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How about a Chinese Front?

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I respect and understand the situation of the mod team.   To be honest I have always been extremely impressed with their resourcefulness.   The reason I brought it up though is that I always thought the Chinese Theater was kind of the elephant in the room of WWII.  Much more significant then people think yet for some reason often ignored.   I was just curious if the developers or community shared my views on the subject, and if the idea to include it ever came up, not to demand that it be included.    

Hey, you got allies.

Chinese Playermodels, they just need a BIG skin, but the base is done.

Voice Commands, they sound modern, maybe some Tweaking, like Distortion or something.

Statics, again, some are modern, other arent.

I think we will see the Chinese Forces, whit a very FEW maps, someone (Fan Mapper) can make some maps using that faction.

Thanks man!   I was also kinda thinking the same thing.  Since the Chinese are already included in the game it might be a fairly easy add for someone to do compared to a ground up rebuild.   I wish I was as skilled as some of the modders for this outstanding project are because that would be my contribution.   ;D   This may sound goofy due to the scope of the battlefield games but ever since the original release of '42 Ive always found sudden melee combat to be adrenaline pumping excitement and really adding to the atmosphere.  I think a fan map or any map that threw in the much neglected Chinese as well as challenged players rifle and melee skills without heavy armor or SMGs would be kinda interesting.  

I highly doubt Chinese will be neglected, if and when FH2 makes it to the Pacific theater.  however they would be late coming into the mod, IF the mod makes it there, and then only after the Commonwealth and Americans are in (being more popular/famous).  Much like the Finnish, Hungarian, and Rumanian armies, China will have to wait.

Forgive me for being slightly OT but do you know why the Chinese are less popular a WWII subject among those with an interest in WWII?    They lost around 20 million people during WWII. Their combat related deaths only surpassed by Germany and Russia.  One would think those kinds of losses would at least bring them infamy but surprisingly little seems to be mentioned of them during WWII in regards to most publications on the subject.


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