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[Historical Background] Weapon Loadouts

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Dago Red:
This is cool to see, and not just for tiny guns. My grandfather would have fit on these two pages, riding in a halftrack, armored infantry, 3rd Army. The first during training - no combat, he would have been where it's noted "crew 37mm AT gun," with his carbine.

When I was a kid he said that gun was already outclassed and they upgraded to 57mm AT guns (which were also lagging behind, as we know). It's my impression he saw combat with the 57, but was always evasive about it.

Later deployed and for sure seeing combat, mostly in rear areas moving quickly behind other forces in France, through Metz, and at least one major action near Pilsen at the end. Then he would have been on the 2nd page, still with his carbine, but usually manning or assisting the 50cal on a halftrack.

--- Quote from: Ts4EVER on 05-07-2017, 00:07:13 ---Some more American loadouts, this time Armored Infantry (meaning the guys in the halftracks) and Rangers.

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