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What have you modded recently?

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Hey there, thought this might be a good thread for those things (models, maps etc.) you made, but weren't enough for its own thread.

Feel free to post anything you made regarding FH2 modding. :)


Alright, over the past few days I have been working on a French house (WW2 themed again) that has "BF2StaticMesh2" materials over it; the model is complete with a Base, Detail, Dirt, Crack, and even some normal map layers. I'm very satisfied with this model, because the layers blend with each other so well - thanks to the alpha channel!

FH2 dev "Nissi" helped me out a lot with this, mainly the BF2/FH2 materials, and I would like to say a huge thank you again to him! I wouldn't be where I am today without him.

In 3ds Max 9

The two below are in rendered in BfMeshView

Very nice!

Make some german styled houses, townbuildings, villagebuildings, etc for the invasion of germany!  ;D

Roughbeak that looks really good! :D I didn't know you skinned that thing.

Nice Opel skin too. Could be fun to have some ambulances on some maps. :)

I coulda used this thread when I had more time to model crap :P

Very nice model Roughbeak! Now work on the open variant :D

damn nice guys! ;D
just out of curiousity will the ambulance be drivable and able to provide people with extra bandages or something?


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