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Post by: comrade_rurik on 31-03-2022, 22:03:48
Hey guys I was ban from FH2 standalone servers pls help me get unbanned, i love this game and its the only decent shooter I van play on my pc, pls I have learned my lesson but I need this game I really miss playing it
Title: Re: PLS HELP
Post by: jan_kurator on 01-04-2022, 10:04:11
Usual ban time is 2 weeks, after that you should be able to play again. Ban evasion will lead to a permanent ban, so don't try to bypass the ban with a new account, we do have tools to track that down. (For server rules visit (

For ban appeals join us at ( and ask in the #barracks channel. You will be granted a special role with an access to ban-appeals channel by one of the moderators. Server admins will discuss your matter there.

When appealing, be patient, be polite, and remember that everything can be verified on the server's logs.