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Gaming / Space Engine
« on: 13-05-2016, 01:05:09 »
Behold, the ultimate Space videogame.

While it's, technically, not a videogame because there is no real gameplay in it, it is by far the greatest Universe Sim out there.

And that's what it is, a Universe Simulator. You can travel to any Asteroid, any Dwarf Planet, any Moon, any rocky Planet, any Gas Giant, any Brown Dwarf, any White Dwarf, any Neutron Star, any Black Hole, any Supergiant Star... any Galaxy and explore the mentioned celestial bodies any times you want.

It's f-huge. Any transition between any object found in the Universe is done without any loading screen or whatever, it all exists in the same "world". The game contains catalog stars and galaxies, along with other objects such as Globular Clusters. To fill in, Randomly Generated Stars/Galaxies are also generated.

The game is currently being developed by a single guy un Russia and it's free!, the guy has huge plans for the future, such as Galaxy movement and collisions, unique models for each Galaxy, unique procedural model for each nebula, Supernovas and more!

Check it out, right now.

Some screens from my own private collection:



Andromeda, along with the dwarf Galaxies M32 and M110, seen with enhanced Zoom from Earth:

Cluster of Stars:



Alien World:

Collection of Catalog Galaxies:

Look at these stars, every single one of them is visitable:

Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. That small blue dot is it's White Dwarf companion, Sirius B.

Strange-looking Galaxy, pretty much like M64, the "Black Eye Galaxy".

Gaming / East vs. West
« on: 12-02-2013, 01:02:42 »
So yeah, this game is very promising.

If you ever played Hearts of Iron, especially Hearts of Iron III you'll love this one.

Pick a country and guide it trough the Cold War, start in 1946 and end (if nukes won't stop you) in 1991.

The game is being developed by BL-Logic and Paradox Interactive is cooperating with them, BL-Logic brought us "Arsenal of Democracy".

It's a standalone, developed using the Clausewitz engine, the same used by CK2 - Vicky2 - EU3 - HoI3 and EU: Rome.

The game will attempt to recreate the tense situation during the cold war, the economy part of the game will be getting more attention than on HoI3, while keeping the well-made HoI III combat system.

What makes this game so exciting? the era, really. A lot of great nations to play, may you select Poland and try to break from the USSR? play as Britain and keep your colonies? play as North Korea and win the Korean War?, pick Rwanda?, a LOT of playable countries, a lot of ways to play your game, it is very rich in this aspect.

I'm going to play as Cuba for my first game and side with Fidel Castro once he overthrows Batista (not sure how is the Cuban Revolution going to work but...), and it will be multiplayer, my buddy will most likely select Argentina or the USSR, we can make a good alliance and so on.

Well it's all pretty much resumed here:

Dev Diaries (will be updated):

Reviews and Inerviews:


A few Screenshots:

Planned release date:

Q2 2013

Modding / Help this man get back to Mapping!
« on: 12-06-2011, 22:06:57 »

Long time ago, i started mapping. Well, i did little to be honest, mediocre maps but it was hella fun! i loved it.

Now, i always had a map in my mind and its time to get the stuff running, but this piece of crap doesnt want me to have fun in the editor.

So, i set up everything, Unrar all Rars into their respective folders, run the Editor on Admin Mode/Win XP Compatibility Mode, go to the Mod Manager thingy, select all options and yeah. I think thats all.

Then i create a map, wich i always call Test, smallest size possible and click OK.

Then it crashes.

Funny thing: if i restart the Editor and load the new map, i can edit it, but the map folder is incomplete, files missing, obvius.

Another thing is some "Lag" i get when i run the Editor, like when i rotate, move an object it moves like with lag, you keep your mouse button pressed, move the obect and it doesnt move :/, as soon as you release the button it changes position.

Oh, i have Win7 wich i believe its a problem?

Thanks. And yet again: Help this man get back to Mapping!

FH2 Help / Support / Villers Bocage Crash/Multiple Crashes.
« on: 22-10-2010, 00:10:05 »
Right so, i installed Windows 7 and it comes with a Shitload of problems and stuff.

