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Mobile Artillery


Any chance to make mobile artillery all 1 manned vehicles or locked in some manner when already in use? It never fails on the public server some new player or smacktard starts driving off with the mobile artillery while another player was already using the vehicle. I know this isnt historically accurate, but for gameplay may be better off.

This is a good idea. Might be hard to implement , bcuz some controls are shared in positions 1 and 2.

Same here in Coop.

The most obvious reason for the current state, reasonable Teamwork,
aka a Multiplayer remnant.
If that works, why not? But Coop, is like you mentioned, a retard Bot
driving like crazy. Player has no use, other than in driver Position,
place reasonable, stay when needed, stop where needed.
Gunner position, well, it's the most useless Player/Bot combo position ingame.

For Coop a solution would be fine. Cause atm. Mobile Arty is simply AI only.

Take working solutions like Wespe or StuHIV, same principle mobile Arty,
If Player enters, residing Bots can't mess around.
but not such trouble with Bot/Player interactions, stupid behavior.


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