Author Topic: Keybindings & Poor FPS  (Read 765 times)

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Keybindings & Poor FPS
« on: 16-05-2022, 14:05:48 »
1. my mouse cursor in the all menu screens is inverted and hyper sensitive.
2. the game wont save many of my keybinds. And other keybind attempts return "there is a duplicate keybind in Common" - except there isnt.
3. FPS ingame is really - not good. kind of a stuttery experience going from states like prone to sights, switching some guns. sprinting. what are the most impactful settings i could reduce? I set everything to Medium just to start. but damn i can run Assassins Creed Valhalla in high so ya lol. ok thanks for anyone's help.

ya nvm think i lost interest

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