Author Topic: REPROVED on the teory for driving lessons (yeah! take another mentaly tard post)  (Read 5132 times)

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I'd say that the only acceptable way to fail a UK theory test would be on the hazard perception videos.  The (multiple choice) questions require little beyond basic common sense.

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Also: How old is your sister and what is the age of consent in Portugal?

That. Also facebook and pics pl0x.

My mother who was 45 at the time studied and passed the licence exams where only 1 mistake is allowed. Whats your excuse? Being a little faggot. (no offense to the homosexuals of this community)


Also please don't ban him anymore. I'm having way too much fun reading this stuff.

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Oh you're 16? Then that's not too bad, I thought you were like 19, you'll get out of this shit eventually.

Also having a scooter is not really considered "cool" lol, just annoying.
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I did not read entirely his post, but I must say that 125€ for a theoretical exam is quite expensive. I think in Belgium you pay like 15 or 20€ for an attempt. I did pass from the first time, but I think if you want to try again, you're charged the same fee ..
Belgium does have the second most difficult theory lessons in europe tough. Currently you need to score 46/50 to pass.
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Also please don't ban him anymore. I'm having way too much fun reading this stuff.
Couldn't agree more, this is great! AND its free!
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I think now it's obliged to take 4 hours before you can do the exam. Not a 100% sure, but if you don't need to do it now, you will in the future so ..

Aah, ok. Well, it was not 2 years ago. To be honest i think soon the 20 hours of classes will be mandatory. And i think it should be, i found it really helpfull.
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I passed the German test without mistake. Then I failed the practical test :D but second time I passed it.

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It happens, when I was in driving school, there was a girl that had already failed the theory part 7 times... She still didn't give up... I passed, but failed the practical exam later...

I still don't trust my driving skills today (since I'm away from my hometown for most of the time because of studies, and rarely get a chance to practice them, with only 1 car in the family).

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Wow guys I am surprised and ashamed at you guys as a community.  And Thor you as an moderator should know better.
Stop spreading the lies, Belgians do not have or take driving lessons.
They get that when they buy their first Suske and Wiske comic.
My half yearly road trips for Mattentaarten through the Belgian hell they call a highway proves this.

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I will not even try to make anyting else, i give up now... but i just need to get a gun

 Please don't do that. :(
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Basically, axis bias has removed. Glad its being noticed.

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Guy, you really need to find someone in your area to talk with. Internet is not gonna help you, not with these distances. Almost everyone cares but any of us will be able to commit to you as which is needed. You need to vent your problems somewhere closer to you.
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...Almost everyone cares...

Correction, 1/4th of us are waiting for him to off himself, another 1/4th are waiting for him to be banned, another 1/4th get a good laugh out of reading his posts, and the last 1/4th only cares to a limited extent.

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Since when did both Damaso and the audience become this hostile twards each other?

However, Damaso, you need to calm and reconsider: is it really important? Will it have an impact on your future (career) if you do the exam twice?

Edit:// And just for the logs:
I passed both driving exams right away on the first try, but the driving instructor stopped counting the number of my driving lessons at 55 hours. I the end I payed those 55 hours, while the minimum required was only 20 hours. I guess that I had maybe 80 hours total.
After all, I learned a lot about driving. :) And I think usage of my right hand improved a lot during that time, since I'm left handed.
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Relax, you're blowing everything out of proportion. Even some of the most brilliant minds here (me  ;D) had to retake the written driving exam... it may be a little demoralizing but nobody really cares. It doesn't go on your record and you'll get it eventually. Pretty soon it'll all be old history... there are more important things in the world to worry about...