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Mersa Matruh - Night

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Adee: ???

^ that's the one!

Flippy Warbear:
Notice totally different lightsettings and the skybox. So nope, not a mcgee of any tits have played this version, except us real tits.

Awwww... well, close enough!  :P

(I take it this isn't an april fools gag then...)

This could be the real update.
Mersa Matruh battle took place late between the 23rd - 28th June 1942. The part depicted in the FH2 map (the penetration by axis forces through the minefield south of Mersa Matruh) took place lateon the 26th June.

Having the map showing as a night map could be more realistic and plus we need more night maps. Have always loved Hyacinth.

Screenshots look absolutely great! (Fingers crossed it is a real update)  :)


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