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[Historical Background] Weapon Loadouts

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What's this? Looks like G43 with ZF scope. Leak? Conspiracy much?

That is just the G43 ZF ingame icon...

Are you sure? Appearantly there are 2 icons which might mean 2 weapons. Why else would be another icon there.

Edit: I just read Ts4EVER's reply again. Why do you say "it's just the ingame G43 ZF's icon" when we don't have the weapon in the official release yet. ;D

yep.  No one would ever make a tiny jpg if they didn't have a working model of a weapon ready to release.

It looks different because scoped weapons don't have a spawn menu icon, so I had to use the weapon selection icon and delete the white border around it. Most older weapon selection icons also have no magazine and might have been rendered differently. It is just the normal scoped G43.

Edit: Actually, I know what you mean now. That is just an editing mistake, I put the scoped G43 over the K98k ZF icon.


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