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Mobile Anti-tank guns

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The effectiveness of mobile anti-tank guns ingame has been limited by issues of stability or sliding, maximum traverse and elevation limits, and general mobility.

For our next public release, these will receive a major overhaul!
Changes include:
- Separation of gunner and pusher. Including a walking animation for the pusher.
- Stability. When gunning, the guns will not slide around.
- Most gunners are positioned better behind the shields.
- Faster pushing, especially on the smaller ones.

Find your AT gun, push it into position, and await enemies!


Excellent work Devs!

Now i can finnaly say in pride when pushing AT gun=WE MUST PUSH LITTLE CART!

 :o no more floating magic selfpropelled at 6 pounders

hehe now we just need mobile arty with about 5 pushers  ;D

This is just insanely awesome.  8) :o

Tutorial video?

*checks calendar*

Nope, it's not the first of April...


Coming up next: Lafette gunner no longer looks at straight up with his head bent back 90 degrees?


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