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FH2 Help / Support / banned
« on: 09-05-2022, 00:05:27 »
i m banned for ever?

General Discussion / great issue server
« on: 16-04-2020, 00:04:02 »
hi all,
i start say you that i consider FH2 best mod of the best game  of ever.  Thanks a lot to developer of mod i ask sorry for my frequent flame....but now i write for other think.

Lately the server is having huge  tcnical problems. It is unplayable, for instable ping.
Many players have same problem.
i know no body care ( sure i donated few times for it) but i m considering to leave forever this wonderful game.
  Is there any ope that it can be repaired? :-\

General Discussion / Re: my banning
« on: 19-08-2013, 19:08:49 »
thank for your aswers,will be hard to stay without fh2!

General Discussion / Re: my banning
« on: 19-08-2013, 15:08:24 »
i can t open those dosen t work!

General Discussion / my banning
« on: 19-08-2013, 15:08:01 »
hello to all.
I apologize to those who have suffered my teamkill. I would like to know if my expulsion is final. different players can testify that, with the exception of a few episodes of anger, I am a clean player and that always plays as a team. Fh2 for me is the best mod of the best game ever created. I ask the admin to not kick me for ever. thank you.

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