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Gameplay changes in FH 2.5 explained

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Hey, guys! I'll try to provide here details on some rather major gameplay changes mentioned in the "The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.5 Part 2" news update.

"Automatic fast bleed at the end of a round"
When one of the teams captures all flags on a map and the losing team has no place to spawn, the "fast bleed" is initiated. The players from the losing team who are still alive have up to 2 minutes to neutralize any flag or the round ends. This is a countermeasure against one lone player from the losing team hiding in a bush while the whole other team is searching for him for several minutes.

The "fast bleed" affects all maps and teams automatically, unless the team has an uncappable main base (obviously) or the map features vehicles players can spawn in (for example, the M3A1 halftracks on Cobra). Custom mappers do not need to activate anything on their maps for this to work.

To retell my earlier "Hot spots" blog post, a brief info about the current spot is shown now to every artilleryman in the top-left corner of the screen, among kill messages:

Tip: if you want the info to be repeated (since it may be overwritten by kill messages pretty quickly), just press "NEXT TARGET"/"PREV TARGET" in the commo rose.

The problem of annoying switching "spot - no spot - spot" on the spotter re-spotting, reported by Outlaw and others in that blog post, is fixed too.

The mobile artillery pieces in which the driver seat is combined with the gunner one (the Wespe, the Bishop and the new Renault UE Wurfgerat you can find on Pegasus) got a three camera setup: the driver camera (like in other self-propelled guns, together with turning the head by Ctrl+mouselook), the dials camera (activated by X) and the top-down view on the current spot (activated by right mouse click). We noticed one problem during testing this setup: you can get lost between cameras sometimes. For example, you want to switch to the driver camera but get trapped in a dials - top-down loop. Randomly pressing X and right mouse button few times usually helped in this case, and we got used to it. Please treat this drawback as a price for using tricks the game engine is not accustomed to.

One more improvement affecting all mobile artillery pieces (not only the one mentioned right above) - smoother, less jerky movement of the dials and top-down spot view cameras.

Anti-personnel and anti-tank mines
Here comes the story of taking all the fun out of mines :)

Prior to FH 2.5 you could plant AP mines on any surface - terrain or static, even absolutely vertical walls, while AT mines only stuck to terrain, falling through statics. Now both classes of mines stick to terrain and statics, but bounce off anything more or less vertical (that is, slopped by more than 45 degrees from horizontal).

We also increased the time it takes to plant a mine, AP or AT, up to 3 seconds, from the previous 1 second. To be honest, that 1 second was a leftover from 2012 internal tests of stand mine deployment, slipping by mistake into releases.

And to further nerf AP mines specifically, we limited the number of AP mines to 1 in each kit.

Deployable mortars and machine guns
First of all, we would like to thank Damaso (old forum goers do remember Damaso, right?) for bringing deployable weapons to our attention and making them a high priority task for us :)

All the known exploits allowing to deploy more than one weapon from one kit - passing the kit to a teammate, dropping another weapon while the first one is occupied by another player, and so on, do not work any more. The "one kit, one mortar/MG" rule is strictly enforced by the game now.

The physics of the deploy marker (the thing you drop on "firing" the weapon to deploy it) has been reworked too. It does not bounce hundreds meters away now, better interacts with vehicles and does not let deploying through walls, among other things.

Another small improvement for deployables is that a marker now indicates the position where the dropped weapon will soon appear:

Thank you very much for all of these details.
I got a question, does the artillery crew gets that info on top of the screen along with the spotter?
I wasn't sure where to look at to know if the spotter wanted smoke or not as I didn't even noticed these messages yet as an artilleryman. :)
I'm very glad for all the rest this will certainly improve gameplay!


--- Quote from: Hauggy on 11-02-2016, 01:02:31 ---I got a question, does the artillery crew gets that info on top of the screen along with the spotter?
I wasn't sure where to look at to know if the spotter wanted smoke or not as I didn't even noticed these messages yet as an artilleryman. :)

--- End quote ---
This a personal message, only the artilleryman gets it on switching to the spot. Neither the spotter nor the rest of the team see the message.
Yeah, the "kill chat" is definitely not the best place for such an info, it may disappear very quickly there, but this is the only place we can show a text mentioning a random player (the spotter), AFAIK.

nerfing ap mines = damn you!   nerf the scout class hahahaha  big priority i bet!

Nerfing AP mines is okay. You can still deploy three at a time, so with an ammo box you can mine a place.

3s deploy time is also completely okay. No more running around corners and shitting mines. 3secs is a lot in CQC.


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