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Mersa Matruh - Night

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In the upcoming 2.45 patch, the map Mersa Matruh (originally by Lobo), will now take place at night. This conversion was done by Natty. You can view the screenshots below.

Stukas at night? But I need sleep! :P

Anyway looks nice and it's bound to give us that real NA feeling... (although I will miss sniping panzers from the watertower...     Or maybe... Now they can't see me so easily... Woooho!)

Captain Pyjama Shark:
this is so cool

Woa that looks totally awesome! And the Stukas wills till be usefull? And tank combat must be totally different maybe infantry and tank combat willnot to totaly separated from each other as it is often onpublic servers on this map today.
I am gonna miss the longrange tank fights though.
In general love to see another night map. Really cool idea and totally enexpected cant wait to play it.

Will the daylight version still be included in FH? Would be sad to loose it.
Will there be Flak searchlights? Would be awesome!


--- Quote from: hyperanthropos on 01-04-2012, 19:04:59 ---I am gonna miss the longrange tank fights though.

--- End quote ---
Why? You can still have them. When a tank fires, it is awfully visible, you know ;)


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