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"Samnadine" from the Forgotten Honor Mod made a Fantastic Review of some of our Maps and what makes them feel so natural. I think he pointed out perfect how many small Scenes and Love for Detail our Mapper put in their Maps.

I would suggest that every Person who want to create a Map take a look on this.

Enjoy! ;)


No empty corners!

Tents with objects covered

All buildings have furniture inside, light effects are cool

Inside a house

Check the wood panel and sandboxes around

Defensive statics don't have to be really symetrical placed, it could be that they were moved to let a friendly truck to move in

Streets are not empty

It's fun to stay hidden in a bunker, see how many objects they have inside

How a bunker is decorated with metal sheets, all sized boxes, tents (even on the bunker), barrels and others

Usually this building is placed empty in our maps, barrals on metal sheets or wooden panels gives a good atmosphere. Sandbax on second floor.

Indiana jones has been here? this looks as an acheologist excavation

They digged in the AT barrier, barbered wired on front. But they hadn't enough supplies to make a big line

They make chairs here, beautiful isn't it?

You can take cover from every direction. Check the details of the tire next the boxes or on the truck. See the building's entrance

Cities have lights, 30' style

Soldiers make a quick and improvized barrier with some furtniture from the buildings

Cities have shops, you can buy bread here (metaxas knows what it says :wink: )

The building alone is boring, this makes it interesting to see. Barrels, rusted 'beds', metal sheets, camouflage/tent on the side with supplies under it..

Just a little detail. Always ammonition next to it!

Same than before

Nothing is empty, lonely wooden panel at the wall

Camouflage, wooden panels and sandboxes

There has been living someone here..

Mainbase tents

Airdrome details

Planes may have problems with fine sand

More tents, half platoon sleeps here. They have table and bench

Waiting times can be boring...

At nest

Bar, happy hour at 5!


This looks like a real garage

Beach time... Italy has also nice beaches for germans on vacations!

Happy times, see also the plant!

Benches and bike

This is a city tree, fountain well placed and a nice old cart lying there

Fruit trees, people have jobs

Hide our AA guns!

Agriculture is really important, specially in these times

No empty buildings!


A park

They were making improvements in this room before war/battle

Check these wooden panels and the tent at the truck

Defended building

Harbor, before battle started

Truck, allies were improving defenses before germans attacked


*  *  *

Walls and stairs nicely placed

2 ground levels, check the right side. Big fence and smaller fence.

Cool defense point, trenches combines with camouflated AT nest and bunkers

Use of stairs, arch and wisely placed buildings

More use of stairs. Check the light on the corner. Buildings positions are not symetrical, small street which turns a bit

Beautiful. The stairs and the fence on this stone building placed on a hill makes it really good looking. Don't forget objects!

Electricity cables are a mess, typical of southern countries (Italy), specially these times

More electricity cables. See the fences of that building, a little courtyard and at the right side a small street

Stairs and a combobuilding

Arches are important

More stairs, this is tipical in Italy, it's not flat and old towns are build like this

Original combination of buildings

Awesome use of stairs, walls and fences


This makes it really special, there was not much city planning in 'old' times, this is very common. Claustrophobic streets, balcons on the walls, archs and stairs

Defense nest, strongpoint with different elements

Better than above

Town wall, with a little fence outside.

Nice, isn't it?

More use of stairs and archs

Stairs and stairs

Coastal town and a passage on the beach. Benches and lights on the passage

Stairs and wooden panel creates a lots of options to go

Continuation of before, you can go in different rooftops if you want!


Arches and wide stairs, looks like an important walkway. See the lights and the electricity cables

Back ways

Yes, looks ugly, but this is how they build here and 100-1000 years ago, different levels

buildings are not placed alone

original path

bomb crates, there's broken wood panels and trash there

Sand has been moved by the bombing, different color

A building exploted and some furniture landed outside

this looks as a main road, see all the details

Nice picture eh? guess what it is..

Stairs with wooden panels detail

Nice building combo

Arches and lots of ways to go


another awesome combo, no comments for it

same, stairs+archs+levels+well placed plants+some cool statics=fun play area

You can even feel confused of so many ways!

See how the bunker has been placed with the trench. Other details are added to make it more impressive

Actually this bunker design is really cool, but how the buildings with the walls are placed looks awesome

The other entrance lf that underground bunker

More stairs, arches and levels


*  *  *

South Italy is dry, not that wet. Good example. Also see there are some bushes there

Ground textures colors

Small farm, old fences

Rural area. See the stairs and that little wall!

It's not always necessary to place lots of trees, a few of them well placed is enough for south Italy


Another small farm

Same, fences, specially those of stone are common in openfields

stone mountains

another view

mountain road with a fence

nice picture...

it's not necessary to place everywhere grass




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