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[Historical Background] Weapon Loadouts

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In this dev blog I will post some diagrams showing the weapon loadouts of infantry units that appear in FH2, starting with the Americans. These are based both on official tables of equipment, as well as variations known to have been used in the field.

US Army Rifle Platoons (Normal Infantry)

US Army Parachute Rifle Platoons

This is cool. I saw your post in the PR forums and wanted to know more. Do you have the source for the official tables or is it in a book?

There's a lot of interesting stuff that I have questions about like when the Grease Gun started seeing action or why a Parachute Platoon would prefer a Browning over a (seemingly more portable) BAR.

My guess is they wanted to concentrate support weapons like mortars and medium machine guns at the squad level for paratroopers, in case they got scattered.
Regarding the Grease Gun: It was the replacement for the Thompson, but it never fully replaced it. I just put it in the later ones for some variety.

Some more American loadouts, this time Armored Infantry (meaning the guys in the halftracks) and Rangers.

Next up, the British. Their organizations were also used by other members of the Commonwealth, as well as occupied nation's expeditionary forces that were equipped by them, like the French in North Africa or the Poles. The terminology is a bit different from the Americans.

Normal rifle infantry:

Motor rifles, meaning the infantry supporting tanks:

And last but not least, some more flashy "special forces" you can find on some FH2 maps:


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