Author Topic: [Tutorial] Running FH2 in Windowed Mode  (Read 6179 times)

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[Tutorial] Running FH2 in Windowed Mode
« on: 15-09-2015, 18:09:45 »
Some of you I have seen are having a difficulty of activating or not knowing where "windowed mode" is even located. Here, I provided a short and essential tutorial of how to get it going.

First of all, what does "windowed mode" do?

It simply runs FH2 in a custom set resolution and best of all, it locates problems and provides subtle solutions for crashes on the loading screen, launching FH2 etc..

How do I activate it?

To activate windowed mode, simply start up the FH2 Launcher, hit "options", select the "video" tab, and lastly, tick "windowed mode" at the bottom.

Hope this solves your issues of finding it, take care!
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