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Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 12-06-2015, 08:06:51 »
Actually there have been quite a few lovestruck and hormonally insane rulers in medieval Europe who came to power by chance in an early age and then went bonkers.
Riding to war at an early age is also nothing special, even ordering guys around when you have a 'good' family name. If that makes you more adult or less prone to teen afflictions I can't say. ;)

Anyhow, I wouldn't say that they are disregarding the time setting... When it comes down to it, GoT is fantasyso I'd rather look for something like that in the Tudors or Borgia for a good time setting.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 09-06-2015, 15:06:58 »
Magic homing missile?.. ah you are referring to a shadow assassin. Iirc Melisandre just needs to have sex for that.
Shireens sacrifice will offer a bit more to the starving army than a single shadow baby.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 09-06-2015, 11:06:51 »
"I can live with that."  ;D

But come on, he would have already sacrificed Edric Storm on Dragonstone weren't it for Davos, who more or less is Stannis' conscience.
The show does a great job on its own to bring the story into a watchable line. The Dorne Storyline was just too far away and how they wrapped it up is imho just fine.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 09-06-2015, 10:06:48 »
You're just unhappy with how your favourite character turned out. And he DID burn people in the books. On Dragonstone and at the Wall! ;)

I'm a book 'fanboy', but have also been able to enjoy the show because I see them as two versions of the same story. Not competing, but showing a different spin on how things could have gone down.

IMHO Stannis is spot on in character. He believes in his crusade and that the end justifies the means. And he is stone cold at heart... the burning heart on his banner is pure sarcasm. ^^

Gaming / Re: Mechwarrior Online
« on: 13-04-2015, 15:04:04 »
That's some good rewards farming. :)
Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any game-time in at that weekend.

But I'm enjoying the Urban Mech soooo much atm. ^^

Gaming / Re: Mechwarrior Online
« on: 25-11-2014, 11:11:59 »
I meant a challenge where a victory is needed.
Alas it was made worse by the fact that you needed a kill AND needed to stay alive.
I have seldom seen so many Heavies break away from the fight after their first kill.  ::) :'(

Gaming / Re: Mechwarrior Online
« on: 24-11-2014, 10:11:45 »
I hate Victory only Challenges. It brings out the worst in people....  :-X

Gaming / Re: Mechwarrior Online
« on: 19-11-2014, 11:11:33 »
About the map: I like the vegetation, but I do not like the overall map design. Once more it is full of artificial terraces. Terraces do not reflect a naturally emerged landscape, but are usually human made. There might be a couple of spots on earth where terraces have grown naturally, but that is rare. Now, if you cover terraces with jungle, it looks like a sunken feral landscape of a vanished civilization. Sadly there appear no traces of a vanished civilisation on the map. Accordingly the map appears crude and the creation process ill-advised. This makes it another artificially appearing battle arena, like we know them from so many games.

I could also argue that you won't see any remains of a vanished civilization after a couple of hundred years, especially with all that vegetation eating away at the structures. Who knows how long those terraces have been abandoned. On the other hand, I haven't really played it long enough and at the moment it does feel kind of rough.

Edit:// The new map arrived. I'm just installing. However, I liked this entry from the patch notes most: Weapon groups should no longer be shared between 'Mechs.

See, they listen to Support Tickets. I mailed them one with your problem.
Damn with all those lights out there now, I'm loving my sweet SSRM Lighthunters. ^^

No problemo. You can repay us.
Just open up a Lederhosen Party in Indonesia with a this logo:

Then push yourself to power and start mass murdering some ethnic minority and then start a new world war.

Bavarians and others will hate you then. ^^

Gaming / Re: Mechwarrior Online
« on: 03-11-2014, 12:11:24 »
Ah btw Dukat, I found a guy who found a way around your problem with the weapon groups:

The problem is that your Hunchback or Jaegermech is getting confused on its 'Mech ID. One of them is finding an entry in the weapongroups.xml file with an ID that is "close enough" to its own ID, and overwriting it. I've found something that works for my Ravens that have the same issue, but it's not guaranteed to work for you at all. But, here's what to try:

    Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Piranha Games\MechWarrior Online\User\Profiles\Sodnocral (assuming Sodnocral is your pilot's name and you have a 64-bit operating system like any normal person in 2014).
    rename weapongroups.xml to weapongroups_original.xml
    Launch the client
    Go to your Hunchback and set the weapons groups, don't need to go in game, doing it from the Mechlab is fine
    Go to your Jaegermech and set the weapons groups
    Exit the client
    Open the newly created weapongroups.xml in an editor.

