacified ones like -Honda CR-Z

Gaming / Russian SAM Simulator from Hungary
« on: 25-11-2012, 13:11:56 »
Interested in operating cold war era Soviet SAM systems in full procedure?

Try this:

Very annoying, frustrating, yet addictive. Not too fancy on graphic, but it has all the real panels there and audio cues.

General / Powerful Tanks Become Vulnerable in 2.45
« on: 26-08-2012, 13:08:24 »
I've tried both North Africa and Western Europe theatre, the tank combat seems to change a lot. Continuing from the "ineffectiveness of KwK40 cannon" thread. I should continue with this finding of mine, where the gameplay of FH2.45, although more fun, but sacrifice some degree of realism.

Everybody has been bitching about how vulnerable a Tiger or Panther is, and how overpowered M4A3 Sherman is. But that's Western Europe, axis fanboys perspective. Also we get some facts from them that powerful allied cannons seems to lose its charm too.

Try North Africa. My Matilda mk.2 and Valentine tanks aren't that powerful anymore. Every contact between me, the bots and other players can result in a loss to the Matilda mk.2. Even Panzer III Je can easily kill it now with less than 5 shots from point blank distance. This was not the case before. When playing as DAK, I have to employ various rambo tactics to put geballte ladungs on top of its engine deck or instantly lay a tellermine before it crosses the path.

Is this intended or simply a bug? Because on my side, I confirm this finding, as well as overpowered Cromwell IV. (Not specifically KWK40, but KWK38 as well) and nerfed 17 pdr. That Matilda is vulnerable from Panzer 3's 50 mm cannon.

Gaming / BMS for Falcon 4.0
« on: 03-06-2012, 19:06:48 »
Any of you guys played this?

The simulation is pretty hardcore and rivaled DCS series. I'd say better in some aspects, except graphic, compatibility. But it has the best gameplay factor for combat sim: dynamic campaign, carried from Falcon 4.0 games. Our action determines the outcome of the overall campaign. When a building is destroyed, they'll stay destroyed in the next mission.

Here are a few screenshot from my trusty computers on low settings (the settings are complex, I just turn off several features).

Fully clickable cockpit, which helps a lot if you have a bad memory. And also realistic procedures (so they said)

If you have track-IR, it would be very helpful.

Independent AIs are awesome here, you can also work together in the campaign if you plan to do so.

The HUD is projected like real-life HUDs, so it will behave accordingly if you sway your viewing position.

So far, I've completed ramp start (starting an aircraft from completely dead state) training and take-off/landing by myself. It really took a lot of learning hours to do just these, even for a hardcore simulation and aviation fans.

If you like DCS A-10, this would satisfy your A-A needs. Moreover, they are planning to add more realistic F/A-18 aircraft after this. They have many other flyable aircrafts in game, but not all are modeled in equal details (some has its own cockpits modeled, some don't, but they all have its own flight characteristics), the development focus is on the F-16s.

A Sukhoi Superjet 100 went missing in West Java after they lost contact with local ATC during the joyflight demonstration.

As it said, the plane circles around southern Java island coastal lines and then turn back north to Jakarta but requested a change it flying altitude from 10,000 feet to 6,000 feet. There is a huge mountainous area in-between, some like the active volcano of Mount Salak is over 7,000 feet high. The mountain range is quite a popular recreation destination for those who live in Jakarta and surrounding area.

The plane for the moment is still said to be "missing." Let's hope for the best for all 46 people on board the flight.

My friend posted a few pictures of the plane while it is still being displayed in the tarmac this morning.
Thankfully he didn't join the unfortunate flight.

That Sukhoi has just received a few orders from local startup airline Sky Aviation this morning. This is quite an awkward and worrisome moment for sure.

Off-Topic / Kim Jong-Il died
« on: 19-12-2011, 04:12:16 »

The "last" guy died. Kim Jong-Un will succeed him. Will this unpredictable guy make peace or the situation worse?

I'm actually have this mixed feelings. Hope that nukes won't fall easily to one of his mad generals.

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