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Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by SadCamelion on Today at 19:12:28 »

This looks interesting, do you know where that is or what gun we see here?
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by nysä on Today at 16:15:18 »

Gun "A" from sIG Kp. (mot S) Kp 701 and Pz III Ausf. G from Pz.Rg. 33, 9. Pz.Dv., the Eastern Front.
Announcements / Meatgrinder - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« Last post by Eat Uranium on Today at 12:14:47 »
Coming at 1900 UTC today.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by Seth_Soldier on 21-01-2022, 20:01:51 »
Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Where do I start?
« Last post by jan_kurator on 21-01-2022, 20:01:15 »
Forums are pretty much dead nowadays, try asking at
Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« Last post by nysä on 20-01-2022, 16:01:27 »
Singleplayer and Coop / Where do I start?
« Last post by ThE_mAn_WhO on 19-01-2022, 23:01:45 »
Hey there fellow FH2'ers!

I'm a bit lost on how to play co-op. Me and a couple of friends are playing on coop-servers semiregularly. All too often I would say they crash. And there are some maps we have not downloaded either that these coopservers are running. And yes, we have downloaded and updated the "Community Map Pack Updater".

Do you guys host your own servers for coop? It seems to be a bit of a uh challenge to host a server. Or can you just use Hamachi?

Where do you find all these coop-maps? Is there some website or something that have all the maps compiled? I see quite a lot of threads here in the forum but some of the threads are quite old so I don't want to download any maps that simply are not compatible with the latest FH2 patch.
Modding / What makes a bot tick - vehicle targets
« Last post by mft004 on 16-01-2022, 20:01:23 »
Hi again,
sorry, I seek more wizard input though I think this is the last question I have : )
What setting needs to be changed to make the ai bomb a ground target rather than strafe it? I've been having fun with Memoriam's glorious Jagdtiger, but it feels a bit silly when enemy planes always choose to strafe it and never bomb it.
Kind regards,
FH2 Help / Support / Re: FH2 via WINE on Linux
« Last post by Pulseczar on 16-01-2022, 16:01:35 »
I play FH2 on Linux (Ubuntu). It runs very well. The only problem I'm aware of is that I can't see FH2 servers in the server browser. However, if I join them by manually entering their IPs, they will show up on the Favorites tab, where I can favorite them. Then, I don't have to keep entering IPs to manually join FH2 servers. I don't know about 2160p resolution. My monitor only does 1920x1080, and that works fine in BF2/FH2, for me.

I believe the reason I can't see FH2 servers is because the master server my BF2 install is using doesn't have FH2 servers on it. I read somewhere that FH2 uses its own master server. I believe the reason my game isn't using the FH2 master server is because I start the game using BF2Hub. The reason I do that is because that's the best way I have found so far to start the game and get into a game of FH2. I think the FH2 Launcher and its server browser and Update / Repair functions are what get you the FH2 master server. However, the FH2 Launcher crashes when using a lot of its functionality on my Ubuntu/WINE setup. For me, these things trigger a crash (I can provide more details to anyone interested):
-Hitting the PLAY button. The game will attempt to start, but will remain a black screen and eventually crash, with a winedbg error window.
-The SERVERS button generates a long error message in a window and fails to function at all.
-In Update / Repair of the Options menu, Check for Updates offers an update, but gives two error messages when I click Update and fails to do any updating and seems to require being killed with a kill signal. The Repair option has the same results.

The one thing I've found to work with FH2's launcher/updater software is that the Options seem to be settable and the correct results of those option settings appear to show up in game, when I run the game using BF2Hub.

The fact that the game seems to run flawlessly in WINE with BF2Hub and essentially doesn't work at all in WINE with the FH2 Launcher/Updater is peculiar.

If I could have access to the FH2 Launcher and Updater source code, I might could figure out what the problems are with them in WINE, if I were to find the time to dig into it.

The way I installed BF2 in WINE, on Ubuntu, was to install BF2 into WINE's pretend Windows file system (the way you always install Windows software in WINE; in Ubuntu, you can just double-click on installation files). I then followed directions I found online to install and setup BF2Hub so that I could play BF2 online. I then installed FH2. I originally tried the FH2 Launcher that the FH2 people recommend you use, but it didn't work. I'm pretty sure it crashed. So, I had to use the 3 separate installation files to install FH2. All of these files were in the Downloads section of the FH2 website. Those files worked properly and successfully installed FH2. At this point, I can run FH2 by running BF2Hub, selecting the Forgotten Hope 2 mod, and then clicking PLAY BATTLEFIELD 2. I can then join FH2 servers by finding them online, using sites like, and using the option to manually enter an IP address, in BF2. Once I have played on them, they will show up in the Favorites section of the in-game server browser.

I consider this working very well, given the fact that some games won't run at all in WINE, at least on certain computers, if not all computers.
Modding / Re: AI teamkilling in tanks
« Last post by SadCamelion on 14-01-2022, 16:01:04 »
This is a good question I also always wondered about. That they included kind of a failsafe for infantry, but not for tanks... I think not even the devs know either, but you might want to ask in the discord about it as it is more popular.
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