Now, i installed BF2 + 1.41 + 1.50 + Fh2 2.26 + 2.3 Incremental, loaded first map, MP, i think it was Ramelle or something, played it and all good.

Now it comes to loading the second map in rotation, and guess what, it crashed in loading, not sure in what % tho.

After that shaders problems, sometimes i cant fix it, reinstall Fh2, same thing happens with Crashes when it loads the Second map. But today, something new happend, i just reinstalled Fh2, it happens to be fine. I run FH2 with Administrator Mode, join Hslan playing Villers Bocage, as it finishes loading, just before the "Join" button thingy comes up, it crashes. Right, may be my luck, i try again, run as Admin Mode, run in Windowed Mode to see if a Error window comes up and jesus christ crashes once again, no error window at all btw.

I run Fh2 again, this time i turned that "Disable Desktop Composition" thing off, same as above, Administrator Mode/Windowed mode, set the game res to 860 or something, the lowest, tried again and this window (Crashed again, btw) comes up.

My system.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.19 GHz

2GB Ram

Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT

Windows 7 32bit

Suggestions / We Need this. Dynamic Sky
« on: 22-06-2010, 04:06:26 »
Seriusly, if this is true, who said bf2 engine sucks!, bf2 engine sucks you now. Er.

Okay, so i logged on Youtube after, a long time and i found this, video. I dunno, i cant believe my eyes, damn!, i mean. Jesus!

I Mean, seriusly? Dynamic Sky, Day n' Night? and with PERFECT Lightnings! no bugs visible, OMG!

Something tells me its not True, the shadows and stuff looks like if they were taken from Google Earth, who knows.

Maybe not usefull for All maps but, maybe for a battle that was fought for weeks or something, could add some realism. problem is, what do you with Night? Unless you find a way to turn Lights on as soon as is Night then i doubt it will work well in FH2, PR is other Thing, NV Goggles, there. But, worth a try in FH2!

Can we haz, plox?

Off-Topic / Project Reality on ArmA 2
« on: 13-03-2010, 22:03:20 »


I still, really dont care that much, i cant find ArmA 2 Here, ArmA2 Sucks and PR is slow, ArmA is Slow, and this will be Uber Slow.

But the Models, Lightnings, and shit,  they look really good.

I hope they can bring us Something really cool. Still, they are doing an Awesome Job.


Modding / Starting new Project.
« on: 02-03-2010, 06:03:54 »
Hey Guys.

I Decided to start a new Project here, map.

I have a couple of Super Alphas (Flag Layouts, Road Layout, etc) on paper.
In my mind, currently, there are a few Maps..

The Scheldt River
Hurtgenwald (Like Aachen but Forest Only)
A Map that brings most of the Normandy Equipment, or, Breaktrough 1944 MkII.
A Fictional Seelowe
Only if i could Manage to get the Italians as a Allies Country, i could do  one of these Islands in the Aegean Sea...

What more? Nothing.


Pretty Possible, not a bad idea, maybe, with my current plan, it could end in a massive Static front.


Cold, Wet and Foggy, with Custom Bunkers (Hopefully) and the Awesome SS Skins for it.

Breaktrough 1944 MkII.

Maybe not that name but, Generic Normandy Map. Normandy-Like Landscape, but with a Large tank force, Airplanes and most important, Paratroopers. Horsa Glider (Placeholder) and Ju52.


Awesome map with excellent fortifications. +1!


Beach Landing map featuring Bredas!


Not sure, same as Husky i guess.


Big island, small land on It-Ger control. Ju52s, Italian Paratroopers, Secure the Beaches and get Tanks! Push Forward!. Like Crete but with Italians and more tanks.


Still awesome. Combied Arms map featuring all kind of Early War vehicles!

Vote if you want.. i just wanna kill some time and learn some skills, this time, is for REAL.

Thanks for reading =D.

