Author Topic: Where do I start?  (Read 308 times)

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Where do I start?
« on: 19-01-2022, 23:01:45 »
Hey there fellow FH2'ers!

I'm a bit lost on how to play co-op. Me and a couple of friends are playing on coop-servers semiregularly. All too often I would say they crash. And there are some maps we have not downloaded either that these coopservers are running. And yes, we have downloaded and updated the "Community Map Pack Updater".

Do you guys host your own servers for coop? It seems to be a bit of a uh challenge to host a server. Or can you just use Hamachi?

Where do you find all these coop-maps? Is there some website or something that have all the maps compiled? I see quite a lot of threads here in the forum but some of the threads are quite old so I don't want to download any maps that simply are not compatible with the latest FH2 patch.

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Re: Where do I start?
« Reply #1 on: 21-01-2022, 20:01:15 »
Forums are pretty much dead nowadays, try asking at