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Rad's model is quite excellent, but I think there is still some room to improve.

David & Peter has some feeling of smile on their faces, I think soldiers on the battlefield should be looking more tense.
If there would be some improvement for their faces, that would be great.

BTW, it would be very appreciated if devs could make COOP more stable in the next version. I love to play FH2 but at the moment there is only 762 or some tournament servers still active. Because of connecting from asia, the extreme high ping makes me keep on "sliding" walking in 762 and very difficult to take any effective action. Recently I find it still a bit funny to play on Veteran-Gaming COOP server. It's human vs BOTs. But the server randomly crashes and when rejoining, the guys probably have left. :'(

Off-Topic / ModDB MOTY 2011
« on: 25-11-2011, 08:11:55 »
It's already Nov 25th, still see nothing about MOTY news on ModDB website. ???

FH2 rocks! ;D Although one mod cannot win MOTY continuously.

*Updated thread title* - Thorondor

Off-Topic / Guys, what monitor do you use to play FH2?
« on: 14-06-2011, 08:06:04 »
Especially for devs/betatesters, what monitor do you use to play FH2?  ::)
5:4 or 16:9, or 16:10?

FH2 Help / Support / server lag, need some help, plz.
« on: 02-10-2009, 03:10:45 »
Currently we have two dedicated servers set up for FH2 in China. One of them has quite low computer configuration thus if there're more than 40 people joined, it causes Lag. The other server has pretty high configuration (2.7GHzX4 processor, 4GB ram, 100M network bandwidth) but we find there's still severe lag even with only 10 or 20 players joined. Those players' ping is not high, most of which maintain less than 50. Someone explained it's due to "packet loss", which is a technical term in the field of network, while I don't quite understand its meaning.

The lag make us hardly possible to run, to shoot ,or even to aim, resulting to more and more players having to quit the game.

Could anyone offer some help? It will be much appreciated. :-[

FH2's Garand sound is quite different with FH1's. Which one is more realistic? I haven never heard a real Garand shooting. I only know that FH1's Garand sound is quite similar with that in Band of Brothers.

And so does M1A1 Thompson.

FH2 had a very nice and realistic cockpit models, I think it's without doubt to enhance the realism when pilots are flying. However i feel that the cockpit views are still lacking something, my opinions are as follows.

1. I have drawn an illustration, comparing the cockpit views between the pilots in FH2 and those in real life. I have also found a sceenshot of cockpit view in the game “Battlestations: Pacific” as a contrast to FH2’s. Despite the arcade flight controls of “Batttlestations: Pacific”, the maps in it are big enough to allow long range flights and long viewdistance, which is perhaps closer to the real case, that’s why I am trying to compare the two very different game.

2. Due to the restrictions in view distance, the successful pilots in FH2 have to use the minimap, to locate himself in the map, and dive to attack when they find themselves arrived in the position. Do you ever think this is realistic? No! The pilots in WWII don’t really got those magical minimaps to aid them in flight and attack.

3. Now we want our planes to be as realistic as possible of course, so we are going to look into the predator of planes—the AA guns. The AA guns in FH2 are merely controled by some mouse movements, those guns are rotated agilely and easily aim at where you want to fire. However the AA guns in real life not only needs someone as a spotter, they also need to rotate those handles like mad to point the barrel at desired position. This is certainly not easy compare to the ease of maneuvering a plane instead, that’s why the AA guns in real life don’t hit planes like that in FH2 so easily and instead have to spray hell lots of shells with a lot of guns to hope for chances to hit a plane.
Why should we make planes so “realistic” like that in FH2 when AA guns are so deviated from real-life controls? It’s not rare in the game to see a lone stuka flying towards an AA gun position and get shot in no time without any hope, because it’s possibly a bit too easy to use those AA guns.

4. I am not asking for the return of nose cam to FH2, as that wouldn’t show the difference between the different cockpit each plane had, and the feeling of flying is certainly lost. But I think that it’s not necessary to block the vision of pilots with so many useless cockpit instruments. Perhaps like that in Bf1943 where you only got a part of the nose of plane in front of pilots.

OK, those in illustration,

a. in real life, you got enough view distance to prepare for any sort of ground attacks.

b. In FH2, you only have a very short view distance and probably those cockpit instruments don't allow you to see anything that a pilot should see before his attack but a bunch of fog and his those metres there...

PS: Thanks a lot to my friend "General Henry" for translating this thread for me, though this thread doesn't reflects his personal opinions. If I write it by myself, you guys must be quite confused with what on earth I'm talking about, ;D

I think the origin weapon sound sucks, and there's lots of sound mods for singleplayer. But anybody knows is there any real weapon sound pack/add-on for cod2 that allows multiplayer online playing?

Or is there any good populated COD2 forum recommended?

Thanks in anvance!  ;D

I bought bf2 complete collection yesterday but I get the warning screen when I run FH2.exe on the desktop. :'(

EA sucks!

How can I activate Booster Pack to my existing soldier?
I bought BF2 and SF during 2005 & 2006, so I had a account name (soldier) named "Harrier" created at that time. Yesterday I bought a digital copy(EADM) of bf2 complete collection, after downloading through EADM and installing the game, BF2 and SF runs perfectly, but I have a big problem with activating the booster pack. I followed the steps given by EA support links:
"Click here and login with the account you made in Step 4.
Click on "Downloads Info" tab
Add the soldier you created in Step 2 into the boxes and submit
Go to and click on Battlefield 2 Complete Collection "

when I click the "Downloads Info", I find the Battlefield 2 Account Name:   <none>, and I click the "edit BF2 account name" and type in "Harrier" ,it says "the account is already in use." But this account IS owned by me indeed! why can't I use it? I want to activate the booster pack to my existing soldier "Harrier", because I already have a good stats with it and many weapons unlocked. I don't want to register a new account and activate the booster pack to a new account! What can I do?

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