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Bug Reporting / im guessing
« on: 15-06-2014, 06:06:24 »
this has already been announced,  but on 16 player version koth maps, sometimes you spawn in the enemy territory...   its pretty annoying...

Suggestions / smines
« on: 21-03-2012, 20:03:56 »
please make a kit for the scout class that disarms smines.   a pair of scissors to cut the blue/red wire?

and auto assign 3d map to a different key

thankyou,  come again

General Discussion / Don't forget
« on: 16-06-2011, 20:06:26 »
Wolf thursday night raw!

[WOLF] New, Stable, VOIP, US-EST FH2 Server!!

ip =

Modding / has anyone
« on: 06-06-2011, 06:06:36 »
tried a "von ryan's express" type map?  is it possible to have multiple trains on a map?  couple trains,  couple planes, some aa.  objective type map.  airplanes need to destroy the mountain pass before the train gets there.

FH2 Help / Support / Black screen/startup problem
« on: 31-08-2010, 19:08:28 »
I have had trouble with this game/mod for the last month or so.

first off here are my specs

asus a8nsli deluxe mobo -  ive tried 2 different ones.   updated to most current bios
amd dual core 4200 +  -I have swapped out everything but the proccessor in this setup
ram -  2 gigs corsair ddr 400 - ive tried many different combos, hyper x, more corsair, less corsair....
vid card - evga 9800 gtx+
2 different hard drives, current one is brand new, and old one is now storage
currently windows xp sp3 -  but have had win 7, and windows xpsp2 previously installed on old hard drive.

Here we go...

So i had been playing fh2 alot lately since the latest release came out, on my old system (not gonna type it out)     I decided to get the lcd monitor to ease my aging eyes...

I also got a different computer parts to upgrade.. (listed above)

so finished the upgrade build, had win 7 on it at the time. took it home and everything was working great!  played probably 3 nights worth,  about 6 hrs or so...    then the last night about 1.5hrs into it, i get a blue screen of death... most likely from the failed chipset fan (common problem with these mobos)     and thats where my nightmare began!

even on the freshly installed xpsp3 on a new hard drive, i install bf2,  3cd version..  restart comp.  install 1.41(downloaded 2 different times)  restart comp.  install 1.5 (downloaded 2 different times)  restart comp.   install 2.26 p1 & p2 (downloaded 2 different times)  restart computer

sometimes fh will open up on desktop icon,  but will only let me play single player.  sometimes is wont even open up. it will just go black screen.  sometimes it will crash bf2.exe alltogether...

i try opening up from the bf program file icons,  sometimes it will load up bf2,  and i can play that (like last night, played a couple rounds of blue pearl?  hated it)   sometimes that wont work either.  sometimes it lets me play fh singleplayer (but that sucks too, bots are no fun to kill)

 the most common occurance is it stays black screen and i have to ctrl alt delete to close bf2.exe  to get it to go back to desktop...

i have uninstall/reinstall  about 10 times,  each time hoping this would be my trip home..  but alas  no deal.

i have sent in numerous bf2crash reports,  fh2 crash reports...  etc....

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