Author Topic: Auto-return to last firing mode after firing bolt-action rifle?  (Read 552 times)

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Specifically to playing the French on the Flavion map in 2.63, but likely applies elsewhere. Using the alt firing mode on the Berthier Mle M34 rifle (right click/"iron sights"), every time I fire a shot I have to manually right-click again to return to iron sights after the reload animation completes. Is there a way to automatically return to the last firing mode I was in after the reload animation completes?

I tried setting zoomOutAfterFire 0 in the tweak file, and that technically works, but then you stay 100% in iron sight mode, including all the while the reload animation plays out "behind the scenes". You can't fire again until that animation competes (which is OK), but since you no longer see it, you don't know when it's done and you're able to fire again. You either try to guess, or just keep pulling the trigger until another round eventually goes off. Not a good solution.

I don't want to get rid of the reload animation - I just want the game to return me to whatever firing mode I was in after it completes. Is there a way?


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