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General Discussion / FH2.45 Battlerecording
« on: 11-10-2012, 17:10:05 »
Hi guys and gal,

Does anyone have access to or know of some 2.45 Battlerecordings? Are you willing to share it with me VIA PRIVATE MESSAGE so as I can download the love?

Preferably one of the snow maps.

... There will be zombies  ;)

If you get yourself a sherman tank in game...

Take a look at your F key on your keyboard,... 
Take a good long look at it.  Now imagine if you pressed that key it would select different ammo.
By Christs awesome beard, it does!

What is the single most reason you get your ass handed to you when taking on German tanks across an open plain? Well, they are better than you.  They are badass, shoot straight down the barrel, punch a hole in your face - better than you. And you? You're out of range.

Use your smoke shells and fire them up in the vacinity of the enemy tank(s), from a distance you won't be able to see the confusion you caused, because to render smoke at that distance is not something your Win98 PC can handle... anyway, once you've fired a few smokes, full throttle, and soon you'll be in range to give that German tank a few punches back.

Oh, and don't forget firing AT rounds at an infantary filled trench is as effective as running up to them with your spade held high and your trousers round your ankles. Switch your god damn ammo to HE and blow the shit out of them!

[This post was inpspired by the lack of thought given by three sherman drivers on El Alamein, two sherman drivers on Lebisey, and every fucker on Falaise Pocket.]

Bug Reporting / Snowdrift clipping
« on: 20-10-2011, 12:10:14 »
Anyone mentioned the snowdrift overlooking the town on Eppeldorf that you can go prone into and clip it so anyone passing can't see you but you can still shoot out?

It's in quite a vital elevated position overlooking the town and on quite a used route as the map plays out.

I will post details, but I don't want to give the position away too much - hence why I didn't post my screens straight away.

Off-Topic / Cos-Play, **** just got real
« on: 25-07-2011, 14:07:43 »
Some images (stolen from a link on Reddit) of Comic Con San Diego.  I know some folks here who love teh furries, and I've been party to a bit of furry bashing in a light hearted way, but when I saw to extent that some folks go to when Cos-playing, this shit is awesome, I mean really-really good, definately worth sharing.

To the costumes of epicness plox >>>>>

 :D Quick take me to You Tube so I can see trailorz!

TL;DR > New movie out, it will hit screens pre-Independance day 2, but it hits screens at the right moment in human social existance when the thoughts, rumours, threats of Armageddon are circling.  What would you do come armageddon? Join forces with the rest of the world? Or salute our new robot overlords?

I'm looking forward to this movie, not 100% sure why because it's smacked full of the typical ingredients to get it to appeal to wider audience groups that pisses me off, and alas will probably suffer the same internet flames as Avatar did.  What the hell am I talking about...? 

The karma-messages in films, with Avatar it was all about 'corporation' ploughing through nature to get what it wants, at any cost.  So the underlying message there is one of earth conservation, but the internet picked through Avatars bones and made it suck because it had links back to Pocahontas or Dances with Wolves.

Along comes Battle: Los Angeles (part of a trilogy I think).  At the right time? 2012 whether you believe or disbelieve (I am the latter) is a subject that many of us have heard of or know about, shit even my Mum knows about the Mayan calendar or lack of.  Yeah so, like we had in 1998 when disaster movies hit the stage pre-Millenium to prey on peoples Y2K fears, mass-extinction movies are going to be 2011's exit note, but what would you do in the event of extraterrestrial invasion, would you pick up a gun and join hands across the planet to fight foreign invaders, could you see that this is what the human race would acctually do?

IMO, the past 10 years have seen more worldwide calamity than anything the cold war could have given us.  It's like we are indeed stood on the precipice of some kind of mass extinction or reboot.  It's like the media is almost ushering us to 'do it'.  Nature has tried with Bubonic Plague and Aids etc, but I think ultimately the only thing to spread a little world love would be if aliens invaded and gave us a dam good kicking we all joined forces and acctually forgot our petty differences.

