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Title: Kharkov Outskirts Co-op
Post by: DonbasCossack on 01-11-2021, 06:11:33
Hello, I am currently working on adding co-op to Kharkov Outskirts.

There aren't many early Eastern Front maps for FH2 so when I was making the new co-op layer for Kharkov Outskirts I made it represent the Second Battle of Kharkov May 12 to 28, 1942. Therefore the weapons & vehicles reflect early/mid 1942. For example Russians have T-26, BT-7, and T-34-76 model 1941. The Germans have Panzer IV F2 (Summer 1942), Panzer III Ausf. L, and Panzer II Ausf C. I'd like to replace the Panzer II with a Panzer 38(t), but FH2 doesn't have one. I might see about porting one over if I can find one with a decent model/texture.

This will be a 32p layer, although it is a fair amount than many other 32p maps.

Here is a playthrough video of beta Kharkov Outskirts Co-op:

(Sorry for low video quality. Need to use a different recording software.)

I am nearly finished, a few fixes still need done. I may re-navmesh for 64p too, but not sure yet. I find medium sized maps to be fun for co-op.

Of course credit for the map goes to the original creator ArminAce & Ts4ever for porting to FH2. I just navmeshed & created the custom layer along with coding the for co-op & for teamsp's. I also coded the BT-7 and pzivf2_summer42 for AI. Made a few new kits as well to make the NCO kits a little more useful.

If it would not upset anyone then I would like to make this available for download when it is finished. It will be a separate map from the multiplayer Kharkov Outskirts so installing will not affect the ability to play MP. Same as for seelow_coop, sammatus_coop, etc. I know there are many co-op players who would like to enjoy these maps & assets of commemoration.

Currently I am also looking at adding co-op to "Alpenfestung" and maybe "Bombing the Reich".

Anyway thanks for reading everyone,

Title: Re: Kharkov Outskirts Co-op
Post by: batistadk on 01-11-2021, 19:11:37
Hello Cossack!

It's a pleasure to see your work here. I'm going to download and try it ASAP. Thanks for your efforts here friend.

Best regards,

Title: Re: Kharkov Outskirts Co-op
Post by: jan_kurator on 02-11-2021, 13:11:25
that's really cool, it was already posted in the #singleplayer channel of our Discord:  (

I suggest to show your future work there, as not many people use forums nowadays, and you are far more likely to get all the feedback there  ;)
Title: Re: Kharkov Outskirts Co-op
Post by: VacMaster1991 on 03-11-2021, 04:11:39
Thanks so much for adding these maps to Co Op. I am super exited to try them. The maps from in memoriam would be great in co op. Thanks for your hard work!  :)
Title: Re: Kharkov Outskirts Co-op
Post by: Oberst_Kroenen on 16-11-2021, 09:11:57
I'm always happy when new maps get co-op support. Thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to trying it out.