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M11/39 and Cannone da 105/28


Here are two in-game screenshots of the new M11/39 and Cannone da 105/28. Both can be found on the upcoming map Battle of Keren.

I've had the chance to use the M11/39 a couple of times during test sessions. It's surprisingly fun to use and actually a decent opponent for the British armour... Just avoid the Matilda once it arrives.

Italian tanks are great for early war battles. But past that, rather useless against other tanks. And oh my god, a Schneider. Those were used all throughout WWII by Italy, Romania, and maybe even Hungary, Finland or Poland. Great stuff.

I really love the lighting on this map

The map looks great!

Well done Schism-RvtL.

That M11/39 reminds me of the good old days playing BF1942: Road to Rome. Can't wait!


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