Off-Topic / Be an extra in a British WWII movie
« on: 31-01-2011, 14:01:58 »
unfirtunately it does requirE a small donation  :o of 800 quid on your part.  but hey. i was like, wow - cool, someone on FH2 might like this...

If there is any real rolling interest let me know and I'll join you in signing up, don't want to do this on my own :)

Off-Topic / UFO
« on: 09-08-2010, 12:08:43 »
Well I was sat here rocking on my chair, polishing old bess my 12 guage minding my own business, and I saw a bright light up in the sky... I started hollerin'  "Martha! Geeet over here, it's one of them You-F-Ohhhhs."

UK government last week disclosed many gov. reports about UFOs deemed classified or threat to national security. CLICK ME

Gaming / Star Wars: The Old Republic
« on: 16-06-2010, 15:06:06 »
Star Wars franchise getting a bit - - hard to come up with new stuff despite the fact you've err engineered a whole universe, I completley dismissed SW:OR MMPOG because I thought it would be just like WAW..

then I saw this

and I wanted to be part of it.

Off-Topic / Looking for WW2 related info on...
« on: 03-06-2010, 10:06:56 »
Feel free to use this thread to ask for help on another WW2 subject/topic at the same time.


Oh hai.  I'm looking for some precise information online about WW2 formation badges/signs for the US, UK and Italy... I've got a fair few of the UK ones, no US, I can't find anything on Italian army formation signs - did they even have any?

In fact I'd appreciate any online info anyone has on German formation signs, and AUS/NZ - I have a large collection of decals from both these armies, but just want to double check my sources.

General Discussion / FH2 T-Shirt competition (Round 1)
« on: 30-05-2010, 02:05:21 »


You are invited to take part in the very awesome FH2 T-Shirt competition, the winner of this competition will win a copy of their design printed onto a T-Shirt, the winning entry will be voted for by forum readers and the design made publicly available at the cost of -TBC-in ROUND 2.

The following wall of text may look like a TL;DR - Seriously grab some coffee and read it all, it's there to help you.


The closing date for submitting your t-shirt designs to ROUND 1 is 29th JUNE 2010!!!
ROUND 1 is the ideas stage when noobs and pros can band about ideas, you might not be a genius with Photoshop, MS paint jobs are still acceptable, it could be that the scribble you did on the back of your hand evolves into the most awesome t-shirt since '3 wolf moon'.


You may submit up to three different designs to ROUND 1.
You may be asked to resubmit your design(s) with modifications, please don't post your changes until ROUND 2 starts. EDIT 01/06/10 - changed my mind about this, it was purely so I could keep track of all designs, but I will just have to do a little more work keeping tabs on everything - feel free to post amends in Round 1.
Keep off-topic spam in this thread to a minimum please, this does not mean you can't discuss each others work here.
Whilst SLEEVE printing looks Uber, just concentrate on the front &/or reverse of the T-Shirt, sleeve printing costs more, in order to keep this T-Shirt within a very cheap price range please refrain from sleeve decals/ designs.
A MAXIMUM of 4000px X 4000px design, if you are designing larger than this a) wtf? b) Your image will be reduced and this may impare the quality of your design.
A MINIMUM of 50px X 50px.


In order to prep a winning design for it's final t-shirt print it may need some tinkering with, so please save any artwork files you create.


There will then follow a ROUND 2 whereby any modified designs will be resubmitted. SEE EDIT ABOVE
In the FINAL ROUND a short list of 3 designs will go head to head in a smack-down for who's created the most smokin' hot T-Shirt.

The winning design will be made available to other forum readers for the price of -TBC in ROUND 2-.