If you have two Mech nodes in the XML (the nodes are parts in between the '<' and '>' symbols, and the name is the first word after the '<'), do the following:

    Rename weapongroups.xml to weapongroups_2.xml
    Copy weapongroups_original.xml
    Rename weapongroups_original - Copy.xml to weapongroups.xml
    Open weapongroups.xml in an editor
    Open weapongroups_2.xml in an editor
    In the editor for weapongroups.xml, look for the Mech ID from the second Mech node in weapongroups_2.xml.
    Delete that Mech node from weapongroups.xml
    Copy the second Mech node from weapongroups_2.xml
    Paste it in the spot the Mech node from step 7 was in weapongroups.xml
    Copy the first Mech node from weapongroups_2.xml
    Paste it after the Mech node copied into weapongroups.xml in step 9

The end result is replacing the old Mech node in the original file with the new Mech nodes from the new file, in reverse order.

If the newly created weapongroups.xml file only had one Mech node, then delete the file and repeat all steps, only edit the Jaegermech's weapon groups first and then the Hunchbacks.

It's long and complicated, especially if you aren't comfortable with XML. However, it worked for me.

Near as I can tell, some Mechs don't look at the entire ID, and use the last one that matched all but the last digit in the ID. Swapping their order will cause the messed up Mech to use its correct weapon group entry. Unless both your Mechs won't look at the full Mech ID. Which is why it's not guaranteed to work for you.

On the plus side, I have been in contact with customer support, and they are aware of the issue and working on a fix

With thx to LordSkippy on Reddit.

Gaming / Re: Mechwarrior Online
« on: 28-10-2014, 15:10:50 »
I love my CataCrow. ^^
Based on this CPLT-C4 I build this little murderous Stormcrow: SCR-Prime

2xLRM10 (900)

It's a nice one for fast LRMs to the flanks with 106km/h. Chainfire those LRMs and the enemy will retreat. Thats like 30s continuous screen shaking for the receiving mech.^^

Gaming / Re: Mechwarrior Online
« on: 27-10-2014, 08:10:50 »
He? ^^
You should go play in the lottery. I have like 70+ Mechs and haven't noticed that bug before. Ok, I have no Stalkers, but still...

Did you send a support ticket?

Gaming / Re: Mechwarrior Online
« on: 23-10-2014, 15:10:07 »
You can build it, but you won't have any fun. It needs at least two coolant flushes to work without going off like a Tommy Cooker. ^^
Here's a video of one of those Direstars:
With the first shot he goes into a 40+ second thermal shutdown. In that time any decent Medium Mech can take out one or both arms. :)

Gaming / Re: Mechwarrior Online
« on: 23-10-2014, 08:10:09 »
Actually you can do some fancy stuff with the AH.
A combination, which works surprisingly well is a 98kp/h XL275 CN9-AH with an AC20 and 3xSRM2 Launchers.
The AH as an LRM Boat does work, but you are commit if you run it. Stay with the Pack and avoid a fight at any cost. (on the plus side, the 3 MGs look awesome on that arm!)

The new Atlas is my favourite! :)
I threw out the SRMs, as they are all but a distraction and pimped the LRM20 and added more Ammo. :)
It plays well. Soften up any enemy at the start with the ALRM20 and move in, once you are under the 300m range, take them apart with the MLs and AC20. :)

It's even worth its weight as a LRM boat (ok the LRMs will only staggerfire [10+5 and 3x 6+6+3 which is the equivalent of having 1xLRM10 and  10xLRM5], but it works and enemies cower in the shade of 60LRMS!):

Edith: I have a more feasible version for the LURM-Atlai now:

  • 4xLRM10, enough Ammo
  • AMS
  • 2xML and 1x AC20! BAM!

Gaming / Re: Verdun - WW1 FPS Game
« on: 10-10-2014, 08:10:58 »
OK, so if I want this game, I better buy it fast or wait for the release?
The last game I bought was BF2, so I'm not really experienced in buying games the modern way (I mean, other than going to a shop and taking it off the shelf - yeah, I'm old).

I have no idea unfortunately. I bought it, because atm I have more money than free time and I somehow try to compensate that loss by increasing my pile of shame ... sighs...

Anyhow, it is still quite cheap and you can have fun with it, so why not go over to steam and grab it. :)

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