Off-Topic / Bir el Gobi and late War RSI Battles.
« on: 02-02-2010, 05:02:01 »
Anyone knows anything about, Bir el Gobi, US vs Italy Tunisia battles and a Late War (Italy) battle between the US 92nd inf against the RSI 4th Alpine "Monte Rosa".

On 26 December 1944, several sizeable RSI military units, including elements of the 4th Italian "Monte Rosa" Alpine Division and the 3rd Italian "San Marco" Marine Division, participated in Operation Winter Storm. This was a combined German and Italian offensive against the 92nd Infantry Division. The battle was fought in the Apennines. While limited in scale, this was a successful offensive and the RSI units did their part.

I need all the info i can get for any of these battles.

Suggestions / M19 Maschinengranatwerfer
« on: 24-12-2009, 02:12:08 »
Hey People.

I just wanted to suggest this, amazing, german weapon. Of course it will increase the epic German Bias in this mod.

Its nothing but a "Fully Automatic 5cm Mortar".

Well, ill let "Axis History" speak.

M19 Maschinengranatwerfer

by Erik Ettrup


The M19 was a very advanced fully-automatic 5cm mortar. Due to it`s size it was only used in bunkers, mainly in the Atlanticwall.



The production of the first M19 probably started in 1937-38. The first known examples were installed in the Westwall, in the so-called "B-werke". They were the German answer to the French automatic-mortar mle1935 on the Maginot-line. Only some 30 mortars were built for use in the Westwall. During the construction of the Alantikwall, the M19 were put back to production. Due to the high production cost and time, only the most important areas, like submarine bases and large coastal batteries were equipped with the M19. A very few examples were mounted in the Ostwall defenceline in Poland, 1944.

In the years between 1937 and 1945, only 98 of these incredible weapons were made.



The M19 was mounted inside armoured copulars. Only a few cm`s of the barrel was visible from the outside. The whole weapon-platform could be lowered 50 Cm`s, an a hatch could seal the opening for the barrel. A retractable periscope could also be used when the weapon was lowered. The copular which had a inside diameter of only 2 meters, were usually manned by 3 soldiers. One of them controlled the weapon alone. With his right hand, he could turn the weapon-platform 360 degrees. With his left hand, he adjusted the elevation. His left foot was used to lock the platform, while the trigger was on his right foot. the 2 others worked with the loading system.

The loading system could be manually operated, or it could be switched to electrical loading. Inside the ammunition room below the copular, several men worked with refilling clips for the mortar. They were placed in an elevator which brought them up to the platform. At manual mode, he loader would place a clip in the weapon, when it was empty, the second loader would remove it, and place the empty clip in the "return elevator". If the weapon was switched to automatic, a 5KVA generator would replace the loaders in the copular. This however, would use all ammunition within minutes, and the weapon would suffer from enormous strain.

The automatic fire was only used in emergencies


The R-633

The bunker type R-633, was the only standarized regelbau for the M19. It had 6 rooms, 3 of them for the M19 equipment, and 3 for the personell. A R-633 was manned by 14 persons, half of them manning the M19.

Standard ammunition storeage inside a R-633, was 3944 rounds. There were a few different copulars used. In the R-633, the 424p1 was used.


Technical data - weapon

Weight: 220 Kg

Calibre: 50 mm

Ammunition: Same as the 900G. LeGrW36 werfer.

V/o: 44-83 M/sec.

Range: 50-750 Meters

Rate of fire (manual) max 60 Grenades pr minute

Rate of fire (electrical) 30-120 grenades pr minute (adjustable on the weapon)

Power consumption: 5KVA


Technical data - platform

Traverse: 360 degrees (11 degrees pr. second)

weapon Elevation: +48 / +87 degrees

Platform elevation: 50 CM


Technical data - Copular 424p1

Height: 3,4 M

Weight: 39000 Kg

Inside diam.: 1,7-2 M

Armour: 250 mm


Examples of places where M19 was used

3 x R-633 Placed at MKB11/504 (Coastal battery with the "B-turret" from Gneisenau), Norway

1 x SK placed at the Submarinebunker belonging to 6th & 7th U-Flotille in St-Nazaire,France.

