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The old Q&A thread was quite useful for some people so I figured I'd create a new one.

Post all your small questions here in order to give more priority to those topics that need it.

Fenring's tutorial site:

There are also a TON of mapping/modding tutorials here for beginners and advanced modders.

Happy modding!

Kebert Xela:
ok...easy one
is mapping for FH2 harder then for FH1?


--- Quote from: TDP_KillACola on 30-03-2009, 00:03:59 ---ok...easy one
is mapping for FH2 harder then for FH1?

--- End quote ---

Well that really all depends. The BF2 editor has a steeper learning curve, but the more time you put into it, the higher quality maps you can make. Also there are plenty more people who make maps for BF2 than BF1942 so its much easier to find tutorials/content/ask questions imo.

Kebert Xela:
I pretty much taught myself mapping for 1942 by trying :)
Will probably check the editor out in the next days and see what it works like

When you learn the optimal workflow the bf2 level design is far easier, altough as azreal said its getting the optimal workflow that is hard. I will try to find the time to make better tutorials than goes trough the ideal and fastest workflow of a whole map from ideas/layout to complete heightmap and texturing.


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