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Poll: how much should the maximum visibility range be increased?


In FH2, in my opinion, the maximum visibility range is slightly insufficient. I suggest increasing it a little. Due to the insufficient visibility range, it is difficult to use some of the capabilities of the technique. For example, the pilots of Junkers-87 bombers in World War II used a technique for bombing that significantly reduced the time of shelling enemy anti-aircraft guns at them. The essence of this technique is that the Junkers rose to a great height above the target, turned over in the air on their belly and swooped down on the target like here (0:51) after dropping the bomb, they immediately began to move away from the target. In a normal situation, if you do not flip the plane in the air, then after dropping the bomb, you have to fly over the target, substituting its tail for fire and wasting time to turn around and fly back. And if they immediately turn over in the air on their belly, then there is no need to turn around in the air, because after dropping the bomb, you immediately begin to move away from the target. In the video, the complexity of the bots was 100%, you can see how the German plane that flew in front of me was quickly shot down because it flew over the target and was in enemy territory for a long time, exposing its tail under anti-aircraft fire. He had to unfold over enemy territory for a long time and more time than I was under anti-aircraft fire, so he was shot down This significantly reduces the time spent under anti-aircraft fire. This technique could be effectively used in the game mode with live players if the developers slightly increased the maximum visibility range. This technique is often used in conventional flight simulators. In FH2, I tried to use this bombardment technique, but due to insufficient visibility, it was not possible to immediately see the ground and take the correct dive angle to the ground. Because of the "fog" you see the ground late, so you have to align the dive angle during the dive. Alignment takes the time that I could spend aiming at a target on the ground. As a result, accuracy suffers greatly and in most cases I missed the target. I literally lacked an additional 2-3 seconds, because of which I had to aim hastily. It seems to me that 15-20% of the maximum visual range should be added.
In addition to Junkers, insufficient visibility range prevents the maximum use of the capabilities of some other aircraft in the game.

Due to the limited visibility range in FH2, it is difficult to use artillery. If you increase the visibility range, then the effectiveness of artillery will also increase. It may even be possible in some cases to conduct an artillery duel.

In addition, tank duels will be fought at greater distances than now. In such conditions, tanks with the longest cannon and self-propelled guns will receive the most advantages.

If you make this change, then perhaps most of all it will increase the effectiveness of aviation in the game. Perhaps, to counterbalance the increased efficiency of aviation, it will be necessary to improve anti-aircraft guns on some maps, or to increase their number. Or, add more machine guns near the hatch of tanks to combat aircraft, and increase their firing angle for more effective firing at planes.

I heard that the developers seemed to be trying to increase the maximum visibility range, but some players with weak computers began to complain about the drop in FPS due to the increased load. Here I can say that I have the weakest computer I bought in 2008, but I'm not complaining. Set a shorter visibility range, or buy more powerful processors and video cards. All over the world, developers of everything are guided by progress and growth, not stagnation and marking time.

I ask everyone to vote how much, in your opinion, would it be worth increasing the maximum visibility range in FH2?

I accidentally voted for 8%, although 15-16% would have been better


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