Inside this zip file (2.6 MB) You will find the Forgotten Hope 2 logo in various formats, .jpg, .gif, .png, .ai, .psd, .eps
DOWNLOAD - Forgotten Hope 2 Logo Artwork

(EPS/AI formats have been backed saved from CS4 to Illustrator 10 version, if you do encounter any problems opening the files or would like the files in a different format please PM von.small.  Anyone lucky enough to be using CS5, please back save to a minimum of CS4)


Don't feel you have to adhere to these templates specifically in ROUND 1, they are here for guidance, in ROUND 2 you'll get more assistance converting your design into a functioning T-Shirt design, but the more conformed your idea in ROUND 1 the less work it is for everyone later on.
DOWNLOAD - TSHIRT Template in EPS/Illustrator format 1.6 MB
DOWNLOAD - TSHIRT Template in JPG/Image format 2.5 MB
DOWNLOAD - TSHIRT Template in PSD/Photoshop format 7.5 MB [UPDATE 02/06/10 link was broken and nobody mentioned it! fixed!]

PSD format has been saved using Photoshop CS4.  (EPS/AI formats have been backed saved from CS4 to Illustrator 10 version, if you do encounter any problems opening the files or would like the files in a different format please PM von.small.  Anyone lucky enough to be using CS5, please back save to a minimum of CS4)


There are a range of available colours, I suggest you use the following as a base colour reference...

white #fffffff
red #f51e30
grey #a9a9a9
light blue #70b4f2
blue #32409a
dark blue #00224c
brown #463c26
yellow #fff500
green #717250
teal #007e80

FH2 Help / Support / Battlerecorder playback CTD
« on: 21-05-2010, 22:05:31 »
Since installing incremental patch to version 2.26 when I load a demo file, the file will load to 100% and then CTD.
Has anyone encountered this problem? Or do you know of a possible workaround?

I have uninstalled FH2 and used the full-version installer, but the problem persists.

I use Windowz Vista (Sp2)
4.00GB Ram
AMD Phenom 9600 Quad Core 2.30 GHz

The (right click) properties of the FH2 desktop shortcut are set to run as admin and compatibility mode Windows XP (Sp2)


Doh, just realised, if I try and play demo recordings that use an older version of FH2 they won't playback, right...?

Theroy is right ^ just tested again.  Either delete this thread or leave it for prosperity  :P

Off-Topic / Need some US help
« on: 05-03-2010, 13:03:29 »
Anyone from the US?  I need a tune buying from iTunes stateside (I can't get it here in the UK) - if you'd be willing to buy my $0.99 song, I'd return the favour, or paypal you the money first if you're unsure.

General Discussion / PDH: First one to the guns
« on: 08-09-2009, 12:09:45 »
Perhaps a little spammy thread, but I would like to know if any allied soldiers have made it (since public 2.2 release) to the Point Du Hoc guns and eliminated them.  I must have played the round 20 times now, yes I am still wrestling an FH2 addiction, but none of those times have I managed to get any further than capturing the Destroyed bunker and having a small bash at the farm but never taking it.

This one time [@bandcamp] last night - allies had an epic fight draining the German tickets down to 14 but ultimatley loosing, but, we  managed to take nothing but the first 2 flags.

In game images of PDH guns being destroyed please!

Off-Topic / RIP Harry Patch
« on: 25-07-2009, 18:07:07 »
Last last British survivor of the WW1 trenches died earlier today at the age of 111.

What a story to tell at the gates of heaven.  Salute for Harry Patch.

Bug Reporting / Sfakia | House static wall hack/ breach
« on: 13-06-2009, 15:06:20 »
This is likely to have been documented before so apologies for duplicate posting if that is the case. I couldn't find any reference to it in the current bug reporting area, and admittedly I haven't checked the old forum.

Map: The battle for Sfakia
Flag point: Upper town

Steps to recreate: I'm not entirely sure 100% (and will test again next time I am on the map) I went up the ladder and along to the sandbags, there I tried to jump over to the next building (from the roof it has a hole that I was intending to drop down and surprise some enemy) I seemed to fall into the wall, I hit jump again to try and propel myself to the gap between the two buildings, but instead ended up inside the first building static model. See secreen shot below.  I could not shoot out - i.e. my bullets did no damage to passing Germans, however I could lay in the cap zone on the flag, if I had been a squad leader I'm sure players could have spawned on me - and thus capped the flag.

Perhaps nothing can be done about this, but it reminded me of the BF2 vanilla Karkand wall hack.  Once the hack-steps are documented anyone can do it.

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