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Gameplay changes in FH 2.5 explained

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So, can I still get full ammo if I leave the mortar I have deployed and then immediately redeploy it?

Yes, you can.


--- Quote ---Another small improvement for deployables is that a marker now indicates the position where the dropped weapon will soon appear:
--- End quote ---

I can see this from the other team.  It makes it difficult for someone to sneak up and deploy their Lafette in a bush.  It should only be visible to the same team like the mine markers.

This is a bug indeed, will be fixed ASAP.


--- Quote ---We also increased the time it takes to plant a mine, AP or AT, up to 3 seconds, from the previous 1 second. To be honest, that 1 second was a leftover from 2012 internal tests of stand mine deployment, slipping by mistake into releases.

And to further nerf AP mines specifically, we limited the number of AP mines to 1 in each kit.
--- End quote ---



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