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If you're after for some good fun and relaxed battles, join allied and the 28th Maori Battalion! :)

Clans and Tournaments / Argentan - FH2T Map of the Week
« on: 23-11-2012, 23:11:13 »
Argentan - FH2T Map of the Week

This week in FH2Tournament we're playing Argentan. This map has been the battlefield for numerous campaigns in the Forgotten Honor history and will continue to do so in the near future. In this battle the allies will have to force their way in to the German defended, mostly urban, town of Argentan. Join us on this epic battle this Saturday!

After their defeat in Operations Lüttich and Totalize, the Germans have been driven back to the region around Falaise. Now the American XV Corps is moving on Argentan in an effort to link up with the Poles and Canadians at Chambois. The Germans however have deployed the 9th Panzer Division and the 2nd SS Panzer Division in and around Argentan to keep the gap open as long as possible. It now falls to the Americans to push the Germans out of the town and surrounding area...

See you this saturday,
your FH2T Administration!

More about FH2Tournament!

Gaming / Re: Day Z (Survival Zombie Simulator)
« on: 01-07-2012, 02:07:37 »
11 guys in our ~3 hour session today. Was quite brilliant!

Here's some more video of that session. Some guys from here and from Forgotten Honor:

Clans and Tournaments / Re: F|H Campaign 8: Devil's Garden
« on: 29-01-2011, 18:01:06 »
You shall join the 8th Hussars if you know what's good for ya ;D

Nope, I need to kick your butt because you missed that last campaign ;) I call this revenge. Prepare for battle  ::)

Clans and Tournaments / Re: F|H Campaign 8: Devil's Garden
« on: 26-01-2011, 22:01:24 »
Huh, what regiment to join :) So much good options. Both teams have awesome guys in them, shame I can't play on both :(

General Discussion / Re: MOTY 2010
« on: 24-12-2010, 22:12:11 »
Gratz FH2 devs! 'bout that time FH2 gets this reward! ;D

Keep it going guys

Yes it will be this weekend. :)

General Discussion / Re: Nations Cup 2010
« on: 06-12-2010, 20:12:50 »
This will be a blast! Best FH2 event for sure :P

Also btw, Finland will win  ;D

Foorumit oli alhaalla tossa joku hetki sitten, nyt toimivat taas. Päivittelin niitä vähäsen.

Jep hyvin meni suomi-unkari harkat, voittoa tuli joka roundissa :P

Mut kaikki mukaan ja johdatetaan suomi voittoon! Ei anneta puolan viedä voittoa tänä vuonna ;)

I always had problems with the F|H forums... hopefully I'll get into the kickass team Poland1.

If you have some problems with F|H forums, please ask and I'll help you as much as I can :)

Clans and Tournaments / Re: Nations Cup 2010 coming soon!
« on: 28-11-2010, 16:11:06 »
Sign up to it, you will then get access to the forums and there are topics for each nation to team up :) Just tell there that you want to play and you're in :P

who was the mapper?

I believe it was TASS.

It was really beautiful map :) Nice work!

This is going to be so awesome! :)

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