2 x R-633 in the harbour of Oostende, Belgium.

1 x R-633 in "Infanterie-st├╝tzpunkt Agger-Dorf" Denmark.

2 x R-633 in "Festung Oder warthe Bogen", Poland.

This is theory, a overview of a M19 Maschinengratwerfer Emplacement.

Would be an interesting weapon to use in certain maps, for example, a Poland Based map of the eastern front, or, i belive, some M19s were used in the English Channel.

Well i guess the dedicated researchers will do a better job then me.

Suggestions / Semovente 75/18
« on: 31-10-2009, 01:10:14 »

The sexy Semovente. This was one of the best tanks the Italians deployed during the War. It saw service in NA, especially in El Alamein. Its 75mm Gun could fire AP, HEAT and HE Rounds, enough to destroy British tanks like the M3 Grant, M4 Sherman, Crusader MkIII, etc.

So i think this tank is what the Italians needs in FH2. Actually, they lack good armor, in the Semovente 75/18 was a very succesfull Tank Destroyer, Assault Gun and Direct Support Tank.

The Machine had around 44 75mm Shells.

So yeah, we could see this Tank roaming the deserts, and maybe in Italy..

Hell, this tank is also present in FH1, the model is good, maybe its sitting there, crying for a porting...

I think we should have this tank. Atleast for El Alamein.

Modding / [WIP] Battle of Aachen
« on: 26-09-2009, 23:09:53 »

Here i come whit a new map, Aachen. This map has been in my scope for Months, so finally, i started it and im continuing it.

The Battle for Aachen was a bloodbath. The Americans learned that the germans will fight to the death in their own Soil. Aachen was defended by the 116th Panzer Division, commanded by Gerhard von Schwerin. But Gerhard von Schwerin, decided to surrender the city to the allies but Hitler replaced him whit Gerhard Wilck.

The way to Aachen was tough. The germans had many Fortifications, the US Soldiers suffered terrible losses when taking these Fortifications. Such fortifications would have to be taken whit Flamethrowers, Setchel Carges, Grenades and the 155mm Sherman gun Conversion.

The Germans Counterattacked many times, these attacks failed because of the Allied Air Superiority and Continous artillery barrage.

Hodges, commanding the First Army, was tasked to break trough Aachen and occupy it.

The Battle started on 2 October, when the 30th Infantry Division attacked the German Pillboxes. 6 Days Before, a large Artillery bombardment fell on the Germans, whit little effect. Later, the Artillery attacked the German AA Instalations, but the smoke dindt allowed the Air Force to see their targets.

The rate of US Casualties was big on 11 October 1944, Strong german counterattacks and the tough job of taking every pillbox raised the number of losses on the US Side.

New SS Units arrived for the Germans, the I. SS Panzerkorps whit the SS Schwere Panzer Abteilung 101 and elements of the I. SS Panzer Division.

Despite strong German Counterattacks, the Allied succeded in their Task. After bitter Fighting, Aachen was surrounded.

The attack began on 13 October, the 26th Infantry Regiment will face 5.000 German Soldiers, mainly from the Volkssturm.

The Germans had little armor support on their city, but they used it very well, on counterattacks.

When the city was falling, one of the last resistence pockets was the Hotel Quellenhof, 300 SS German soldiers reinforced the Hotel and counterattacked, succesfully.

The US decided to attack the Hotel whit Mortars and Artillery. The German garrison capitualted on 21 October, ending the battle of Aachen.


The map will take place on the Outskirts of Aachen. The way to Aachen will be heavily infested of Bunkers, Trenches, Pillboxes, Strongpoints, etc.

The Terrain will be mainly, flat, whit some variations on the ground.

The Flags will be


26th Infantry Division

2nd Armored Division



88 Hill

Hill 239 (Probably)

Aachen Outskirts


SS Schwere Panzer Abteilung 101

I would like to finish this map, but i need help. Not help like "How do i paint the terrain", help like Push Mode, Dummy Flags, Balance, Object Placement (Like designing a base), Terrain Textures, Building a Large City, and more.


