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13 small sentences


I wrote a list of 13 more small sentences. Maybe some of this will interest the developers of the mod:

1) When firing from a shotgun, you can reload several cartridges into it, and the entire clip does not disappear when reloading. And when firing from a revolver, when reloading, all cartridges that were still in the revolver disappear. It would be more correct to do that when reloading the revolver, the entire clip disappeared, and he simply reloaded several cartridges. It is not necessary to create a new reload animation. It is enough that he would take the revolver down by the edge of the screen and reload it so that it would not be visible during reloading.

2) It is difficult to shoot from tanks and guns at long distances if the reticle in their optics is too thick or rounded. For example, it is much easier and more accurate to shoot from the Shermans from the Americans than from the Shermans from the British. This is because the British Shermans have an inconvenient sight in the form of a thick circle, while the Americans have a convenient crosshair. As a result, with the Shermans of the Americans at long distances, I can aim at separate areas on enemy tanks. And from the British Shermans, I have to aim approximately at the figure of the tank without aiming at certain areas on it. It would be necessary to correct the tank sights or the "thick" reticle in their optics. Infantry machine guns have the same problem, if the tip of the front sight of a machine gun is too thick or rounded, then its accuracy is worse than that of someone with a sharp tip.

3) Constantly pinching the squat button and holding it uncomfortable. It should have been done so that for the squatting mode, the key had to be pressed 1 time and not kept constantly.

4) Usually, when you hit a vehicle, the sight shows marks of whether you have caused damage to it or not. It is convenient to understand whether your shell penetrates the tank's armor in the forehead / side or not. When firing from a bazooka, there are no such marks. I do not understand whether my shell pierced the frontal armor of the tank or not, and whether I caused damage or not. It would be correct to put these marks that appear near the scope in case of damage to the bazooka and panzershrek.

5) Is it possible to make it so that if he pulled the pin out of the grenade and then was killed, but did not have time to throw it out, the grenade would fall to the ground and explode. It's the same with anti-tank grenades and other explosives. As an additional idea, it would be possible to place the character's grenades on the belt, and make it so that when it hits a grenade or explosive in the hands and on the belt of the enemy, it explodes. This would motivate the sniper and other shooters to try to hit the explosives on the enemy's belt. This was done in the Sniper Elite series.
In BF2, at the airfields, I saw a red barrel. If you shoot it, it explodes. Can't you use the script explosion from it for the grenades on the player's belt?

6) In the first versions of fh2, 10 years ago in the game, each infantryman had a stamina scale. It would be right to bring her back. Moreover, it should be done so that when sprinting for heavily armed infantry with grenade launchers, machine guns, mortars, and anti-tank guns, this endurance scale was spent 25-40% faster than infantrymen with conventional weapons. In contrast, all machine guns can be added to the ability to shoot while standing from the hip.

7) It would be correct to enter the option of choosing a day or night before starting the map. Previously, the infantry map Mersa Matruh 16 delivered me a lot, but starting from version 2.4 it was made at night. It would be correct if the players themselves chose to play them on any map during the day or at night.

8) What's the point in bicycles if their speed is lower than sprint running? They should increase their speed and make it higher than the speed of movement by sprinting. It is even possible to add to him the ability to shoot a pistol with one hand while sitting behind him, and throw grenades. If bicycles were introduced, then it should be done on maps where there is not enough transport for the infantry, and you need to run on foot for a very long time.

9) Make a rupture of the track of the tank from being hit by a shell.

10) On new maps, it is sometimes not clear where to look for a box with cartridges on the map. This is especially difficult for beginners who have just got acquainted with the mod and do not know where the boxes with cartridges are located on the maps. If a player on a vehicle through the command menu asks the "engineers" to repair, then all the engineers that are on the map are immediately displayed. Can't you also make the boxes with cartridges appear on the map if the player shouts "cartridges" ?. This would help players find bullets faster. The same can be done with individual weapon whales lying in specific locations.

11) Bulletproof vests were developed and used in the Second World War by many parties. For example, the Soviet steel bib CH-42 has proven itself well in street battles. It protected from being hit by a bayonet, shrapnel, 9mm bullets from the MP-40. And in some cases, also from a bullet from a G-41/43 if it flew tangentially. Could you add them as a separate kit at the base?

12) When using a hand mortar or a light machine gun that you can carry and install, after all the ammunition has been fired, if you install the mortar / machine gun on the ground again, then all the ammunition will appear again. For example, on the Omaha Beach map, the ammunition load is updated with each new installation at the mortar. On the map "Motovsky Bay 16", when the MG-34 machine gun is mounted on the carriage of the machine guns, the ammunition is updated every time. It would be right that the ammunition load is not updated and the player has to always run to the ammunition box to replenish it.

13) The M1919 Browning machine gun has a disgusting recoil somewhere up and to the side, which makes it difficult and unpleasant to shoot from it. It would be correct to make it smaller, and not sideways, but only upward. Also, the machine gun has a very low front sight, which makes it aim for a very long time.


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