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Listening to Mark Felton right now, and it got me thinking.  Has anyone thought about creating a map for the Battle of Remagen?  It seems like it would be a fun map, and the Luftwaffe had Arado jet bombers and ME-262s involved. 

It seems like there was one for FH1 if I remember correctly.


I think people have thought about it, it's just that doing the whole bridge static is quite time consuming, and there hasn't been enough interest in someone taking that time.

It'd also be kind of tough to mix in the Arado jets in since they came in many days after the bridge was captured, so it's kind of like a separate scenario. Tho I could see a cool scenario where an Arado spawns after the bridge is capped and the Germans get one last chance to win/ tie with a bombing run :D

But long story short, most ppl are focused on other stuff atm. Remagen would be a very time consuming map to do, and there's not much interest in putting that much time in.

EDIT: cool yea they did make one for FHSW; I guess that has the Arado spawning for Germans at all times. Still kinda a cool way to do it

Thanks Matt.  I know you guys are busy.  I really appreciate all of the work that you guys put into creating the new maps.  I'm excited about the upcoming release with France 1940.

Would be really cool to see tho. The bridge model itself would almost need to be like a 16 player map. The static would need to be custom made with the idea of like 2-3 flags being fought on over top of it.

Curious to see how Hell Let Loose will do it, tho their gameplay is very different from ours.


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