Pictures are bad and they dont show anything. Also, Panther Ausf G will be used, atleast, here.

Note that the German Kit Selection is the same as Op Luttich. Only the NCO was changed, from Mp40 to STG44. Panzershreck will be changed (If the Panzerfaust 100 or 60 is still in the game...) for Panzerfaust 30m.

More pics soon.

PS: Im not continuing Abstention because. I Reinstalled windows, saved the map in a DVD. Now, i still have that DVD but my PC DVD Drive is broken, and it wont read that DVD. So my WiP Folder is empty, so i decided to start Aachen.

Any questions?

FH2 Help / Support / Server has refused the connection.
« on: 20-09-2009, 18:09:18 »

I im mad now, i cant belive this shit is happening.

I Reinstalled windows yesterday. With a fresh window i installed BF2. Then 1.4 and then 1.5. Later 2.2.

But i cant create an account or use my old one. I dont know whats going on. I cant simply do it.

Firewall? dont know, Anti Virus? dont know...

Anyone?  :)

Modding / Need help whit the Editor.
« on: 07-09-2009, 03:09:45 »
Hey guys.

Whit normandy finally in my hands, i decided to open 2.2 whit the editor.

Looks cool, i have been watching its new "hidden" stuff, like the P51D and the Box called Maus. I hope you have something to say, toddel.  ;D

Well, i've noticed, when i make a map, no minimap is generated, it crashes when i click on view-reload-paint.

Also crashes when i generate Envmaps.

I think, the problem comes from bf2 tpaint. I tried to auto-paint the surrounding terrain of my old map Battle of the Camps, and didnt worked.

Now, what should i do? any fix?

Thanks alot  :D

Suggestions / Old FH1 toys coming back to life.
« on: 19-08-2009, 06:08:35 »
As title says.

Today i played FHSW, alone, loaded Rheinuebung, and used the Bismark, Hood and the Prinz Eugen.

Fist, awesome toys. Really awesome, whit FHSW it makes them more awesome.

Then a idea came to mind. After all, these models are pretty damn good, for a capital Ship, nearly perfect.

So my idea is to port these things into FH2. This, takes time of course, but its more easier than making the Bismark, Hood and the Eugen... from scratch.

This is the list of things i would like to see in FH2, mostly ported. And also a reminder or two.

Prinz Eugen
HMS Hood
Dithmarschen Klasse
BT42 (For a very late release)
R35 (Also a very nice model.. i actually liked it)
ME110 (Why.. why is not here?)

Some of them are for the Pacific or early war maps. But for some reason the HE111 and the ME110 are missing... but in the end, they would make it in, also, if you have something you would like to see in FH2, from FH1, just post its name and a picture if you want... Dont let these babies die!

So, i dont think we will see them in the FH2 files for normandy, but for a later release? devs, have you thinked about this? will the ships die?

So well, community, lets talk about this.


Modding / Adding Vehicles. FH1-FHSW.
« on: 10-08-2009, 06:08:29 »
Hey there.

I was playing FHSW today and, i played on Fall Gelb map.

Wonderfull map, i love it.

So, i played as french and used the R35 to death, i quiclky noticed the map was lacking something i just found out.

Theres a specific old french AT Cannon, its white. Theres an Old french Howitzer, white too. FT17 is not there and finally, the Panhard.

I would like to add these vehicles to the map Fall Gelb and also, add some aircrafts for myself, in Bombing the Reich.

Like, ME262, BF109 and maybe a ME163 Komet. Because the AI always takes all the airplanes.

Now, here are my questions.

Throw me the Editor, i dont know wich one i should use.
Tutorials, i only need Object Placing and that stuff.

I guess, every vehicle has an AI Code IIRC. For Example, i cant add the Tiger (FH2) into any SP map because the AI wont take it.

I wonder if these french tanks has any AI code or something, correct me if im wrong.

Do i need Object Spawners, just like in FH2?

Thanks alot.

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