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Bardia will get an visual overhaul in version 2.45 (Originally by Lobo and Vic Colfari, modified and updated by Natty and Fenring)

  • Now with proper eroded surrounding terrain to give more realistic and huge Battlefield feeling and less of Counter Strike map (upsized from 512x512 meters to 1x1 km)
  • Added brand new sky and lighting
  • Brand new terraintextures
  • Improved undergrowth
  • Rearranged some overgrowth into zones so the map looks less cluttered and more visual and gameplay wise logical
  • Smoothed out some sharp terrain that was unecessary and annoying to move over


Not the final final version, but gives a good WIP preview

Up to the last minute our designers and artists tweak the maps to give you guys the most rewarding experience we can offer. We found out a way to get additional terrain detail by baking a high resolution heightfield and merging the directional light into the colormap. This allows for additional terrain detail and realism on the Battlefield 2 engine previously tought impossible. This was applied to the surrounding terrain areas on keren.

note: Keren screenshots are without anti aliasing and final terrain lightmaps

General Discussion / Forgotten Hope 2 wants YOU!
« on: 21-02-2011, 13:02:19 »

3D Artists, Gamer Designers and Level Designers needed!

We are looking for talented modders with a passion for World War II and comitment to work hard. The focus has previously been on the North African campaign and Normandy/West Front but we need new fresh talent for our new campaign Russian front 1944. The mod was released on december 14th 2007 and is currently the second most popular mod on the bf2 engine and won the 2010 Moddb awards players choice.

What we can offer you:
Forgotten Hope 2 is an excellent start to break in to the gaming industry, some of our previous members now work or have worked for EA DICE, Tripwire and Microsoft to name a few studios. Our artwork is considered to be among the top of the entire modding scene rivaling many commercial titles.

You will work with a multi-national team of 20 people, building team and project skills and also having lots of fun during development and testing. You will learn to give and receive constructive feedback from our development team and our 50 man dedicated testing team. Skills that are absolutely essential in the gaming industry.

We're on the lookout for talented:

3D artists Prop, Player, Weapon or vehicle modeling. Must be able to unwrap and do lowpoly modeling. Exellent Photoshop texturing skills. Good texture artists are also welcome to apply (must be able to unwrap). Help us with your skills to make a beatiful Russian front. We use 3ds Max 9 so knowledge in max is beneficial but not required.

Game designers / Game Coders / Exporters Knowledgeable in bf2 or any other common engine for exporting, balancing and coding: weapons, soldiers, vehicles. Also python coders working on our game code and stats system are most welcome. A true dedication to making the players experience better is essential. Duties also include collecting feedback from testers and sorting out bugs in our bug-tracking system.

Level Designers You are exellent at building innovative designs and maps and sketching out ideas. You have experience in bf2editor or any other common level design tool set (Unreal, Hammer, Crysis Sandbox). Your main resposibility will be to build the playable area in a map with roads, ditches, hills, towns and make sure its balanced and fun to play. Our large testing team will give you feedback will guide your work. Our art team will help you with creating new statics, terrain, lighting, effects and textures for your level. Experience with another multiplayer mod and basic modeling (to show artists your gameplay/level ideas, simple temporary props) is benificial but not required.

For all positions: You're a communicative teamplayer that loves computer games and/or world war 2. For maps we often rotate the project between different developers to speed up development time and make higher quality maps. All our Game- and Level designers are required to join our gameplay tests 2 days a week (Thursday/Sunday).

And as always: We will consider applications in all areas of modding/game development.

Apply by email to

Modding / [Files] Forgotten Hope 2 Mapping Files
« on: 05-09-2009, 10:09:20 »
Map packing scripts:
Starting with 2.46, the map packing script is a part of releases. See mods\fh2\

Requires Python 2.5, 2.6 or 2.7 -

Lightmap samples
For generating lightmaps (lighting) of static objects on levels in the editor.
Extract to \Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\

Undergrowth files
Extract to \Battlefield 2\bf2editor\Content\Terrain\Undergrowth\

BF2 editor memory fix
This modified BF2editor.exe makes it crash 10x less. {Dead link!}

Alternate link:

Forgotten Hope 2 debugger
Modified BF2 debugger. Based on BF2 1.3.
- Large address aware
- Uses settings storage in /My Documents/forgottenhp  2/
Place in \Battlefield 2\ folder. Run in windows XP compatibility mode if using Vista or 7.
Useful for modifying content ingame, testing functionalities of many things, and locating errors through logs.

Fenring's Tutorials
Note some stuff here is outdated. Download the files that are listed in this thread.

FH2 Modified Editor Shaders
Also we have new editor shaders so that you can view the camonets and tank tracks properly when editing maps or even working in the object editor. These must be placed in /Battlefield 2/bf2editor/Shaders/. You may need to delete your editors shader cache first (My Documents/Battlefield 2/cache/).

FH2 Object Spawners
Dead link, anyone use these? They are unneeded afaik, tutorial below explains how to add objects without the object spawner files.
OLD description:
Last but not least we have the new object spawners, these contain only kits since the number of vehicles in 2.2 is simply to great. Also kits only work as object spawners. These must be placed in /Battlefield 2/bf2editor/mods/fh2/.

Do like this to spawn a tank,plane, gun or whatever:
Create a new object spawner:

Now press cancel and name a new spawner:

Now select the vehicle you want from the drop down menu:


General Discussion / MOVED: BF2 omnicide
« on: 05-08-2009, 09:08:13 »

General Discussion / MOVED: POE2
« on: 05-08-2009, 09:08:13 »

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